16 Jul 2013

'He's fantastic' - Molby urges LFC to sign €24m 86-goal star who'd 'like' Prem move.

Over the weekend, Luis Suarez once again reiterated his desire to leave Anfield, and according to Liverpool MD Ian Ayre, the club has a contingency plan in place to replace the Uruguayan if/when he departs. LFC fans will almost certainly demand a 'marquee' signing to replace Suarez, and Reds legend Jan Molby believes Valencia's Roberto Soldado could be an ideal replacement for the controversial striker.

Discussing possible transfer targets and viable options to replace Luis Suarez, Molby told the 5-Times Podcast:

"Sometimes, as a means to an end, you have to look to experience.

"Valencia have money problems, and Roberto Soldado has a fantastic record, great experience, and [He] would be available at the prices Liverpool will be talking about.

"Obviously there is a risk when you bring in players from abroad, but [his] style of play and ability to adapt to different playing style and environments bodes well".

As luck would have it, Soldado recently suggested that a summer move could be on the cards. He told Movistar:

“I...will not close the door to anything. I also see that there are colleagues who have left Spain and things are going well. The Premier League [is] very attractive for any player and we would all like to enjoy something there."

Liverpool scouted Soldado several times during Kenny Dalglish's second spell at Anfield but the club baulked at the €20m fee Valencia demanded during the January 2012 transfer window. Six months later, the Spaniard revealed that he rejected a €30m move to Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool's regular transfer rivals. He told Superdeporte:

"I knew about the interest from Tottenham. My agents told me about it. The offer was presented, but turned down".

Last summer, Soldado signed a new deal with Valencia, which runs until 2017, and after securing the extension, Valencia president Manuel Llorente told UEFA.com:

"Soldado's performance has been fantastic, everyone has seen it. He is key figure in the Valencia side for his winning mentality, and desire to make Valencia bigger".

Suarez continues to disrespect Liverpool by incessantly whoring himself out to Real Madrid, and when he leaves, the Reds will need a top class replacement. Could €24m-rated Soldado be a viable option? His stats for Valencia are pretty impressive:

* 2012-13: 34 goals/6 assists in 46 apps.
* 2011-12: 27 goals/6 assists in 51 apps.
* 2012-11: 25 goals/3 assists in 42 apps.

* TOTAL: 86 goals/15 assists (101 combined) in 139 apps.
* Goal every 1.6 games.
* Goal/Assists every 1.3 games.

* LA LIGA ONLY: Goal/assist every 108 minutes (1 every 1.2 games)

Stats: OPTA

At the age of 28, Soldado - who recently played against Suarez in the Confederations Cup - is in the prime of his career; he's vastly experienced at domestic and international level, and as Valencia's captain, he's clearly a winner and a leader. Should Liverpool pursue him if/when Suarez leaves...?

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  1. great player who would be a great addition. If Suarez leaves though, we must remember we don`t need a out and out striker as that isn`t what Suarez is, nor would fit into the first team.

    I see Sturridge taking the only spot for that role. Signing another player as back up does make sense, but how much would you want to spend on that back up? Esp when we have other players who play there at the club already.

    Suarez is such a unique player finding someone to fill his role would be hard, so maybe re-looking at positions that need improving and using the cash for that. i.e. CB and Right Winger, or AM if coutinho is used on left wing.

  2. Yes, he would be one of the top contenders to replace Suarez. There are others, but i dont think any LFC fan would mind if it were Soldado.

  3. Agree with you about Sturridge, but his fitness issues are starting to become a real worry. He only joined the club in January, but he's already had 2-3 periods out injured, and he's missing the pre-season tour to recover from his latest injury. I don't think he can be relied upon consistently next season.

  4. Yeah, we should sign him up ASAP, better than all the strikers we've been linked to so far. Shaqiri isn't leaving Bayern in any way, sad news for us.

  5. I've said it before that I'd love to see him play for us his game is really well rounded and he guarantees goals. I don't know what kind of chance we have of getting him but if no one else is in for him we may succeed.

  6. Guess the question is more if he wants to come to a non Champions League side.

  7. Nah they just arent selling him so he is going nowhere

  8. when it comes to scoring goals in recent years Soldado is up there with the best of them in Europe. Liverpool should do what they can to get their man. If he is willing to leave Valencia then any team after him has to move quick as he will be a wanted man.

  9. bringtorresback4:32 pm, July 16, 2013

    wJamie , ehat about fernando torres as part of a chelsea deal for suarez.

