11 Apr 2013

Benitez to LFC? Rafa 'clarifies' his comments on Anfield return. BR insecure...?

In a recent interview with Spanish newspaper Marca, Rafa Benitez emphatically stated that he 'will return to Liverpool' one day, and his comments prompted a public response from current Reds boss Brendan Rodgers, who claims that he is not worried in the slightest about managerial rivals casting a covetous eye towards his job. Well, when asked about his comments yesterday, Benitez claimed that his statement had been taken out of context.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Benitez - whose Chelsea side face Liverpool next week - explained:

"Just to clarify: I'm talking about my home, where my family is, not the team. I have my family in Liverpool so that is my home and I will come back to Liverpool any time.

"I am the Chelsea manager and I will go back next week because we have to play against Liverpool (April 21)".

Prior to the clarification, Rodgers released a fairly lengthy statement on the subject, arguing that 'there is no drama' over Benitez's comments, adding:

"He would love to have the job (again). He has made that perfectly clear. I hope that won’t be for a long time as I hope to be here a long time and offer the club stability and we'll move forward as one club.

"The opportunity was there in the summer when Rafa was unemployed but they felt it would be best to go in a different direction. The board, myself, the players have all become one.

"It does not make my job difficult. I'm really close with the players, and we hope to have success in the future. Many managers would want to manage [Liverpool], including Rafa Benitez"

In my view, Rodgers should've just kept quiet on the subject. By responding, he prolongs the discussion about Benitez's possible return, and keeps the idea in the public eye.

Clearly, Rodgers either issued the statement of his own accord, or responded to a journalist enquiry about the issue. If he was asked direct at a press conference then it's understandable he'd respond, but his comments (arguably) make him sound a little insecure.

In my view, the fact the Rodgers is 'really close with the players' is a problem, and it will ultimately end up being his downfall. He seems to think that being best mates with the senior players is the right way to ingratiate himself at the club, and that manifests itself in sickening overpraise and hero worship, an approach that would be anathema to Benitez.

As for Rafa's 'explanation' for his comments - I don't think anyone really believes his clarification. It's clear that Benitez has a burning desire to return to Anfield, and despite Rodgers' protestations to the contrary, I'm sure he's acutely aware of the threat the Spaniard presents to his long-term future.

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  1. rodgers feels insecure now is comfort signings are injured i hope rafa doe,s not start mind games with rodgers as they will end up carting rodgers away from anfield in a straight jacket;-)

  2. Rafa is a sly and intelligent man. Rightly or wrongly, he knew exactly what he was doing by making those comments - it was to unsettle Rodgers. I think he succeeded because if Rodgers brought the topic up without prompting, then it's obviously bothering him. If he was asked the question by a journalist, then he should have kept his response to an absolute minimum rather than the extended rhetoric we saw in his interview. He needs to stay focused so I hope he doesn't let it get to him too much.

  3. J, you're beginning to tire me on this site, I come here for quality discussions on LFC, not something you can latch onto and post for uproar to sit and watch people squabble over, In the forefront of my mind you have potential, your a great creative writer and should be paid for your services. but just not on a LFC supporters site, maybe try the Sun or the Star, I think youll be better suited there as 90% of your colums are negative and misleading... can you answer me this please, when did you last go to Anfield?

  4. Rodgers wouldn't need to feel secure if he got results on the field. It doesn't matter what Rafa Benitez says, Rodgers has been pretty shit this season and if he lost his job to Mickey Mouse or Rafa he couldn't complain. He was lucky to get near Liverpool and has made a balls up of the season. He'll be lucky if he gets another season.

