16 Dec 2013

Gerrard insists: Hendo is 'a lot more dangerous' than €19m Spurs star. Agree...?

Much-maligned Liverpool star Jordan Henderson put in a superb midfield performance during Sunday's 5-0 annihilation of Tottenham Hotspur, and totally overshadowed Spurs' €19m Brazilian midfielder Paulinho, who ended the match early after a reckless tackle on Luis Suarez. Who is the better player of the two? According to Reds captain Steven Gerrard, there's only one answer.

Gerrard watched Liverpool beat Spurs from the comfort of the Sky Sports studio, and whilst taking a small break from worshipping at Luis Suarez's altar, LFC's captain enthused:

"Everyone talks about Paulinho and how he likes to get forward, but he hasn't made any runs forward during the game. Henderson is a lot more dangerous than Paulinho"

In this particular game, Gerrard is right; one goal and one assist vs. nothing for Paulinho shows that Henderson was the more dangerous player against Spurs, but how about overall? Prem stats for this season:


* 1 goals/3 assists in 16 apps
* 30 chances created.
* Shots on target: 6
* 35% shooting accuracy.


* 2 goals/2 assists in 16 apps.
* 15 chances created.
* Shots on target: 15
* 43% shooting accuracy.

To be honest, neither set of stats is particularly impressive, especially for two players who are ostensibly box-to-box attack-minded midfielders.

Like most fans, I massively enjoyed Henderson's performance against Spurs. Some of his passing was a joy to behold, especially his long-range, cross-field passes, which were distinctly Gerrard-esque at times. Hendo will deservedly receive plaudits for stepping-up when needed, and with Roy Hodgson in the crowd, it could even boost his England World Cup chances (How in God's name does Tom Cleverly have more England caps that Henderson?!)

Having said that, it is premature (IMO) to get carried away. When was the last time Henderson had this level of impact for Liverpool? The Spurs game is (arguably) the first time this season that Hendo has truly dominated in midfield, and before he's hailed as the second-coming, he needs to produce these performances more often.

The only criticism I've ever had about Henderson is that his end product is not good enough. That was true prior to the Spurs game, and it's still true today. One match doesn't define a player (or a season) and Henderson needs start scoring/creating goals on a consistent basis.

So far, Suarez and Sturridge's prodigious goalscoring ability has masked the creative paucity of Liverpool's midfielders, but it's only papering over the cracks. When Suarez/Sturridge don't score, Liverpool have problems (See Southampton/Arsenal/Hull City/Man Utd in the Carling Cup), and there will inevitably be more games in the future where SAS fail to score.

It's these games that will be the true measure of players like Henderson. Against Spurs, Suarez ran the show again with two goals and THREE assists (!), but what happens when the Uruguayan has an off-day?

Right now, Henderson's total creative contribution for the season is 1 goal/3 assists in 16 appearances. One goal in sixteen appearances for an attacking midfielder? Not good enough. Sorry, it's not! Between now and the end of the season, Hendo needs to up the ante, but if he goes another 16 games without scoring a goal, it will render his Spurs strike pretty meaningless.

This may sound harsh to some, but I always prefer to take the long view. Henderson had a great day on Sunday, but now he has to continue that and prove that he deserves to be everpresent in the first team.

Can he do it? I hope so because he's such a hard worker, and seems to be a genuinely nice guy. However, if Henderson doesn't have at least 8-10 goals by the end of the season, he should (IMO) be replaced, or at least have some fierce competition for his role in the form of a top-class attacking midfielder.

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  1. Obviously this being a Liverpool fansite, Henderon is going to win the poll. But really??? Better then Paulinho?? A regular in the Brazil team.

  2. The key here is not to get too carried away.
    Hendo did have a storming game, but Surs were at least partly complicit in our midfield domination. What I want from Hendo is more game intelligence like that which he showed yesterday- some of his passing was actually insightful and creative for a change. Still missed a sitter though, and although he took the rebound well, he may not always get more than one hot at it, and we will need him to convert more than he does.
    Not putting a dampener on a very impressive performance- just saying that there is still a way to go before we reach our potential even after a game like that.
    Which is a GOOD thing....:-)

  3. it says more dangerous, not better. This Brazillian regular has created just 1 chance per game so far. Not outstanding.

