16 Jan 2014

€4m 'New DiMaria' to LFC? Reds get chance to sign one of Ajax's 'greatest talents'.

Liverpool and Manchester City have reportedly been offered an opportunity to sign Ajax winger Ricardo Kishna.

I confess, I've never heard of the player, but according to The Mirror:

"Liverpool and Manchester City have been offered Ajax winger Ricardo Kishna.

"With only a few months remaining on his deal, there is no barrier to talks with the Blues or the Anfield giants".

Dutch football magazine Voetbal International offers conflicting information to the Mirror, and claims that Kishna will sign a new deal with Ajax this week.

If that's true, then it seems rather surprising that Kishna is being offered to Premier League clubs a this late stage. By all accounts, though, it appears that Kishna's agent, Mino Raiola, is hawking him about all over the place.

Some info about €4m-rated Kishna, who is nicknamed the 'new DiMaria' by Ajax fans:

* 19 years old.
* Currently in contract negotiations for an extended deal.
* Juventus and AC Milan are also interested.
* Made his CL debut in Ajax's 4-1 defeat to Barcelona in November.

Frank De Boer speaks highly of Kisha, and when asked about the youngster's future recently, he told Ajax's website:

"Kishna is one of the greatest talents. He is contracted until next summer, but the extension seems to be a matter of time. He knows what we want"

Kishna seems to be happy at Ajax, and soon after signing for the club, he enthused:

"I'm really enjoying myself. The level is high and I learn a lot in training. For example, my crossing has greatly improved."

On the subject of his strengths and weaknesses, Kishna added:

"My specific qualities? Technique and my understanding on the field. And for improvement? My right foot, and heading the ball"

Given the lack of transfer business so far, it may be that Liverpool ultimately have no option but to go with bargain-basement signings like Kishna. One huge plus is that Ajax's youth set-up is one of the best in the world, so if the Reds do sign the player, he'll come with a top-class football education.

Of course, fans said the same thing about Ryan Babel before he arrived at Anfield...



  1. This one is curve ball but the lad looks very good with both feet and has size and strength too, he would take some stopping. Never heard of him at all but certainly Ajax need to get him on a new deal, he is very much the type of player BR would like. I watched the FA youth cup game v Villa lastnight and the team played so well, Kent, Wilson and Trickett-Smith were awesome linking the play together............................really good players in our youth team...............Liverpool 3 - 1 Villa.

  2. Ryan Babel wasn't that bad. He was young when we got him so obviously would be inconsistent. In his first season he looked decent for us and I might be wrong but he got short listed for young European player of the year? It was the next season where everything went wrong. Benitez stopped using him and when he did play he was bound to be rusty and let's not forget he did have some brilliant performances. I think the problem that was with Babel as is with many young players he didn't get regular playing time and when he did he tended to get dropped in the deep end. I remember one game though, we were struggling at half time. Benitez brings him on and he changed the game and I am pretty sure he got man of the match as well. He was just another victim of Benitez's mis handling of players.
    On the topic of the young lad he looks good but that's in reserve games. It's hard to judge players off reserve games especially from a league which when the players come over here most of the time don't look as good.

  3. In a year or two he will be stronger physically, with his size and power added to being two-footed you have a real good player. If he is available for a sensible fee and 'Liverpool have scouted him' then he is interesting for sure but this could a tactic by his agent to get a better deal at Ajax.

  4. Yes he would get stronger but that doesn't mean he will make it at Liverpool. As I said he looks good in Ajax reserves yet he's 19 and only made one appearance. Yes he's 19 but I've seen younger players play more regularly for Ajax.

  5. This rumour is a good example of why it's a waste of time paying any attention to transfer stories.

  6. To be fair, I think you are doing Benitez a bit of an in justice there. Babel never had enough fight in his belly to make it to the top, flashes of brilliance here and there but that was it. Just look at his time in Germany after he left and check out some of the comments Markus Babbel (his Manager in Germany) made about him. He then gets snapped up by Ajax as he is a free transfer and is then shipped out to some small team in Turkey after one season. The reason why Ryan Babel didn't succeed is purely down to himself, not his managers.

  7. When Babel came to Anfield he was tipped to be the next Henry. That is how good he was.

    Rafa failed to take him to the next level.

    If Babel would have gone to Arsenal at the time he came to us then under Wenger's guidance Babel would have been made a superstar.

  8. Ah Ryan Babel, hell of a rapper though!
    Never heard of this kid. Will wait and see.

  9. Any 1 recall those so called talent that u barely remind him as a LFC player?

    my call :

    Karl-Heinz Riedle
    Vegard Heggem
    Philipp Degen

    Mark Gonzales

  10. Vegard Heggem was a top player. Unfortunately like Rob Jones his career was plagued with injuries.

  11. Any player that I'd want from Ajax now would be Viktor Fischer because he's going to be even better than Christian Eriksen.