  5. The problem with Buck is, he can't stop shooting his mouth all the time

  6. Its no coincidence that this comment comes out a couple of weeks before we play to divide Liverpool fans and make it have potential before we play each other. It does though go into how rafa has developed his mind games since Liverpool and how he can twist his views to maximum effect. It actually makes me like him more, which is difficult as his comments where to distract and unsettle the current Liverpool manager, someone i am suppose to defend??? This example is another reason why i would support a Benitez return as instead of defending BR, i am sort of watching Benitez with interest how he is getting the upper hand and kind of liking it too, i am confused!! I do agree with you about him being to close to his players. this kind of management always ends in failure for all as he will use a guilt trip over the players if they fail to win as it would be like 'letting your mate down' but similarly if the performance is bad, BR as the players mate cant go and slag the performance off as he is slagging his mates. If he has this kind of management, he needs replacing as this style of management is good when things are going good but when the s**t hits the fan when it invariably does, you need someone who can step away and tell people facts not sit in the changing rooms and say stuff Delia Smith would produce!!

  7. Let's start with fsg policy, 1 to improve league position, 2 to compete for trophies,3 improve the squad quality and add value.if we look at br he has done none of the above,yes sturridge has scored a few goals and coutinho had been a good signing but Allen and borini were nobody's before lfc and are even worse now ofcourse br will say they will come good but isn't that more like hope they will come good.rafa is a proven manager a winner yes he has his flaws but which manager doesn't,rafa built lfc from mediocre houllier fodder to number 1 team in Europe and almost in the league,let's not forget to mention under ownership of complete cowboys.rafa deserves his second spell,if br does not improve the league position he has to go.

  8. I have great respect for Rafa, he will always be a legend in my eyes. But all the people who want him to replace Rodgers are delusional. He's at a club with far better players at his disposal his squad was in far better shape when he took over it and they have had quite a poor season now. What makes you think he is going to come in and improve us in his first season? He would have to chop and change the squad, some of his signings won't work some will, its the way football works.

    I can clearly see an improvement on last season with our performances, obviously not as much as I would have liked but shit happens. Borini and Allen might not have worked out too well so far but remember Rodgers had very little time to scout players and even see what players the squad needed. Look at the transfer window where he has had time we got Coutinho and Sturridge. Let's just look forward to next season and hope it goes better.

  9. so were all delusional except you and then you say lets just hope next season improves and he had time in the summer infact he had more time excuses excuses excuses thats all i hear of the rodgers brigade

  10. little time to scout players?? he has been in management 20 years?? nor did Steve Clarke or AVB and they are not moaning. We need to face facts which are;

    - we have only beaten 1 top side in spurs

    - we were fighting relegation before any attempt was made for 4th and no attempt was made.

    -we are cemented as being the lesser team on merseyside as they have more points and a better manager.

    - we are inconsistent and have been all season.

    - their is no plan B

    - Our defence has gone backwards and we cannot defend against physical strikers.

    the only records we have broken are for poor performances.

    the only positives;

    - we score some great goals with passing the ball loads of times, which masks to above comments.

    - Suarez is finishing with style, this i may like to add is the difference fro this and last season, if Suarez finished like he has this year last year, BR would still be at Swansea!!!

    What makes me laugh is, how people are giving BR stick for over praising his players when fans are defending underachieving liverpool, A team i may add that has spent massive amounts to only be 5 points ahead of our ex assistant manager who is having his first season in management!!!

  11. spot on m8 shame you will have the rodgers is god cult posting you later telling you how wrong you are and trying to convert you

  12. Mind games maybe. Rafa will not come back to manage LFC. FSG needs a manager who will polish their balls constantly. and be a yes man

  13. Well if you are putting yourself in the category of people who want Rafa back then I believe yes. He may have had time in the summer but the only real way to expose these weakness' is to play games. You don't like Rodgers that's fine you have your reasons. I don't have a problem with that but what I do have a problem with is the people who think if we bring back Rafa we are instantly going to finish in the top four or above.

    My guess is these people are the ones who:
    1.Wanted Rafa out in 2009

    2.Wanted Kenny to replace Roy
    3.Wanted Rafa back to replace Kenny
    4.Will probably want Roy Evans or Souness back next.

  14. BR fell straight into Benitez's mind games. If for some reason, BR got the sack and we could not lure Klopp, then Benitez would be a good choice. I feel he was improved overall.

    BR clearly is insecure, he seems to always try to reaffirm what he is trying to do, we do not need reminders every week.

