9 Apr 2013

Aldo insists: LFC must sign 'tremendous' £6m midfield 'brute'. Transfer swap...?

Liverpool legend John Aldridge has urged the Reds to think seriously about signing West Ham central midfielder Mohamed Diame this summer.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Aldo heaped praise on Diame - who he described as a 'brute of a midfielder' - and made it clear that he'd love to see the Senegalese international in a Liverpool shirt. He enthused:

"I would urge Liverpool to keep tabs on Mohamed Diame.

"He is a tremendous player and so strong and powerful in that central role, and he is exactly what the Reds need in there.

"I’m sure many of you have seen the way he muscled his way into the box to create a great chance for himself. Diame is certainly one for future reference".

When quizzed about Diame's future during his post-match press conference on Sunday, Hammers boss Sam Allardyce told reporters:

"His future will bubble up in the summer again so it`s up to us to give Mo our best offer. If we can`t keep him then we`ll use the money to try and get a better player than him. There is still a buy-out clause, but no-one triggered that in January."

Prior to having his contract terminated, Kenny Dalgish had pinpointed Diame as a possible free transfer signing in the summer. Liverpool's interest ended when Dalglish left, and the 24-year admits he was 'sad' to miss out on the move. He told the Liverpool Echo:

“I met with Kenny Dalglish and we talked about next season [2012-2013], but God decided to finish this situation. It is true I was very sad in my head as I was thinking to go there”

Allardyce recently revealed that he sought Dalglish's advice prior to signing Diame. He recalled:

"I spoke to Kenny about signing Mo. For me, it just made me feel so much better to have Kenny saying ‘Yeah, we were going to take him. It gives you that bit more ­confidence. To have somebody of Kenny’s ­experience backing up your ­judgment is a big help".

In February, West Ham co-chairman David Gold confirmed that £6m-rated Diame has a buy-out clause in his contract, though he neglected to say how much it is. He tweeted:

"Diame does have a release clause in his three year contract. He joined us from Wigan on a free transfer"

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp is a fan of Diame, and after watching him dominate Chelsea's midfield during West Ham's 3-1 victory in Decemver, he wrote:

"I like the look of Mohamed Diame at West Ham; he’s a cross between Patrick Vieira and Yaya Toure. He overpowered Chelsea’s midfield on Saturday. Can West Ham keep him? He came on a free and has an agreed get-out clause. There will be lots of interest now".

West Ham legend Trevor Brooking is also a big fan of the Senegalese international, and he praised the midfielder to the hilt in an interview on Monday. He raved:

“The lad has been a revelation for us. I think Sam thought he was a bit tired because he’s had some hard games recently, but Diame has been fantastic. He’s been the player of the season really.”

Diame has been regularly linked with a move to Anfield, and with Andy Carroll on a season-long loan at Upton Park, there is clearly scope for the Reds to come to some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement with West Ham.

Straight swap deal? I'd take it, despite the massive financial loss, though I suspect FSG wouldn't see it the same way (!) If not a straight swap, how about a part-exchange deal?

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  1. Diame? Yes please! Lucas is lightweight I'm afraid and Allen is not a DM. We need a strong DM. Diame fits the bill.

  2. cheikhabdou gaye1:34 pm, April 09, 2013

    that's a good option diame is the strong midfielder we need buy him

  3. It would be good to be able to rotate our defensive mids, for example use Lucas against a team like Chelsea, and Diame against a team like Stoke. Diame would add an extra dimension to our team which we currently lack.

  4. he outmuscled us he must be the solution ,hold on there are loads of players that have outmuscled us

  5. this is a must. been saying this for ages. a real flair DM, who can actually contribute both defensively and attacking. knows how to dribble. dribbles like suarez, can go past alot of players using strength and skill. £3.5M absolute no-brainer. we really need him before a champions league team buys him and he really shows them what hes about

  6. I'd do it. Holding mid and leftback are 2 positions we have no adequate cover for. Diame is a monster of a player who could be our Vieira, Keane(Roy) or Yahya Toure. He would allow us to play Allen comfortably.

