6 Oct 2013

Man Utd hero admits: I 'loved' playing against LFC 'moaner' Sami Hyypia

Manchester United hero Andy Cole has heaped praise on Liverpool legend Sami Hyypia, who earlier this week admitted that he 'dreams' of becoming Liverpool manager.

Speaking to Man Utd's official website recently, Cole - who scored ELEVEN goals against LFC during his career (!) - hailed Hyypia's management of Leverkusen, and foldly remembered the his 'battles' with the big Finn. He enthused:

“I loved playing against Sami, we had so many battles.

"I used to say to him, 'I have never known a centre-half who moans as much as you. All you do is moan and I’m not allowed to touch you!’ He used to say the same about me too, we just used to get on with it.

"To see where he has come from at Liverpool to becoming manager of Leverkusen is great. It’s not as if Leverkusen is some Mickey Mouse team, they are a big football club. He has done very well as a manager so far and I wish him all the best.”

Fun fact: In the Premier League era, only Cole (11) and Thierry Henry (8) scored more goals against Liverpool than Jamie Carragher, who grabbed six own goals during his fantastic Anfield career, including two in a 3-1 defeat against Man United in 1999 (Guess who got the other United goal?)

In the mid/late '90s, Cole was a massive thorn in LFC's side. He seemed to score in every single LFC-Man Utd game, and he helped the club to a series of impressive wins against the Reds (with a little help from David James!)

Leverkusen suffered a 4-2 defeat against Man Utd in the Champions League recently, but I suspect (and hope) the result will be different in the return leg back in Germany.

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  1. That game finished 3-2 with hyypia and Berger scoring

  2. Yeah, I remember watching it. Loved Patrik Berger - great player for LFC.

  3. jamie , we need to carry gerrard
    he carried us for years , it is the least we can give him
    we should be ruthless but not that ruthless
    how many top teams has gerrard rejected for us ? ,a lot
    thats why he has to be most loyal player ever
    carragher never had any offers

  4. Spurs are getting battered at home by West Ham. Eriksen has disappeared under pressure again. Too much fuss being made about IMO.

  5. Pity about Berger's injury prone career.

  6. two great results today i wasnt expecting either but long may in continue

  7. we cant carry anyone there can be no sentiment in paid sport...how about caryring the fans on minimun wage or on the dole who save up and turn up...dont worry about gerrad hes a big boy on 140 grand a week

  8. Loved Bergers free kick at the theatre of screams

  9. spurs are going to be like lfc when we spent 100mil plus under dalglish. Spending that much in one window kills the chemistry of a team and it will take about half the season before tottenham really gel. That's why I anticipate them to bow out of the top 4
    this year the top 4 will be
    Man city
    Liverpool/ Man u
    if man u pull themselves together

  10. How do you carry a player that is clearly on the slide (and fast)? If you need other players to carry a player, then it hurts the team more than it helps in anything. Unfortunately, the kindest thing we can do for Gerrard is to let (hint:ask) him step back while he is still remembered for all the great things he's done for the team, before being a passenger (or worse) becomes the overriding memory.