    Being "close to players" is counter productive. Mourinho was close to Drogba, Terry, Carvalho, Ferreira etc...but the closeness was based on respect, not a "buddy buddy friendship".

  15. Ps BR is once again trying to lower expectation by giving excuses about how if we don't qualify for the EL then we'll have a better change of finishing better in the PL.

    What a load of nonsense BR.... -_-

  16. by the end of the season rodgers will be saying it was part of his masterplan if we do not qualify

  17. souness!, he was the catalyst who first created this monster!!!!Roy Evans was in the mold of KD and other and to be fair i liked the way he played football and he took over a failing side which finished 8th and in his first season got us back up to 4th then 3rd then 4th and finally 3rd. So if we compare Roy evans to Hodgson, KD and BR, his first year was way better, yes maybe we need to look into getting Roy Evans back!!!

  18. or simply just do want rodgers

  19. i think you replied to the wrong post but yes i see what your saying

  20. sorry jason that was aimed at Alanble

  21. Just because someone doesn't whinge, complain and constantly pour misery over every article on this website doesn't mean there part of the "Rodgers is god cult" or "Rodgers brigade". I don't think Rodgers is god far from it actually he has done plenty wrong this season but I don't think his head should be put in a noose yet as a result.

  22. "He has been in management 20 years" Yes but obviously you scout what's relevant to you. Up until the end of last season he and his team would have been scouting players to improve Swansea.
    Yes we were fighting relegation and the players clearly weren't getting the system. Now they do and we are not fighting relegation.
    Who's to say we won't have a plan B for next season. And if the plan B you are referring to is to bring on Carrol we still wouldn't have beaten West Ham
    We haven't been able to defend against powerful strikers for a good while. Stoke have had our numbers for a long time.
    Give him a chance to bring in defenders who can play that style. Also barca who play a similar style are said to have a poor defence but they constantly outscore their opponents so this is what we should be aiming to do

  23. The point i'm trying to make is that people are too impatient. This thing of chopping and changing managers is a recipe for failure and I don't understand why no one can see that. I guarantee that if we Brought in Pep Guardiola and sat in the same position next season the same people would want him gone.

  24. What does put things into context is Madrid are lining up Benitez for life without mourinho, if BR is a better manager why are we not trying desperately to hold onto him like what used to happen at Liverpool when benitez was here??

    It because on the world stage BR does not matter, he is behind the likes of Mourinho, Mancini, moyes, Ferguson Wenger and AVB he knows it, he looks up to these people. this is why he will always fail in comparison as the person who is at the top of the tree is no where near as good as the others.

    Next year is going to be tougher than this year as no doubt man city will change manager and invest, Chelsea will no doubt get mourinho back and invest, Tottenham will get better and man utd will set the standard. Liverpool on the other hand are giving BR 20M and hope to make a title challenge and cement 4th.

    Next year will be similar to this one, inconsistency, lack of tactical awareness leading to BR falling in behind the above. To try and overcome the status quo of clubs having more money we need to have a manager who can use his tactical awareness and ability to find players to make a difference. Benitez did this and this was the reason why he is currently hated by Chelsea as he tactically outclassed mourinho and others.

    It was only when he was arguing with new owners, that he lost touch with what was happening on the field. Me personally, I would rather see a manger like Benitez, Ancelotti Hiddink be at Liverpool as they have the ability to upset the status quo, BR does not at present due to the inexperience and tactical awareness.

  25. Bring the messiah back, otherwise the club will go back-wards!!

  26. I agree stoke where tricky but now every team is having a go! bring in defenders??? skrtel was our best player last year, he was going for 20m, what happened?? Barca may have a poor defence but they have xavi, iniesta and messi?? we are not barca but we try and play that way without the players.

    Stoke on the other hand play to their players potential like every team should play. This is were BR lacks tactical awareness and experience. He will repeatedly play in the same fashion until either the player get it or he replaces them in the hope they do get it, whilst other mangers play different formation and options to effect tactical ability.
    I remember one game in particular last year when KD played 3 at the back at Chelsea risky move but it was a tactical master stroke and worked a treat. When and where has BR done anything like that to effect a win? He hasn't because he is one dimensional and if it does not work, we get beat and fall to pieces!! his tactics when we go 1 nil down is simple, press press press, nothing else.

