9 May 2013

'Difficult & demanding' - LFC legend slams FSG transfer policy. Clueless corporate hacks...?

Over the last six months, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has repeatedly stated that he needs to bring experienced players the club this summer, a plan that many fans undoubtedly support. Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson has backed Rodgers' plan to bring in players capable of making an 'immediate impact', but, with FSG's maddening transfer inflexibility to deal with, and a transfer 'committee' tying up the process in needless bureaucracy, Rodgers faces a seemingly uphill struggle to bring in players that don't fit the irritating FSG 'template'.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Lawro seemed doubtful about the possibility of FSG allowing Rodgers the leeway to 'buy the type of players he wants', and urged the club's owners to allow the manger to bring in one or two 'experienced heads' for the 'here and now'. Predicting a 'difficult and demanding summer' trying to adhere to FSG's policy, Lawro observed:

"[LFC] could do worse than bring in someone like a Gary McAllister when he came to Liverpool, a Gordon Strachan when he went to Leeds United or a Henrik Larsson when he was briefly at Manchester United.

"Such a signing would bring not only experience, but also professionalism. But above all, they are good players who could still give the team a few years of good football

"For the balance of the team, Liverpool need some experienced heads coming in. That’s what can help them improve".

I absolutely agree with this, and to be honest, like many Reds fans, I'm sick to death of FSG's ridiculously inflexible and counter-productive 'buy 'em young' transfer policy.

Despite being in charge of Liverpool for almost three years, FSG still have comparatively meagre experience of football, yet their arrogance is such that they think they know more than their own manager - a 20 year veteran of the game - when it comes to transfers.

Yes, Rodgers made some mistakes in the transfer market, but I'd still back his judgment on football over a group of corporate hacks who've barely attended ten Liverpool games since 2010, and a useless MD who refers to LFC as a 'product'.

It is painfully obvious that the Reds need more experienced-heads in the squad, and if FSG cannot see this, and refuse to sanction deals purely based on age, and/or presumed resale value, then (IMO), they are not fit to run the club.

Having a blanket policy of only buying young players is ridiculously short-sighted, and arguably negligent, and it means that Liverpool will miss out on quality players capable of coming in and making an immediate difference.

Where has FSG's policy got Liverpool over the last three years? NOWHERE. Indeed, many of the young players brought to the club have made minimal impact:

* Andy Carroll
* Sebastian Coates
* Joe Allen
* Fabio Borini
* Oussama Assaidi
* Jordan Henderson (first season)

As an example of the perverse nature of FSG's cretinous policy, consider the Clint Dempsey situation:

* FSG sanctioned the signings of Sahin and Assaidi for a combined total of between £5m and £7m (OA Transfer fee + NS loan fee).

* Meanwhile, FSG refused to stump up the cash for a proven, experienced Premier League performer like Dempsey, who ultimately went to Spurs for £6m.

* LFC could've saved the cash on Sahin and Assaidi - both of whom made absolutely ZERO impact on the club - and used that money to sign Dempsey, who would almost certainly have made a significantly greater impact.

* Dempsey has 11 goals/6 assists for Spurs this season, and he'd probably have a similar amount if he'd joined LFC. Additionally, the squad would've been strengthened ALL SEASON by a tough, competitive player with a superb attitude. Contrast that with Sahin (who got dumped after a few months) and Assaidi (who's barely played all season), and you can see how FSG got it horribly wrong.

I'm not suggesting that Dempsey is a world-beater, but he is a solid, experienced Premier League player, and if he'd joined the club instead of Sahin and Assaidi, I have no doubt that Liverpool would be higher in the League table right now.

If you could turn back time, who would you rather have: Dempsey, or Sahin and Assaidi?! It's a no-brainer, and the fact that FSG couldn't see that is a stinging condemnation of their continued negligence over LFC's transfer policy.

To be clear: I have no problem with the money made available for transfers - FSG have given Rodgers - and Dalglish - money to spend, and that's great. It's just *how* the cash is spent that's the problem, and the transfer policy is unduly restrictive in this regard.

