9 May 2013

Transfer surprise: LFC still want 'suffering' £20m striker who rejected Rafa

Serbia coach Sinisa Mihajlovic recently suggested that long-time Liverpool target Stevan Jovetic would leave Fiorentina this summer, and with Arsenal stepping up their interest in the coveted striker, the Reds appear to have slipped out of the running. Or have they? Reports in Italy this week suggest that Liverpool are still monitoring the player's situation, which given his huge price tage, is something of a surprise.

Jovetic has constantly been linked with a move to Anfield over the last few years, and according to TMW today, Liverpool are still keeping tabs on the 23-year old, who is expected to cost around £20m.

The Jovetic transfer saga has intensified over the last year:

* July 2012: Italian Newspaper Corriere dello Sport report a Liverpool bid of €22m bid for the player.

* September 2012: Fiorentina Technical Director Eduardo Macia - who worked as Chief Scout at Liverpool between 2006 and 2010 - concedes that keeping 20m-rated Jovetic at Fiorentina will be 'very difficult', and hails the striker's massive influence on the club:

"Jovetic? He is a fantastic player, who eventually will play for another club. To us his contribution on the field is similar to that of Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. This summer we decided that Jovetic was not to be put on the market and he understood this perfectly, despite the offer of Juventus."

* November 2012: Rafa Benitez admitts that he tried to sign Jovetic in the summer of 2009, claiming the striker would've helped the Reds 'build on the previous year's title challenge'.

* December 2012: Viola general manager Sandro Mencucci confirms that Jovetic will leave at the end of this season. He tells reporters:

"He [Jovetic] will leave, but the club has worked out a deal: Stay another year so we can plan for your departure at the end of the season"

* February 2013: Mihajlovic - who managed Jovetic for a year between 2010 and 2011 - tells Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport:

"I consider Jovetic to be one of the best players in Serie A, but right now he is not playing at his level. I am no longer in Florence, so I cannot say for sure what the problem is, but it’s evident he is suffering because of something and if things don’t change I think he could leave at the end of the season"

* March 2013: Jovetic tells Sky Sports Italia:

"The transfer market? It has been talked about my contract and my future since the beginning of the season. In June we'll see. Right now, I'm focused to score as many goals as possible and to make lots of assists for team-mates."

* March 2013: Fiorentina Director Daniele Prade tellsCorriere dello Sport:

"A decision on his [Jovetic's] future will be taken in June together with the player. Andrea Della Valle made him a promise last year and he's not one to break his promises. If we do sell, we prefer him to go abroad, though".

Arsenal reportedly believe they can get Jovetic for less than £20m, and they're probably right. Given their comparatively lowly status, Fiorentina are in no position to hold clubs to ransom, and with only 12 goals this season - and only one since February - the Montenegrin is, by his standards, having a comparatively ineffective year.

Given Luis Suarez's suspension, shouldn't Liverpool, at the very least, put in a another bid for Jovetic? He fits FSG's infernal transfer policy, and a three-pronged attack of Suarez, Sturridge and Jovetic could be the stuff dreams are made of.

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  1. Serious player. Would be a stunning buy. Seen us linked with Jackson Martinez earlier....YES PLEASE!!! I would happily get rid of Suarez and take Jovetic and Martinez. The hole biting incident has left a bad taste in my mouth, but i still think he is the best in the lleague.

