19 Feb 2014

Transfer Risk: BR wants €7m playmaker with 87% passing accuracy. Alberto Mk 2...?

Liverpool are reportedly monitoring Valencia attacking midfielder Dani Parejo, who spent some time on loan at QPR during the 2008-9 season.

According to Spanish newspaper Super Deporte this week:

* Brendan Rodgers is impressed with Parejo's performances this season.

* Valencia are willing to sell the attacker for €7m.

Some info about 24-year old Parejo:

- Current contract expires in 2016.
- Cost Valencia €6m in 2011.
- A product of Real Madrid's youth academy.
- 43 appearances for various Spain youth teams.
- 18 apps for QPR in 2008 (No goals)

- Can play defensive or attacking midfield.
- 87% passing accuracy this season (from 1000 passes)
- 2007: Won the UEFA European Under-19 Championship with Spain.
- 2011: Part of Spain's UEFA European Under-21 Championship winning team.

- When Madrid sent Parejo on loan, it so annoyed club legend Alfredo di Stefano that he refused to watch the club's reserves (!)

In my view, Parejo is no upgrade on any of LFC's current players, and his stats over the last few years are pretty underwhelming:

* 2011-12: 0 goals/1 assist in 27 apps.
* 2012-13: 2 goals/6 assists in 36 apps.
* 2013-14: 4 goals/3 assists in 24 apps.
* TOTALS: 6 goals/10 assists in 87 apps.
* Goal every 14.5 apps | Assist every 8.7 apps
* Goal/Assist every 5.4 games.

With respect, this is hardly inspiring stuff. Parejo predominantly plays as a midfield playmaker/attacking midfielder for Valencia, and if this is the best he can do, I doubt he'd be able to improve on this in the Premier League.

€7m is not a huge fee, but Rodgers doesn't have a great record of signing players in this price range.



  1. Arsenal 0 - 2 Bayern....................... luck ran out tonight.... :-)

  2. Had some trouble with penalties I believe :-)

  3. Funny how luck evens out eh!!!!............LOL.

  4. Just had a look at the story in the Express and it instantly troubled me. Jonathan Northcroft of the times wrote a very enlightening article in the Anfield Wrap magazine about transfer stories and sources. The fact that Ben Jerferson says "Liverpool are lining up a move" suggests to me that his sources are of a very questionable nature. If they are saying we are going in for the player it cannot be someone at our club as it makes no sense releasing that info. So that would be chairman and manager etc out. If it was a scout it would likely not be one that has anything to do with the actual acquisitions or you would imagine they would not be talking to press at this early stage. No this stinks of agent getting his clients name in the papers. That at best.

  5. Once again Good comment :P.
    This has been a constant occurrence for a while now, Liverpool are the perfect club (along with Tottenham IMO).
    LFC have a huge internet fan base so the articles get seen probably about as much as any other teams reports.
    Liverpool and Tottenham are both in similar positions in the way that both are on the cusp and are looking for that next surprise player for a bargain to get them over the line so its logical to think maybe this guy (and others) might be that player.
    If a report that Man City wanted this guy people would dismiss it in an instance but LFC might be a chance.
    How hard would it really be to start a transfer rumour for an agent? one text message or even a tweet and its on.

  6. I dont think this is a real chance to happen.
    But if it is a possibility then i would say steer clear, We have Suso returning in pre season and im hoping that Alberto is not being cast aside so if a midfield player is to come in i think it will be more on the defensive side than this guy.

  7. Definitely. I had the same thought re City. We are a name that gets bandied around as, like you say it will get a lot of interest. I see the comparison with Spurs being on the cusp like us but our fanbase dwarfs theirs. Thats why we are linked with so many players. Articles with "Liverpool have been watching" or "Liverpool are interested" may have some truth with a scout being the source but at this stage of the season and "Liverpool are lining up" NAH no chance.

  8. JK ive seen a few articles floating around recently about the idea of selling M Kelly.
    I'd be interested in knowing your opinion on this, i think Kelly can be a valuable asset next season (assuming a CB leavs and GJ is sold)

  9. The writer of this article is Joe Allen's biggest fan, so you won't find anything critical about him in this post, or in any of his comments. Ever.