Rodgers insists that he has final say on transfers, but if no players over the age of 23 come to the club during the upcoming summer transfer window, then we'll know that the manager is deluding himself.

We'll also know that he truly is a lame duck.

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  1. absolutely, I just don't understand how people use to blindly say 100% behind FSG & Rodgers.

  2. It's not 'blindly' saying anything. I've always posted criticism of both Rodgers and FSG, so your 'point' has no real merit. I don't believe in blind faith, but you can support the owners/manager but also criticise as the same time.

  3. Whatever happens, it is going to be a very interesting summer.

  4. FSG doesn't respect LFC's heritage and history. It is the worst ownership in LFC's history!

  5. Has no one worked them out yet?
    they saw us a quick, double your money turn around only
    they did their bollocks on kenny's cretins and couldn't pull off the quick knock on. plan B, slower build, paint the stadium and fill the team w under 23's, and hope some rich arabs are bored and want to get in on real life championship manager.


  6. I'm still behind the manager, however my faith in FSG is evaporating fast. Disappointing, as I had high hopes when they took over. I'm slowly losing patience with their inept handling of transfers.

  7. To me it seems BR is not daring enough to deal with FSG and they are taking full advantage of him. Of course for BR to be popular with FSG he goes along with them buying players for $5 million to $10 million. This are tactics of survival. But BR will soon become a scape goat as fans will attack him and ask for his resignation if we don't make top four next season. He wants to be goodie goodie with FSG it is up to him but regret later. From reports he has only 20 million to spend yet I don't hear him complaining of the small sum given to buy an experienced striker, defender, winger and a goal keeper . FSg are playing games as they refused to spend money. For goodness sake if they don't have money ,sell LFC to a Quatar billionaire but don't destroy us please. Perhaps the Shankeyn Union should look into this before the disinterested Americans destroy Liverpool.

  8. You have only followed Liverpool for 2 years i gather H and G nearly destroyed the club wake up and smell the roses.
    On the matter of FSG they gave Kenny a heap and he blew it and some do not realize what rebuilding is.
    A good case in point is Man City raced in with an open cheque book something Liverpool doesnt have and its still taken years.
    FSG i dont see are to blame because the likes of Allen Borini and Carroll have been way below what was paid for them.
    Yes they set a policy but smart recruiting would definitely have made for a far superior team to what they have now.
    Not once have i heard Werner or Henry say they were authorities so its time for the manager to step up Coutinho was a good start.

  9. Lets just hope they have learnt from these mistakes, and will sanction the purchase of more experienced players. I think Rodgers needs to put his foot down a bit more, and say "if you want me to win trophies, and make the club successful again, you need to trust my judgement and back me" They clearly do back him to a degree as they have allowed him to spend a fair amount, but as you say with the Dempsey transfer, they clearly said no to Rodgers, and told him to find younger players.

  10. I am following LFC for more than 4 decades now and I am so happy that you mention H and G because Americans are proved bad owners. Yes, Kenny blew it up but that doesn't mean the team will be paying the price for Kenny's mistakes!

  11. i have said for months it will end in tears with fsg maybe a few more fans are starting to doubt that they are the best owners now,i feel a bit sorry for rodgers ,hes in a lose lose situation he has let fsg walk all over him and after a bad season he would be an easy manager to get rid off if he dare open his mouth.

  12. FSG are still psychologically scarred at seeing at least 100mill evaporate like smoke for little return!
    Think abt it, BR refused a DoF but FSG still found a way of introducing a committee which is a blatant vote of NO confidence. Perhaps our scouting team need to draw up a list of targets & start convincing the committee now so that come the end of the season we're not indecisive!

  13. As a club Liverpool have been woeful in the transfer market for years either missing out on players because they did not believe the deal was worth it (Ronaldo, alves etc) or overpaying (Cole, Henderson, Carroll & Downing!). I feel that people that say the americans should sell the club to some oil rich Arab consortium or similar are really missing the point on what FSG are achieving. Liverpool are a financially viable club again. Transfer deals are done within the budget of the clubs earnings (already in line with the new fair play rules I think) and the overly "beaurocratic" committee people are complaining about have only just started in full force in the Jan transfer window.... Personally I think their results so far are pretty good. Sturridge and Coutinho being bought in for a total less than £20m seems like fantastic business to me and the fact we walked away from the Ince deal as Blackpool were trying to hold us to ransom was superb. It wasn't long ago that we fell for Blackpools tactics and ended up massively overpaying for Charlie Adams. I for one am glad that the club have developed a back bone in their dealings with other clubs. The summer will be the real acid test for them though but so far I am happy.

