20 Jun 2013

'I'll consider offers' - LFC chase €6m star pursed by KD in 2011. Mkhitaryan failsafe...?

In April, Sochaux attacking midfielder Ryad Boudebouz confirmed that he wouldn't 'turn down' a move abroad this summer, and with Liverpool in the market for a goal-scoring attacking midfielder this summer, the Algerian is reportedly back on the Reds' wanted list.

According to reports this week, Liverpool, Spurs, Bayer Leverkusen and Rubin Khazan are all chasing the 23-year old attacker, who has been linked with a move to Anfield several times in the past.

Boudebouz is obviously desperate to leave Souchaux, and he's made this clear many times:

June 2011: In response to speculation linking him with a move to Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool, Boudebouz confirmed that the Reds has enquired about a possible transfer. He told L'Est Républicain:

"Liverpool are a big club and there has been contact, But I have to take my time, see the [Sochaux] president, discuss things through".

May 2012: Boudebouz revealed that he'd met with the Souchauz President, and made his future intentions clear. He told L'Equipe:

"I told President [Alexander] Lacombe that I would go to another club in June. At Sochaux, I have made ​​good progress, but I want to play at a higher level, preferably in ligue 1, playing in the Champions League"

May 2012: Boudebouz once again reaffirm his intent to leave:

"I still have a two-year contract [with Sochaux], but I want to leave"

October 2012: Sochaux coach Eric Hely made it clear he wants Boudebouz to stay at the club. He told AT:

“I know that Boudebouz is looking for a change of atmosphere but the club and its management are happy for Ryad Boudebouz to stay at the club and benefit from this talented player. Boudebouz is an important player and a big boost for Sochaux."

April 2013: Speaking to France Football Boudebouz said:

"Like everyone else, a move to a big foreign club interests me. I just turned twenty-three years old, and if I have a good opportunity to go abroad, I won't turn it down"

May 2013: Boudebouz told le10Sport:

"I would rather go elsewhere. I will consider any offers that come in to Sochaux, but I still have a year contract at the club"

Boudebouz's contract expires in the summer of 2014, and €6m-rated attacker really a move to Anfield would surely be a step-up from toiling away in the bottom half of the French league.

If Liverpool are really interested, then Boudebouz is probably one of a number of attacking midfield options being considered by Brendan Rodgers, with Henrik Mkhitaryan possibly at the top of the list. The deal for the Armenian seems to be up in the air at the moment, so if push comes to shove, would Boudebouz be a viable alternative?

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  1. I don't know much about him to be honest, but again this looks like a player that is whoring himself out to any team that is interested. I would feel a lot happier if we got HM, that would give me a lot of hope for the next season and FSG's transfer policy

  2. great alternative i was looking forward to fillet steak and got liver

  3. Foie gras? Great deal you got yourself there.

  4. Followed this lad for a couple of seasons now, since we first got linked to him. He is a very talented kid but maybe weak, ala Oussama Assaidi???, that is my only concern!!!

  5. Unfortunately, reports are mainly gossip and we cannot trust those reports at all. Prime example is Mkhitaryan, who was allegedly heading for a medical, pictured signing a Liverpool shirt until his club came out claiming that they were not in contact with Liverpool at all.

  6. no i watched the highlights of his carear all showboat no product

  7. And you say Suarez and Pep are prostituting themselves? This guy has been at it for two years! And still no one has signed him. He can't be that great then. I'd like Belhanda from Montpellier although he seems to have had a less impressive season than he did the year they won the title as well. But none more so than Mkhitaryan. That said, Mkih is really a central midfielder whereas Boudebouz and Belhanda can play as part of three up front.

  8. Posh Pate, basically lol.

  9. 'The Independant' reports that Chief scout Graham Carr is unsettled at Newcastle. We should go for him. He's got and eye for talent, especially in Ligue 1.

  10. I think you mean 'only in league 1' lol.

  11. Don't really know much about this player. But he doesn't sound all that exciting. Has he been productive this season?

  12. In fairness, if KD would not just have pursed him but would have bout him for 6 million he would have saved himself 14 million on Downing..