    I disagree about having an option upfront that can get on the end of crosses as it gives the opposition another area to consider and cover, this is where you can exploit the option by varying attacking styles.

  27. If we got pepe, it would be a statement of intent and he would of only come if he was guaranteed funds to make the changes. If that dream came true, I would expect to see some exceptional players coming to Liverpool whihch would then put in place a totally different set of circumstances that would end up in a totally different result and no doubt success.

    FSG have got an agenda, if they really did want to win trophies and wanted a go of it, then its simple get a quality manager in, and give him funds. I guarantee, if Mourinho came to Liverpool at the end of the season and the owners give him 200 million, we would be deffo get in the top 4 and that is more of a fact than if we gave BR 200 million.

    FSG want maximum success with little outlay, they know if they hire a top manager they will have to back him with funds at the very start and will have to do what he basically wants. this is where FSG model will not go for it as having a manger like ferguson, mourinho, Benitez who want ot run everything to do with football does not sit well with them as they know if the person left, they would be having to start again. This is why we have BR doing as he is told as he is finding it unbelievable he is at liverpool for a manager with such little history and experience.

  28. I can definitely see Benitez at Real ending in tears. Don't think it will happen though.

    Currently BR is behind the likes of them but what was Moyes when he started? And I am sure he looked up and probably still does to his elders. Shankly was a huge admirer of Matt Busby and rightly so.

    The fact that BR will only get 20m surely means that it would be wise to stick with him because what is any other manager going to do with that kind of money.

    Yes Rafa continously outclassed his superior opponents but it was the lesser ones where he struggled.

  29. why would the american owners want a two time maybe 3 time european trophey winner plus a runner up finalist, when they have one that says not making europe might be a good thing ?.
    he might be right though.

  30. Make no mistake rafa will get a great welcome at anfield with chelsea, 1/ for the awful way they have treated him and 2/ they know he loves liverpool fc and its fans - he's one of us.

  31. Yes and Downing and henderson were 2 of our worst last season and now they're two of our better players. A lot can change in a season Skrtle suited Kenny's style of play it's not BR's fault if he doesn't suit his.

    Barca were fortunate(well as a result of their excellent youth system) that a golden generation happened to come through at that time. Similar to UTD in the 90s. So since we don't have that i think more time is needed to get players of that quality. Perhaps BR doesn't have the tactical Nous to make these kind of changes but looking at our bench I think we don't really have the players. Just look how Downing coming off affected the game at the weekend.

    We came back from 1 nil down to beat Villa. I know we haven't done it enough this season but who's to say we won't next season?
    I just don't think you can really have the players to utilise both systems at the club. What I do think we need is someone like Benteke or Michu who can play with his feet and his head and then we won't necessarily need a plan B because plan A will be more versatile.

  32. Could someone clarify what the top teams have spent since FSG purchased the team in October 2010?

    I know that there is this faction of fans who claim that they haven't spent a lot of money to invest in the team.

    My question is, relative to the other top teams, how much have we spent in that time?

    This is a legitimate question as I'm curious for the answer as I hear this claim from fans on a somewhat consistent basis, but I feel like they've spent a significant amount of money on purchasing players since purchasing the team, but I'm not sure if my inkling is correct.

  33. What is all boils down to is that the people that are against Rodgers now, are mostly people who were against Rodgers last year when he was initially hired.

    The only way to change their minds would have been a top 4 finish, which any objective person would say was unlikely this year.

    But with the way that we finished last season in the league, combined with a new manager, new system, and more limited budget compared to the year before, top 4 was a pipe dream from the beginning.

    Next year has to be treated differently though. We've improved consistently throughout the year, but we need to get rid of the isolated hiccups (Southampton, etc.). The players are getting used to the system more and more. And hopefully we can bring in another few players to add to the puzzle.