    FSG are really pushing the commercial side of LFC and the long term outcome of that is more money for transfers (and I am sure some nice dividends for them). We have already seen how underwhelming the previous sponsorships were in relation to the new ones that have been negotiated so we should all have a little faith in them knowing what they are doing. They may not know Football inside out yet but they clearly fully understand the business side of sport.

    And as for buying experience, FSG have not banned the signing of older players but have simply outlined a strategy to be as effective as possible in the transfer market. Downing cost £18m and many would have argued that he would bring experience etc but he has been woeful especially when compared to the Committee bought Coutinho who is not only already more effective than Downing but cost over half as much and will go on to be an even better player (not to mention the expected value he will amass over coming seasons).

    I advocate giving our manager, owners and club the time necessary to repair and rebuild our club to its original position in world football. Just look at what continued support did for Man Utd. Anyone who calls for FSG or BR to go needs their head examining. Personally I think BR (and FSG) should be given at least 4 or 5 years without question. Within 5 years the philosophies of club, manager and owners should be all in play and personally I think we are on the right track.

    Don't forget that a change of Manager or Owner will always lead to a time of transition as they move to stamp their own style on their new club. FSG have had that time and the changes they have made inc committee and commercial deals are beginning to give dividends etc. BR is only in his first season and we are already seeing Liverpool play some great football. LFC, FSG & BR need time and support from the fans and they will succeed in getting back the clubs greatness.

  14. I'm feeling your frustrations Jaimie, most definitely.
    This policy is an absolute non starter. Sounds good in principle if all the other top teams stop buying class players with immediate effect; allowing our youth to get to a stage where they can finally perform together at the top level.
    However, the top teams will not settle for less which is why they continue to be in the mix.
    Our youth policy is great, don't get me wrong, but without experience, and quality experience at that, we will be far off top four for much longer than next season I'm afraid.....
    p.s. Although I see your point regarding Dempsey, I for one am glad he didn't make the move to us. Sahin and Assaidi shouldn't have made the moves either. We should have pushed through the Ince deal when we had the chance and made it happen...

  15. yes but jaimie are you still 100% behind them imo your not your defo starting to waver

  16. do you really think so ,because i do not unless we get rid of major players,and even then i do not expect major signings,it will be more of the same potential ,with the most potential players still joining over clubs over us

  17. how have they made big losses we earn money as a club we sold torres so apart from buying the club cheap they could easy sell for the same price they bought it for(and anybody who thinks they cannot is kidding themselves)so how much have they invested out of there own pocket on transfers

  18. You make some very persuasive points and in an ideal world they sound perfect. The problem for me is , I don't have as much optimism I'm afraid.
    I am a BR supporter as I like what he is trying to implement, but do not worship the man as he is far from perfect. I do though, really want him to succeed; even for the sake of us getting back to the consistency of keeping some continuity.
    But as a lifelong LFC fan til I die, it is written in my blood to dream of CL every year! I'm not sure if I can cope without moaning, for another four or five!
    This summer I'm sure we will see if any lessons have been learned. Maybe we could take a leaf out of Man U's book. AF announces his retirement, with no fuss or any major upheavals, David Moyes signs a six year deal to take over.Like them or not, that dealing was done very smoothly.....And sets them up effortlessly for the new season, rather than dragging it out through the summer....

  19. If you wanna know how obsessive someone is about Rodgers go on this fella who calls himself Kopwatch on twitter.
    He spends his time slagging every player when we lose because he claims it wasn't Rodgers who made them make mistakes conveniently forgetting who selects the team considering 11 player are picked from a pool of over 25 players eligible players.

