19 Mar 2014

Aldo insists: BR can make £20m by selling LFC's 'dead wood'. Like these 6 players?

With Liverpool poised to return to the Champions League next season, this summer's transfer window is sure to be one of the most interesting in years, and Reds legend John Aldridge insists that Brendan Rodgers needs to spend big to keep the club moving forward. The former striker has also believes that LFC can raise some big money by flogging the club's 'dead wood', but who actually falls into that category?

In his column for the Liverpool Daily Post yesterday, Aldo observed:

"We need three or four £20m players this summer to take it to the next level.

"There will be money available from being back in the Champions League and selling our dead wood should generate £20m"

I love the fact that people increasingly speak about the Champions League as if it's inevitable. There's no trepidation of hedging bets anymore - LFC *will* be back in Europe's elite competition next season, and that's a testament to Rodgers' great work, and the players' solidarity and consistency.

Some of those players will inevitably leave during the upcoming transfer window, though, so who constitutes 'dead wood', and is there - as Aldo suggests - £20m to be made? In my view, the following players fit the description (possible sale fees in brackets):

- Pepe Reina (£4m*)
- Iago Aspas (£3m)
- Luis Alberto (£3m)
- Oussama Assaidi (£1m)
- Sebastian Coates (£3m)
- Fabio Borini (£8m)

* Reina's release clause

Total: £22m

If Liverpool scrap the above players in the summer, will it make a blind bit of difference to the club's forward progress? Not at all. Moses and Cissokho also fall into the 'dead wood' category (IMO), and I'm sure Rodgers will send them back to their respective clubs.

I also wouldn't be averse to seeing Tiago Ilori leave. Again, the club will not lose anything (in terms of forward progress), and if money can be raised for players who'll come in and immediately enhance the squad, then it's arguably worth it.

Ilori has made only two appearances for Granada since going on loan in January, and hasn't featured in the club's last 5 games, which seems strange considering he's supposed to be a massively talented player.

Are there any other players who constitute 'dead wood'?



  1. My only doubts would be Alberto and Illori. I think both have shown a fair bit of promise, and their (current) potential transfer fees would not justify shipping them off.

  2. Although I like him alot, I think Kelly needs to go on loan as he needs game time. He showed so much promise before injury against UTD. I Think replacing Enrique with someone and Johnson. We could get 15m for the 2 and buy one new top quality fullback and buy another one. Flanno and Wisdom to cover and learn. Mind you, Flanno is having a top season so I don't see why he can't be the number 1 choice next season.

  3. liverpool4life56511:13 am, March 19, 2014

    Reina? sold too don't think alberto will be sold, maybe loan.

  4. Alberto hasn't made the match-day squad for the last five games, which doesn't bode well for him.

  5. Perhaps Pepe for 4-6 million could be added to the list. I would like to think that IIori and Alberto still might come good and if there is a chance then I"d like to see them have 1 more season before deciding their fate.

  6. Good point - I forgot about Reina :-) Bit harsh to call him dead wood, but that's current reality I guess.

  7. I totally agree with A.L Alberto and illori are 2 formidable young talents for the future and assaidi is a good player too hopefully keep them 3

  8. Mate do you want a squad of 15 players??

    I can see this is a continuation of your BR "wasting money" theory. Who really who in the Premiere league would you start over Suarez and Sturridge?? How are Aspas and Borini going to get a chance? And Boroni has been having a really strong second half so would def bring him back into the fold next year. Alberto really? i am sure u must have been calling for Hendos head last year.

  9. Borini and alberto will be kept. Borini could be our decent backup to SAS

  10. I agree with most comments - maybe send Alberto and Ilori on loan instead of selling next season (To clubs where they'll actually get games). Hopefully Suso can come back and put a better fight for the first team than Alberto has, plus Wisdom might do the same as per Kelly (Send Kelly on loan). I'd be tempted to buy 3 extra players - a top top full back (Although I don't know who that'll be), a top top centre midfielder (someone to push Henderson and Allen for a starting position) and a decent front man who can play wide/attacking midfielder. I'd love to see someone like Rakitic and Pedro come in and I've heard the left back Adriano is tipped to come in as well - any of them will make us stronger - although I am convinced we could perhaps get some players even better than them, I just can't think of any names at the minute!!

  11. Ilori will be back for sure, he's class, would be daft to sell. But Alberto is going to have to impress on loan next season if he's got a future at LFC.

  12. It depends who you replace them with. Reina, Assaidi and Coates are already replaced and simply have no place in the squad, so they seem surplus to requirements, I agree that we should simply let them go. If we don't buy another striker then you still need squad players so why not Aspas and/or Borini? They're as good as anyone else you might have on the bench. Selling Alberto now would fulfill the "waste of money" tag that some people have already put on him. He should be afforded time to grow and develop to prevent that from happening. To sell him would be no different to selling any other number of young players like Ibe or Suso, it would achieve nothing.

  13. No, I've never called for Henderson's head. Or Lucas.

    Whether you like it or not, the players mentioned in the article are clearly not contributing for LFC, and represent tens of millions of pounds that's just wasting away on the bench, or helping other teams.

    I wouldn't have a problem with keeping Aspas, Alberto etc if they actually looked capable of making an impact, but Aspas doesn't, and Alberto can't even make the match-day squad.

