31 Oct 2013

'I'm not happy': La Liga giants plan shock move for €10m LFC star. Let him go?

Liverpool striker Iago Aspas has struggled to impose himself on the Premier League since his summer arrival from Celta Vigo, and it reports today suggest that a quick return to La Liga could be on the cards.

According to Sports 7 Valencia today, Los Che are interested in signing Aspas on loan during the January transfer window.

Valencia pursued Aspas during the summer, and came close to signing him before Liverpool stepped-in, and given the way the 26-year old's LFC career has played out so far, Aspas is probably wishing he'd chosen to stay in La Liga.

The Spaniard is currently injured, and it's hard to see where he'll fit in on his return:

* Sturridge and Suarez are on fire, and they will always play ahead of Aspas in the central striker roles.

* Coutinho returns from injury this weekend, and he'll always be the first choice to play the number ten role, with Victor Moses as second choice (based on the last month)

In an interview last month, Aspas made it clear that he's not entirely happy with how things are working out at Anfield. He told LFC.com:

"It's not easy coming from the Spanish league. Over the last five seasons, I haven't gone as many games as this without a goal. I've never been an out-and-out goal scorer, but I have scored a number of goals. I'm not happy because I still feel that I can do a lot better, but I'm working hard every day to try and improve".

As I've argued several times before, this is the Fabio Borini situation repeating itself once again:

* Striker arrives at Anfield for a mid-range fee.
* Played out of position and/or in an unfamiliar role.
* Never given the chance to play in his natural position.
* Form suffers as a result.
* gets injured, and falls further behind in the pecking order.
* Ends up on the (short-term) LFC scrapheap.

It's unfair to expect Aspas to be an instant success. Coutinho/Suarez/Sturridge-like impacts are the exception, not the rule at LFC, but in order for a player to thrive, they need to at least have the *chance* to excel, and players like Borini and Aspas are (IMO) set-up to fail. Aspas' stats so far are mixed:

* Chances Created: 7
* Assists: 1
* Passing Accuracy: 78.6%
* Passing Accuracy Opposition Half: 76.5%
* Tackles Won: 50%
* Shooting Accuracy: 50%
* Crossing Accuracy: 25%
* Ground Duels Won: 33%
* Aerial Duels Won: 32%


I'm not writing him off - Aspas is a good player, but it that doesn't matter if the conditions are not conducive to success, and in Aspas's case, I don't see how he can be a success at Anfield. Granted, he's a squad player, and Rodgers admitted as much over the summer, but with the 352 formation, and reduced number of games this season, I just can't see where/how Aspas will fit in.

Valencia are also interested taking Tiago Ilori on loan, another player who is falling foul of unhealthy competition at Anfield.



  1. no january moves aspas should have atleast until the summer to prove himself

  2. These sort of signings happen in the rebuilding phase, hopefully Fabio can kick on from his exploits last weekend and start regularly for Sunderland and hopefully keep them up. If he can score in double figures by the end of the season then we can bring him back as our 3rd/4th striker we will need if we qualify for europe. Aspas should be sold in Jan or can be used as a makeweight for Banega, who is a player i would like to see in a red shirt. Even Assaidi scored a worldie this week for Stoke and hope he could be our backup winger for the cups next season. Its a shame BR doesnt have the games to give to these fringe players.
    I dont agree with you on Ilori though, he has class written all over him and would be our starting CB from next season onwards for the years to come.

  3. Still do not know how you can call competition unhealthy? If anything, competition lets the players know that if they do not perform then they will lose their place.

    I am not a huge fan of Skrtel but he has played well and Agger now has to hope that Skrtel's form dips to regain his place. It will just kill the morale of the team when players are performing very well and get dropped instantly for no reason and replaced with players who have just come back from injury.

    Ilori is only 20. He will get his chance, maybe not straight away but it is not like he was signed to walk straight into the first eleven. Aspas is currently injured and seems to be struggling a bit with the physical side of the EPL. That is something our coaches surely are working on with him.

    For years we have been lacking strength in depth. Competition for places will make us perform at our best most of the time. We are joint 2nd in the EPL so competition for places surely can only be a good thing?