    I am not saying it is wrong to support a manager because I also hope he does well by going easy on buying former players and also stop playing Allen come rain come thunder even though this season Henderson has been better.
    hack even Shelvey has produced game defining moments but rarely got a look in when our Xavi was fit(apparently shoulder injuries don't count..

    Anyway my point was this Kopwatch dude is so fanatical about Rodgers he doesn't mind destroying everyone in the team to prove Rodgers is never wrong.

    I would say JK is a bit more balanced but it gets boring because it gives less chances to take apart some of his points.

  20. I've heard the earmarked "20 mill" is going to my grandson's nursery team. They've got some right potential in there and a couple will most definitely be ready to step up in the next ten years!
    My 3 year old grandson is already kicking the ball straight........;-)

  21. Jamie, you mention a "transfer committee" in your article. I've heard of the policies and etc but this is the first I'm really hearing about an actual committee. Could you please expound on this? Who is it made up of and do they actually vet each transfer target against FSGs criteria before going for them?

  22. What I mean is, it's going to be interesting either way. We'll either get $hit loadsa cash or pennies lol

  23. I have been saying since the debacle with Dempsey that these owners will take us nowhere. Hell if they'd sanctioned buying Danny boy in the close season we could well have been higher than where we are now. These owners are more concerned with making money off player sales than restoring the club to a competetive state again. Tom Werner said "we can and will compete with any club for any player", what a crock. He left out only if they are 23 or under and we can make money off them when we sell them on. This so called moneyball method cannot and will not work in football. These idiots can't seem to grasp this fact, and the fact they are using it says that they are all about making profits from any decent players we get and then selling them on, this means we will never build a decent championship challenging team with them in ownership!!! They are another Hicks and Gillet, but a bit more business savvy.

  24. I see red people5:22 pm, May 09, 2013

    Dempsey has only scored 6 goals in 24 EPL appearances for Spurs. He has even struggled to cement his place in the Spurs starting eleven. What difference would Dempsey have made to our season? There is no way he is going to replicate his form he showed at Fulham. We dodged a bullet.

  25. The simple way to look at this to use the example of Arsenal.
    When they had a balanced age of squad they won things now they merely qualify for things.

    It's easy to kick FSG but no one complained when they came in after Hicks and Gillett.
    They want to make MONEY out of LFC it's not a plaything like Man City and Chelsea.

    FSG want to buy players young develop them and then flog them for more money like Arsenal.
    LFC IS A SPORTS BUSINESS PEOPLE like or loath it that's the price we have paid for NOT selling to the Chinese Consortium who were worth more than the ARABS at Man CITY or PSG. go and check.

    Had Moores and Parry decided not to line there own pockets rather than leave LFC in RICH HANDS no point in blaming FSG for DAVID MOORES AND RICK PARRY'S GREED.

    That having been said I'm prepared to0 go along with FSG since January 2013 with the purchasing of Coutinhio and Sturridge.
    If they can maintain that level I live with it

  26. So 1 bad lot of American owners make them all bad well hate to tell you this but there is bad owners from all countries England and the arab nations included that does not prove nothing..

  27. I was referring to the shambolic way the whole Dempsey thing was handled by FSG, and it seems all our transfers are still handled apallingly, no change there then as they have been conducted like this for years. I totally agree that we dodged a bullet with Dempsey, however, i am certain had FSG let BR bring in Sturridge over the close season we would be higher than we are currently. These owners not letting us bring in older experienced players is going to restrict the club and therefore restrict us be competetive on all fronts. I honestly don't see us challenging for top 4 next season without some EXPERIENCED players like Xabi.

  28. he sounds a bit like the british media apart from ex lfc players i,am sure fans of other clubs hope he stays for years

  29. there signed just on shear potential

  30. a shit load of cash just left town;-)

  31. Paying forever? It's been ONE year.

    Please, let's not go crazy with the dramatic rhetoric.

    Give it this summer... let's see who we go after.

  32. Did you see what we did last January? Sturridge and Coutinho?

    That's not to absolve them of previous failures, but you talk of losing patience, yet the most recent transfer window has unarguably been a success thus far.

