21 Jun 2013

'We hated each other' - Man Utd hero reveals 19-year grudge against LFC legend

Former Manchester United and Everton star Phil Neville has revealed the depth of his antipathy towards Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, though it seems that their mutual 'hatred' may be mellowing now that they're both retired from football.

Speaking to The Times, Neville - who was sent off during a Merseyside derby in 2007 for deliberately handballing on the line - said:

"For 19 yrs we’ve probably hated each other.

"Then you retire & all of a sudden you think ‘Actually he’s a good lad.

"Since we both retired, I’ve spoken to Jamie Carragher for the 1st time in my career"

If Neville and Carra didn't speak for 19 years (!) then their animosity towards each other must've run very deep.

I've never minded Neville - rare bouts of cheating aside, he seems like a solid professional, and he's infinitely more likeable than his brother, that's for sure; although, to be fair, the older Neville is a pretty good pundit.

Neville followed up his 2007 Luis Suarez moment (or did Suarez pull a 'Phil Neville'?) with more cheating against Liverpool earlier this year:

To his credit, David Moyes slated Neville after the game, which is a lot more than Brendan Rodgers has ever done when questioned about the dives of LFC players.

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  1. Yawn zero opposition fans died in any game involving them except all the ones dead from extreme boredom of watching them play. Saw an Everton season ticket nailed to a tree the other day and thought I'm having that, it would be a shame to waste a good nail.