24 Apr 2013

Game on: LFC make transfer enquiry about 'frustrated' €23m star. Needed...?

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is reportedly interested in signing Manchester City reight back Micah Richards this summer.

According to The Mirror:

"Brendan Rodgers is keen on a summer move for Manchester City defender Micah Richards.

"Liverpool have made an enquiry and are among a clutch of clubs who are interested in signing the 24-year old"

Richards has just returned from a SIX MONTH injury layoff, and his first game back came in last Wednesday's 1-0 victory over Wigan. The defender lasted 83 minutes, but after the game, Robert Mancini displayed his questionable man-management skills again by criticising Richards' performance. He observed:

"I didn't like it [the performance]. I think that he needs to work a lot. I am happy because he comes back to play but I thought that he was in better form."

That's a totally classless response from Mancini, and if the Italian wants to push Richards out the door then he's doing a great job of making that happen. After the Wigan game, Richards revealed his frustration over being out of action for so long. he told reporters:

"It is quite frustrating to be out so long. Zaba has been class this season. It is going to be hard to get back in but you know what football is like, one minute you are in and the next you are out. When I am in I am going to have to take my chance."

City reportedly want between €17m and €23m for Richards, which is pretty ridiculous if true. Given his injury history, I doubt that he'd fetch more than €12m-€15m in the current market, and if the Reds spent €17m+ on him, it would (IMO) be a gigantic waste of money.

Why do Liverpool need a new right back? Glen Johnson is admittedly error prone, but is Richards any better? Andre Wisdom has proven himself this season, and he looks like a great prospect for the future. Martin Kelly can also play at right back, so the Reds are currently well-covered in that position.

Right back is not a priority position this summer, and any money the Reds have available should (IMO) go towards the following positions (in order of priority):

* Defensive midfielder x 1 (different style to Lucas/Allen)
* Central defenders x 2 (Replace Carra/Skrtel)
* Striker x 1
* Attacking midfielder x 1
* Right-winger x 1
* Goalkeeper x 1

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  1. He can play centre back or defensive mid come on

  2. One question...Why Euro? Its an English club who owns him so I dont get it or Maybe Im just nitty picking

  3. Nah... good player and would be welcome competition to johnson, but as you say a RB would should not even feature on our list of priorities this summer...

  4. If I remember right Rafa could have had him for 5 mill. But spent 17 on Johnson, so I wouldnt want to be spending big and its not a position that needs filling.

  5. Maybe Rodgers sees him as a CB? That is his preferred position. But in fairness I think it's just paper talk. There are too many other candidates who are a lot better. My guess would be Williams, Mkytharian, Diame and Eriksen will be all of our summer spending. Maybe a few youngsters as well.

  6. In my opinion the exact player Liverpool need Benteke, Diame ,Ch.Ericksen to replace Gerard and Williams from swansea ,goalkeeper can wait until... is Reina stays. Liverpool formation for next season :


    Johnson Agger Williams Enrique

    Diame Allen/Lucas


    Sturidge Suarez


    Subs: Gulasci,Wisdom,Downing,Henderson,Sterling.Skrtel.

    We must sell the likes of Shelvey ,Wilson ,Spearing ,Pacheco ,Coates, Borini, Caroll.

  7. -------------------------Reina






  8. Benitez could of had Carroll for a very, very low price. That's football.

  9. Totally deluded liverpool fan again. Before he got injured at the olympics Micah was City's first choice right back. He has stated many times he wants to stay at City and WIN things. He will be first chpoice at City next season and for many years ro come.

  10. That's an ambitious shopping list - 7 new signings. Who will leave though?

  11. One thing is for sure. We need someone challenging Glen Johnson for the RB position. The guy has gotten too comfortable these days and just isn't sharp anymore.

  12. 23million to much maybe worth a punt if the price was 10 million but think city will want more

  13. He's not the future number 10, mate, he's the current number 10: see the number on his back? it says 10 ;-)

  14. If we are going to be serious about getting into the top four fsg need to pull some money out in my opinion we should keep reina for another season but bring in ter stegen to having one season learning and gaining a little knowlege of the epl, defence we should bring in t alderwierld and de vrij, midfield m diame and if were lucky alonso for the attacking side honda and erkisen then we will have top four easily also get rid of the dead wood I.e carrol, spearing, skrtel, assiadi and maybe downing for around combined 35mil so if suarez leaves which I dont think he will but if he did we would have a major amount of money to replace him with 35 mil plus atleast 45mil of his transfer team for next season with suarez and with out

    Reina/ter stegen

    Enrique agger alderwierld/de vrig johnson
    Diame/lucas gerrard

    Eriksen honda coutinho


    Or we could have instead of suarez, jackson martinez and benteke which we could sign both for nearly the amount we sell suarez for both on lower wages aswel but thats my opinion.

  15. Since bayern has agreed a deal with mario goetze and now try to sign lewandowsky aswell, i think we should offer a swap deal.. Suarez for xerdan shaqiri plus mario gomez/mandzukic, and if possible, we can ask for some money, maybe 3,5m, so we can used it to buy diame.. ??? :D... What do you think jason?

  16. Coutinho alone is not enough. Plus, he's not experienced. When it comes to attacking midfield, who do we have? Coutinho, Downing, occasionally Gerrard, and that's about it. For me, we need an experienced (i.e. ages 25+) attacking midfielder who can come in and score/create goals regularly. Allen, Lucas and Henderson are not going to do that, and we can't (and shouldn't) just rely on Coutinho and Sterling.

  17. good players but why get rid of our best player to get them surely we should be after these players as well as keeping suarez if we ever want to return to the big time

  18. Hahaa.. Dont get me wrong.. I love suarez, and want him to stay as long as possible.. But it looks like he will choose to leave in the summer.. And i wont blame him for that.. And with the bite, ban, el, i believed his price has drop 5-10m.. So i think 35m would be a reasonable price right now...

  19. depends lfc should appeal imo its a total disgrace fair enough he deserves a ban but 10 games come on there having a laugh

  20. couldnt agree more with transfer requirements. alonso, erikson, Carroll(on bench) diame, williams would be decent sighning imo