    Of course, time will tell. But your comment doesn't make sense given the most recent series of events.

  33. We earn money as a club, yes.

    However, keep in mind that they had to take on a ton of debt when they purchased the club. And then they had to clean up the bad contracts that the club was responsible.

    I know it's not moving as quickly as we'd like, but there definitely seems to be a plan in place.

    The club is becoming more financially stable with each passing day. It's not where it needs to be yet financially, but it's getting there.

  34. Substantial results proves who is capable and who is not! LFC is a club that should be competing for all titles not finishing 8th and 7th!

  35. 100% correct, excellent article.

  36. an excellent point, well executed.

  37. Mark Lawrenson is absolutely right...thats what is killing LFC.

  38. its not FSG's fault, its just that liverpool's scouting team is complete shite (aka lets get BR's former players)

  39. We will surely see FSGs intentions this summer. The only way for us to get back to the top is to earn CL money. We need to make signings to guarantee top four finish

    Man Utd and Chelsea will have new managers, we need to capitalise quickly on any bedding in periods they experience.

    My view is that if we don't make some serious signings, top class forward, midfielder and centre back, that FSG are only in it for a short term, and immensely profitable, flip.

    They bought the club for a knock down price. I can envisage a £700 million plus sale to an oligarch or sheikh once full plans to improve Anfield are approved and work commences.

    I am not criticising FSG per se, they are shrewd businessmen. Let's stop worshipping them now though.

    Also I hope the signing by committee suggestion is a ploy to discourage other clubs from trying to milk us too much

  40. What to do? We have an owner that knows nuts about British football and a few managers that know nuts about how to pay decent money for decent players and small money for unproven players. When will we have a manager a quarter as good as David Moyes and a tenth as good as Arsene Wenger?

  41. If you look at the amount of cash FSG has injected into LFC since their took over, I think it is unfair to call them 'disinterested'. After looking at how KD and Comolli burned their money, I'm already very surprised they still support BR with that huge amount of cash. IMHO, I really think they are one of the most generous set of owners around. The only problem with them is that they really know nuts about British football, inability to hire the right people to manage the club and most deadly of all, too easy to part with their cash.

  42. But if Dempsey played, someone else would have to go on the bench. So who would you bench for him? Suarez? Sturridge?

  43. It's called supporting your club...

  44. They're a funny breed, the pundits. They think just like the common man or maybe they intentionally try to come across that way to sell papers. So Henry or whoever comes out and says that we will focus on young players with a better sell on value in case they don't work out and in their minds that means, no more experienced players. Maybe it just means what was said? We will focus on young players. No one has said we are exclusively interested in young players and no one over 25 can be signed. The alledged Williams story is now being used as proof but there are two aspects there that are conveniently overlooked. First of all, it's a story that has not been confirmed by anyone so it can't be proof of anything. Secondly, there are many Liverpool supporters who have expressed their doubts about Williams from the start so why be shocked now? Running a business just isn't as black and white and simple for everyone to comprehend. If it were, we'd all be billionaire CEO's running a multinational somewhere. They have a strategy and a plan and it's extremely sad that that is being interpreted negatively without one single bit of proof. Under Moores, we were a shambles of an organization. We were then sold off to the highest bidder to two old/oil money dinosaurs who cared more about their egos than their business. Now we finally have owners with a vision, a plan and a trackrecord of re-establishing a sporting institution very much like our own and people slag them off at every corner out of shere ignorance. And not even because they think for themselves but because they simply rehash what pundits who have achieved nothing as either a manager, chairman, club owner or businessman come up with. I'll back FSG to the hilt if they keep on doing what they have been doing so far. I believe they have the best interest of my club at heart and if they make money in the process for their efforts and investments then fair fks to them.

  45. he signed a contract stating he had full control of transfers now they have took that away from him looks like a stampede to me

  46. and when we come financially stable we will be even further behind than we are now mark my words fsg will say they cannot compete ,when they took control they stated they could compete for any player in the world well lets see them start trying

  47. Liverpool haven't competed for the title in nearly 20 years....

  48. This link sums it up:


  49. Seriously guys.. take off your red tinted glasses

    People to keep harping on about how we should be challenging for the title likes its our god given right to win it.