    If we don't contend for Top 4 next year, I think BR will feel the heat 10x more than he does now.

  34. Jaimie, the way I read it was that he was asked a question and responded to it.

    I can't imagine he opens up his press conference with a prepared statement about Rafa's comments. If he did, it would make me seriously question his confidence.

  35. Good point! I agree that we need to finish in the top four next season but I believe it will be easier then as we will be well drilled over the summer. Even if you look at the pre-season tour it must have been tough as BR had players coming in at different times, with a lot of the senior players coming in late. And then there was that awful documentary being made which he admitted he wasn't comfortable with.
    I don't think everton will be as much of a threat next season and I hope Arsenal falter, Spurs will hopefully lose Bale and then wonder why they can't win so many tough matches :)
    All in all I am looking forward to next season.

  36. david moyes took over a rock bottom failing everton side that had been since howard Kendall left. BR was specifically brought in to do better than KD as KD failed to get top 4, BR has also failed massively worse than KD but will get another season to prove himself just because he is young???

  37. Without doubt the most sensible comment I have read on this site. Just wait for the Rodgers bashing brigade to come after you now. :D

  38. How has he failed "massively worse"? We have 3 less points than all of last season with six games to go. We have a goal difference of 19 compared to 7. Sure we have no Carling cup but that didn't keep Kenny's job so why should we care about that.
    Kenny had half a season to get his team right for last season. What has Br had a preseason tour of America with his senior players coming back in scattered numbers and stupid cameras stuck in his face which he admitted he was uncomfortable with.
    Finally Liverpool played some nice looking football under Kenny but I think we are playing nicer under Rodgers.

  39. Yeah, but they won't change their minds since theirs are so blinkered. As long as they can back up their comments, then that's fine! I predict a load of accusations of being in one corner or another.

    Truth is, I just want a stable, improving club. Bitching and moaning about the current manager before time is infantile. Whoever that manager is.

    The facts are there, Rafa, Kenny, and Rodgers all bought well, and bought badly.

    We have people saying Allen is a disaster. Maybe he is, I thought £15m was too high at the time.

    But we bought Lucas in 2006/7 ! it wasn't until 2011/12 that he became the player he is now. Yet Allen is supposed to do it ,even carrying an injury, within half a season.
    Just think if we had applied that to Lucas. Many in fact did, now they're keeping quiet on that one....
    Give the players/Manager a decent chance. These people have been saying Rodgers out after 10 games or less!
    Very realistic.

  40. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy lol

  41. Rafa never won any trophy with the top team of the day or even the second top. he won la liga ans the eufa cup with valencia ahead of real madrid and barcelona, he won the champions league with an average team and a great crowd. and the fa cup.

  42. Our defence has not gone backwards, we will have to lose all 6 of our remaining games to do that.
    Last season was w 14 d 10 lost 14
    This season so far is w 13 d 10 lost 9
    we already have more points,49, than all last season at 47
    You are perpetuating a COMPLETE MYTH
    Even if we did lose all six games, we still already have more points,and more clean sheets than the famed Steve Clarke defence.
    But don't let the facts get in the way of your unbiased opinion will you?

  43. We've spent net £70m since 2010

    Chelsea spent net £222m

    Man City spent net £178m

    Man Utd spent net £87.5m
    Arsenal. Spurs and Everton all had net spend profits!
    Didn't spend a penny! Made money actually!
    So people who say FSG don't and won't spend money are
    hope that lays a few myths to rest...

  44. Yeah, I don't have a problem with someone thinking he is not the right manager for us but the bottom line is he is our manager and should be treated with respect. I have even noticed that other teams fans don't even have to insult him because our fans are doing it enough.
    I think the Internet has hurt us as fans in a way, because we are reminded of our position everywhere we look and if we lose a game time was we put it out of our mind till the next one came round, now though, we look at the net see we're 7th then look again in 15 mins and we're still there. It is frustrating.
    I think it is only fair to consider this one a season of building and hopefully next season we can have a proper go at the top four. YNWA

  45. You may be right, but the length of his answer suggest (to me) that he wrote down his response and sent it through to Journos (as opposed to taking a phone call and responding to a question asked)

  46. Trouble with that comment is, the facts don't support your opinions.

    At his current points per game ,Rodgers will have got us up to 58 points this season

    For those of you who think I make this stuff up, that's 49 points out of 32 games ,which is 1.53 points per game, x 38 games = 58.19

    That's the same as Rafa's first season. And his last.