  4. The competition is obviously unhealthy:

    * How is an untested, inexperienced 20 year old supposed to compete for a place in central defence against FOUR experienced internationals, especially in a world cup year, with reduced games, and only 2-3 places up for grabs every game? That is the very definition of unhealthy. Ilori has absolutely no chance, unless there's a serious injury crisis. Sakho needs to play to make the France squad; Agger will leave if he doesn't play (he said so himself); Toure didn't come to sit on the bench, and Skrtel is another experienced defender. LFC didn't need Ilori - should've waited until the club got back into the CL to sign him.

    * SAS and Coutinho are automatic starters under Rodgers, and Moses is also seemingly preferred to Aspas, so again, given the limited spaces in the team, and the formation played (which only allows Aspas ONE possible place to feature), the competition is arguably unhealthy.

    Just having options in squad doesn't make competition healthy; the context has to be considered. For example, if LFC had another dedicated DM, that would be healthy competition because he would only really be competing against Lucas, not 3-4 other players.

  5. Ilori would have gone to another club. We were not the only team fighting for his signature. What is wrong with the club thinking ahead? I highly doubt Ilori was promised first team football. Would he have been first choice at Chelsea at the tender age of 20. I think not.

    Agger tweeted the a couple of days ago that he is going nowhere after the interviews came out about him saying that if he is no longer good enough then he will leave. No longer good enough being the catch phrase.

    The media are foaming at the mouth again as usual. They need something to write about don't they?

  6. Agree it is only unhealthy from Llori's perspective...and that only if he registers complaint which he hasn't so far. His ego isn't bigger than the team's need and the needs at the time were defenders. We picked up 4 with no real clue how they would work out. It is to BR's credit he found guys who are working out. On to the next problem...which is another AM.

  7. That is why Rodgers bought Luis Alberto. It is called thinking ahead. He will have this season to adjust to the EPL and next season will play a bigger part. What we need is a top left wing back. Enrique is a good player but far to inconsistent and Cissokho was signed on loan for a reason. If by the end of the season he has not done enough then at least we will not be saddled with him on our wage bill.

  8. Where did I say there's anything wrong with the club thinking ahead? There;s a disconnect between what the club wants/needs, and what the player wants/needs. It doesn't matter what way you look at it, Ilori has unhealthy competition at LFC. It is beyond question, and the proof of that is that he has practically zero chance of making any appearances this season, especially in the league. It's November already and he hasn't featured once; why would that change, unless there's a mass injury crisis?

    When he signed, I'm sure Rodgers suggested that he'd get game time, but with no Capital One Cup, no Europe, and only the league until January, his chances are even more reduced.

    Ilori should've stayed in Portugal for another year, where he probably would've had more chance of playing. Where's the fire? Where is the great rush to move? He's shot himself in the foot now because he moved to soon.

    Agger's tweet is largely irrelevant. Of course he's going to say that. His initial comments are probably more accurately represent where his mind is at. He specifically said: "The only reason I'm here is to play football. If I'm not playing, then I don't want to be here any more". He had no choice but to make another comment after that assuaging the fans because his initial comments sound pretty harsh.

    All this media 'foaming at the mouth' stuff is utter BS. The media simply reported Agger's comments. he made them, thus it's obvious they'd be reported. If he'd kept his mouth shut, there'd be nothing to report, would there?

  9. - obviously we can rule out possibility mega money bid for suarez. get rid aspas may not best idea.
    - we missed costa is a big lost
    - very limited choices of fwd fit into BR tactics. We are not the only team playing tiki taka nowdays. Look at other team oso struggle to find a best fit fwd.
    - during xmas n new year peak game we will judge aspas., im sure he will get his game/chances

  10. But LA is not playing regularly so he isn't getting any EPL experience. We need a polished AM now that can control the ball while looking for SAS. We don't have one until PC gets his game speed back up if he ever does because frankly for all his quickness and ball skills he hasn't impressed me much to date.

  11. Agger was asked a question and he answered it just like any other player would have. If you were a professional footballer and was asked a question that if you were not playing regular football and your manager did not think you were good enough anymore then what would you say?

    If we did not sign Ilori then he would have left for another club. We signed him and just like the many other youngsters we have, Ilori will get his chance and probably was made aware of the plans Rodgers has for him. He could have joined Chelsea and also found himself on their bench or reserves so not sure where you are trying to go with this?