    Suarz s behaviour has shown me that torres is innocent man not "judas" he never complained about the club while UNDER CONTRACT and most fans still love him.

    better then soldado as he is a starter for spain
    i would prefer to keep suarez punish him in the resrves for a few weeks if he refuses to play fine him a millon times

  10. Being honest I doubt we'll spend big on a 28 year old,but he certainly would be a great addition to the team.

  11. bringtorresback4:37 pm, July 16, 2013

    Suarat has undermined lfc and lied and lied and lied , the last thing we should do is let im get his own way.
    he can go on strike but at the end he is losing the money , keep him pinish him destroy player power at lfc
    And make that suarat suffer
    mwa ha ha ha

  12. suarezisasewerrat4:39 pm, July 16, 2013

    Jamie , what do you feel , you want suarez gone , but that would be him playing lfc and getting his way

    what kind of an example does that set , anyone can leave lfc when they want?
    we have the power not him

  13. I think what we should defo go for him (Although not sure if he would come to us). I agree with the Sturridge injury thing. Think he has been a really astute purchase but seems really injury prone and even if he is fit they could still play together.

  14. suarezisasewerrat4:42 pm, July 16, 2013

    I wanna see him cry , so bad

    I bet he bit ivanovic to get a move out of lfc like he did at ajax

    nothing better then see him "suffer" , force him to stay , destroy his moral and show the world no player is bigger then lfc

  15. Sometimes it's not always about power, sometimes its about being realistic and moving on. I'm not suggesting we should let our players leave as and when, however, we can't afford disharmony when we are looking to build momentum and make a push next season. At the moment he hasn't made any 'official' moves out of the clubs, although I suspect that is more to do with money than any kind of self respect. I believe that if we can get a fee of about £45-50m, he should be sold. That's not giving in, it's just sensible given that the player wants out.

  16. Torres never done anything wrong ,everyone knows that ,he never complained to the meda always said the right things and never got into trouble.
    everyone loved him so much more then any other lfc player ever , he is our family ,so when he left it hurt so much, bring him back
    His armband proved he was a red torres torres , youll never walk alone it said torres torres
    we bought the lad from sunny spain he gets the ball he scores again fernando torres liverpools number 9

  17. suarezisasewerrat4:50 pm, July 16, 2013

    well he should have done it in the right way like alonso and torres tell the club first hand in a transfer request and let lfc do the buisness
    he has disrespected us and now its our turn

  18. Again, totally agree, but unfortunately, we don't have the resources to allow a top class player to rot on the bench or in the reserves (which is what I wish we COULD do). Contracts mean absolutely nothing unless you're a club that is minted, a la City, when they handled Carlos Tevez.

  19. suarezisasewerrat4:56 pm, July 16, 2013

    Tootenham with Luka modric wanted to go chelsea done everything daniel levy said get lost sold him when tottenham were in a better place to with 4th place
    IF man u let ronaldo go in 08;/09 we would have had 19 titles
    Arsernal kept fabregas even when he put on a barca shirt they did not sell him
    Best example man city with tevez , they overpriced him nad forced him to stay and won the title
    there you go everyone does it apart from lfc with their fake morals
    only thoose who wnat to play should play , that is why we are failing
    only thoose good enough to play should play weather they wnt to or not it does not matter , imagine if we kept alonso
    we would still have been at the top

  20. Peter from Perth WA5:09 pm, July 16, 2013

    How do you balance your comments with the stated remarks of Liverpool MD Ian Ayre this weekend, when he was reported to have said that Suarez has never asked to leave LFC and indeed it is only media outlets that interpret his comments otherwise, also no serious offers have even been submitted for his services. In addition LFC is intent on keeping him indeed he has been selected to travel with the squad, surely you cannot be deeper in the loop than Ayre. Can I ask, without being accused of sniping, insulting or being mean spirited, what is your problem why are you continually trying to undermine LFC by sticking the boot into arguably the best player that has ever graced Anfield, I am reluctant to say this but I am becoming more and more of the opinion that the FA demonstrated reverse racism which from afar seems to be an endemic problem lately. I am not trying to antagonize you or anyone else I would just like answers because I have never in my life seen such a vitriolic campaign against an individual. Before you mention the bite, No blood, No bite marks and even the recipient wants him to transfer to Chelsea.

  21. Soldado is a proven goalscorer make no mistakes about that. But Suarez needs to be sold firstly and then we can find a replacement I'll be glad to see the back of him now to be honest. Loyalty is a rare commodity in today's game and our wonderfully loyal fans have shown him a level of loyalty and support he never deserved and it is a level of loyalty Suarez will never give back. Could you see the great Bill Shankly allowing one of his players to act with so little respect to the club and it's supporters? He would be frog marched out by the ear regardless of how good he is and told never to come back. The integrity and reputation of our great club has been dragged through the mud enough by Suarez and his antics now and he needs to F**K OFF and close the door behind him.

  22. What have Ayre's comments got to do with anything? Suarez hasn't handed in a transfer request: so what? That doesn't change the fact that he's whored himself out to Madrid for ages, and disrespected the club by constantly making it clear he wants to leave, and ignoring Brendan Rodgers' specific instructions not to talk to the press about LFC business.