  4. Watched the England U21 game with Hendo as captain, he was so bad he couldn't have got into the Scotland team

  5. Hi Jaimie. I'm fan of the site because of the debate and different opinions your articles bring although I don't often agree with your viewpoint (as you've mentioned in previous articles, not many do ;-)). However, I agree with some of the things you're saying here.

    I think Henderson is improving all the time with this being his stand out performance. A player in his position should be creating and scoring a lot more and I think he lacks composure in the final third. However, the reason why he is picked week-in-week-out is his energy and work rate are pivotal to the way Liverpool play. Rodgers' philosophy is to win the ball back quickly and Hendo is crucial in this.

    The other thing which helped was him playing more centrally in the hole whereas more often than not he has supported from the flanks were I feel he is less effective. Hopefully he can continue to produce these sorts of performances but he still has a long way to go to be the new Gerrard.

  6. Let's not be silly here. Paulinho is currently a far better player than Hendo.

    However, could it be that Hendo felt liberated because Gerrard wasn't about?

    The amount of space Hendo had to run into was indicative of the shambles of a team he was up against

    Spurs had multiple 1-0 wins this year from penalties, and some very tight victories recently, their position in the table is somewhat false

    I was delighted with Hendos performance and really hope that he maintains this level

    4 points from next 3 games wouldn't be a disaster and we could really push on from there. Gerrard could struggle to get back in!!

    Suarez slump equates to him only creating clear cut chances for team mates, as opposed to scoring hatfuls of goals. Once he stays fit we have a chance

    Need to keep a completely stable defense now also. 14-2 over last three games

  7. This win hopefully gives him the confidence to take on the NEXT match, each game as it comes. If he can deputize gerard till then and still in 2nd in the league, he is doing well.

  8. Although Henderson was immense, this was a real team performance every player played their part. Passing was sharp and the best thing was we hunted in packs to get the ball back. That performance reminded me of a Dortmund type performance where the team was vibrant. Long may it continue!!!

  9. 2 goals for the season, not 1

  10. Instead of engaging in pointless pedantry, perhaps you could read the article closely, wherein it clearly states 'PREM stats for the season'.

  11. Henderson will continue to give answers to his critics and this is a good reason to keep working and improving. On Sunday he was a world class player and Paulinho has Bruce Lee's best student ever! Keep on walking Hendo, the future is bright for you! You'll never walk alone!

  12. No, towards the end you say 'for the season' and say 17 games (in other words, including the cup)

  13. Although glad you amended the article, you still could have admitted to being wrong instead of deleting my comment

  14. Paulinho is without a doubt head & shoulders above Hendo but the latter did have a great game v Spurs as has been recognized. I've never rated Hendo, seeing him as a big disappointment after being signed for 20 mill & looking only a squad player at best who'd be moved on when we could sign better players. Yes he works hard but that doesn't manufacture quality or goals. However, after seeing him perform on Sun I was happily surprised at just how good he was overall & it gives hope that he can be & is developing into a proper player. He should have great confidence after that game which should also boost his performance.

  15. Peter from Perth WA12:46 am, December 17, 2013

    It seems obvious to me that the one thing that separated this performance from past games was the absence of Stevie, now that is not a reflection on either player but sometimes two people playing similar roles can get under each others feet. Maybe they need individual analysis so as to bring both players into a game.

  16. The entire team looked good and it wasn't the talent it was the attitude. The attitude was take the contest to Spurs and don't let up...ever. Yesterday's team would have thrashed Hull City 6-0. Yesyterday's team should be the standard for the rest of the season.

  17. Henderson better tthn paulinho dont make me laught. Henderson played his whole career in england and is in a settled team dont forget paulinho is new to the premiership in a team with 7 new players and he still scored more than Henderson this . Liverpool played good on sunday so did henderson but I think people are forgetting tottenham had a make shift back for against the best striker in the prem.

  18. What's with the negativity? We've just smashed a rival 5-0 away from home! Henderson was brilliant and has been all season! Maybe without Gerrard there is less pressure and he's able to just play his natural game!

  19. He seemed to focus all his energy in the right direction on sunday - if he did that every game, he'd definitely be the better player. Same goes for the rest, they seemed to be more focused, Sterling wasn't a deer caught in headlights, played very well. Even Johnson's effort was only slightly off target - as opposed to way off target. What ever Rodgers did to get that performance out of the team needs to be repeated.

    3 points from Cardiff should be a given. Mourinho has never lost at Stamford bridge, but Hull never beat liverpool, Everton hadn't won at Old Trafford in 22 years - records are being broken this year and Chelsea can go down if the team plays like that. It should be said that like Tottenham, Chelsea's position is slightly flattering - they have struggled against weaker teams - probably should be a couple points lower (WB).

