11 Apr 2013

Agent confirms: €18m star striker on his way to the Prem. Anfield-bound...?

In November 2012, Agent Dimitry Seluk confirmed that Liverpool 'were on the list' of clubs who'd 'made contact about the purchase' of Anzhi Makhachkala striker Lacina Traore. With the Reds arguably needing another striker to compete with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, Seluk has once hinted that a summer move for Traore could be on the cards.

Speaking to Russian newspaper Izvestia last night, Seluk - who also looks after Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure - said:

"I support the gradual development of players, and one day soon, Lacina will play in the Premier League"

Traore recently described Liverpool as 'a good team', and in an interview over the weekend, he revealed his love of the Premier League:

"England is a great place to play, I am no different to any other player. It is a dream but I am happy here, although you never know."

In December, Manchester United legend - who is now the manager of Anzhi rivals Volga Nizhny Novgorod - praised urged the 22-year old striker to sign for Liverpool. He told Isvestia

"Traore has all the attributes, height, technique, speed, in order to start playing in England. For Liverpool, he would be a great buy, especially givent the current state of affairs in the team. If he receives offers from Premier League teams and especially from Liverpool, he has to go".

To be honest, I'm not convinced. The idea of having a 6'8 striker up front is not appealing, principally because it opens up the possibility of route-one football, which is seemingly the opposite of what Brendan Rodgers wants.

Traore may be good on the ground but the presence of such a tall striker on the field could have a psychological impact on team-play at times, i.e. players will know there is a massive guy up front who will win everything in the air, so they'll probably play more high balls as a result. The club has already gone the huge striker route with Peter Crouch, and although he did a good job for the club, he couldn't scale Suarez/Torres-style heights.

Traore joined Anzhi for €18m in June 2012, and it seems doubtful that the Russian club would let him go just a year later for anything lower than that, especially if he continues to play well for them. Having said that, reports in Russia this week claim that Anzhi have made a €40m bid Jackson Martinez, and if that deal comes to pass, it could spell the end for Traore, who has a creditable 12 goals in 24 games this season.

If Traore ends up being one of a series of striking options then that would be fine, but the main option; a player brought in to play most games? I hope not, especially for €18m+.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Great player! LFC should sign him.

  2. Breaking new!!! I have signed a 3 year contract with LFC. I will link up with the team for pre season. Upon signing i was quoted as saying "Im going to get Liverpool back in the Champions League"....... God im bored today....
    On topic, I dont really like this player. Are we just linked to him because he scored against us?

  3. Sign? Bid? Goal machine! Another bollocks story. I can tell whose story it is just by the headline! Boring boring boring

  4. every thing you say will be taken down and used in court lol;-)

  5. If that were true, much of what you've said could never be produced in court because of your woeful spelling and the total disregard for the rules of grammar.

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