17 Jan 2014

Yes Please: LFC plan offer for 'superb' Southampton £7m star

In November, Liverpool were linked with a move for Southampton attacker Jay Rodriguez, a player Brendan Rodgers apparently sees as someone who can ultimately replace Luis Suarez. The Saints are currently in turmoil after the resignation of Executive Chairman Nicola Cortese, and it appears that Liverpool may be about to capitalise on the uncertainty currently enveloping the club.

Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino confirmed yesterday that he's staying at St. Mary's, but according to reports this week, Liverpool are 'lining up a bid' for Rodriguez, one of the Saints' most highly-rated players.

The Reds allegedly enquired about Rodriguez over the summer, with the Daily Star reporting at the time:

"Liverpool have added the forward [Rodriguez] to a list of players they are keeping tabs on".

With ten goals and two assists in 20 starts, Rodriguez is having an excellent season for Southampton, and with only five months of the current campaign, he has already exceeded his goals total for the whole of last year.

This has not gone unnoticed by England boss Roy Hodgson, who recently handed Rodriguez his first call-up to the national team, and in his column for the Daily Mail, former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp praised the Rodriguez for that achievement

"He [Rodriguez] is a smashing lad...with a continental style. He is more polished now...and can strike a ball with swerve and movement".

Saints striker Rickie Lambert also praised Rodriguez for the call-up, and in a November interview with Fox Sports, he enthused:

"They [Rodriguez and Lallana] are doing superb. I have been banging the drum about them for a while now so to see them getting recognition is brilliant and truly deserved".

Southampton will not want to lose one of their star players, and in a recent interview, Pochettino outlined the importance of Rodriguez to his team. he raved:

"He is a great player with great technical quality. He is obsessed by football, and is always available. The sky is the limit for him."

At this stage, why would Rodriguez leave Southampton? He's a regular starter, and is playing in an exciting team, alongside a raft of excellent players, under one of Europe's most promising managers. On the other hand, with the recent departure of Nicola Cortese, it appears that Rodriguez is currently in contract limbo. The Telegraph reports:

"Rodriguez [is] in limbo over a clause in his contract that states he will be due a new deal once he has made 45 starts. His camp now fear they will be back at square one"

Even if LFC manage to pull off a deal, Rodriguez is in no way an adequate replacement for Luis Suarez. He would, however, be a far superior option to the likes of Aspas, Alberto and Moses. Should the Reds try and capitalise on Rodriguez's contract uncertainty...?



  1. I would have him in the Liverpool team, Seems to be getting better all the time.

  2. Would be a very sensible signing. Can play through the middle or on the left, thus giving us cover for both positions, positions you could argue we lack depth. And with him being 24, he has his best years still ahead of him and is a proven goal scorer. Would be a very smart buy imo.

  3. Somewhat Saints related, Nicola Cortese is highly rated. Southampton's progression is largely attributed to him, especially in regards to their scouting system and staff recruitment. You look at Ian Ayre and you think he is all marketing - Dunkin Donuts anyone? In any form of director role, Cortese is worth a shot. All our current directors are Americans part of or have some sort of relationship with FSG and the only other member is Ayre himself.

  4. I doubt 7 mil would be enough, just under half of what we paid for Boroni. You certainly won't replace Suarez with him but would like to have him in the squad though.

  5. Can't see them letting him go in january, he's too important for them.
    He's a top player and i would love to see him at anfield in the summer.

    Not sure whether he would want to swap his guaranteed starting position to slot in behind Suarez and Sturridge, but if we qualify for CL that might be a bit too tempting to turn down.
    Side note; i see Montoya is in contract talks with Barca, another one bites the dust it seems.

  6. I would certainly take him at 7 million. People don't give FSG, and Rodgers enough credit when it comes to transfer dealings. You could buy Rodrigues, and two other players for around about 20 million. One of those buys bound to be a success and maybe 2 out of three work out. Buy one 20 million player and he doesn't work out....Kind of a revolving door, scatter gun approach. Thus you will have failures and you will have success. You will also have lots of players coming and going until the diamonds are found. Rodgers has spent about 100million, BUT what are those players now worth? I bet we haven't lost a cent. Daglish spent about the same and lost the club a truck load of money. Saurez the exception. The path Rodgers and FSG taking is low risk, with a potential high side. These Yanks know a thing or two about business. Certainly a lot more than most of us.

  7. "BR sees as Suárez replacement." Why do you use headlines like this, that are patently untrue. Neither BR, nor any other sane person would see him as a Suárez replacement.