  7. Diame is levels above Lucas and anything we have in the middle apart from Stevie. When it comes to strength no one can live with him! I believe Allen should be sacrificed for him if we're looking to lighten the load.
    If we're serious about top 4 next season he's a must, he's got the strength & athleticism to outmuscle Stoke & the silky skills needed to unlock top 4 midfield & defences. I think he's so good that if KK got him, he'd still be in a job! If we don't get him next season, our chances of top 4 will diminish like Charlie Adam's hairline!

  8. There's a lesson in there for you if think about what you wrote...

  9. theres no lesson were just powder puff

  10. '...loads of players that have outmuscled us.'
    Bingo !!

    So why have 'loads' of players done this to us over the season?
    If we are 'powder puff', why hasn't Rodgers sorted it out?

    If he cant sort it out with the personal at his disposal, then we have the wrong players.

    Which makes Rodgers decision to forgo Diame on a free, and sign Allen for 15m look like very poor judgment on his part.

  11. but rodgers needed allen like a baby needs a comfort blanket ,and you will get no argument of me about rodgers poor judgement infact i totally agree with everything you say just wish more fans would wake upto the facts

  12. Was reported in Jan that the buyout is just 3.5m. We should move for him but not in a swap deal. We can still get a minimum of 10m for Carroll.

  13. Rodgers completely underestimated our midfield and completely overestimated our center backs. We didn't need Joe Allen. We needed either a better defensive midfielder to complement or rotate with Lucas to help support our defense. Or we needed a better center back to complement or rotate with Agger, Skrtel, and Carra.

  14. I've been saying this forever. Allen was not priority, doesn't add anything significant & will never take us to top4 level!

  15. Its a shame fsg had to apply thier format to last years signings, If you add Diame and Michu and the other players Kenny or Damien wanted to the ones they gave the go ahead to the squad would have been strong.

  16. we need some more matured players nd never ride d luck on diame.he is not consistent.this is his season bt nt d nxt..

  17. I'd prefer someone with a better fitness record, but since since the maximum I've heard his release clause as is £6mil (lowest about £3mil), I think he should be a certain signing.

    Someone with more nous than us will buy him.

  18. We need this player, he is a beast. kenny should have bought this guy ages ago when he left wigan on a free.

  19. what are you on about.....you may set your team so a player like messi can operate ...but Allen lol lol lol ...thats the best yet setting you team around allen ......why not set our team around borini or assadi why we are at it

  20. allen is not anything .......lol...check his assists this year he certainly isnt a player maker.....lol

  21. I would like Matuidi from PSG if we could get him, but Diame is also a good option

  22. To be fair he looks a player ..

    Still, last time I remember being battered from pillar to post and being told by all and sundry bout a midfielder that was the answer to our midfield woes was Oyvind Leonhardsen ! circa 96-97.. and circa same price tag !

    Just saying LOL

  23. I dont think we need the part exchange if the buy out clause is so low - we might end up paying near his actual value. however it would be good business to lower the andy carroll price a little because i think a lot of teams will be after diame.

  24. Central midfield is about balance. With Alonso and Masch with Gerrard ahead, there was that balance as it is with Gerrard and Lucas with Hendo ahead. Allen with any of our current central mids in front of our back 4 just doesn't cut it, but Diame would buy him the necessary space to operate effectively in.

  25. What a big lost thisb season LFC never serious to sign Diame.I hope next season with new faces,all position players can perform very well and can scoring many goal.

  26. _
    Diame would plug a gaping hole in the Liverpool midfield. We've never seriously been able to compete with the top 4 or 5 clubs because we are simply overpowered in the midfield! Too much responsibility therefore lies with Gerrard and we lose the essential attacking attributes of our star midfielder and captain.


    This is a critical season that could make or break LFC for years to come!