2 Apr 2013

LFC coach hails 'exhuberant' starlet who rejected Man Utd.

After sustained brilliance for LFC at youth level, Reds youngster Jordon Ibe recently made the senior squad for the very first time. The 18-year old didn't get any pitch time during the Southampton debacle, but it's exciting to see another attacking youngster on the fringes of the first team, and according to Liverpool first team-coach, Ibe is ready to make the step-up.

Speaking to the official LFC site on Friday, March outlined the reasoning behind putting Ibe into the first team squad. He explained:

"Raheem Sterling had a stomach bug so he never travelled down; Jordon is a pretty similar player to Raheem - young, exuberant and plays in a wide area.

"We thought we would go like-for-like and if we did need to make a change, it was a possibility we could get him on the pitch. It was a good opportunity.

"If you manage to get ahead in the game, possibly winning the game comfortably, you can blood one or two youngsters and give them a bit of experience. Obviously the way the game panned out, it wasn't to be"

In my view, Ibe is a better prospect that Sterling. He's quick, skillfull and has the advantage of being stronger/more powerful, which hopefully means he won't get bullied out of games as much.

Liverpool signed Ibe from Wycombe Wanderers in 2011, where he made it into the first team at the age of 15. At the time, their manager Gary Waddock gave the following appraisal of the youngster:

"He's got everything. He has, in my 22 years in the game, made me step back and and say 'wow'. He's got the ability and the talent. It's up to him now how far he wants to go. I'm sure Liverpool will get the best out of him".

Upon signing Ibe, Marsh told the Liverpool Echo:

"He [Ibe]is a real talent. Hopefully he will settle in really quickly here and continue his development with us".

Ibe turned down Man United and Man City - who offered his family a house and car - to sign for for the Reds. Waddock recalls:

"There was a lot of interest in him but it was his decision to pick the right club. It was purely down to Jordon and his family and it was always going to be their call.

Here's a fantastic goal Ibe scored the U18s 5-0 victory over Swindon in the FA Youth Cup last year:

Hopefully, a sign of things to come :-)

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  1. I look forward to Ibe on one side and Sterling on the other for many years to come. Exciting times I hope. !!!

  2. I wouldn't be overly excited TBH...Lets hope he keeps developing and turns into a quality player!

  3. Lets not put pressure on him..we'll surely see him in first team probably in two or one year..gr8 time ahead..YNWA.

  4. they both need time to develop as sterling as showed potential but buy know means the finished article

  5. Good thing he didn't play, he would have been in the England squad the next day!

  6. It's really going fast these days. Not too long ago Cheyrou was the next Zidane when Zidane was at least nearly 30 or maybe even past 30 already. Now we have an eighteen year old being the next another eighteen year old :-)

  7. The one thing every Liverpool supporter can look forward/be hopeful for is the vast amount of young talent we have,In a few years at least a few will turn into quality players.

  8. lol yes we build them up to knock them down

  9. sterling on the left and Ibe on the right... i would want to see that...

  10. Lets not rush the lad...think we did a bit with Raheem

  11. Good to see the youngsters pushing for first team place. Overall it will keep the first team players on their toes. Great for competition. Good for the clubs future.

  12. He's actually 17. Born exactly one year after Sterling.