    Other players who can make an impact should be brought in to replace them.

  14. You don't want a squad of 30 odd players they also want to bring players in ... Improvements. Quality over quantity fool

  15. It's probably no surprise that out of the players listed, Rodgers only wanted Borini. I think a part of Rodgers' new contract will be around him having a much greater say on transfer policy, which is definitely a positive thing in my eyes.

    I could see Borini coming back and being quite a useful squad player. I've liked what I've seen from Alberto, but Rodgers clearly doesn't like him, so I'd be fine about the rest leaving.

  16. Ibe - I keep forgetting about the promising youngsters we have. Surely Ibe and Suso shuold be given a chance to shine. There's also Wisdomous to come back. Youth isn't a problem, I think we just need to buy 2 or 3 ready-made world/European class talents and decide out of the youngesters who should be kept for the squad and who should be sent out on loan - it's up to them to learn, grow and perform (like Sterling and Flanno have)

  17. Hopefully they could get more than 22 million for that lot but thats ok i think Johnson could be in that list not that he is deadwood but there is ominous signs.
    With injury problems Enrique and Agger may be a longshots to be looking for another club also.

  18. I like Borini and I hope he gets integrated back into the squad next season... Other than that, that Firmino kid looks exciting...

  19. What some do not understand is that Rodgers has played his strongest team available in every EPL match. With no Thursday night Europa league matches and no more cup games, Rodgers will always pick his best team and rightfully so!

    Looking at the Aspas and Alberto situation of struggling to get into the team, which other attacking players in the 7 million pounds price range would have made Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and Sterling sit on the bench? Is there even a player i.e. Lamela 30 million pounds or Soldado 26 milion pounds who would have kept the likes of Suarez or Sturridge on the bench?

    Alberto 7 millon (squad player) vs Lamela 30 million (1st team)
    Aspas 7 million (squad player) vs Soldado 26 million (1st team).

    Notice the difference?

  20. Great piece of spin, but you are deliberately obscuring the point (yet again). It's not about putting Suarez et al on the bench; no one expects that. Aspas and Alberto do not look capable of making any positive impact on the team, even as squad players.

    When they've been called-upon, neither has made any difference. That's the point. In Alberto's case, it's not wholly his fault as Rodgers just hasn't given him enough chances. Plus, he's been dumped from the matchday squad for the last 5 games.

    When you spent £15m on two players, there should be some rudimentary return for that money. LFC have had absolutely ZERO return on that investment, which is why it's a waste of money (in a loss of utility sense).

    Rodgers made a mistake signing Aspas and Alberto, and this season has borne that out. Successful squad players make some kind of impact. Those two haven't.

  21. Hate to say it but you can add Kelly to that list too. I hope with a pre season he can get back to where he was because he does not even look like half the player he used to be. It must be really tough for him, and now Flanagan is ahead in the pecking order. I also reckon Rodgers wants to give him the boot, too.

  22. Yes too true really feel for Kelly those injuries have ruined a promising career.

  23. I agree with Jamie (as much as it pains me to say it ;) )
    When we had cup games againts lower league opposition, the likes of Aspas, Moses and Alberto huffed and puffed and did ok but in the end it was the SAS and Sterling that were required to see us through those ties. Add European football to that, we will need to bring more squad players into the starting XI in the premierleague and this is where we will fall down . My idea is to get such quality players in that the likes of Sterling, Henderson and Allen are rotated where necessary or even kept out of the team with better players. Borini would be a useful premierleague starter to give eitehr Suarez or Sturridge a rest. It will be hard next season to keep our league form at this level with European competition plus if we have decent cup runs. We need to get some better player - perhaps 3 would do.

  24. You miss my point completely!

    If Rodgers had signed 'more expensive' players than Alberto and Aspas such as Lamela or Soldado, then what proof is there that they would have nailed down a regular starting place based on how they have performed in the league this season?

  25. Saving from salaries would nearly double that figure!

  26. maybe signing some cheap 'has beens' like Eto'o is the way forward - bring them on to give SAS a rest, plus they didn't cost as much. I agree with both - SOldado is expensive but I would say he's an option with more pedigree than Aspas. I think Negredo is a better example - there are good players out there - I think Tottenham made some big mistakes and played the transfer market like it was a game of footy manager

  27. I am lost for words!

    Aspas cost pennies = 7 million pounds and it is classified as a waste.

    What would Soldado at 26 million be classified as if he was sitting on our bench struggling to displace Suarez and Sturridge?

  28. No way is anyone at Liverpool going to sanction Etos wages way too high and Negredo didnt come cheap either.

  29. Soldado and Lamela have absolutely nothing to do with LFC, so why do you try and muddy the waters by bringing them into it?

    LFC's transfer spending is the issue, not Spurs'. And £7m is not 'pennies' when considered in the context of Rodgers' overall spending.

  30. Enrique is actually one of my preferred players in the squad. Pacey, but strong, not your typical Spaniard. Curse these knee injuries!

  31. Your argument is fallacious as it's predicated on some unprovable future speculation. How can there be 'proof' of something that hasn't happened?

    And again, you're twisting the issue. Who said anything about Alberto and Aspas being handed a 'regular starting place'? Squad players who cost decent money should be expected to contribute *when called upon*. Those two haven't.