    If you look at our League history since we last won it you will see that we have been a club in decline for many years now.

    2012/2013 - 7th (most likely)
    2011/2012 - 8th
    2010/2011 - 6th
    2009/2010 - 7th
    2008/2009 - 2nd
    2007/2008 - 4th
    2006/2007 - 3rd
    2005/2006 - 3rd
    2004/2005 - 5th
    2003/2004 - 4th
    2002/2003 - 5th
    2001/2002 - 2nd
    2000/2001 - 3rd
    1999/2000 - 4th
    1998/1999 - 7th
    1997/1998 - 3rd
    1996/1997 - 4th
    1995/1996 - 3rd
    1994/1995 - 4th
    1993/1994 - 8th
    1992/1993 - 6th
    1991/1992 - 6th
    1990/1991 - 2nd
    1989/1990 - 1st

    We have had one good year in the last 10 when we finished 4 points of Utd..

    You can blame a large number of things for our decline but you now have to face facts that we are outside the top 4.

    You can not repair that kind of damage over night without spending 100's million and even then success is not guaranteed.

    Our aim now should not be the title as that is plain stupid and completely unrealistic. Our aim is to get back into the top, to look for players who will help with that target.

    Once we are there and yes it will take time, then you start to go for players who will help you to challenge for the title.

    I hate to pains me to say this it but Manchester Utd are a great example on how you slowly build a club up over a number of years.

    They did what Liverpool failed abjectly at which was to build the commercial side of the club.

    We have fallen way behind many others and again that is not something which can be fixed overnight.

    I personally thing so far FSG are doing a great job but again.. it will take time.

    A lot of Liverpool supports need to except the fact that it will take many more years until we are truly capable of supporting a title attack and need to get behind the team.

  50. Thanks OrginalChan! That did help

    It's interesting because we as fans keep blaming Rogers for bringing in Assaidi and Sahin who have been effectively duds for the team and Borini who until recently was the same. But there are 4 guys sitting around a table with all this "old school" scouting blended with extensive analytics and they still botched 3 out of 5 transfers (5 out of 7 if you count no striker coming in the summer and the dempsey farse).

    I mean, Nuri says he plays deeper and that's his position but BR keeps playing him in more advanced role to inconsistent effect. All that analysis doesn't tell you he doesn't fit there? And what is Borini's best position in BRs system? Idk, and I dont think Rogers knows which irritates me because if we are using all these resources (which cost who knows how much) I just dont understand how we bring in players without an idea of where they fit in the system. Assaidi has become an expensive benchwarmer...and most games doesnt even make the bench.

    Its just a little frustrating because its things like this that make me question BR and just how organized our house really is...its a little worrysome and, with arguably the most crucial transfer window in our history coming up, I hope they're truly getting it together and can build off January
    PS. Sorry for the rant :)

  51. There's nothing wrong with having a budget though.

    In a perfect world, we'd be able to go out and buy whatever player we want. It's not a perfect world.

    Outside of Chelsea and Man City, all teams have budgets to work within.

    Since FSG has come in, they've spent the fourth most in the league, I believe. Behind only Chelsea, Man City, and Man United.

    They trusted Comolli and KK to make the right choices. Unfortunately, it didn't work out last year. The nice part is that Hendo, Downing, and Enrique have all turned into serviceable players. But they've also shown that we drastically overspent on them (especially Hendo and Downing). Enrique seems to be a good sense of business.

  52. After what he's done this year to turn his performances around, he deserves a few more seasons at the very least. Still so young, and has shown that he can play well consistently given the right role.

  53. You are obviously new to following Liverpool fc if you think fsg are the worst owners in the history of the club, you see history goes back before you got interested in something and contrary to your belief the world didn't start when you were born. So do a little reading before you make such comments, look up hicks and gillet, they make fsg look like God's!