  2. Suarez, ----Sturridge ------Jovetic



    --------------Reina/Per Stegen

    That lot would cost around £50m to buy, 20m Jovetic 18m Eriksson 10-12m Alderwerield

    Carroll 15m Skrtyl 12m Spearing 3m out, £20m from FSG

    Add Douglas for free, give Coates the choice to stay or go - another 4m possibly there. Diame would fit in well if he goes

    IF Pepe goes, well have enough for Per Stegen and change-

    Subs bench then looks rosy- Lucas Downing, Sterling Allen Henderson Suso Wisdom or Kelly with maybe Diame
    Proper squad. No need to get rid of too many.
    we need these kind of signings, not bargain basement guys right now
    It's not impossible... not easy either, but we're closer to a proper squad than it looks

  3. If we got jovetic i would play him and suarez on together in like a 4-3-2-1, with sturridge being the poacher and jovetic and suarez creating

  4. Yeah, I like the flexibility those three would bring. We couldn't go gung ho every game, but with Lucas and Diame available, there would be a solid platform for Gerrard to play general, leaving the front 4 to set up as required,
    Plus Errikson could gradually take over the Gerrard role over the next couple of seasons

  5. We already have Coutinho on Gerard's place all we need is two defensive midfilders like Diame Tiote center back and Jovetic ... Play Suarez Sturidge Jovetic upfront ,coutinho behind them... perfect strong team in my opinion.





    Subs: Henderson, Lucas, Sterling, Downing, Wisdom/Kelly and Goalkeper .

  6. Exactly. Hicks and Gillett advised of transfer funds then after a few transfers done pointed out that the funds were not gross funds but net, therefore leaving Rafa with a lot less than he originally thought he had. Couldn't then afford Jovetic even though he wanted him big time.

  7. Again, this is the quality of player we should be aiming to sign and absolutely in a sense to ADD to our squad, not to replace anyone. That front three would be a stunning attacking combination, so long as we think Jovetic can do his stuff in English football. Just like Martinez or any other striker who has already shown their ability in a top flight league (although scoring goals at Porto still isn't quite proving yourself at the very peak of football) players like this will turn us from a decent team with potential into a team that will frighten our opposition. Our goal scoring this season has increased massively and should continue to do so next season, almost negating the need to shore up our defensive worries. Let's really hope that it is in the plans of Rodgers and everyone else at the club to purchase a couple of players of this quality and sell no one.

  8. If the biting incident is leaving a bad taste on your mouth, dont bite people.

  9. Since Barcelona interested in Reina and Rodger keen on Tello, we can do straight swap.

    Can buy eriksen with cash + assadi. Ajax keen on assadi before he join liverpool.

    Tello + Eriksen, these would have settle liverpool attack for next season.

    Stegen would be a good choice to replace reina. If opt for experiences, Ochoa would be good.

    Get Wanyama in to replace lucas in 1st team. A cheaper alternative would be Diame.

    1st Eleven
    Indi Douglas Dede Kelly
    Wanyama Gerrard Eriksen
    Suarez Sturridge Coutinho

    Although I know it is almost impossible for BR to be daring enough to change the whole def.

  10. No Lucas? And keep Skrtel? What we need most of all this summer is a backup for Lucas, a contender for Enrique and a replacement for Carragher. If Skrtel gets sold, perhaps even Coates we need to replace them as well. Our attack isn't our weakest link anymore. Coutinho is great, Suarez is great, Sturridge is great, Downing has improved, and we have Stearling & Suso up and coming for next season.

    Jovetic would make all our fans wiggle in their underwear, but a new forward shouldn't be our prioritization until we've fixed our defenses.

  11. No need to change defence. Agger Skrtel Enrique Jonhson good enough. Why change lucas when he is a key player. Rodger tactic killing the defence

  12. Jovetic is a good player but might just be out of our price rage right now. I would like to think that Benteke would be a better option. He'll be cheaper and bring a whole new dimension to our attack. Benteke and Suarez will be a deadly combination if you ask me.

  13. I can tell you now its extremely unlikely jackson Martinez will end up a Liverpool player come end of summer and as for Jovetic hes not that prolific .We should try get hold of Rhodes or Benteke i recon

  14. I get the feeling FSG have used a bit of creative accounting on their books considering several sponsorships are missing.
    Maybe just maybe Jovetic can be afforded along with another quality replacement for Carra and possibly Erikson.
    The only worry i have with Jovetic is he has had a few injuries and spent considerable time on the sidelines other than that all class.