    You are a master at introducing irrelevant details into discussions in a bid to derail the overall point being discussed. So far, in this discussion:

    * You've used Soldado and Lamela as comparisons

    * Suggested that A+A were expected to dislodge SAS.

    * Argued that A+A were expected to have 'regular starting places.

    * Argued that more expensive players wouldn't have made any difference.

    None of the above is relevant to the point, which is: Are Alberto and Aspas contributing for LFC this season.

  32. Aspas should leave for the sake of his career. I like Borini and think should definitely return. Lots of pace and energy but it's a shame he can't find the back of the net more often.

    If we replace all those players on the list, the situation just repeats itself, where we are looking for medium priced players to fulfil a specific role of sitting on the bench. If Borini and Suso return, it eliminates the opportunity to go and look for the Aspas type deals.

    I think Alberto is overrated, why do people think he is so good? He only cost 7M because he is Spanish. What if Terry Antonis or Tomi Rogic were Spanish? You're looking at 10M there, I'd say. Alberto needs a seriously awesome loan spell next season if he is to save his LFC career, because he previously couldn't cut it for 45 minutes against a lower division team and at present is constantly overlooked.

  33. Irrelevant details? What makes my reply irrelevant?

    Number one: Where have I argued that Alberto and Aspas were expected to have regular places? I stated that they were signed as squad players.

    Number two: I never said expensive players would not have made a difference. What I made clear is would more expensive players have kept Suarez, Sturridge, Couthino or Sterling out of the team?

    You are putting words in my mouth I see.

    I believe the comments I have made are very relevant.

  34. So who would you have preferred Rodgers to sign then for 21 million pounds?

  35. reina 4 mil assaidi 5 mil coates 3 mil aspas 5 mil borini 8 mil kelly 5 mil brad jones 1 mil kolo 1 mil coady 1.5 mil ngoo 500k. loan out ilori alberto wisdom robbo. guts of 30 mill there throw in 35 mill champions league money and the usual 20 mil from the owners and were looking around the 85 mill mark with maybe a big name not mentioned like agger due to injury and form issues or johnsen contract and form issues or enrique injury issues taking us close to the 100 mil mark. happy days are here again

  36. The writer is spot on. If we want to compete up there in PL, FA, League Cup and UCL, we need to get rid of all these players including Borini and Alberto. There are better players out there and BR knows it. Borini wasnt good for CFC, why is he so good for u? Alberto wont make the bench of the other top teams. They wont become anything great with time and we need to move them on quickly.

  37. The money generated by sales should come from : reina, aspas, Assaidi, kelly, jones, Robinson, coady (possibly borini, but I see him being given a role as a squad player that actually plays unlike aspas and possibly one of skrtel or agger because it's been talked about for some time) with moses and cissokho returning to their clubs.

    Players like ibe, illori, alberto, teixeria should go out on loan this time round. As it benefitted players like wisdom and suso who I see coming back into the squad.

    We would need to bring in a GK that adds real competition to mignolet.
    A LB that would add competition to Enrique and even pip him to the spot
    A DM, as cover or competition to the others in that midfield area as I see injuries coming due to more demanding season.
    A forward/winger as we are currently short on any quality there past the first team.
    A forward /striker with versatility to play anywhere along the front 3.

    Possibly CB and AM depending on whether one of the current centre backs move on and whether suso is deemed surplus.

  38. Of all the players above jaimie, I think only three of them will be let go (imo). Pepe reina (6m) oussama assaidi (5m) sebastian coates (6m). I do believe we can get much for them. Its just cause im fed up with us getting ripped off, when comes to transfers. We should really be getting at least (10m) for pepe reina, he's still a world class goalkeeper. Iago aspas I would give another season, same with fabio borini. Young luis alberto I would loan out for a season, think this kid could have a good future with us (imo).

  39. hey jaime some of valuations are not enough alberto and aspas worth at least 5+5m assaidi played well so his valuation will rise to 5m sell aslo kelly

  40. You talk some sh*t jamie k contradicting your self all the time suppose you still want rodgers out you clown

  41. I don't think he was ever expected to make much of an impact this season...same with Ilori. We should turn around and take a 4mil loss on Alberto, a young player, after 1 season? Doesn't seem rational, especially because he looked good in his cameos. I've made this point before but Sterling's transfer fee rose to 5mil with performance related bonuses, would you have wanted us to ship him off in the years between him coming to LFC and him making a notable contribution to the first team?

  42. Also on a separate note I did a breakdown of BR's transfer spending and why he hasn't wasted our money on your article mentioning rumors of BR leaving, and it's been waiting to be approved by the website for 12 hours, just thought I'd let you know.

  43. Aspas started a series of games at the beginning of the season. We won those games. He was a part of that and he played well. He played a cup game and scored. That's his expected impact and he's provided it. Tell me who else could have taken that bench role and played more games?

  44. Everyone is going into too much detail - Like I said - with extra fixtures like champs league etc the 'Squdd' player are going to have to play more league games. With the present squad I don't have confidence that Aspas and Alberto (and Moses) will keep us geteting the same number of league points that we're currently getting. This is why I think we need to get a few top players that will enable us compete on at kleast league and European fronts. Its not about how much they cost, its about how good they end up playing for us. Its quite simple really - get better players that will keep the quality of football at a highly competitive level. I'm sure with offloading some players plus extra revenue we could afford up to 3 quality signings.