  13. i thought he was some french lad we had been linked to lol;-)

  14. but would he be any better than downing not in my book

  15. yes newcastle were flying last season we would be better off with alan carr,or dare i say carr71

  16. Not better, not worse - just one Daniel Sturridge cheaper :-)

  17. The season prior to that they finished 5th. He was responsible for recruitng Cabaye, Cisse, Ba, Santon, Ben arfa et al. They are much better than what we came up with, since suarez up until strurridge arrived.


  19. Mr. Point Of View3:06 pm, June 20, 2013

    Is it the MKhitaryan deal is OFF? some place we never had any dealing with them !

  20. Mr. Point Of View3:12 pm, June 20, 2013

    yeah i guest we should trust he a liverpool player until he come up from anfield tunnel hahahaa

  21. He's good but if we're looking at players we have been eyeing for a while to bolster our midfield I really think we need to revisist Honda. I watched him last night and he was incredible, simply incredible. He NEVER gave the ball away and was at the heart of everything Japan did well against Italy. Very creative and its clear that he has a very good football brain and knows how to create good chances out of nothing. That was admittably the only game i've watched him play in a year or so and someone on this site might inform me that his performance last night was a one-off, but if he can regularly put in perfomances like he did last night I would say that, considering price and abilty, he should easily be a top target for BR.
    His contract expires in December so he would go for really cheap imo; 10mil pounds at most?

  22. yeah just smoke without fire lol :)

  23. Literally just read two reports posted at the same time. One states that the player wants to come but an agent is holding out for more money for the club, not the player himself.
    The other report states he's on a plane flying his way for a medical!
    Not sure whether to laugh or cry........
    I think I'm going to have to force myself to take control of my emotions as all this is not healthy for the mind.... ;-)

  24. There's new hope of that.

    Just found this: It's Google translated, but sounds like good news:

    MOSCOW, June 20. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Grant Getadaryan /.
    Armenian Ukrainian footballer, "Miner" / Donetsk / Henrik Mkhitaryan
    today through Moscow will fly to London and then to Liverpool, where the
    medical examination will be held in the same football club.

    Yerevan-Moscow a little late off from the Armenian capital at 08:27. In Moscow, the plane landed at 11:00 hours at the airport "Domodedovo".
    This is an ITAR-TASS has learned from sources in the camp of champions
    of Ukraine and representatives of Yerevan "Zvartnots" airport.

    Liverpool officially announce the signing of a contract with the player in the next 2-3 days. The amount of compensation for the top scorer in the championship of Ukraine will be about 22 million pounds.

    It's on a Russian site, but it actually appears to say that Mhkitarayan has actually taken off on his way to the UK, and that Liverpool will buy him
    Best news I've heard for a while...

  25. I read that report as well......
    But then there are so many contradictions flying around at the minute none should be believed in entirety....

  26. would be interessting to hear what you think about him jaimie?
    Have you seen a lot of this guy? Is he "good enough" for liverpool? what are his qualities?

  27. If someone were to offer you 6 million for Pastore.... would you take it? I'm sure the answer is yes..

    if you go on whoscored and look at Boudebouz and Pastore's stats for the season they are literally identical... in fact.. Boudebouz beats Pastore in some of them. Boudebouz has 65 key passes last season and 7 assists.. Pastore had 39 key passes and the same number assists. This just shows that if Boudebouz played for a better team with better finishers.. His assist rate would be much much higher.. he also produces that many key passes while play for such a weak team.

    Also Boudebouz has more dribbles per game than Pastore. Boudebouz is the sort of player that if he can bring the same level of play he has at sochaux will break above 10 assists for the season... and if under the right coaching gets better there is little doubt that he will be among one of the leading midfielders. For 6 million the boy is an absolute steal.

  28. Nyer, what an insightful comment. I have actually been following Boudebouz for while now, and did you know he was rated the second best player in the entire Ligue 1 by Whoscored, second only to Eden Hazard. And look how good he is doing at Chelsea.
    This lad will be amazing, and its a huge surprise that no one is buying the bargain. honestly know that he will become a star in the future, just look at his stats....

  29. lol yes i know what it is but i thought it was calf or have i got that mixed up with sweetballs ;-)

  30. there is nothing wrong with a bit of horsemeat,we have plenty of dogmeat at lfc

  31. course they are m8 i take it your french