  12. jamie kolo is 32 in a year or two i dont see him naywhere near the starting 11
    and agger and skrtel are pushing 30
    iloris will have to wait like thibault courtois at chelsea , maybe a 2 year loan

  13. The season is far from over so Alberto will surely get more playing time.

  14. What do you mean , why would liverpool have to sell in january if they did not want to in the summer?
    liverpool already know the dangers of selling and buying big in january
    if suarez leaves it sin the summer plus cant see him wanting to leave if he has the chance of winning the pl

  15. joe allen is back now , i know he has massive potential
    big boost him and coutinho
    now its time for henderson to go back to the reserves ,

  16. Sorry, but was not asked anything about being good enough to play for LFC. He was asked 'what would make you leave LFC'. He could've framed his answer in number of ways, the most obvious of which is to say 'I'm not thinking about leaving LFC. I'm happy here etc'. He has a mind of his own. Agger chose to make those comments as he wanted to send a message. He's not stupid.

    Also, you conveniently keep ignoring the bulk of what Agger said. The 'not good enough' part is one section, but he emphatically also stated that he would leave if he wasn't playing.

    So what if Ilori had gone to another club. Is the only young defender in world football? No. There are hundreds out there, and LFC would've found someone else.

    What does Chelsea have to do with anything? We're talking about LFC. You state that Ilori 'will get his chance', but how do you know? You don't. Did Coates get a consistent chance? No. Samed Yesil is only a year younger than Ilori - has he been given a chance? No. Ilori may get a run, but it's equally likely he will not.i

  17. When Coates got chances last season he blew it. He is not good enough and far to slow.

    Agger and Skrtel are nearing their 30's. Toure will have 1 more year left on his contract at the end of the season. Ilori comes very highly rated. Clearly LFC wanted him and signed him. Now he is a LFC player. One for the future What is the problem with that?

  18. You really have a problem when people challenge your views, don't you? Always trying to make things adversarial. There is not 'problem' - I'm just outlining what I perceive to be issues with Ilori getting game time.

    Just because Ilori one for the future doesn't mean everything is hunky dory. He still needs to develop, and he can only do that by playing. He is not playing now, and he will probably not play more than a handful of games (if he's lucky) for the rest of the season (if he stays at Anfield).

    Skrtel and Agger may be near their 30s, but so what? That doesn't mean they'll automatically be dumped when they get there. Historically, LFC's central defenders play on till their mid-30s, with the most recent examples being Hyypia and Carragher. Toure is 32 already, and he's a regular. Agger and Skrtel are only 28, and in the prime of their careers.

  19. So how else would you have this situation play out? Should we not have strikers on the bench? What else do you think should be happening other than us have strikers on the bench who would prefer to be starting? Someone has to be in the reserves, it's as simple as that. Sure, it's a tough situation for Aspas, but that's the challenge he faces and the only alternative is that he simply not be here. Any striker on the bench for Liverpool right now faces those same issues and would receive no more game time, even Lukaku who you said we should have chased.

    Life at LFC isn't supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be hard. The club is aiming to put itself back at the pinnacle of European football and players have to be at their absolute best. Aspas just came from a team that only just avoided relegation, a totally different scenario for the club. He played often as their only scoring option and was afforded some preferential treatment in terms of the tactics that the team played. There is simply no way it could be the same way at Liverpool so the idea that he's struggling is entirely natural. In order for him to not struggle he has to find another level. That's simply up to him to do and he'll be given the opportunity to show his quality during training. He played plenty of minutes pre-season and even got to start a number of games so the suggestion that he simply won't get another chance in the team seems off the mark.

    I don't get this continued negative commentary on the Aspas situation. This is his lot for now. He's a decent player but Suarez and Sturridge are our starting pair. Do you think it's a problematic situation? Does something need to be fixed? Are there alternatives? What exactly is the point of you repeating these same arguments again?

  20. Still don't see how it's a problem. We've signed a quality young player who may or may not develop into a regular starter. It might not be ideal for the player but it's unquestionably good for the club.

  21. I agree we need a proven (A)MC, Coutinho is still only 20 and wil need a few more years to reach his peak, same with Alberto. Rakitic 25 is on fire in Spain, 9 goals and 7 assists in 16 apps al comp. He can play (A)M(C)(R) and would be a good replacemt for Gerrard in a couple of years. I would also like to see Tom Ince back.

  22. You are saying competition is unhealthy though? If you did not have a problem then why say it is unhealthy?

  23. First, if I want to repeat the argument over and over, I will, so don't tell me what to write.

    It's a concern to me because the money spent on Aspas could've - and should've - been spent on more urgent positions in the team.