  45. Your last sentence is exactly the point I am making over and over again!

  46. I'm not sure why we are concerned with Aspas' career. I'd rather have him on our bench. If we can get someone better who could actually challenge SAS for some game time that would be great, I'm all for it, but if we need someone to be there as backup then Aspas is as good as Borini.

    I have no hard view on Alberto as a player. He's hardly played so how could I? All I know is that Rodgers courted him and he's a Liverpool player. He must have some degree of potential so why can't he just say in the same bracket as Ibe and Suso? We're not calling them "dead wood".

  47. Fair enough with Aspas - I actually agree that he's ok when given a chance - some otehrs aren't up to it though and we are getting away with a small squad as it is only becasue we have to play 1 game a week most of the time. keep Aspas and Borini? Maybe bring back Susu? None of that costs anything - but I do think we need more quality for champions league and premierleague challenges otherwsie we run the risk of not qualifying next year!

  48. Plus I forgot to say - just because we will make champs league this year it guarantees nothing for next year. Man UTD, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and even Everton and Newcastle will be strengthening to improve their champs league prospects - we need to continuously improve which means some players in the squad need replacing and we need to add to numbers anyway cus the squad is a bit small at the moment (IMO)

  49. We said that last year and look what happened. Check Rodger's last interview - it's all about getting players to buy in to the system and do the job. Guys like Henderson, Sterling, Flanagan have all improved massively. I think that's what will make us a great team again, not forking out cash on big names that turn out to not have the right attitude to play the kind of football we need.

  50. They were just examples - we need to realise we are trying to get to the stage of seriously competing with the big boys now so we need players on the bench who have true pedigree - look at Man City's bench - its ridiculous, and so is Chelsea's - We ain't gonna be at that level yet but UTD managed it after a while and Arsenal's depth ain't that bad - I think our squad depth is seriously lacking and keeping Aspas and Alberto isn't going to help us - sorry

  51. I agree - they have to have the right attitude and don't have to be big names - but 1 or 2 need to hit the ground running now (Just like Sturridge and Coutinho did) - the level of football next year is going to take off and I'm concerned our league form might suffer. If we can get players at the price and quality of Coutinho and Sturridge I'll be a happy man. Plus one that can also challenge Allen and Henderson too as it looks like Gerrard and Lucas are vying for the same pos'

  52. We should make a £20m and £1 bid for Ozil

  53. Llori and Alberto were bought for the future and can't see us releasing them. No point buying players who are for the future and releasing them before you have tried to develop them. Aspas and Borini were purchased as a stop gap, although were expected to provide some competition and ability straight away. These have failed and can see being moved on. Reina looks to be on his way. Assaidi and Coates are definite gonners too, just not Liverpool class.

    Some people calling for Enrique and Johnson to be moved on but this is just silly, Enrique is a quality defender, solid as is Johnson, they just don't seem to be generating much good press eve tho performances, injury free have been impressive. Having these two provides us with our most balanced defense. Enrique is a very handy player to have because he has tricks up his sleeve and can hold onto that ball like glue when under pressure. Johnson is sturdy and provides good options going forward from either left or right side.

    With these two in the squad and perhaps players with the qualities of Shaw, Cole, to compete for left back, along with Flanagan and other youth players, our back line is well equipped for Premier League and cup competitions.

    If you sell GJ and JE they'll only need to be replaced again, can't see it happening.

    So two full backs should be signed, another defensive midfielder who can provide a threat going forward, and a winger that can play as a direct striker.

    This coupled with Suso returning should be enough for the summer, if needed after that then another player can arrive in January.

  54. I brought this point up in another post and absolutely agree with you. Even City doesn't rotate in the prem because of how close it is and how every game is literally a cup final. When we have four competitions to try and win next season, we will need to rest our first team players in League cup and FA cup games. Personally, I think too many people have written Aspas and Assaidi off; when given some more time in the squad with the fixture list next year, I think they'll come good. We'll also have some great competition for places which we've missed this year

  55. Zero return on investment isn't true since Alberto's provided at least one assist and he actually looks quality when he gets the chance to play relatively consistently. He links well with the other players. He doesn't get much game time (0 starts and a lot of sub 15minute subs) but unless there's something wrong with him in training that's hardly his fault. He's a near like for like with Coutinho, though granted not as skilled and if he needs a rest but we need a Coutinho-esque player I don't see why we shouldn't play him.
    Borini is playing well and offers a better option off the bench than Aspas.
    Aspas has been a waste.
    Ilori needs more time to make an assessment oneway or another.

    However that said overall they have been so far a waste.

  56. If Liverpool can have a large stable of players with potential out on loan then it makes sense to keep them. If they can show their worth, cost little or nothing in wages, then it is a good investment. Look at Chelsea's Loanees.
    If Alberto and Illori aren't for now, then they are for the Future, if they have a breakout season within the next couple of years, they can easily double or triple their purchase price. Borini looks to have the potential to improve on his game, could also retain his price - or be a valuable member of the squad. Assaidi could also gain value if he comes back to Stoke before the end of the Season. Coates had 1 bad game and got benched, then injured - he's now back and on track to regain full fitness and will play in Uruguay, and perhaps even the World Cup.
    Part of being a top club is not only having a great starting 11 and squad, but also a stable of up and comers that can increase in value over a couple of years. This is another way of making a profit.
    Sure get rid of deadwood, but define it properly - young players with potential could provide future profitibility are a worthwhile investment, older players on high wages, or extremely injury prone worth getting rid of.