    City is the true challenge - but it's not impossible.

  20. Also, If hendo gets about 7-8 goals it would be a job well done at this point - he can't make up for the games already played, 6 or 7 in 22 games would not be a bad haul. If Coutinho can get some better shots on, wingers get a few more, then things are in good shape.

  21. The problem with not having gerrard in the team is we miss the set pieces. Against spurs our set pieces were god awful. I agree that quality wise he shouldn't be in the team but his deliveries into the box are just so good I feel we would miss that against the bigger teams.

  22. People dont understand the immense value of the work rate and how he will often recover possession in promising positions that allow for clear clut chances for the team on goal though that is not represented in his assists stats . his tracking back greatly diminishes the opposition chances. there is more to football than just scoring goals and the label attacking midfielder does not suit hendo. Hendo is more like a do-it-all complete footballer with very good defensive and passing capabilities and very high game intelligence that manipulates the opposition plays subtly through his constant pressing and he does not make glareful mistakes that allow the opponent on goal. His presence on the field is not appreciated enough.

  23. Thirty chances created is extremely impressive creatively. Henderson is an underrated player. His ability on the ball in particular is much better than people give him credit for; he's a skilful player. All that lets him down is his composure.

  24. Looking at the two players on Sunday, Henderson looked not just the better performer, but the better player. Paulinho was poor and didn't look to have the game to affect the match.

  25. Come on Jaimie! Post an article about the game!

  26. Henderson's engine is one of the reasons why he should be in the team. This guy can go non stop for 90 minutes game after game. Sure he needs to work on is finishing and create a few more goals but that should get better with time.

    We also have to remember that for most of the season Henderson has had two immobile midfielders i.e Gerrard and Lucas in the starting eleven which clearly has not helped him.

    With Joe Allen our little terrier serving humble pie in truck loads gives Henderson the opportunity to concentrate more on supporting the attack. I am still having a chuckle about those who were arguing with me that Allen did not fit in the team or brings nothing to our game either :-)

    What is really fantastic is how the team has kept up with averaging 2 points per game which is the minimum requirement to finish in the top 4. Now we need 6 points from our next three games to maintain a 2 point average. City are unstoppable at home but Chelsea have shown that they have many weaknesses this season. First thing we need to do is get 3 points from the Cardiff game.

  27. One good game against a struggling side and suddenly Henderson and Allen are top class, no need of Gerrard? I thought Liverpool fans were among the most knowledgeable ones.

  28. I think Henderson is better in the middle than on the wings. If I am right, it means that Gerrards absence may be the only time he gets to show what he can do. His passing was solid, from long range, in close and even a creative back heel.... His performance was a surprise given his track record but with his work rate it's great to see it get rewarded now and then. Don't forget the solid play of Sakho and Flanagan.

    I just loved that they pressed from start to finish instead of risking getting overrun. That strategy needs to STAY!

  29. Agree totally. See my post as well. Pressing is the key for us, period!

  30. I agree with this statement. I believe Hendo could play in the alonso current role as deep lying playmaker also contributing to defense as part of a trio with lucas as out and out DM and perhaps gerrard/cutinho further upfield

  31. Paulinho has looked very average in England, I would play Hendo over him any day of the week!!.

  32. LOL...................deluded.

  33. To be honest I couldn't compare. I don't watch other teams so all I know is what Henderson does for us. I do believe that he could flourish with Gerrard out of the team. Gerrard is such an imposing footballer and such a great player that you cannot just tell him to stay put and fall back so Henderson probably spends a lot of time taking a backseat when Stevie plays. Against Spurs you could see that Henderson took over Gerrard's role and he did that very well. It does pose a dilemma though. Gerrard will be fit again in the new year and Henderson's impact will be reduced again if Stevie is not played in a position to accomodate him. What I'm curious about is how Allen and Lucas did. I only saw the MOTD highlights so I didn't see much of them but whoever plays in front of them needs to have quality players behind him and I'm still not convinced either one is a Busquets or Xavi.

  34. Is Hendersons creativity hampered by the fact that Gerrard is seen as more of the midfield lynchpin? Maybe. Maybe a lot of plays are designed to go through players like Gerrard and Coutinho. Its possible.
    Where as I would think Paulinho is probably seen as more of the Gerrard Coutinho in this situation. So going by that, could you argue that Henderson is the better player as he is more productive from a 'subdued' position.
    I could be completely wrong, but I don't think its that inconceivable.

