24 Dec 2013

Great News: €40m star scouted by LFC will 'probably not' renew deal. Anfield-bound...?

Last week, Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic admitted that he is 'frustrated' with his situation at Sevilla, and with the transfer window just around the corner, speculation linking Rakitic with a move to Anfield continues to intensify, and it seems like the Reds are definitely interested.

Anfield-bound? LFC scout watches €40m maestro who called Reds a 'big club'

According to Spanish Newspaper El Correo this week, one of Liverpool's scout attended Sevilla's recent game with Villareal, which is strong evidence of the club's interest in Rakitic.

When asked after that game if Rakitic is leaving in the January transfer window, Sevilla Chairman, Pepe Castro, told reporters:

"We are negotiating a new contract with him, but we will probably not reach an agreement. But in all cases, if someone wants to sign Ivan Rakitic, there is a clause of 40 million euros"

In a recent interview, Rakitic provided an update on his plans for the future. He told Nogomia:

"A football player can never say with certainty that he will remain in his club. Such is the nature of our business. If there is no success, if there are no trophies, frustration grows. Everything has changed".

This doesn't sound like a happy player to me, and Rakitics's latest comments echo his views prior to the summer transfer window, when he told Sportske Novosti:

"The situation at Sevilla is not attractive. The club have asked me to say on. I told them that I want to see what they have done in terms of signings. We will see what happens in the summer."

Rakitic has already hinted in the past that he'd consider a move to Anfield. In an interview with 24 Sata over the summer, he enthused:

"I'm flattered to be linked with a big club like Liverpool, and it fills me with pride. Something is developing, but at the moment there is nothing concrete. My brother, who takes care of my career, is doing everything possible for my future"

Rakitic - who is under contract until 2015 - can play as a deep lying playmaker, attacking midfielder, and if needed, a defensive midfielder, and if Rodgers really is interested in the Croatian, then he'll bring quality and depth to the squad, and provide serious competition for Joe Allen, Jordan Henderson, and even Gerrard himself.

Sevilla have offered Rakitic a new contract, but he doesn't appear to be in any rush to sign it. He told reporters recently:

“A couple of weeks ago I was offered a contract extension. I feel appreciated by everyone at the club, but, I want to wait and focus now on playing football. I will make my decision at the right time".

Rakitic's stats over the last couple of season are pretty impressive:

2012-13: 11 goals/10 assists in 42 apps.
2013-14: 9 goals and 5 assists in 23 apps.

Rakitic is certainly well-regarded at his club. In November, Sevilla defender Daniel Carrico enthused:

"He is a different player with high quality. When you play with Rakitic you know that something good will come out of his feet. He's a leader, our captain, and he helps us a lot.”

It looks like the Reds are interested, but €40m? I can't see FSG spending that amount of money on one player, especially a central midfielder, though with the club top of the league at Christmas, it puts Brendan Rodgers in a very strong bargaining position.



  1. Sevilla 13/14 stats are 9 goals and 6 assists in 22 apps and 41 apps in 12-13 instead of 42 according to ESPN, not that it's a big difference ;)

  2. Have a feeling we want him but the timing of the contract will screw his chance. I think we may pick up a midfielder this window and I am not so certain it will be him. And I don't see us spending here again without someone else going other way. Who then will go make way....?

  3. Yes, yes, YES!! 40M and he would be enough for the year. We wouldn't need anybody more till Summer. The other mid-fielders are coming into their own now. With Allen, Lucas, Henderson, Gerrard, Alberto, and Moses platooning that would leave Coutinho and Rakitic feeding and playing off of SAS. Our goal scoring numbers would look like an artillery barrage. If we could spare more money, then a big DM like Fernando would be good.

  4. My feeling is Salah and R Bertrand will be about enough. Perhaps a very young or shall I say less expensive forward who will be happy as no 3.

  5. Looking at Squawka he was their linchpin last year and more so this year. I have not seen him play regarding performance, but looking at the players who left that team, he seems to be the last arguably their best performing player over last 2 years. This guys looks the real deal. I'm becoming very interested. Again tho, I see Sevilla digging in their heals and holding out for the buyout since he looks to be the soul. He obviously wants to be in a project that is building rather than making good on financial obligations. I know they were in financial dire straights but how bad is the question. Have they recovered enough?

  6. He's allegedly available for a fee as little as £7m, but I suspect that that's just some media bollocks to make people read their papers. That said, if we could get him for a small fee I think it would be an absolute coup!

    Then to wrestle his former team mate Medel from the arms of Vincent Tan next summer and I'd be 100% happy with the midfield. And we're gonna need the depth, considering all the CL we'll also be playing! ;-) ;-)

  7. Medel? I'd rather we do not do that.

  8. I'm quite a fan, personally.. He might have been somewhat invisible against us, but he put in some big performances at Seville and plays well for Chile too! Honestly watch his performance vs Barca, so good at breaking up play! Has the look of a Mascherano type player about him!

  9. I like his stats. We can use him as a playmaker, similar to what Gerrard does. I do not think he is worth 40m though, maybe 25m?

  10. What I think was missing from last couple of games was Gerrards set piece delivery and corners, every time Coutinho gets behind the ball I'm holding my head hoping it would be a decent ball in but it's wasted every time. Same thing with crosses, it seems we don't have anyone besides Gerrard who can consistently put a fine cross in the box. If we sign Rakitic we would have an other set piece and long ball(cross) specialist in the team, an attacking aspect of the game lacking when Gerrard is not playing.
    I just hope he doesn't end up at Man U!

  11. Yes, he wears their captain's armband. You know he is comfortable doing the little things like press the ball, make the great pass, beat his man to open up space...just because he's expected to lead by example. This guy is a must have.

  12. I don't PC to cross the ball. It's an over-rated tactic anyway. I would rather he run straight up the middle, draw defenders and pass through/strike. We have runners up the wing who can cross the ball...we need to attack right up the middle.

  13. Do you think Bale is twice as good as Rakitic? I don't. I don't think 40M is too much at all. This guy is carrying his whole team right now.

  14. If there is a player LFC could possibly get this winter, it SHOULD be Rakitic. I am certain he would provide that extra threat/stability in our midfield. Top class player! But then again, I was hoping for Costa to come as well in the summer... Let's hope we can get THIS deal done... I have faith!

  15. I saw this as well and hope that, if it's true, he's signed up on the 1st of Jan. Him and Salah would be good signings to help us keep our momentum for the title push - provided, of course, we can get something form our next 2 away matches.

  16. I'm not bothered about the title honestly... I think the Top 4 is really the priority considering how long we've been out in the cold! A few points would be a reasonable success considering the calibre of opposition for the next two games.

    100% agree, these are the two players I really wanna see coming in as a best case scenario, I believe they could have a similar positive impact as Sturrisge and Coutinho had last year.. Especially as I believe the run in at the end could be particularly tight..

  17. If we do get a classy midfielder I would prefer if it was cabaye as he has been very good this season and is very intelligent. As for a swap deal I could see a youngster like teixeira and £15 going the other way.

  18. I agree, and I would get Guidetti from manc city (striker) and Fernando from Porto (def mid) those in addition to the 2 you mentioned as well would provide real solidity and depth. If we could get cabaye as well that'd be great.

  19. Fernando is much more experienced and physical as well as being available for free. Medel seems a bit average and Leroy fer/huddlestone would be a more solid and cheap option.