  57. I think B Rodgers could get more than £22M for those players:

    He should sell and ship out these 6 dead wood average or injury prone players and 1 world class player.

    O Assaidi we could get £4-£5M off Stoke for him
    S Coates we could get £5-£7M abroad
    M Kelly we could get £2-£3M abroad or Here
    L Alberto we could £4-£6M in spain
    I Aspas we could £6-£8M as he is still highly regarded in Spain
    P Reina we could get £5-£7M with any other club except Napoli who can get him for £4.5M
    F Borini we could sell fof £7-£9M

    Those 7 players could bring in: £37-£45M

    Plus B Rodgers needs to ship out 5 YEARS past his best, mistake prone K Toure(33) at the end of the season and ship out the 2 abyzmal pathetic loan signings: LB: A Cissokho and LW : V Moses

    These 11 players need to be shipped out of this summer and replaced by 8 class quality players. 5 Defensive players and 3 attacking players

  58. What personal impact did Aspas make? If Rodgers believes he is capable of making a consistent contribution, he wouldn't just use Aspas during injury times in games (which he has done quite a few times).

    A different and/or better player than Aspas (i.e. someone suited to the Prem) would've played more games over the season because he would've made more of an impact (i.e. goals/assists)

  59. I've already explained why your argument is irrelevant, so why are you asking me to explain it again. You endlessly bring pointless ancillary issues into discussions instead of focusing on the point in hand, and you do this to obscure the issue, and divert attention away from the point being made.

  60. Interesting article and I broadly agree although like some other posts I might keep hold of Alberto and Llori and loan them out again for a full season. Even if you took Alberto out of the equation I think you'd still be able to pull in at least 22M in sales, add that to the rumoured 60M kitty that Rodgers will have and that's enough to be competitive if we make the right choices in the summer/can get the right names in.
    Priorities for me would be ("like to have's" in brackets altho appreciate it would be pretty dam hard to get all those names):
    - LB (Moreno) - 15M
    - CM (Rakitic or more of a CDM) - 20M
    - Winger/AM (Shaqiri) - 20M
    - back up striker/AM (Bakkali/Volland) - 12M
    - back up keeper - 5M
    total of 72M
    We might not need another AM option tho if Suso hopefully comes back. We could get another RB but I see Johnson staying with Flano as back up. And potentially we could get a new right CB (Richards, Papadopoulos?) for 15M although if we felt it was needed then one of Agger, Skrtel or Kelly would probably have to leave - if the defense remains more solid thru the rest of the season then we may not need anything new.
    First things first, I just hope we finish as high as possible!

  61. Transfers In and out since Rodgers has joined the club.

    Danny Wilson
    Peter Gulasci
    Jonjo Shelvey
    Jamie Carragher (Retired)
    Jay Spearing
    Dani Pacheco
    Adam Morgan
    Dirk Kuyt
    David Amoo
    Stephen Darby
    Fabio Aurelio
    Maxi Rodríguez
    Alberto Aquilani
    Craig Bellamy
    Charlie Adam
    Nathan Ecclestone
    Joe Cole

    Fabio Borini
    Joe Allen
    Oussama Assaidi
    Samed Yesil
    Daniel Sturridge
    Philippe Coutinho
    Jordan Ibe
    Luis Alberto
    Iago Aspas
    Kolo Toure
    Simon Mignolet
    Tiago Ilori
    Mamadou Sakho

    Looking at what who has come in permanently and who has sold, has money been wasted?

    Discuss :-)

  62. Your explanation was full of twisting my words?

  63. It doesn't matter who I would've preferred Rodgers to sign! You just don't get it, do you?! The players he DID sign have failed and/or not made any contribution.

    The implication that Aspas Ilori and Alberto are the only three players LFC could've signed is utter nonsense. There are literally hundreds of players available during the summer transfer window, and Rodgers bought the *wrong* players. He could've spent that £21m on one top class player, or simply three players who were more suited to the Prem/LFC's system etc.

    He got it wrong. End of story. And that's not my opinion; that's a self-evident fact based on the season so far. £21m of LFC's money is not producing any kind of consistent return.

    As for who Rodgers should've signed: Two of Eriksen, Lovren or Wanyama, all of whom would've (IMO) improved LFC's squad; played regularly, and made a good contribution.

    * Eriksen would've covered Suarez for the first 6 games, and then Coutinho when he was injured. Given his obvious quality - and playing with superior players like Sturridge, Gerrard etc - he probably would've done well in the first 6 games, and provided serious competition for Coutinho.

    * Wanyama is a midfielder of the type Liverpool need. He would've been great cover for Lucas during his injury, and he'd be a class option to have.

    * Lovren cost practically the same as Ilori. He's only 24, and is a top class defender. Prior to his injury, he was everpresent for Southampton.