  35. Your stats quotes are again misleading and untrue.
    Have you purposely omitted the games when Hendo did not play as an attacking midfielder, when he played wing back, right back,, right wing, even left back for a while in one game I think .
    Deduct those games from your stats and what are the results, again as I said here numerous times, STATS ARE MISLEADING,, especially when they do not pertain exclusively to an attacking midfielder who did not play that position.
    When talking about an attacking midfielder, just include the stats of when he played that position, it would give more accurate figures. I dont know why people accept this "STATS THING" as accurate, especially when they have been manipulated, as in this article.

  36. Will you stop being so critical and negative in your articles. The chap had the game of his life and has been superb this season, starting every game. If you have not got anything positive to say - dont say it

  37. Its too soon to talk, and as you say, the stats are not that great. But I do think Hendo is playing better football. Especially compared to a Brazilian international. Who would I rather have in my team? Lets wait and see after Paulinho has a season under his belt...

  38. This website is about critical realism. I think you're in the wrong place.

  39. We probably all recognise the reality of the statement. It's a bit of a stretch but imagine how good it must feel for Hendo to hear the weight of such a statement from Gerrard.

    I've felt there's a place for Hendo in the Liverpool side for a long time. He may not have the sublime touch or clever tricks that some other players have but you need a dependable worker in your side to run themselves ragged when the flicks aren't paying off. There's a lot of chat about it being the first game he's looked so comfortable and strong which is true. Maybe it's no coincidence that it's the first time in a long time that he's playing in the role he's most comfortable in, without the shadow of Gerrard looming large.

    Maybe it's time to really get behind the boy and give him the support he deserves as a player in a Liverpool shirt instead of making him a scapegoat for anything that doesn't go well for us.

  40. atm hendo is a good player and still improving BUT he yet to be a top 4 material...

  41. I appreciate this analysis of his play & after that game I'm now looking forward to watching him in our next games, a new feeling for me I must say.

  42. Watched Paulinho against Liverpool wouldnt make our u/21s on that performance,.

  43. It's funny, I browse around some Liverpool forums just to
    see how the mood is amongst fans and loads of people are already getting carried away.

    I remember very clearly the doom and gloom when Hull beat us but how things change. Anyway, the team completely dominated Spurs and I for one was very surprised.

    Due to their "superior" midfield I thought they were going to overpower us so I was not confident but what a breath of fresh air. Hendo, Allen, Sterling were excellent, amongst the other obvious ones.

    At the same time we have to remember that this was arguably Hendo's best game for us, however it's just one game. This might be the breakthrough he needs and hopefully he will carry on building up on that, and the same goes for Allen and Sterling.

    Now, this win will be meaningless if we lose against Cardiff. And we know Liverpool of recent has a bad habit of doing hiccupping in these games, so we need to beat them to make this win meaningful. I think we will.

    A few observations about the match:

    Mignolet- Needs to improve on composure while on the ball. He panics and kicks the ball up the field which in turn means a lot of time we lose possession. He makes me nervous when he gets the ball at his feet and he doesn't release it quick enough.

    Flanagan- Had a decent game and scored which will only boost
    his confidence. As he carries on playing he will only improve and gain valuable experience. However let’s just hold our horses a little though. He is a decent player but at the moment that’s all he is, let’s give him time to flourish. He got passed by quick easily by some of the spurs players, but overall he did well.

    Johnson- He didn’t play amazingly but he didn’t play badly either. He just needs more composure, he got exposed a lot.

    Sakho- Apart from one time when he lost the ball and this caused a Totte counter attack he played really well. We must keep him and Skrtel as our CB’s. It seems pretty balanced to me.

    Hendo- Run riot in midfield. For the 1st time I saw him completely dominate a game in this manner. Brilliant assist for Suarez and good fighting spirit to get his goal. Now, he needs to build up on this and carry on his form, one brilliant performance does not define a season like Jamie said.

    Allen- This is the Allen we signed. He made our midfield tick. Long may it continue, nothing but praise for him in this game.

    Sterling- The 1st performance I have seen him play with such confidence, he had Naughton in his pocket and scored a goal too. Needs to work on his final ball and decision making though. With training and experience he will improve. Needs to build up on this performance.