    I agree with other posters, that he would be a very smart buy indeed and could have a decent role in the first team, depending on who's in form at the time, but your headline seems to either be a blatant attempt to use hype to draw us in to comment, or perhaps it's your way of saying Suárez will leave one day and would this guy be a good replacement option.

    Well, I never have subscribed to the idea that Suárez will inevitably leave. I hope that together we enjoy the success that he craves and therefore sees no need to leave. I'd still get Rodriguez from the saints though.

  8. Buy him if abale. If Suarez leaves we apir him with Sturridge and I think we do ok. If Suarex stays, put him behind them with Coutinho and Sterling and let the fun begin.

  9. Read the article properly before making inaccurate statements about the content.

    There is a *clear* link to an authoritative source, which claims that Rodgers sees Rodriguez as a Suarez replacement, and whether you or anyone else like it or not, The Mirror is an authoritative source.


    Kenny Dalglish writes for the Mirror, as do Lawro, Jamie Redknapp, and several other ex-Reds. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

    Just because you think differently doesn't make The Mirror wrong. They have journos who have close contact with LFC, and it's conceivable that BR may have discussed this issue with one of them (off the record).

  10. 'The Mirror is an authoritative source'... really?
    If is was so authoritative then it would state who that comment came from or was it just a lazy reporter creating headlines for other lazy journalists to copy.
    Unfounded nonsense. I expect better from this site

  11. Jamie k dose it again. Southampton in turmoil?? The chairman left!!! Suarez replacement he's not fit to lace the man's boots. Take a snip here and a snip there and cone up with bollox.. try writing something worth while not just stuff u made up while eating your coco pops

  12. Would be a good signing but will he be willing t sit on the bench? Not going to be easy to keep Suarez and Sturridge out of the starting eleven anytime soon.

  13. thats arguably nonsense Jaimie. in the summer when we we were linked with a host of strikers, every1 single 1 was said to be the replacement of Suarez.

  14. Why are my comments only ever published if they agree with your views but not when I disagree with them?

  15. Nicolas Chamberlain2:02 pm, January 17, 2014

    Suarez replacement? Don't think so. Could be a great addition, but nothing more.

  16. i would have him in our team but i dont think we really need him. if we signed Adam Lallana to replace Joe Allen i would be more happy. Lallana looks the perfect player for Liverpool. i reckon he would be respected amongst the LFC players. if we signed Lallana, due to chemistry i would take Rodrigues too.


    a line-up with 7 english players. that would be the england squad for the next euros

  17. Nicolas Chamberlain2:04 pm, January 17, 2014

    Just because ex LFC players are writing for that piece of garbage, remember John Cross last summer, doens't make it true. Rodriguez will never replace Suarez.

  18. Still desperate for Suarez to be sold. Your pathetic.

  19. Jay Rodiguez as Suarez replacement really???? Any manager will get fired for this..Out of all the world stars! Welcome him to the team but Suarez replacement??? is he better than Sturidge?

  20. off topic. who should lose their place this weekend? after that explosive Sturridge performance, its a MUST he starts and IMO it is GJ. his poor attitude towards our title challenge over a stupid contract is appauling. IMO we made GJ who he is today and regardless if we want to cut his wages he should still give 100%.

    Coutinho has been poor this season but at least he trys. where as Glen has been a massive dissapointment. we all know what he can offer at RB and IMO hes not doing it. Luis Suarez earned that contract, he never sulked about. he came back from his ban and worked extremely hard and for his rewards has grabbed 22 goals/11 assists and made himself a every month-millionaire. so my starting line-up for saturday would be


    giving cissokho that LB role really hurts as he is very ineffective. Adam caused him the most problems against stoke, and its like whenever a player comes up against Cissokho they think they have become Ronaldinho. i would give GJ his position but he wouldnt even bother

  21. Hahaha! Fair play to him though! I didn't think he'd allow this comment on! I know he deletes mine!!

  22. ... and mine. Strange to have a journalist preventing free speech

  23. NO. The obvious fact that he wouldn't be able to immediately replace Suarez who CURRENTLY is arguably the second or third best player in the world. We might call him and investment over time and hope that he'd become as good as LS but there's insn't enough history to suggesst that. I see him as a back-up/impact player but unless we sell one or two of our "fringe" strikers I wouldnt buy a guy like Rob. Look at Benteke at Villa, fans here were screaming for him to replace LS in the summer and I can proudly say that I called this from day one - defenders were always backing off him in his first season which is why he always had so much space...now they've wised up and he looks average. Can you imagine if that happened and we sold LS and shelled out 20+mil??? The only kind of player that should be replacing LS if/when he goes is a player that has proven themselves in Europe. I'm not saying spash cash on Ronaldo, I'm saying look at Jackson Martinez, Burak Yılmaz, Diego Costa etc. Players who have show A) They can score goals over multiple seasons B) They can score in Europe and in big games C) They are the focal point of their current teams and drive them and D) Clearly have more to offer if placed in a more talented team. No disrespect to Rod, because he's doing well this season, but he's not the answer to replacing LS - plain and simple