    That's better than Kenny's full season this time round

    We won the CL in 2004/5 FA Cup2005/6 ,and Carling Cup 2011/12

    That leaves SIX years when we won NO silverware under Rafa, Kenny, and Rodgers.

    I don't think not winning a cup this year means Rodgers is shit. What about the other six years without one? Mostly under Rafa.
    I don't think 6 pts more than Kenny got us makes BR shit either, particularly since we scored a lot more and lost less with more clean sheets.
    There are people clamouring for Rafa who say Rodgers hasn't been good enough, with similar stats. Rafa hadn't won a trophy for 4 years.
    There are people saying we should have kept Kenny, with inferior stats. I wanted us to keep Kenny. But the same people who said keep Kenny are saying sack Rodgers. For what? the Carling Cup?
    So why would Rodgers be lucky to get another season?
    Double standards.

  47. Well, we all know how Brendan likes to talk! And he does it so outstandingly! I can't fault him!

  48. OK.
    Justify the term out of his depth. he's doing as well as Rafa did in the league in his first season, and better than K Kenny in his.
    So how come out of his depth?

  49. I thought you said Rodgers always talked too much lol

  50. Probably because BR wanted some time for his tactics to work out. I think he was given immunity for the 1st season. The second one is the one where he ll be asked questions about a top 4 finish..

  51. Cisse was not bought by Benitez.

    He was signed up by Gerard Houllier before he was replaced.

    But hey, it suits your aganda...

  52. Am talking about the interview. He fell for rafa's mind games. Naive

  53. Come back Rafa, when an Oligarch or Sheikh buys us

    Stadium upgrade and CL return = easy sell

  54. actually your wrong and you must look at things relatively

    rafa got us to 2 major finals that we did not win, League cup 04/05, Champions league final 07, and in 08/09 we came second in the league so we were fighting for trophy's and that word fighting is very important because we are doing no such thing now in terms of leagues or cups

    with the point per game stuff you wrote about i will take your word for it but it means nothing to me becuase of the relative success RAFA had,

    beating barca away
    beating madrid home and away
    beating utd 4-1 at old trafford
    battering everton regularly
    two of the greatest come backs in 2 finals

    now if that isnt great stuff for a fan to see his team doing then i do not know what is, maybe you prefer being stuck in mid table under BR.

    BR is way out of his depth bring rafa back

  55. Yeah..but rafa didnt have any suarez to score 22 goals...take out suarez and then think where we would be without him this season :D

  56. Its not about where Brenden is going to finish, its like..what i have noticed watching his team..is he lacks on many fronts, he is simply not ready, his tactcis and philosphy is just too narrow minded for a top 4 finish, he gets outplayed even by a medicore manager....he has already spent a lot, and he has a suarez scoring 22 goals..and he still hasnt made any improvement despite all of kenny failed signings showing some improvement. Even Clarke with west brom is a new manager,,and hasnt even spent anything..but he is just a point away from us...on the other Rafa is class...ofcourse he has had some failures in few of his signings..but which manager doesnt? Except 2009..he did produce something every season...and constantly overachieved, he had to compete against the likes of Jose with a sugardaddy, fergies, arsenal with players like fabregas and RVP...etc..he is a reknowed tatician..and with better owners and funds..he is the one we need..