    Coutinho- Excellent movement on the ball and off, wanted him to scored badly. Sometimes he may try and to a bit too much but we need that a times. Made me laugh when she slipped.

    Suarez- Amazing performance. Let’s see how he deals with the big boy’s now.

    I was having an argument if my friends yesterday about Gerrard. He said as soon as he is fit he needs to be in the 1st team. I wholeheartedly refused on one basis. If the team carries on this form, whybreak up just to accommodate him?

    We were the most fluid I’ve seen this season, and it’s no coincidence that this was due to Gerrard not playing. Him not being there freed up our midfield and gave us mobility.

    Gerrard needs to start on the bench when he comes back if we keep up our good form.

    Let’ be optimistic but cautious.

    Bring on Cardiff.

  44. The stats are not misleading or untrue; it is you who is being misleading and untrue by suggesting that. These stats are factual, whether you like it or not. The stats are from OPTA, and they are for Premier League performances this season. If you don't like what the stats show, tough luck.

  45. Maybe too much was expected of him too soon, given the price tag slapped on him. At 23 we are perhaps seeing him become the player the price tag warranted, especially if he gets more chances in his favoured position.

    I think we are some times too critical of our younger players, me included. For much of this season, I have often wondered what Sterling brings to the table when brought on as a sub, but he has looked sharp and a threat in his last 2 games.

    I don't think its helped when we've had players like Owen, Gerrard and Fowler who were as good as they were at a similar age. It doesn't always happen that way and players need time to be developed.

    I hope both Hendo and Sterling can build on this performance.

  46. Johnny Starrs has a point though. It depends on what position. Henderson has played. Would Brarkley be able to play at RWB and score or create goals?

  47. And how many times has Hendo played RWB this season? Once? In practically every game, he has played as an advanced central midfielder, higher up the pitch than both Gerrard and Lucas. This nitpicking about stats is just another way to divert attention from the issue: Henderson is an attacking midfielder; he's in his third season at LFC, and his goals/assist ratio is still overridingly poor. As a comparison, Aaron Ramsey - who is the same age as Henderson - is a creative machine this season for Arsenal, and unlike Henderson, he's had to spend a couple of year full recovering from a broken leg.

    The standard needs to be high, and LFC fans making excuses for players just allows them to stay in the comfort zone and not reach the level they should be reaching.

  48. I agree, nobody seems to have noticed that PC has dropped his level on through balls and particularly shooting recently- he overhit several passes that he was making with ease before, and his shooting accuracy has been fairly poor.
    That said, his ability to transition defence to attack and put the opposition on the back foot is still evident, I just want the old incisive balls back...
    Hendo needs to do it against a team playing well against us. That has yet to be shown by him, and that's where the calls to say he would be better than Gerrard fall a bit short for me.
    Not to mention dead ball delivery.
    Who takes penalties now, by the way?

  49. Composure is everything.
    It's what made Fowler the most natural finisher we've probably ever seen in red, along with Rushie

  50. Agree with everything bar the Gerrard bit. By all means make him earn his place back like all the others but only if Hendo et al do it against the Man City and Chelsea midfields, not just a poor Spurs one.

  51. Wonder what the statistic comparison is when you have Hendo in preferred central attacking role. Eliminate the game time when he played Lucas role and ran the wings when we ran 3-5-2. I think this is a skewed comparison. I wonder where paulinho has played all his minutes too. Has he been on the wing or played out. Just curious. My gut says Paulinho is a better attacker creator and shooter or goal scorer right now- essentially more refined and composed on the ball. Hendo is still unfinished. Still a hyper puppy who is about to hit that calmer age. I'm glad we have Hendo. He is a tremendous player and you can not instill desire into these overpaid mercenaries. You can see what he brings to the game-every game that is. I think he is still easing into his own abilities. Unfortunately he is over emphasizing the importance of high energy over something which is just a notch lower but is what I call the calm zone. This is that moment when someone is about to shoot or make the play and in stead of choking they calmly execute. I feel Hendo is right there, just about to grow into his comfort zone.
    Another thing I noticed during the Spuds game was it looked like all the players were enjoying themselves. Not just enjoying winning but playing. This is so----o important to football. Also the reason why AVB got the Axe. All his players were mentally shackled. They seemed ridged. ......gotta go and get back to work now........

  52. Teams are reading his through ball. I was worried last season that he would find it particularly hard once his game was worked out because he's so reliant on that pass. A lot can break down when forwards stop expecting to receive it because it gets intercepted or closed down every time.