    All three were heavily linked with LFC last summer, and based on the fact that these guys play regularly for their respective clubs, and are making a contribution, they would've enhanced LFC's squad much more than Ilori, Aspas and Alberto.

  64. Yes, keep telling yourself that. You're so wrapped up in your pro-Rodgers agenda you can't see the wood for the trees. As I've argued many times before, your intellectual dishonest is staggering. You take certain POVs not because you truly believe them, but to support your inflexible view on Rodgers, i.e. that he can do no wrong.

  65. Where did I say this? and I quote

    * Argued that A+A were expected to have 'regular starting places.

    And this?

    * Argued that more expensive players wouldn't have made any difference.

  66. Go back and read your own posts. I can't be bothered to hold your hand and lead your through the obvious.

  67. Number one: Where have I argued that Alberto and Aspas were expected to have regular places? I stated that they were signed as squad players.

    Number two: I never said expensive players would not have made a difference. What I made clear is would more expensive players have kept Suarez, Sturridge, Couthino or Sterling out of the team?

  68. When you're winning the league every year, you get more leeway for making transfer mistakes. Ferguson has done the business. He's proven that he can regularly get it right in the transfer market, and he has the trophies to prove it.

    Rodgers doesn't.

  69. First order of business right now should be a last minute loan to Olympiakos The "Football Genius" Banner.

  70. If he won the league with liverpool why does he need to go to barca? At liverpool, if he gets it right he will be revered and become a legend. Barca have had many managers over the years so he will be come another coach that came and went. Liverpool will give him time and allow him to build. barca will want the league and CL instantly and if he fails he will be out the door.

  71. yep.. lets only have 18 players at the club for the entire season, great shout.

  72. We should also get of all the under 18's, 16's and younger kids as well since they have made no impact season as well...

  73. So your saying you would be happy for BR to sign a player (Eriksen ) for 12m just to sit on the bench?

    First you stated that Eriksen would play regularly but then that he would provide cover?

  74. So you would replace what - 6 players for one player worth 22mil?

    Do you know of such a player that can play in all those positions, never gets injured or tired?

  75. Fantasy football here we come :)

  76. No, I suggested that he'd initially provide cover for Suarez. And who says Eriksen would've sat on the bench if he'd signed? Aspas is on the bench regularly because he provided nothing when he played. Ditto Moses who, incidentally, played the no 10 role when Coutinho was injured. If Eriksen was at Anfield, he would've played, and I have no doubt he would've made a much bigger impact.

    Aspas et al are only bench players because they're not good enough to play regularly. Eriksen players regularly for Spurs, which proves he's good enough for the Prem.

  77. Your facetiousness is embarrassing.

  78. If you remember what was the main point of the article, it was about replacing dead wood. We do have players in these positions, GK, CB, RW, CM,and FW. We will buy other players in these positions. The writer's point was these are expendable players and we could get some cash from their sale and use it with given cash to buy more top players. It was never intimated that money from sales will be used to buy ONE player who will play all of these positions, which is a very ludicrous idea.

  79. Jaime you are quite condescending in your posts....Ok fair enough Rodgers has made a few bad signings but overall he's been a revelation as a manager. Forget about who he should've bought and focus on how good he is doing...

  80. By all accounts illori - is a good long term prospect. I disagree that Assaidi is dead wood - there is potential there and is certainly worth more than a million quid. If he cant get a game with Stoke WWE then thats their loss. Same with Borini he has shown at Sunderland that he has huge potential and played in the right position he would get goals. Maybe not the same as Sturridge but then his are freak stats! But it just goes to show that the attacking football we play is designed for goals - after all a team built on the cheap is outscoring the billions of Chelsea and Man City.

    Moses hasnt performed and hasnt really shown any propensity to do so apart from the first game. I wouldnt actually have him no where near the team just in case he passes information onto Moanrinho!

    Alberto and Aspas deserve another year - we simply shouldnt be taking losses on players and i think both will improve.

    The 20 million players that Aldo elludes to arent really any in the english leagues. Perhaps abroad you may find some but as Tottenham have found out they arent easy to ingratiate into a system.

    With Champions League an extra competition we will need the likes of Assaidi, Borini, Aspas, Alberto and even Suso to play the domestic competitions , especially the first few rounds - infact id give them the league cup just to show what they are made off.

    Finally surely Reina at £4 million is a bargain?

  81. Think I would give Ilori, Alberto and Borini another season to prove their worth,but I would add Agger to the list as his injuries and age go against him,best to cash in now while he's worth a few bob.

  82. Aspas has never been given a chance and any time i have seen him hes done nothing wrong.He gets into great positions but didn't receive a pass from his team mates who i have seen apologizing to him.
    Next year Borini and Aspas will get opportunities to play with Champions L premier FAcup and cup league. They are both very good players who at the moment have to sit on the bench and watch two of the best strikers in England if not the world,but they have been very professional and done it well. People who write them off are the same people who wrote Henderson Lucas and even Joe
    Allen off.

  83. Illori is injured - groin strain but was MOM in his second game with a 60yrd assist. He will play for Portugal full side within 12 months.

