25 Mar 2014

'Best in the League': Top class £20m Reds target hails LFC, Suarez, & Sturridge.

Liverpool are reportedly in pole-position to sign Spurs star Jan Vertonghen this summer, and the Belgian international - who played alongside Luis Suarez at Ajax - clearly has a lot affection for the Reds.

Last week, the Daily Mail reported:

"Liverpool lead the queue to sign Jan Vertonghen in the summer".

When asked about Liverpool's interest prior to his move to Spurs, Vertonghen observed:

"I can’t say anything about whether there has been contact [with LFC] about a transfer but It’s flattering to be linked. The rumours give me confidence, but I just try to do my best every game".

Liverpool face Spurs at Anfield this Sunday, and discussing the Reds ahead of that game, Vertonghen heaped praise on the club he rejected last summer. He enthused:

"They [Liverpool] are one of the best teams in the league and they show it every week. Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world, and [Daniel] Sturridge obviously is doing well. Those two are very hard to stop."

Vertonghen - described in February by Spurs captain Michael Dawson as 'world class' - is currently playing the typical elite footballer game of using the media to make subtle threats to leave, and - by extension - alert interested clubs that he might be available. When asked about his Tottenham future earlier this month, he told the Evening Standard:

"I want to be playing in the Champions League, so I hope we get in this year. Do I have a decision to make if we don't? I can't say anything about that. Let's see after the end of the season"

Clearly, Vertonghen has zero loyalty to Spurs, and he is probably casting a very covetous eye in LFC's direction right now. It's obvious that he made gargantuan mistake choosing White Hart Lane over Anfield, and the Grand Canyon-esque chasm between two clubs is is exemplified by the 5-0 annihilation handed out by the Reds in December.

That damaging defeat cost Andre Villas Boas his job, and it's conceivable that another heavy defeat to the Reds could rob Tim Sherwood his chance of a long-term future at White Hart Lane. Sherwood is already under pressure, and defeat to Liverpool would kill Spurs' slim remaining hopes of qualifying for the Champions League this season.

Vertonghen is now valued in the £20m bracket, with Barcelona reportedly willing to spend that much during the last transfer window. The question is, do LFC really need yet another player with this sort of mercenary attitude?

What happens if Vertonghen signs for LFC, and the club fails to qualify for the CL next season? Will he make similar nakedly self-serving statements in the press? Mercenary tendencies aside, it would be incredibly satisfying to turn the tables on Spurs and steal a player from White Hart Lane for a change...



  1. Good old fashioned mercenary.

    Nature of the business, more or less.

    Would be a nice addition though to our squad. Makes you wonder though what the situation would be with Skrtel, Agger, and Sakho.

  2. Vertoghen would be nice, and would probably be coached well under BR, so personally wouldnt mind us signing him but then again hes not needed. what we need right now is extra creativity and extra firepower for CL football. our defensive set up sees us leek alot of goals, but i personally like our defenders, they know how to attack in the system. which has allowed Skrtel to have more goals than the Prince Torres.

    i hope King Luis can break the record though. hes absolute genius. greatest player EVER to play for LFC, hasnt achieved as much as King Kenny and Stevie but hes definately the best player to play at Anfield

  3. We play spurs on Sunday do sooner than you thought Jamie

  4. wasn't this guy just subtly bagging liverpool for being a one-man team?

  5. Would just like to say well done to young conor coady and jordan ibe, who are out on loan and both scored tonight. Keep working hard lads the two of you's will have big futures at anfield. Ynwa

  6. Can't see this happening

  7. I have been a little underwhelmed with him the last few times I watched...not sold on him.

  8. PIty the Spurs players. Levy has hoodwinked em all. Any European Managers facing a personal cash flow problem should look to manage the Spurs.

  9. He seems a decent player but we can do better. He had his chance to join us.

    Also, Tim Sherwood has no chance of keeping that job. He is out of his depth and should step down to lower leagues to learn the ropes when he is relieved of his duties.

    Granted he had a decent start, but it often works that way then wanes. Adebayor had a point to prove for a few weeks.

  10. Vertonghen is a Left sided centre back, we already have Sakho and Agger(who will be sold), so I doubt we need him. We need a Right sided centre back as Skrtel is a bit dodgy.(He seems to be getting better game by game)

  11. Exactly. Very good defender but two years ago he picked Spurs over us because he saw no future with us so now he's made his bed. To be really honest though, most of us shared his thoughts two years ago. Find me one person who said he believed BR could do the job two years ago and I'll tell you he's lying. Let alone doing it this well! That said, we remained loyal to LFC in spite of what may lie ahead. Mercenary, stay clear. Same as with Mkytharian.

  12. The ship has sailed with Vertonghen

  13. Just read that SG is one booking away from a two match ban, would it be better if he got booked tonight & missed the spuds & wet spam games ? Can't see him going rest of the season without one more & would sooner have him for city & the rent boys. If I recall didn't we muller the spuds without Stevie last time out?

  14. I think it's the 2nd Sunday in April, he needs to be careful till then, I think.

  15. Would be an excellent signing, but considering the money Levy would want, we had better look elsewhere.

    Barca would be mad not to sign him. A competent ball-playing centre-half who actually has some decent physical attributes? They should be throwing money at Spurs.

  16. 13th april is the cut off. Four more games without a yellow and he would be safe.

  17. His ability and talent is undeniable. Centreback who could play leftback comfortably i might add..decent pace. But JK is right..his attitude screams mercenary.