  54. very well written, but I would argue you should always aim for 1st place. The principle point isn`t where you have finished last season or season before, but that aiming for a lower place almost says you have written off some wins before a ball is kicked. Example being to get fourth you could lose say 6 games, but to get first only 2. If your only aiming for fourth are you suggesting we don`t aim to win all our games? Expecting and aiming is two different things. I don`t see us winning the league, but any talk of our aim being fourth etc to me is a sign of medicorisy and giving up before you even started. Why do Utd win the league so often even with teams which are a lot worse than those below them on paper? maybe cause they always aim for 1st. There is also the fact if you aim for 1st, but dont get it you might finish second or third or even fourth. If fourth is your top aim, you might finish 5th, 6th or like this year 7th. For me its about mentality. I may work in sales (I don`t), and not be the best salesperson, however if i went in not wanting or trying to be, I will never ever become the best.

    I don`t see FSG as doing a great job, In there time we have finished lower than under any other owners (if averaged out). That isn`t great to me.

    You can get behind your team but not have to blindly agree with everything the owners, manager or even players do. Come match day I will give them my all, but that doesn`t mean I`m not behind them just cause I`m unhappy some players aren`t turning up for games, or the manager makes really poor signings for large sums of cash.

  55. its worth noting from reading the article it does suggest this is a newer thing that wasn`t there in the summer. If so then Allen, Assaidi and Borini shouldnt be taken into account when looking at the newer system. Under the newer system there would be two signings only. Both of whom seem good.

  56. about 30mil i think. So i guess 30mil is a pretty big loss. You can actually read there accounting if you actually think they make a penny out of LFC right now.

  57. or just his signing worth. very few players signed for 16mil ever look a bargin. KK and DC were pants at transfers. Can`t believe you still defend them. Thats worse than the "I love BR blindly" group

  58. i do not defend them they made mistakes so what we all do some more than others

  59. they just got a massive cash injection from sky and other sponsership deals or do we have standard charter on our shirts to make the shirts more popular to fans

  60. by that logic then BR is ok at the club, as well all make mistakes, so what huh. you see my point?

  61. dunno, but you can only go on accounting records which show loses. IF on the next set they make a profit and it is shown that they took money out of the club i will be in ur camp of not liking them taking money out. until that happens though i will just work on facts rather than fiction what ifs.

  62. time will tell,they also took a loan out a lot less than the previous owners but nevertheless it still as to be repaid by the club

  63. i agree i just do not see why he got time to change it round when the previuos two managers under fsg did not

  64. I am guessing that is cause he is there man. I always felt Kenny was the fans choice and not FSG`s. In the same way they like younger players, they also seem to like the idea of a younger manager. The manager before Kenny (Hodgson) didn`t seem like the fans choice or FSG`s as he was put in place before FSG arrived.

    There might be one other reason. Under Kenny we had a great first half of the season and then a shocking second half. This could be seen as to be going in the wrong direction. Under Rodgers we had a shocking first half and a great second half, so they might look at that as improvement. Of course the only thing that really counts is where you end up after a full season, not which half was better. I also think Kenny was done for partly due to the massive waste of cash. Maybe they felt they couldn`t give him a penny more as after giving him so much for players clearly not worth what he spent, they might have felt the trust was gone. If you cant trust your manager with your cash I`m guessing that spells the end of the managers time. Personally I think the price of the deals had nothing to do with Kenny and more to do with DC, but hey hoe.

  65. Articles online have the two scouts from city coming to the club in June so I would assume they had some influence on the signings although, your point still stands because I wasn't taking into consideration that allen et al were probably identified as targets long before June and contact with their clubs might have happened before they had much of a say. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but it's a little suspect. But let's hope that you're right and their system was only implemented in January because, like I said, I think this window will define our ambitions for the next couple of years and I really hope they get it right. YNWA!

  66. from my understanding we got them to sign a contract with us in june but they couldnt come to the club under end of sept due to gardening leave from city, which meant they couldn`t work for any other club for 3months.

  67. disinterested means un-bias. I think you mean uninterested. And since FSG have been there we have bought Allen, Henderson, Downing, Carroll, Borini and Sturridge all for more than $15M each - so no idea what you are babbling on about.

  68. Can anyone provide me with a source for the Suarez quote above?