    With Suarez staying, it was obvious that SAS (plus Coutinho) would start most games. Aspas is not a number 10, and he's failed in that role for LFC (as has Moses to an extent). Rodgers should've bought players to fit positions that are actually *needed*. instead, once again, he bought players for positions that are not needed, then proceeds to shoehorn them into unfamiliar roles.

    If Rodgers knew over the summer that he would go with 352 this season, he should've bought players to fit the positions in that formation. I.e.

    * A dedicated number 10, to challenge Coutinho.
    * A dedicated defensive mid, to challenge Lucas.

    The £15m (approx) spent on Alberto and Aspas should've gone on filling those positions (IMO)

    Additionally, if Rodgers was going to bring someone in on loan, why bring in Moses - who excels playing out wide - then proceed to play him out of position. Just bring in someone who is used to playing centrally.

    If Rodgers *didn't* plan on 352, and just fell into that to accommodate his signings, then he probably planned for 433 (or variations thereof). If that's the case, the Aspas signing makes even less sense as he's not a wide player. Suarez or Sturridge would always play centrally in that formation, with one of those two out wide, and Coutinho on the other flank, or playing centrally in midfield. That would leave one place out wide, which Moses could take, but since it's 352, there's no room for him.

    The whole thing is an organisational shambles IMO. having players in the squad just for sake of depth is not enough; they need to be able to effectively serve the set-up of the team, and Aspas clearly doesn't. It's £8m down the pan, and he will end up like Borini and Assaidi: out on loan, or on even sold quickly.

    Given Rodgers failures in the transfer market, it's is perfectly legitimate to question his buys. So far, only Sturridge and Coutinho are unqualified successes (outfield players). Mignolet is good buy, and the jury is still out on Sakho.

    All his other signings have not cut the mustard, and the main reason for that is Rodgers himself, repeatedly buying players that LFC either don't need, or don't fit into the formation.

  24. loan move good fr him....next season he will have more playing time as we got League / Cup games n Euro football YNWA

  25. are you full of confident that suarez wont hand transfer request ??
    are you think if big $ offer greater than 40m+1 coming in jan wont trigger our club philosophy "money ball" method ??
    do you think atm we are really secure as a title contender ??
    some fans may answer all 3 is "yes"
    all the confident given last month games bcoz is look like all the oppenent we are capable/should won but the fact is the real challenge is coming soon ! we MAY drifted out of picture but i wont rule CL till the end

  26. Why is it 'unquestionably good for the club'? Were the signings of Coates, Yesil, Assaidi, Borini and Allen also unquestionably good for the club?

  27. Why delete my post? It was a relevant question.

  28. So does that put you in the camp of people who think our interest in Mkhitaryan, Costa and Willian was not genuine? If not, then quite obviously we tried to sign players to fit those roles you mention, we simply failed to do so. Given that we signed Aspas and THEN went after those players, clearly the signing of Aspas did not reduce the funds available to Rodgers to fill those roles. So the argument that the money spent on Aspas should have been spent elsewhere makes no sense. We tried very much to spend money on other positions. Our failure to do so has nothing to do with Aspas.

    As for his positioning ... I don't understand what you think is happening out there. Most of his time on the pitch has been as a regular striker, exactly the same role as Sturridge. Why are you continuing to suggest that he's been played as a number 10 or "wide"? Those suggestions just demonstrate how you completely miss the point of the flexibility of positioning required of a LFC striker. Aspas has been asked to do nothing different from what Suarez or Sturridge do every match therefore he is being deployed as a striker. Why do you seem to think otherwise? Is it still only that one comment Aspas made about playing "deep"?

    Aspas was bought to play the role of a striker. He has been played almost entirely as a striker and has started multiple games. He's a decent player however he's no superstar and therefore his expected role is on the bench. Hence he was bought to spend most of his time there. I don't see a problem with that. Check how much money City and Chelsea have on their benches. It means we have quality on the bench too so essentially you're objecting to us have good players on the bench. That just makes no sense. Someone always has to be on the bench, we will always have a squad of players who don't get to play a ton of minutes. It's really odd that you have an issue with that.

  29. Because it's pointless. You're just going off on an argumentative tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion. The debate is not about whether I have a 'problem' with Ilori, it is about Iloris place in the team, and I'm not going to get involved in an ancillary argument about something so pointless.