    There's no real point discussing this with anyway - you think that Suarez is 'possibly the best player that has ever graced the Anfield turf', which clearly suggests a gargantuan inability to consider Suarez's situation with any kind of objectivity.

  23. I agree the press can be cruel in the UK and peddle lies to say the least but Suarez on many occasions has handed them the bullets to shoot him down. So I agree with Jaimie he may not have asked for a transfer directly but he is 'whoring himself out' and why has he not come out to the media and LFC Tv to state it's all lies? He is trying to pave the way for a move by alienating himself from the club and it's supporters to basically force the clubs hand to sell without him loosing his payout when he leaves if he hands in a transfer request.

  24. There are a lot of instances where I have disagreed with when Jaimie has taken Suarez to task.

    I 100% agree with him here though. Suarez has acted in an incredibly disrespectful way towards the club and the fans who stood by him in situations that he created and the club/fans subsequently enabled further by coddling him at times. By "whoring" himself out to Real like this, and being what I deem to be dishonest for the reasoning, he has acted like a coward and a child. It's one thing to want to better yourself... it's another thing to turn your back on people who have supported you to do it and mislead them with reasoning (british press vs. more money/champions league).

    There were times when he's done things that weren't a big deal, and people have made a big deal of them... I'm thinking of the Mansfield handball as an example. No one could prove intent, yet people vilified him as though he planned to cheat. It was ridiculous.

    There are times when Suarez doesn't get enough credit for correcting the errors in his ways. Think about how many times he dived after the Stoke game in October (when he blatantly dived). I can't think of one... but you don't see anyone talking about how he's improved himself in that regard.

    And the simple reason for that is for all the good Luis Suarez has done to try and relatively better his reputation... he still manages to go out and do something outrageously stupid like biting a player for no good reason.

    Now where can I pick up his transfer request and 40m!

  25. i think rogers has a dilemma suarez wants out and there are big concerns over sturridge...its a pain but we need another top level striker.....we could well start our first game without a recognized striker and a midfield which missed a large part of the end of last season with injury .....

  26. All this teams, their managers and fans they hated him, but now they want him in their own team, they called him racist, diver, cheat and disgrace to EPL, suddenly they are interested in him, hypocrite people and stupid Luis Suarez with no brain and a short memory about how Liverpool fans have to argue every week to defend him, now I start to hate the guy, sell him to another league but not EPL

  27. I think you state it well.

    I think our bigger issue with replacing Suarez is that we won't want to guarantee a large salary up front, but will try to get an incentive laden deal.

    Will a world class striker come here without the large wage guarantee to start and without Champions League for at least one season (and perhaps more)?

    I'm skeptical. Unfortunately.

  28. "The fact that you think Suarez is 'possibly the best player that has ever graced the Anfield turf', suggests a gargantuan inability to consider Suarez's situation with any kind of objectivity"

    That was rather snipey........... :-)

  29. Amazing how that works isn't it!

  30. TBH we don't need a like for like replacement for Saurez but someone who can influence a game in a big way. For example, Benteke is a different player to Saurez, but his hold up play unselfish runs, strength & eye for goal would more than compensate Saurez's dribbling ability!
    Think C.Ronaldo being replaced by Antonio Valencia, the latter nowhere near as skillful but his sheer strength & athleticism compensates! Sorry but I can't see Saldado coming, we need a scouting system with more imagination & depth!

  31. As one could easily point out that your constant attempts to paint Suarez as the devil-incarnate could constitute "a gargantuan inability to consider Suarez's situation with any kind of objectivity". Goes both ways son.....

  32. I would say that Aspas is a massive upgrade on Downing plus he can play as a striker too. Rodgers is after versatile players for his attack. That is why you will not see the likes of Sow, Bony or Benteke in a red shirt so you are 100% correct in saying that an out and out striker would not be the right fit. Even Sturridge can play on the wing so if Luis does leave then Rodgers will replace him with another versatile forward.

  33. Not sure where you're coming from re last comment about scouting system lacking imagination. There's nothing in this article that suggests LFC has targeted Soldado - it's just Molby's preference. And given the players we've signed (Coutinho, Aspas, Alberto) weren't on anyone else's radar I'd say they were doing a good job (if those players do well).

  34. Yes, I can see why someone might think that about me. Doesn't bother me if people take that view.

  35. Just so long as your willing to accept the implications it has for any Suarex based comment you make, or dag you take at others for considering him "'possibly the best player that has ever graced the Anfield turf". I must stress his use of the word "possibly"

  36. What implications? In my view, anyone who thinks Suarez is 'possibly' LFC's greatest ever player clearly hasn't watched many of the club's players over the years. As long as people are civil, it doesn't bother me one iota if people criticise my view on Suarez.

