9 Apr 2013

'I won't turn it down' - Exciting €6m attacker who likes LFC wants move. Bid...?

Algerian attacking midfielder Ryad Boudebouz has confirmed once again that he wants to leave Sochaux, which could be good news for Liverpool, who will probably be in the market for a goal-scoring attacking midfielder this summer.

Speaking to France Football today, Boudebouz - a player linked with Liverpool several times in the past - said:

"Like everyone else, a move to a big foreign club interests me.

"I just turned twenty-three years old, and if I have a good opportunity to go abroad, I won't turn it down"

In June 2011, Boudebouz told L'Est Républicain that Liverpool had enquired about his services:

"Liverpool are a big club and there has been contact, But I have to take my time, see the [Sochaux] president, discuss things through".

Nothing ever came of that in interest, but in May 2012, Boudebouz revealed that he'd met with the Souchauz President, and made his future intentions clear. He told L'Equipe:

"I told President [Alexander] Lacombe that I would go to another club in June. At Sochaux, I have made ​​good progress, but I want to play at a higher level, preferably in ligue 1, playing in the Champions League"

Liverpool have been linked Boudebouz several times over the last year, and last summer, the coveted winger confirmed that the Reds had enquired about his services:

"Liverpool are a big club and there has been contact, But I have to take my time, see the [Sochaux] president, discuss things through".

Boudebouz met with the Souchauz President soon after that, and then publicly confirmed that he wanted to go to another club. Since then, Sochaux's fortunes have not really improved: the club finished 14th in France's ligue 1 last season, which prompted Boudebouz to once again reaffirm his intent to leave:

"I still have a two-year contract [with Sochaux], but I want to leave"

In October 2012, Sochaux coach Eric Hely made it clear he wants Boudebouz to stay at the club. He told AT:

“I know that Boudebouz is looking for a change of atmosphere but the club and its management are happy for Ryad Boudebouz to stay at the club and benefit from this talented player. Boudebouz is an important player and a big boost for Sochaux."

In February, Hely told le10Sport:

"Ryad never came to see me and say 'I want to go'. These are just typical transfer stories. I like his mentality"

In in interview with Le Buteur in March, Hely praised Boudebouz once again:

"Riyadh has become more mature, and my conversations him helped him to better manage his responsibilities in the field. I love what he does for some matches"

Boudebouz's contract expires in the summer of 2014, so if the €6m-rated attacker really wants to leave then here's hoping Liverpool reignite their interest and explore the possibility of signing him.

Despite Liverpool's middling league form this season, a move to Anfield would surely be a step-up from toiling away in the bottom half of the French league...

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  1. This is the type of bargain we'll be looking for. i dont the board gambling on some cheaper players because the risks are low.
    He also looks very good in the french league.

  2. the risks are low so are the expectations

  3. lol well said jc ....2014 season welcome to palookaville

  4. Yes, Rubin Kazan. Just read it on wiki

  5. cheikhabdou gaye9:25 pm, April 09, 2013

    a good talent

  6. Nothing to do with thread at all but my word, how I miss the Champions League? Crazy games tonight.

  7. No doubt you will find every player in France licking their lips and wanting moves to the EPL especially when we have just lowered our higher tax rate to 45% and Hollande is going to smash the crap out of the higher tax rate. How are players in France going to afford their range rover sport and ferrari, i know start saying you love EPL clubs and hope you get to the new tax haven for the rich in britain.

  8. Id almost bet my house you would have said something similar if we signed Michu for £2m

  9. lol Jamie round two...Whats your thoughts on him?

  10. Its time for first eleven players not bench warmers this fella wouldnt even make it that far without injuries.
    This is just another poor rumour of which has popped up the last 3 years running doubt Rodgers even knows who he is.

  11. Spot on my man..

    Jason & Co are the very people who have a go at FSG for failing to invest, blame and accuse both them and Rodger's for lowering the standards of the club, settling for mediocrity bla bla bla if a signing hasn't got a montage clip on youtube they can check out and/or is under 10m.

    Yet I siht you not the same guys are the ones moaning about FSG, Rodger's and our scouting system for missing out on the likes of Michu, Sissoko, Cisse(It was Jelavic last year, Everton got a bargain don't you know LOL).. it's incredulous

    Some guy's are just so intent on spouting so much Vitriol against FSG and Rodger's (yes Jason 3000+ comments later!) that they loose track of their thoughts, rational and arguments from one article to another .. and have no idea how hypocritical they are actually being.

  12. no michu was some one i had heard of this is just another assaidi

  13. chris i am all for given young upcomming talent a go but if our policy is to buy young we should be going for the top players eriksen ,hazzard ect but were not were going for the second or third rate signing on that level two,name one signing under rodgers we have had to fight of competition the answer is none because none of the big clubs wanted them ,and the players we have lost out on who we were seriously after ,went to other clubs eg southampton ,spurs ,and chris i do not think i am being hypocritical ,as i have never been happy under rodgers and fsg:-)

  14. Boudebouz is a talent theres no doubt. 2 seasons back in France they spoke of Hazard and Boudebouz in the same breath. He plays for a poor team and still manages to get strong stats every season. But I don't know where he'd play for Liverpool. For Sochaux he was established on the right wing, but this season he's played in the middle (and briefly on the left). I'd love to see him at Anfield, but I just can't see where he'd be a good fit. Perhaps on the right wing. I think Johnson's overlapping runs would help as Boudebouz can make spacefor himself and does get decent shots on goal and a lot of key crosses per game. If Sochaux had better forwards he'd have a lot more than 6 assists this season (his worst to date). Having said all that, he's miles ahead of Downing, although thats probably not much to brag about...