  84. His recent trophies have very little to do with his transfer nous, more to do with his game intelligence and ability to motivate players and influence officials ( and before you cry foul, Ferguson himself admitted he tried to do so)
    Buying RVP off the back of him almost single handedly keeping Arsenal in the top 4 was hardly the work of a genius..
    Who has he bought in the last 3 or 4 years who has been as surprisingly impressive as , say, Sturridge or Coutinho?

  85. Yea it is about LFC. Remember that LFC is made up of people and you have successfully mentioned people's names. You criticized BR, Borini, Allen, and the rest. Are they not human beings or are you exceptional?

  86. What about Suso? I personally rate him, I just don't know if he'll be loaned out again, sold or kept.

  87. In my opinion Pedro is pretty much world class and has been for a while, just have a look at his stats. I'd be really happy with those three to be honest, although Adriano would be another Glen Johnson defensively.

  88. For Alberto We should send him on Loan Next Season, and the Rest On The List Should be Sold to the teams they r playing for right now, so Next Season Suso Will Be Back, and We Should sign at least 6-7 players in the Summer

  89. This guy gave a list of players who have come in and gone out since Rodgers took over and last time i looked we were sitting 2nd in the table. Some players might not be getting playing time now or even out on loan but that doesn't mean that Rodgers see's them as dead wood. Every manager makes mistakes in the transfer market and i'm sure Rodgers will make his but i'm certainly not going to judge most of the players on that list yet because players like Lucas and Henderson prove you can turn it round.
    I don't think this is the end of story.............. It's just the beginning.

  90. agree Ilori is going nowhere that boy is class. I'd rather see Agger moved on and Ilori come back

  91. yes cash in Agger Johnson and Enrique. Then coupled with some other sales there's some serious money to add to the pot. Ilori ahld in my opinion be in the LFC squad next year.

  92. of those who went the only one I disagreed with was Maxi. I liked him as a player.

  93. The elephant in the room is Sturridges propensity for injury which has been the blight on his carrer so far. We need serious back up for him just in case and Aspas is definitely not the answer. Borini? well there's a lot of talk about how good he is and BR really seems to like him but I haven't seen the evidence yet. End of the day there is no choice but to trust the manager.

  94. aye maxi was superb and probably got king kenny the job permanently with his performances after hodgson had gone. And then KK chosen not to play him - strange to say the least.

  95. kelly probably could go - but skrtel has been brilliant again this season. And Agger when fit is an automatic too. that leaves us with Sakho, illori and toure. Toure is on a freebie and is good back up -despite a couple of cockups. Even skirtel has had his fair share of own goals this season. We have to accept the style we play we will let in goals. Sakho probably doesnt want to spend time on the bench so maybe he could go so we can recoup

  96. Aspas was in the team when we won tough games. If you're going to refuse to acknowledge that a football player can contribute besides just getting a goal and assist then I don't know what else to say about it. It's just the most absurdly over simplistic point of view and I'll never agree with it. Aspas was on the pitch, he made passes, he made runs and he was part of the team that scored the goals. I saw him do well and that's good enough for me.

    A better player, sure, I acknowledge that. Would you suggest someone like Lukaku? You've said we should have tried to take him on loan. That's a great idea but what quality PL striker would come to Liverpool and accept a place on the bench behind Sturridge and Suarez? And how much would they cost? I'm all for having more quality players in the team, but what you're talking about is a player in the 15 million or more bracket. A real quality striker who could actually push SAS for game time. Fine, I totally agree, a player like that would be great, but last time you made a suggestion about our backup strikers you actually said we should have someone young and hungry, not a proven quality player.

    A proven quality player would have gotten maybe a little more game time than Aspas, maybe, but he would have cost more and he would have been a lot harder to keep happy on the bench. And what difference would it have made? We've got more goals than any other team in the league. We're second on the ladder. What difference would a more expensive and likely more unhappy top drawer striker have done for us this season?

  97. Completely disagree mate. Keep borini, assaidi and Alberto. They are good squad players for a title chase borini and assaidi have clearly proven that. And from what I've seen of Alberta talents last season is keep him for the future too at least another season or two. Depends on where we play suso and how he steps up.

  98. Fact of the matter is time is needed to adjust to the premierleague. Our financial situation in comparison to others such as Chelsea city united and even arsenal to some degree can cut deadwood after a season without effect. Liverpool however aren't in a position to do that. Look at Joe Allan, borini and assaidi for example. Each are showing promise now after consistent game time. You need minutes, experience to master the premierleague. It's not an easy game to pick up (stating te obvious) yes we need first team players too but squad is just as important if not more important when you already have the lethal 5 of Suarez, sturridge, sterling, coutinho and gerrard. And with cl football its even more important. YNWA <3

  99. I'm just highlighting a link between the absolutely vital goals Sturridge scored early on and our momentum. I don't believe that, if we were hovering around 8th during the middle of the season, we would not be 2nd now. Rodgers is a good manager but for me, SAS have provided the basis on which Rodgers has built all of his momentum. I also made reference to Downing hitting the bar on his debut and Mignolet saving a penalty for us in his first game. I think these actions set the tone during their respective seasons, so yes, it does make sense.