  37. We need to find a striker, who offers what we don't have, Benteke fits the bill! I agree we've bought players who haven't been anyone's radar but they're all small! When will we add a skillful physical presence?

  38. Chris Rossington10:24 pm, July 16, 2013

    Gerrard anyone, Suarez doesnt come close. Fantastic player on his day but we have had fantastic strikers all the time since i have been watching liverpool. Rush was coming to the end of his days, fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez and now Sturridge is on for the fastest to 50 goals record. LFC will forever remain as these greats come and go. He will be replaced when he goes, whenever that will be.

  39. Chris Rossington10:27 pm, July 16, 2013

    I feel bitter too but that doesnt do anyone any good. Hold out for a good fee by playing this game we are playing, meaning the hes not asked for a transfer therefore not for sale and then good riddance. I cant think of another player who has been this disgusting about our great club.

  40. Soldado looks exactly like 'a skillful physical presence' to me. Proven goalscorer in my eyes. Suarez is a great player but a typical mercenary with no loyalty to LFC. Soldado is club captain and the more leaders around to help the young lads the stronger they'll become. He may be 28 but if he hits the ground running the young uns will all look up to him.

  41. Agreed, which does intrigue me to whom. Who do you think? The names thrown about currently are really versatile, some are but most are more like Sturridge than Suarez.

    I too would think Aspa will be a big upgrade on Downing. I also think Toure is a good signing and matches Carra (in terms of play not status).

  42. Yep he does suffer a lot of little niggles.

  43. Theres no way Suarez is the best player to have ever graced the Anfield turf though. EVER? thats crazy. He is prob the best player of the last two years though, but we have had some amazing players, even recently. Alsono, Gerrard, Daglish, Barnes, Sami, Beardsley...the list is endless and Suarez is a good player, but been here such a short time for me he dont come close to the best ever here

  44. Peter from Perth WA3:41 am, July 17, 2013

    Well Jamie I am going to guess that I personally have been watching Liverpool long before your mummy ever realised that she will be needing new nappy's for the forthcoming child furthermore when you claim Suarez whored himself, did he also whore himself to Man City, Arsenal or Chelsea, simple answer NO but all the big clubs are desperate for his services but he seems naive enough to believe that when he answers a question honestly put by so-called sports writers with hidden agendas it will not be misconstrued by commentators like yourself. Now I may be wrong but undoubtedly you are backing yourself into a corner with your stance since he may be playing for LFC next season. Then to say it doesn't bother me what people think or say about me smacks of a point of view lost.

  45. Cannot see Soldado coming heck they cannot even get the likes of Mktharyan and Callejon he would be happy to stay put me thinks pity though.

  46. As we get rid of some deadwood like Downing, Assaidi, Coates and maybe Allen if we wake up and add Benteke. then we sell Suarez and get two top players with the 40M.......Lets get on with it!

  47. let me get this straight.

    Suarez signs new improved contract, plays really well, makes it clear he would be interested in the right transfer BAD.

    Soldado signs new improved contract, plays really well, makes it clear he would be interested in the right transfer GOOD.

    Yes, I know that Suarez has done what he has done, but you specifically said Suarez is whoring himself out after his first interview.

    Why is what Soldado done different?

    I'm NOT defending Suarez btw, just pointing out an inconsistency...

  48. Valencia had less goals/assists than Downing last season!
    Replacement for 40 goal Ronaldo? Hardly

  49. Soldado is much more of a finisher, in that regard he's closer to Sturridge than Suarez.
    Brilliant a one touch finishes, like Robbie used to be.
    Takes penalties which skew his stats a bit though, and doesn't assist anywhere near Suarez' level.
    Question is, do we want a finisher, or an all rounder like Mhki ?

  50. please i need a contact to Brendan Rodgers to tell him to quickly go and seal a deal for Yevhen Konoplyanka (the "Ukraine Messi") He is valued at 13 million pounds. He is better than H. Mkytarian that we missed.

  51. So you'd rather Downing over Valencia? My point is Valencia does a job which was certainly good enough for sir Alex!

  52. More chance of Pele coming out of retirement to play for us than Soldado

  53. After a nice start signing talented kids, we are back to last summer not landing key experienced striker, at least 1 more attacking midfield and at least 1 or 2 solid defenders. Wanyama, Bony, Mikhitarian, Ashley Williams, now Negredo; all gone. This site swears we were hot on these guys and poof, nada. Might have to suit up Kenny D in 30 days or so. For God sake, sign Benteke!!!!!!!

  54. Your point was that he ably replaced Ronaldo, which he didn't even come close to doing.

    He scored 1 goal in 27 appearances plus another 6 as sub, He created 5 assists all season in the PL winning side. Created only 1.4 chances per game
    1.4 dribbles completed per game and 1.9 tackles per game.
    Sheer strength and athleticism? don't make good reading does it? 5 assists in a runaway title winning team plus 1 goal a season?