1 Apr 2013

Boss admits 'miracle' €40m LFC target could leave in the summer. Bid...?

Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim has admitted for the first time that star-striker Burak Yilmaz could leave the Turkish club this summer.

Liverpool have been regularly linked with a move for the 27-year old goalscorer, and recent reports in Turkey, claimed that Liverpool and Manchester United are both eyeing summer bids for Yilmaz, who cost Galatasaray a mere €5m in July 2012

Speaking to The Observer last night, Terim compared Yilmaz to Andriy Shevchenko, and conceded that he may have to let the prolific goalscorer leave in the summer. He explained:

"It's not going to be easy to keep him [Yilmaz] It will be his decision. Being wanted is a good thing, but we believe he can do great things for us in the future.

"Burak senses goals. He can score any time and from anywhere. If you substitute him in the 89th minute he will be angry. He is always thinking about scoring one more goal. In that respect' he's like Andriy Shevchenko"

"I'm really fond of him, he has been a miracle signing, and I think he is going to get better and better."

In December 2012, Liverpool scouts visited Turkey to assess the striker, who has 21 goals in 26 games for the Turkish giants this season.

In March, Gala President Unal Aysal compared the striker with Radamel Falcao, and then slapped a ridiculously unrealistic transfer fee on the player. He told Sabah:

"Speculation will mount as the end of the season nears closer. Burak is a very valuable star for us. If, however, we are talking about Falcao being worth €55 million, then my player is €40m."

Yilmaz recently appeared to pledge his allegiance to his current club. He told Reporters a few weeks ago:

"I feel peaceful here. My club is in charge but I can say that I want to stay and succeed at Galatasaray."

Yilmaz goalscoring stats are, admittedly, excellent:

* 55 goals in 77 appearances in his two years at Trabzonspor.
* Last season, he broke Trabzonspor's all-time scoring record in the league.
* 26 goals in 31 games for Gala, including 7 in the Champions League.
* Higher goals-per-minute ratio than Cristiano Ronaldo (in the CL)

An argument could definitely be made for Yilmaz being worth that kind of money, but in reality, there's no way (IMO) any club - including Liverpool - will pay that much for him, especially when he only cost Galatasaray €5m.

One thing is for sure: Yilmaz is a natural goalscorer, and in my view, he would be an ideal replacement for Luis Suarez.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. How is this even seen as an option to replace Suarez. We complain about settling on "lower level talents" and the solution is to sign a Turkish League striker? There's nothing saying that a Greek/Turkish league player cannot succeed in the Premier League (Kevin Mirallas is an prime example), but to say that Yilmaz could fill the boots of the most prolific player our team has is a stretch. I'd gladly take him on as a 2nd or 3rd striker but there is no way he could ever replace Suarez, the skill isn't there.

  2. 40m ? Not a chance with FS Garbage, they had their fingers burned with Andy Carroll (who I rate ).

  3. why are you so keen to get rid of suarez jaimie when he leaves it will be a sad day for us fans and an even sadder day for the media as they will have f"ck all to write about

  4. its subjective to compare him to schevchenko...there coach obviousley never watched him play at chelsea or that 40m soon becomes 4m which in all honesty is more or less what this guy is worth..to compare him with suarez on any level is folly

  5. I don't see this happening for a number of reasons. First of all, is Suarez left, we wouldn't want an out-and-out scorer, since it begs the question, what is the point of Sturridge if he isn't to fulfil that role? We'd need a link man, but it'd be difficult to find someone who can do that like Suarez does, with his intelligent movement on the shoulder, between the lines and from deep, and still score as many goals as Suarez.

    I forgot that Terim's time at AC overlapped with Sheva. It is a shame he got sacked, since that could have been a great side (Sheva, Rui Costa, Pippo Inzaghi and some others- it had goals in it). It would have been interesting to see what Terim would have done with Liverpool.

  6. Id say its more not burying your head in the sand to the chance of him leaving,Which is likely lets be honest,I know I have because Im not getting heartbroken again after what happened with Torres.