  30. Yes. They were, and some continue to be, good options. Having potential talent in your extended squad is a good thing. You seem to object to us signing anyone who isn't proven. Of course it's not ideal when they don't work out but there is no solution to that problem. You sign players, give them the tools and opportunities to succeed and then it's up to them. It's the same for every club and has been like that forever.

  31. Some of that response has a dismissive edge to it, it's probably a bit over the top, but I actually feel like your suggestion that Aspas is played out of position is disingenuous. I think that you know very well that he's not being played as a number 10 or a wide player. I don't find it creditable that you think he's being deployed in a role that is any different to Sturridge or Suarez, so I'm more argumentative on that issue. I've argued this on here a number of times and I'm yet to see anyone discredit it, you in particular. It feels like you're just repeating it over and over again and glossing over the actual facts that are clearly on display. Any pitch-maps you check will show that Aspas covers the same areas as Sturridge and I'll continue to be dismissive of any suggestion otherwise unless I see some contrary evidence.

  32. No I am giving my opinion. You say competition is unhealthy and I am arguing that it is not.

  33. I'm totally with you on this. United spent big money on Anderson and Noni but neither of those players were guaranteed starters when they signed, and the fees involved were huge. There is nothing wrong with spending money on young players or players who won't have an immediate starting spot in the team. So long as those players have some role, either in the extended squad or in the future then it's simply not a problem. All it means is that we have more quality players. Given how JK argues how many young players have failed to make it at LFC over the years it seems inconsistent to object to buying a better quality young player with more chance of future success.

  34. I'd also suggest that filling a "well defined" role is somewhat at odds with the football we're trying to play. Rafa required players with flexibility and so does Rodgers. They both say this explicitly. One of the hardest things to combat against United at their best was how any of their front 4 could interchange positions. Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez were all players who could fit anywhere from all-out striker to midfield. They could go wide or stay central, play support and make the killer pass OR make the run into space and score. On the counter attack those 4 players together could wreck any defence, and they did primarily because you simply couldn't expect any one of them to be in a predictable formation. That's precisely the kind of attacking formation Rodgers is trying to build. Suarez, Sturridge and Countinho already fill that mould and it's also what Aspas is asked to do. It's obviously not easy and you need to be an top class football player to get it right.

  35. There is less risk in paying 7 million for highly rated youngsters compared to paying 20 million for Aquilani who in the end went for a massive loss.

  36. think agger should replace cissokho, the boy serves for nothing in my eyes

  37. no not jose enrique
    jose is my favorite player , so fearless and so strong
    his link up with suarez is so good
    perfect lwb
    this is the worst way to go into the arsernal game being devoid of the best left back in the pl.

    i think it will be a 1-1 draw
    wilshere for asernal and sturridge for lfc
    hopefully im wrong and we win

  38. Did Jose Enrique pay you to write this?

  39. I don't quite get what the problem is - someobdy has to warm the bench. Aspas (if fit) will have his chances if either Suarez or Sturridge get an injury.
    Illori will get his if there are a couple of injuries - kolo has already had one, so has Aggar, it's not far off.
    Once cup games roll around, there will be opportunities.
    I agree that having someone as a plan C and letting them rot is not good for the player, their resale value or the club in general. Coates for instance really should have gotten a loan last season.
    Another thing that should be taken into account is the number of injuries these "not needed" players have had, Aspas, Borini, Allen, have all had injuries that have kept them out for months at a time - might stifle their chances even more.
    As for Aspas getting moved on, can't say I'd be bothered, I think his signing was a bit of a stop-gap measure to play in the absence of Suarez, and sub in from time to time, and play cup games. Now that CL and winning the league do not seem like an impossibility there might have be a cull, letting players on the bench go, relegating starters to the bench to accomodate new players - sucks for the players, but really hope this happens!

  40. I think you need a lie down pal... I've never watched a player like Enrique before at Anfield... He has the ability to excite you and make you cry all at the same time! He can go past people for fun and then inevitably make the wrong pass choice, run into no mans land, just randomly give it away etc etc etc... Very very frustrating... For everything good he does, he does something that makes you want to bash your head against a brick wall !

  41. Glen Johnson on the left for AC and Jordan Henderson on the Right. Coutinho in the 10.

  42. This is going to be a one helluva match right there!!! I am sure Coutinho will start the match in No.10.

  43. which part do u not agree with?