    The long term answer is to develop a decent ranged shot; this should bring defenders onto you early; short term he could change the timing of the through pass, either going earlier or playing an extra 1-2 to bring a defender out of position. All that takes a lot of work on the training pitches. So this next six months is when we find out if Coutinho can deliver on his promise or not; can he take his game to the next level once he's been worked out? Hope so!

    Anyway, as you say, he still offers plenty to the team without his favoured killer ball.

  53. But how do you expect Henderson to perform at his best with two slouches behind him i.e. Gerrard and Lucas? It just goes to show what a big influence Joe Allen has had on our midfield since Rodgers brought him back into the team.

    That is the point I made in a previous post. You were claiming that Allen did not fit into the team but look at how Allen has improved our midfield!!! Henderson will benefit because of Allen. Plain and simple.

  54. Hendo may benefit from having Allen in the team, but just watch - Rodgers will buy more central midfielder in January and/or in the summer, and Allen will once again find himself on the bench.

    He's playing now because BR has no choice, and whilst I agree that Allen is a very good player, I personally don't get the impression that Rodgers trusts him to be a long-term fixture in midfield.

  55. Allen is a Rodgers player. Her did not pay 15 million just for the sake of signing a former player he has worked with. Allen is the future of Liverpool's midfield and I WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT whether you like it or not :-) He is already serving humble pie so let him serve some more...

  56. You obviously haven't visited this site before!

  57. Cool it hot shot. The caps make you seem like Jim Jones.
    Allen is doing better though, Long may it continue. When Sturridge is back, can he play in a 4 man midfield? I'm not convinced and I wouldn't move Suarez or Sturridge from the middle to accommodate him.

  58. I disagree with your sentiment but appreciate your use of the word 'chap'.
    Jolly good.

  59. Yep, we need to tamp down or expectations. If we can get 4 or 5 points out of Cardiff, City and Chelsea, then we will have done very well.

  60. Haha, keep it up Logan :)

  61. Comments like this are based on zero logic or sense, and just ignore any kind of reality. If Allen is 'Rodgers' player' then why has it taken an injury to Gerrard for him to actually start games regularly? You so desperately want Allen to become a fixture so you can tell everyone 'I told you so', and you will not be proven right. You haven't been proven right thus far, and you won't in the future. There's no evidence either past or present that supports your contention that Allen will be Rodgers' go-to guy in the future, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Rodgers doesn't full trust him.

    Allen is only getting regular games now because of injuries in the squad. As soon as SG returns and/or Rodgers buys another top-class midfielder, he'll be back on the bench.

  62. Allen is getting better, he is still young and midfielders mostly peak at 25-26. Excellent squad player. And Jaimie, I do think that BR will buy another midfielder but it wont be because he doesnt fully trust Allen, only because liverpool needs depth.

  63. It was good to see Hendo breaking into the box beyond the frontman for once. He showed that he is more than capable of doing so.

    Clearly is a player that plays to the manager's instructions (rather than having a free role), so I can only assume that BR hasn't asked him to make runs beyond the striker before.

    Maybe due to Spurs' high line or not wanting him to leave the midfield exposed when it consists on the slower pairing of Gerrard & Lucas.

    Anyway, long may it continue. Nice one Hendo, Allen, Flanno, Stirling etc all stepped up massive time. YNWA

  64. @Gio so because a guy is a regular in the Brasil national team that makes him better than Henderson? David Luiz is a Brazil regular too and he's rubbish as a defender

  65. Suarez can take pens. It's been almost 2 years since he's done so for liverpool - not his best moment. His pens for Uruguay have been spot on.

    As for Coutinho, he just needs to relax, he's to eager to get on the scoresheet. If he gets in the box, and is a little more patient the goals will come naturally. Through balls, well they are never the most accurate, when they do come through they will come good.

  66. Rodgers dropped Lucas for Allen. What you will have noticed is that Rodgers has gone back to his original plan of pressing, possession and the only way that plan works is to have players like Allen in your starting eleven.

  67. yes....the stats r correct....but u used them to a wrong direction......Johnny Starrs is right....if u want to judge him as a attacking midfielder, u have to filter the stat where he played as a attacking midfielder......that is it.....

    and if the position of a player changes always from game to game, performance will b affected badly......(i ve heard u r a player, so u should know that)......keeping that in mind, his so far performance is very good........