  7. Liverpool will survive. That's the point. Better players than Suarez have left in the past and the club has survived.

  8. DEFENSE...DEFENSE...we need DEFENSE...a couple of big, fast, mean brutes to plug the middle.

  9. the guy has ability to score goals when the day comes that we need to replace suarez we will be looking for a striker not necessarily a player exactly like suarez meaning we will try to sign a player that can score goals and at the moment yilmaz is doing that argubaly on the highest level in the champions league hopefully he will be bought in as a partner rather than a replacement

  10. Jaimie strikes again with his utter hatred of Suarez, knowing full well he will not be leaving especially to be replaced by in FSG terms an overage player for a crazy price of £40M. It wont happen.

  11. True.. But that list isn't very long..

    And there's a difference between 'surviving' and succeeding..

    Player's like Suarez don't come around too often..

  12. regularly linked? we are 'regularly linked' with every player in the world! but i've never ever seen this link before...

  13. It is not about survival. Survival without trophies is nothing. We need the PL.
    That is what Liverpool is about.

  14. M Mahboob Hossain4:56 am, April 02, 2013

    There are hardly few players in the world who can replace Suarez & neither of them play entire career in Turkish league. Yilmaz might be a good scorer in Turkey, but in EPL his role 'll be a target man. BR doesn't play with target man & even if he plays, I 'll keep Donkey Carroll (for 12mn, at current price), rather than spending double for Yilmaz.

    Well, I close with the statement I made for Aasaidi - "Quality players are hardly available for 3/4mn, either he is not good enough or his club is in desperation. Most teams have better scouting team then LFC & I doubt if he is that good, his club won't have allowed to run his contract." Burak Yilmaz was sold for £3mn at 26 & there is only 1 Michu.

  15. i think chrisconner says it perfectly and the difference this time is what that player will be leaving behind

  16. torres was always going to go the thing is suarez will be happy to stay as long as fsg match is ambition ,i also feel fsg would be happy to cash in on suarez which is the really worrying part

  17. If he were to replace Suarez and he was to cost 40 million, we should get at least 80 for Luis. At 27, I'm not sure if he would sign for a club that doesn't offer CL football anyway. It all depends who else comes in for him but with his record in the CL I'm pretty sure one or two clubs who will be in it next year will consider him. My guess would be he ends up at Atletico next year. They'll have the Falcao money, they have Arda there to convince him and they'll play CL next year. My money would be on them.

  18. Yilmaz will never cost anywhere near 40m; that's just hot air from Galatasaray's owner. He'd probably go for between 12 and 15m (IMO).

  19. Suarez replacement? How do you even know he will go? And praising a turkish league goalscorer doesnt seem logic to me, how many players have failed in epl coming from low leagues, Id say more than 70% of them, he can never do here what suarez is doing no way, comparing turkish league with epl what you on about? I would get him on the cheap but no way id spend big money on him, and I dont think we will ever replace suarez if he leaves, hes just something different class

  20. I also don't think Suarez is worth 80 million :-) At the end of the day it's all about how much a club want a player, how much the player wants to leave and how much the other club wants to let him go. Above you say that better players than Suarez have left LFC and the club survived and that is absolutely true. However, at this time, Suarez is an integral part in whatever limited amount of success we've had and letting him go means we would need to replace a key player whose impact we know with another player whose impact we don't know. As such, Suarez is worth much more to Liverpool than the market value of a striker of his quality. Liverpool would be foolish to let him go for any price unless we're talking ridiculous Cristiano Ronaldo money. Suffice to say there are clubs that can offer ridiculous money if they really want him. So at the end of the day it'll all come down to the player and how much he wants to leave. But I agree with you that if he does leave, we'll manage without him. I just hope it won't set us back two years. I am confident now though that we have a squad much better equipped to deal with such a loss than we've had in a long time. At least in midfield and attack anyway. Replacing Carra is going to be the real difficulty this summer.

  21. I am tired here are the players who will join in the summer...
    1.Stephan De Vrij
    2.Ashley Williams
    3.Kevin Gamerio
    4.Michael Vorm
    and maybe if QPR and Villa go down Benteke & Tarrabt..
    Out will be
    1.like or not Suarez
    2.u like.. it Downing
    5.nice..Andy Carroll
    6. Martin Skrtel
    7.Daniel Agger
    this will happen...

  22. RM 3 Gala 0. Still think Yilmaz is worth all that money?