  44. enrique is criticized while johnson is adored
    eventhough enrique stats are way better

  45. how about sterling at rwb and johnson at lwb

  46. 4 cbs do we want to go there again ,

  47. I'm wary of starting Coutinho right away in such a huge game... but I'm afraid we don't have much of a choice.

    I believe he will play at some point in the game.

    The question is: Are we better off playing from the start so he can work off the rust but understand he may not be able to go a full 90, or do we hope he's worked off the rust and bring him on in the second half?

  48. Start him, score a few goals, then put henderson on to sprint the entire 2nd half.

  49. IMO Enrique gives the ball away much too often, he doesn't communicate with his fellow defenders, and he's left his marker a few times this season which has led to goals. Cissokho is not fairing any better at the moment, so at this time I don't think there is much between them.

  50. Now who has a problem with other peoples point. You can't delete someone's point just because you don't agree with it. And by the way you cut Agger's quote short. If you want to be truthful you shall state every word that came out of his mouth and stop explaining what he said. We are taking what he said not what someone thinks he said.

  51. I'm curious to see which stats of Enriques are better than Johnsons;
    Stats aside, Johnson is way more composed on the ball than Enrique and doesn't give the ball away as often. Plus, Johnson scores the odd goal now and again.
    The only stat I can see that Enrique betters Johnson is in the assists column for this season.

  52. They are more or less equal, but can make some nice plays for an assist or contribution or the rare goal (2 last yer for JE, 1 for GJ), both can easily give the ball away too, or have a lapse in defending. Neither here nor there really.

  53. Last time out he had Downing, Moses, Carragher on, Sturridge had just started. This year the team looks so much better, DS, LS in form, PC hopefully will find his way, stronger defence, wings.
    They have a better Giroud and Ramsey, and have added Ozil. Should be a good game, but my money is on Liverpool! Suarez to get 3 again!

  54. Agree. I think BR should go with who has taken us to the level we're at now. The chemistry appears right and shouldn't be messed with in such an important match. I would go with Hendo, but I would tell Hendo (and the rest) to jump on Arsenal early and for Hendo not to worry about saving enough energy to go the full 90 as BR has every intention of getting PC a good 25-30 minutes of game time.

  55. Who shd Start.............Hendo, Gerrard and Coutinho......

  56. It really is worth noting how far we have come. Lets go Reds!
    And really snapping the ball around. Hendo playing with deep confidence. SAS looks good. Lucas looks to be on his game again which is a huge boost. And skrtel is supremely confident again in his timing. No Jamie C. KT is playing his butt off. There is a noticeable improvement there IMO. He plays the ball out of the back well and reads the game just as good as any back currently. Getting excited about who we just might deal for in January. I would like to see us bring in a monster winger who can marshal the entire side which is currently required in our system. I keep thinking of someone in the mold of a Dani Alves. But I'm just dreaming now. Everyone is looking for another one of those. Exciting times. Can't wait to watch this game. And that my friends is what it is all about! By the way the Red Sox just won the World Series. Last year they were struggling down at the bottom. This year they are the team of envy. Will it be a special year for FSG to have the double?

  57. I think 2-2 with SAS @ 1 apiece to match Giroud and Ramsay. 2-1 us if we can keep Giroud bottled up.

  58. Made an accidental bet on 3-2 Liverpool with suarez to score first - thought it was for the game result - but that's the half time score. hehe. Let there be goals!
    3-2 or 4-2 Liverpool!

  59. So much better this year, and even with the shakey start, with Suarez back each game is getting better. PC back, will be awesome. Aresenal are alright, but they will be picked apart and left scrambling by Wolverine and Pop'n'Lock.

  60. Its because he is rubbish! What a waste of money. It's a shame Llori hasnt got more game time but I think he is for the future. Aspas can go back to Spain ASAP!

  61. well againts man u and chelsea he did not perform
    he is not a big game player
    so just keep it teh same bring him on when/if we need a goal

  62. is walcot fit
    i hope he is not only layer that can hurt us

  63. suarez,sturridge,allen,gerrard,lucas,johnson,sterling,toure,skrtel,agger and mignolet would be nice
    bench kelly,sakho.hendo,coutinho,moses,sterling

  64. Walcott is a doubt.

  65. I have never been a fan of bringing in a foreign attacking player from another league if they are older than 25, as it typically takes them longer to adapt their game to the English game. I know it sounds ridiculous, but history speaks for itself - Morientes, Shevchenko, Veron, Crespo were all stars in Italy and Spain that failed to adapt to England; the only exception I can think of is Drogba, but he is a physical beast. That said, I Aspas will struggle in the premiership given his size. A good player, but I really don't see him challenging Sturridge and Suarez on their current form, so if Valencia makes a decent offer then I think it should be considered.