  57. You're missing the point.
    Rafa was given 6 years to get us right, people were calling for BR's head after a handful of games and continue to do so now.
    I've read so many comments about how bad we are but the facts are that Rafa did no better in the league in his first season, and Kenny did worse.
    It may well be that Rodgers is not the man for us, but it's too soon to tell.
    Again you state out of his depth, but show no reasoning or proof.
    It's your opinion, and you're welcome to it, but what did you base it on? Rafa didn't get top 4 his first season either, and won nothing for 4 years in a row. Sure, we had some great days/nights, but I suspect you wouldn't have put up with BR not winning anything for that long..
    You CANNOT say for certain that Rodgers won't do as well - excluding Istanbul obviously. You may not believe so, but at the moment there isn't enough of a case to sack him just yet, and he might just surprise us all

  58. I used a site which shows spend by season,. It doesn't matter whether he is or isn't included the point is just as valid. Rafa hardly had Cisse scoring 20 goals a season.

    The point is, he made good and bad buys, just like everybody else.

    Morientes. Josemi. Carson. Nunez. Pellegrino. All signed by Rafa in his first season. Which of those was a success? None. His successful signings were Alonso and Garcia.

    2 out of 6

    That's no better than Rodgers, some might say it's worse.
    Borini. Assaidi. Allen. Even if you say they were all failures,and again it's too soon to tell ,then that leaves Sturridge and Coutinho as successes, with Yesil signed for the future.
    2 out of 5,with 1 tbc
    It makes NO difference whether we include Cisse. Nice try.
    By the way, you say it suits my agenda- what agenda is that exactly?
    All I've said is it's too soon to tell. I said sack Rodgers a year from now if we don't improve.
    And I've disproved a couple of oft-quoted myths which are proven to be incorrect.
    What exactly is my agenda? You seem to be aware of something I'm not...

  59. You could be right.

  60. about where we would have been without Torres...

  61. Fair point.

  62. Rafa didn't have Torres getting to 50goals in record time

  63. he is so 'close' with joe allen he'd play him injured. lol

  64. Benitez presents no threat to the future of any Liverpool manager as long as FSG are doing the hiring and firing. HE HAS NO CHANCE OF GETTING THE LIVERPOOL JOB.
    Interesting that BR has changed his stance from 'we will be successful' to 'hopefully, we'll be successful'.

  65. Re: Cisse, he broke his leg two months in to his first season and didn't play again until April. In his next season, his only full season, he scored 22 in all competitions. Okay, he's no Torres or Suarez, but he's a helluva sight better than Borini and Carroll. He scored in the 05 CL penalty shootout and scored our first in "The Gerrard Final".
    Between the times of Collymore/Fowler and Torres, none of our strikers scored 20 in the league.

  66. but you must remember the squad that rafa inherited was pretty awful when he took the job, he instantly improved it with garcia and alonso.

    in Rodgers first league season the squad he inherited has been much better.

    what upsets Liverpool fans the most is that actually our squad is not that far away.in my opinion agger, johnson, lucas, gerrard, suarez and after January, coutinho sturridge.

    why i say he is out of his depth is because of his pretty amateurish things he has done.

    1. blowing more than half our budget at the time on allen when we were fully stocked up on midfielders. borini being your number 1 target for a striker speaks for itself

    2.talking to much! put a camera and a microphone in front of the guy and he doesn't stop and every time he has been embarrassed. first that silly documentary with him looking rather arrogant and in love with himself. second it was about how we could make champs league and 3rd spot then we lost to villa 3-1, third it was about polishing gerrard and carraghers backsides then carragher has a shocker against zenit. fourth he was talking about how he wanted to become like shanks then we lost to Southampton.

    3. responding to rafa about him coming back he looks so insecure now

    4. on the field we have not been as great as everyone thinks in reality if it was not for Suarez carrying us through till Jan we would have got rid of BR a long time ago. also playing Gerrard well to deep he needs to be further up the field. starting downing off as a left back now hes back to the right wing

    i agree with you Rodgers needs time but the truth is he has not given me anything positive to feed off, apart from the coutinho signing.

  67. Borini was put down as a failure, Cisse,as waspointed out,was bought before Rafa and Carroll before Rodgers.

    The point is Rodgers is not doing as badly as people are making out directly comparing his and Benitez' first league campaigns.

    We need another full season, or at the very least next Jan,before we will know