  15. My worry with Benteke is that might have been a one off season
    Remember Jelavic? Papiss Cisse?
    Both were fantastic in their first seasons, looked world beaters, then bombed the following season.
    The prices they're quoting for Benteke this season are silly, a bit like with Carroll. He's not worth £15m + let alone £25m

  16. Change the whole defence? that's changing 7 of the first choice 11!!!

  17. Jelavic look world beaters? What a joke. Benteke is younger than both and definitely worth 15m. If liverpool bought benteke for 15m, I believe most of the fans would be so happy.

  18. I hope next season LFC will not keeping S.Downing yet.He is just ordinary player who cannot develop into exellent or high world class player.Next season much better if LFC can sell out Downing with Carroll,Spearing,Skrtel,Borini and Pacheco.Henderson Lucas and Joe Allen need to be monitoring and push up to shining next season.Suffer and dissapointing if LFC still want to using deadwood who never cannot give big impact every games.LFC look so weaknes because using low class players.
    The best is next season must try to get sign young,faster and briliant wingers.The best answer is bring in Christian Tello and Eriksen.Left and right is more dangerous.It is will reduce burden goal scoring for Suarez and Sturridge.

  19. Mr. Point Of View1:35 pm, May 10, 2013

    he is 1 of gunner target right? not much hope we can win over gunner in term of $ (since big $ puma hand over to them)

  20. Mr. Point Of View1:38 pm, May 10, 2013

    hahaha so u well aware bout lot ppl playing fantasy football in here.

  21. Mike Aitcheson2:22 pm, May 10, 2013

    LOL yes ,the giveaway is when they mention somebody from some obscure league somewhere who has good stats.... ;-)

  22. Mike Aitcheson2:26 pm, May 10, 2013

    Actually, Jelavic did look really good for a while last season.
    And the reason I put £15m+ rather than say£10m+ is err...
    £15m or less would be fine.
    Try to keep up.

  23. If we could bring in Tello and Jovetic it would give us one of the potentially lethal attacks in england and would be a great step forward.
    Obviously we need a defender or two and an enforcer in the middle of the field but hey a guy can dream cant he?

  24. Spearing is worth more than £3m he won Bolton's player of the year award

  25. Where are any quotes Jovetic rejected Rafa? he never did, the reason we didn't sign him was because H+G wouldn't free up anymore money despite offloading Alonso. That's from Rafas book, so can you sort your sensationalist headlines out as they are wrong and misleading every time!!!

  26. Filo Sobh YNWA4:50 pm, May 10, 2013

    My Dream is to see Jovetic play for Liverpool #9, I wanted Liverpool to sign him in 2011, but didnt happen, so Hopefully in Summer 2013 we can get him =), Suarez-Jovetic-Sturridge-Borini WOW

  27. We dont need Alderweriled, he already agreed terms with Roma, so Douglas is fine for free, and ill leave Skertal, dnt sell

  28. We dnt need 2 def mids, we already hv Lucas, and when we sign Eriksen, Gerrard moves back to help Lucas, so Eriksen and Coutinho will be CAM, and Dede already signed for a brazilian team, so Douglas for free..

  29. What a player...if we get him we will defy make top four.Obviously defence needs sorting out

  30. Sorry but I don't buy any of that. Why do you think we will sign Eriksen, and where does Douglas come from? As for a new defensive midfielder, we do indeed need it. Gerrard will play in a attacking role for at least one more season, behind him we use two holding midfielders. Lucas / Allen / Henderson / Shelvey rotates in those positions, only Lucas has good enough defensive capabilities

  31. Borini isnt exacly WOW at the moment, not had chance to see him, i do hope he gets a chance next season though

  32. Bale and Walcott were both bought from a championship side were they not.

  33. The problem with the 2 players i mentioned is they would both be over priced