  100. Michael Blankson4:20 am, March 20, 2014

    Well said Riley. The unfortunate thing this season for a lot of the players Jaimie has mentioned is that a lot of our players in the squad over performed, exceeding our expectations. Such as Sterling, Sturridge, Henderson and Flano.
    We were also knocked out of domestic cups early and were not in the Europa league, meaning many of these players had to be sent elsewhere for experience or benched.
    I can see Reina and Coates leaving permanently, but the rest I feel will be given another chance in the squad.
    We can bring in 20mill players to fill the void but BR tends to bring in players from the reserves, a great thing.
    Hopefully next season, WHEN were in the CL, we are competing across all competitions to allow all the players in the squad a chance.
    In BR we trust!!!

  101. ok so u have never seen Aspas do anything wrong? maybe my eyes are not working properly coz i see him do lot of things wrong

  102. aspas is the one player of our current squad,who i would move on,hes not physically up for the premier league,and i dont think hes liverpool standard.I think Borini is a much better proposition,though i would like us to bring in a quality striker to rotate with SAS,cause dont forget we will be battling on four fronts next season and we need quality and depth.

  103. spot on.Aspas is not a premier league player and he should never have been added to the squad.He may be ok in a less physical and demanding league,but def. not the premier league.he needs to be replaced with a quality signing who can play his part and make an impact,while allowing suarez or sturridge a rest from time to time.

  104. This time last year you would have disastrously included Henderson as "deadwood"....you have to give new players a chance to settle AND get into the team. Luis Alberto has strong potential, Aspas could do a job, only those in training would know, Illori also has strong potential..these are young players at a big club, they could well contribute significantly to the squad next season.

  105. So if we purchased Eriksen and he always played then Coutinho would be sitting on the bench and would have little impact so would he had been a waste of money?

  106. Fine, lets say for argument sakes we sell those players and get 25mil.

    Now you tell me who would you buy to replace these players in those positions which will be better for only 25mil?

  107. Seeing as we have been scoring goals for fun and winning consistently, there hasn't really been a need for anyone to make an impact from the bench.

  108. Some articles suggesting Glen Johnsons contract won't be renewed. But I would hate to see him go. The guy is still a very experienced player, England International and in my opinion still a major asset. (Now, if only he'd agree to a small wage drop...??)

  109. Well according to Jamie's logic they should all be sold.

  110. illori is one for the future, you don't get rid of talented young untried players like him without seeing what he can do and this lads got what it takes

  111. I can't see us making such a loss on Aspas. There were other teams interested last season and I think we could still get 5 plus for him. I actually think we can make a profit in Assaidi I think about 3. It also doesn't make sense selling Alberto so cheaply either. Loan him out next season if there really isn't a chance of playing him and I am sure he can make an impression. Selling now would just be silly. Ilori too. Both these players are very young and have decent sized contracts. Only game time will get us money so selling now would just be bad business.

  112. You are sailing very close to sniping territory with your last set of posts. Keep it up, and you will received a 3 day ban.

    This post, for example. You are being deliberately obtuse/flippant. This is not what I'm suggesting at all. There's room in the squad for both Eriksen and Coutinho. For example, Eriksen would've played all the games Moses has; plus the first 6 without Suarez; plus the games Sturridge was out injured, all of which can accommodate Coutinho too.

    The point about Aspas is he doesn't make a difference when called upon, and isn't even selected by Rodgers most of the time, mainly because he doesn't offer much.

    Now stop deliberately twisting my words.

  113. I am sorry that you think I am snipping as I am not.

    I am trying to make the point that many players have only played a minor part if any this season for many different reasons, a few including that we are playing extremely well and have had short cup runs.

    You say Eriksen would play when Suarez was banned and both Coutinho and Sturridge were injured, well that is your opinion, I don't believe he would of has he has very little pace and is ineffective if playing out wide.

    The fact is one of the major reasons that Man City and Chelsea are able to do well in various competitions is that they have large squads. So when the need arises players who would would class as dead wood play and support the team, and if they play well then they have a chance to keep their position.

    Do I believe that Aspas is good enough, I actually don't, however is there to provide some much needed depth. Now if both Sturridge and Suarez were injured for a length of time and Aspas got a run of games then maybe he would improve and prove that he could cut it, but that is all ifs and buts.

  114. Yes, it's clearly my opinion, so why are you stating the obvious?

    You're going around inaccurately paraphrasing my views. Please stop doing that.

  115. Liverpool do need to get rid of some dead wood in the next window including some potential liabilities, now that we seem to have one foot in the CL. The next window has the used very very wisely need a quality not quantity, and should the next transfer window be a poor one, and along with that should we not qualify for CL the the season after we could be in trouble as our owners will not spend success like that of Man City or Chelski.

    I would have added Lucas, Agger and Skrtel to that list but only if we can get the right fee for them, and have the correct upgrade replacement in place. Lucas lacks pace and the mobility to operate in my opinion to be a first team regular for a team that wants to challenger for the title. Skrtel for obvious reasons, he has been fantastic this season but in CL with better attackers and teams being more tactically savy he can get caught out. Agger injury prone.

    If we bought in the following after getting rid of some of the dead wood; in my opinion it would be a good window.
    Yan M'Villa
    Rodrigo//Sharaawy/Lucas Ocampos

  116. Oh yeah and Ilori is injured that is why he hasn't played recently.

  117. Jaimie don't you think it a touch harsh talking of Ilori being out of the Granada team when he is injured as if it was performance related?