31 Oct 2013

'I've reassured him' - BR on Agger quit threat, Suarez vs. Ozil, & Coutinho injury....

Earlier this week, Reds defender Daniel Agger expressed his frustration about being stuck on the bench at Anffield, and in his pre-Arsenal press conference today, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers directly addressed the Dane's comments, and also provided a pleasing update on injured attacker Philippe Coutinho.

When asked on Danish TV this week what it would take for him to leave Liverpool, Agger explained:

"If I don't play, and if the manager doesn't think I am good enough, that could make me leave Liverpool.

"I'm here to play football, nothing else. So if I don't play football, then I don't want to be here anymore."

Responding to those comments today, Rodgers told reporter:

"I’ve reassured him [Agger].

"He understands fully the situation. He’s like any player, he wants to play, but since his injury, the team has done well.

"It’s something that he understands. He respects the decision. He's trained well, and he's fighting and waiting for the opportunity to come back in and stay in the team"

On Coutinho and Enrique:

"Jose will be a question mark for the weekend. He's not quite ready. Coutinho’s been given the all-clear by the specialist, and he’ll come back in to the squad"

On Luis Suarez vs. Mesut Ozil:

"They’re different types. Ozil obviously is a wonderful player. He’s a talent. Gifted. Wonderful touch. Good pace, and he can score and create goals. I’m surprised Real Madrid moved him on. Luis’s a different type"



  1. i voted no
    4 cbs did not work vs southampton
    plus the lwb needs pace to go up and down
    i think sterling at rwb and johnson at lwb
    agger has to have patience

  2. if we need to play agger drop skrtel
    play sakho as main cb
    skrtel is too clumsy

  3. week 1 toure skrtel agger
    week 2 toure sakho agger
    week 3 toure skrtel sakho
    week 4 skrtel sakho agger
    so each defender get 3/4 games
    dont no why rodgers never does it

  4. I understand Johnson, Toure, Skrtel, Sakho, Enrique for the 3-5 formation. Now Enrique is injured, Cissokho is his replacement in the squad. I don't think he is good enough for LFC but it's that simple. His our next LB. We should keep it that simple. Plus what's the point of getting a player if your'e not even able to trust him long enough to have at least a few games going so you can see how good he can get? Not a time for experiments; It has to stay simple for this one.
    Agger has to be patient as said and i agree. He should learn from Skrtel who used the bench time in order to create his top form back mentally or gather ambition or i don't know. That's the reason Rodgers favors competition so badly; Before this the team was having problems who grew from the lack of it... If everyone forgotten already.
    Agger relax. Youre a great player. In my opinion more than good enough to be a game to game starter. Patience.

  5. so out of the remaining 29 games
    3 of them will get 22 starts while one gets 21
    seems perfect to me

  6. so happy this is a problem
    remember the days when we had to play average cbs like carragher(old) and sortois kyriakos
    big step in the right direction
    now sort out the midfield and strikers rodgers

  7. 352 is hurting us. It's not our natural strongest formation. When PC was out, we had to go for a modified 352 (with 532 players - playing 2 wing backs as wing midfielder), but since he 'll be back, we should go for our best starting line up 4231. For a fluid attacking side like Arsenal, 5 men back line is too many. It 'll drop our line deeper allowing them to surge forward & restricting us to counter attacks, which is not our strength. We need to run & control possession at midfield. Arsenal is the last team I would like to loose my dominance in MF.

    No denying, our best CB pairing is Kolo & Sakho, Johnson at RB & we might try Agger as LB (As neither Enrique or Aly is outstanding), Lucas & Henderson as CM, PC as AM. Moses, Suarez & Sturridge as forwards. I am sorry to say that SG is just not strong enough for 90 mins., actually not for starting place, neither PC is strong enough for 90 min as well. SG can replace PC for last 30 min.. Or, w e can start PC as left wing, dropping Moses & playing SG as AM for 60 mins, & then replace SG with Moses & PC moving to AM.

  8. no way.. just no way