  24. J rod would be a nice addition especially to rotate with S and S so they stay fresher and perhaps avoid injury. Man U has RSVP, Rooney and Chicharito why not S,S and R? Sell one or two less used guys and it's cost neutral!

  25. The couple of times Skrtel and Toure have played together they haven't looked all that comfortable. I think Skrtel and Sakho are a better combo and going forward I can see Skrtel being the one dropped.

  26. There is a tenuous link to a dubious source which claims that Rodgers sees Rodriguez as a Suárez replacement.

    I read the article in your link, by Matt Law I believe. Don't know what kind of reputation he has, but generally I view Journos in the same light as Lawyers, Estate Agents and Salesmen. How do you know they're lying? You see their lips move.

    The article also suggested that LFC (not Rodgers specifically) see Rodriguez as a potential or possible replacement for Suárez if he eventually leaves. Note the use of possible and eventually.

    It's potentially possible that hanging may eventually be brought back. Doesn't mean it's going to happen or even that Rodgers sees it as an alternative to incarceration.

    Before you accuse me of sarcasm, by the way, I am merely using an illustration to demonstrate how little credence we should give to your authoritative source.

  27. The Mirror is an authoritive source? In that it is a paper rather than a fella in a pub? Other than that you could point to a million things they have said that are little more than lies. Despite what ex players they have those people are not in the know. There are only a select few who are. I thisisanfield had a really good article on transfer not long ago that should be looked at. Apart from that even of we were looking at Rodriguez when we were worried that Suarez was gone it tends to be the editor (Not Lawro, Kenny et al) who writes the headline. The headline as stated in many articles by football365 does not necessarily represent any information in the article itself. Another point is that Rodriguez may just have been one person on a list of names that may be linked to each other. For example we could get Rodriguez and Mhkitarian/Costa et al if we were to sell Suarez. So the definition of replacement and direct replacement are very different.

    To my mind there is no way on earth that Rodriguez was ever seen as a direct replacement for one of the best strikers in the world. That is me, not a manager who has been involved in football all his career. So despite what a redtop rag may have said I will continue to believe that he was not really seen as a replacement for Suarez.

  28. I agree fully.

  29. it really amazes me how people have trouble reading and comprehending things. You state:

    'The article suggested that LFC (Not Rodgers specificalyl) see Rodriguez as a replacement for Suarez"

    I guess you missed this line in the Mirror piece:

    "Manager Brendan Rodgers has kept tabs on the 24-year-old, who he believes can fulfil the Suarez role if the Uruguayan eventually leaves

    Just because you buy into the tedious cliche that 'all newspapers lie' doesn't make it so. Newspapers get a lot right, but that never seems to be acknowledged.

    Clubs scout and enquire about hundreds of players every season, yet when a club doesn't sign 100 players, fans latch onto the simplistic notion that the reports must be 'lies.

    100 players can't be signed every year! That doesn't mean the *interest* in the player wasn't accurate at the time.

    Additionally, a newspaper may report interest in a player, and a transfer may not happen for 2 years, but in the intervening time, fans such as yourself accuse the paper of carrying the story of lying.

    It's pretty ridiculous really. There's much more to it that just peddling the 'newspapers lie' myth. Yes, they get things wrong, and sometimes add 2+2 and make 5, but I vehemently dispute that broadsheets (Guardian/Telegraph etc) or some others (Mirror/Express, even the Daily Mail) deliberately 'lie' on a regular basis. We're talking about experienced, respected journalists here, and the idea that they just make stuff up every day is nonsense.

    It's fashionable to accuse the press of lying, but you have no solid proof of that. Exaggeration/embellishment/sensationalisation, yes; deliberate lying, no. You're just jumping on the bandwagon like everyone else.

    In any event, this is utterly irrelevant, and has nothing to do with the point of the article. I see the Mirror as an authoritative source. Prominent ex-Reds write for the paper. That's it. Now, please stick to discussing football-related issues. Thanks.