  66. Coutinho sould not go straight back in to the starting 11, he did not play wel before the injury. Why break up a winning team, last weeks performance was the best of the season so far. No changes against Arsenal but I would like to see Alberto get an other 30 min, he was great against Newcastle.

  67. Enrique is better for LFC than Cissokho. But way far from the best LWB in the PL.

  68. And it is gonna be a draw. I have a pre-season bet prediction on all of the first round of the pl LFC result and got ONLY one wrong so far.

  69. Probably can cross better than Aly Cissokho and Enrique. Why not give him a go on the flank. What I've seen suggests he is a hard worker. Only thing that bothers me is my 8 yr old nephew can knock him off the ball. Really needs to learn how to incorporate the rough and tough into his game.

  70. Stats are the poison of the deluded. Seriously now, how does stats does any good ever. And especially, how does it help LFC? Look at Durtmund; They spend about the same money more or less, but they're clear human eyes vision and it's consistency got them to unbelievable achievements in a few years time.
    I think Enrique is a good player but inconsistent to a level which is not good enough if we want to win trophy's. Period. Johnson might be questionable as well but he's at a far way better position in that matter.

  71. Out and in topic. I think Montoya will be amazing for us in-questionable way. For LB i don't know who should we get; But theres no question theres a lot of better player than Enrique we can get for this position if were Ambitious enough. And to have pure ambition in most most cases you shouldn't even glance at stats.

    Stats should be a privilege for proven built teams; Unfortunately not the LFC of the moment.
    To end the depression era of our club we should count on man with great based on deep understanding intuition. Rodgers as a lot to learn. Imagine he would make all of his decisions based on stats we will stay 6th, 7th forever and will have to pray in order to win every time we play a high table based club.

  72. What is the basis for your argument that Enrique is better than Cissokho??
    As far as I know LFC are the only team that play 3-5-2 in the PL, so Enrique is the ONLY LWB in the PL, so you are right that he is the best, but he is also the worst.

  73. Moses didn't play for LFC last season.

  74. Unless we have 2 Sterlings I don't see how he can start and be on the bench at the same time ;)

  75. We'll swap Aspas for Cissokho, tyvm! A loan spell for Ilori also seems sensible as we currently have 4 very competent centrebacks, 2 right footers, 2 left footers.

  76. They have Ozil this time and Ramsey in the form of his life.

  77. hahahaha!! 2 sterlings and henderson not even on the bench..

  78. Aspas mentally isn't built for the current situation in all aspects of it. So either the surrounding changes it's approach or it will just wouldn't work. So yes, sell is the best equipped option in terms of developing.
    The last and almost no odds option is that he get's himself together and put on a great show minute he get's his chance. Can't see him getting there though theres always hope.

  79. good spot
    ibe can be tehre

  80. yeah i agree
    i love the competition at lfc now
    agger with his 3 cbs
    while coutinho and allen have to go into midfield
    only in gk we lack competion
    i can see moses play up front if either suarez or sturridge get injured

  81. I hope so, but truth be told, I don't understand the breathless anticipation for PC's return. I believe he will be an outstanding player. I know that he is a great ball ahndler, but I haven't seen the past performance from him that warrants such excitement over his return. I have questions about his decision making.

  82. Meant to say Wisdom - get those two confused by their "wise" names. Not sure if he played LB or RB though last time.

  83. Ramsey was in the form of his life. He won't show up on Saturday. Plus we have Suarez and Sturridge in the form of their life - no competition.

  84. I hope you are right, but I've got a strange feeling about tomorrow. Ramsey is playing well , isn't he??
    Much better than Henderson for me. SAS though! Different class!! Hopeful about a win but would be happy with a draw if I am honest.

  85. They have the better midfield, every other department were better, plus SG is upping his game, PC will make a comeback, Henderson will do his thing - he scored last time, maybe he'll make a contribution - it's about time. Will be no doubt a good game, a draw would be alright, but a win even better.