16 Apr 2013

'Ronaldo is my role mode' - LFC want exciting wing-star with €30m buy-out clause

Liverpool are reportedly monitoring Sporting Lisbon winger Armindo Tue Na Bangna, aka Bruma, who is also wanted by Manchester City.

According to Portuguese newspaper A Bola, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Monaco are Manchester City are 'on the trail' of the 18-year old attacker.

Bruma has a €30m release clause in his contract, and Bayern rate the Portuguese youngster so highly that they've already made a €5m offer.

Bruma is the younger brother of Fulham youth player Buomesca Tue Na Bangna, better known as 'Mesca', who previously played in Chelsea's youth academy.

In a recent interview with Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record, Bruma - who has 7 goals in 24 appearances for Sporting Lisbon's B Team - admitted that he models his game on one of the world's great players. He said:

"Cristiano Ronaldo is my role model. I try to imitate him at that level and I am very happy with the results of my work"

In February, one of Sporting's coaches revealed the excitement over Bruma's rapid development. He told Jornal Record:

"There is a huge excitement around him [Bruma], from family and friends that have followed, since he came to Portugal"

Both Manchester City and Chelsea want Bruma player so badly that they were reportedly willing to give him a £250k salary, as well as a house, a car and work for his relatives in England.

Bruma played against Liverpool in the Next Gen tournament in 2011 (alongside Joao Teixeira), and helped Sporting hammer the Reds 5-1.

Worth a bid...?

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  1. 250 k he ain't worth it, no English club will pay such a salary to someone leas than neymar

  2. He has a €30m release clause which means they want to keep him. so by offering €5m they think they'll get him. Which district of Cloud Cuckoo Land do they live in, La La by any chance? I should think BR would love to get him, but seriously we have no chance, and with the new rules clubs should be able to hang onto their young players, it may even put the skids under Manure, Chelski and Chity, but I doubt it.

  3. If all those clubs do want him then we don't have a chance. We're not gonna outbid all of them and we're definitely not more attractive.

  4. If Liverpool are to be serious about getting the best young players they need to put up the cash and have a serious dip at this fella 5 mill pound and 300k for a years salary shouldnt over whelm them.

  5. Liverpool already have a great relationship with Sporting over the Texeira deal therefore maybe having an edge when it comes to looking after their young talent. Hopefully that will give us a chance if he really is that good. !!!

  6. So that's why they let Teixeira come to us without putting up a fight...
    The deal offered by Chelski and Citeh isn't that amazing. 5k a week isn't a lot of money if he can go straight into the first team..

  7. sick to death about hearing us bidding for kids for the future if we do not sort out the present our future will be very bleak

  8. Lol! Don't think it was weekly pal!!!

  9. I would argue with the numerous potential we have already in that area, coupled with our limited budget, do we need him? I'd personally prefer if BR focused on players that can make an improvement on the team next season - not in 3/4 years - the academy is doing fine - good result against west brom lads

  10. Broomer? sweep it under the carpet. we don't need another wasteful player.
    The last game is still stinging in my head.

  11. Probably what Liverpool do have in our favour is that young players can be seen to "get a game" therefore a greater chance of breaking through.Struggle to think of any young players breaking through the ranks at either City or Chelsea. Consider Flanagan,Robinson,Wisdom,Shelvey,Sterling,Suso and others before these Pacheco etc all get an opportunity.

  12. the only hope we have when it comes to the best youngsters out there, is that we are a mid level club, where game time is much more likely.
    Dortmund built up this way, we can too, although rodgers is 1/10th of the manager that Klopp is.

  13. Judging by the video, I can't understand the hype.
    There are moves of him being extremely wasteful, and others of him not being a team player by preffering to dribble and cut inside instead of passing the ball.
    Not impressed.

  14. Let us worry about who actually comes to the club.

  15. He is very Bent. Does all that work and then misses the target. Let's wait until he gets into Sporting Lisbon's 1st team. The gap between reserve/youth football is huge vs 1st team.

  16. €5million?lool If Liverpol really thinks Sporting will realese this player for that much Liverpool better think twice.
    He has a €30 million release clause,get real Liverpool!

    Sporting Sempre!!