  10. The article is based on last summer and the January 2014 transfer window.

    Learn to READ.

  11. I think you have the space to be heard in your response but in stead of making a point you chose to moan about whether something you'd write would be put up on the site.

  12. Logan: 'can I write a guest article?'
    JK: ' *sigh*.....I suppose so......'

  13. True Markus, but I do believe there was some ifs & but in it. If it was really that LFC did everything & only because of the owners not willing to sign, Kono couldn't join us, I am sure the owners would have gone to UEFA arbitration court, at least for a compensation, or delayed transfer. There are so many such transfer cases/disputes solved by UEFA.

    I am sure idiot Ayre goofed up something (could be payment modality or deferred payment clause or he might not know how to deal with co-ownerships) & it was beyond manageable within time. If everything was perfect (apart from being time pressed), both parties could have signed at a back date, could have requested UEFA/FA for special permission.

    I don't think by declining the deal Dinipro 'll gain anything. They 'll not get more money, risking to keep an unhappy player at lower salary & risking UEFA sanctions for deliberate violation of transfer practices. Ian Ayre must have tried something over smart & got the slapping hard time. He haven't dealt with East European owners (Mafia bosses) & must have tried to be cleaver.

  14. We're done with squad players, I think that is obvious enough. From now on we'll target first team players of real quality. We didn't seriously try for any of these kinds of players in January and I don't see it happening in the summer either unless we offload a few others.

  15. Thanks, happy you enjoyed it!

  16. Good point. BR said he doesn't want any. If we tried for them, we would have landed them. Simples.

  17. I don't want FSG out at all mate. I am just skeptical after years of mismanagement. They seem to be doing a good job strengthening the club financially but I am unsure of the transfer criteria and power balance of the transfer committee. Other than that I think they have done well.

    Yeah I made the continent rather than country comment to emphasise a point really. Like you say areas are different just up the road and all people are different anyway linking the different owners is just daft.

  18. We had Suso back is enough

  19. Must of misinterpreted what you meant my mistake. To be honest, I'm the same as you over being sceptical but if people weren't sceptical about things then disastrous things could happen arguably good things as well.

  20. In some ways it's a shame the fans are just seen as sources of income and have very little say in the running of the club. But then when you see some of the comments from "fans" perhaps that's not such a bad thing after all

  21. FSG may have a policy of signing young players and not paying over inflated prices for players, but, I think they should understand that any side needs a balance of new and experienced players. If FSG want champions League we need to decide what we need, who we want and pay the price for them. If we don't the others will and we will lose out. They don't follow our policy that's why Costa, Salah and others have gone elsewhere. I understand about mistakes we have made, Carroll, Downing and others, but we also bought, Suarez, Coutinio and Sturridge. We need the right man doing the job, Ayre is good at signing sponsors let him do that. Get some of the x-legends together and form a group to decide with Rodgers who to scout and bring in.

  22. Good article bang on IMO.

  23. JK- you're doing a great job on a great site - hang loose!

  24. I guess that's why there is mention of Carroll and Downing - who were bought in 2011.. tut tut

  25. Good article i suppose this seasons efforts so far have surprised many i am fairly certain if the club makes the top 4 FSG will invest in more ready made players how much will be spent is anyones guess.
    I am a fan of FSG and must add after H and G i was dubious on U.S owners but they fought hard to get the club on a business side of things have been great.
    A successful foray into the transfer window this summer will change the minds of many doubters.

  26. What made it worse were the people AND sites/forums that zealously supported these SoS guys. I was banned from two of them just for criticising SoS. That's how I ended up here so be sure to go and thank the good people of RAWK and Talklfc (RIP) :-)

  27. You mean you'd LIKE to think :-)

  28. Fiscal Year J000

    What's wrong with that?

  29. Have you only just realised. ...this is a pseudo LFC site and Kanlad is not a LFC fan...very clever guy but complete phoney

  30. Do you actually have anything to say about the club.....?
    I'm confused.........

  31. So why are you posting here?

  32. Costa didn't sign for anyone else...

  33. Maybe so. But the general point of my comment was that the transfer policy is wrong, money talks, that's the way the world game is. Barcelona to Guiseley AFC, if you have the money you can get the best players!!!!!