15 Apr 2013

Yes Please: €30m/189-goal star who almost signed for LFC is 'unhappy'. Plan B option...?

In January, former Liverpool Managing Director Christian Purslow confirmed that the Reds were 'hours away' from signing Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez during the summer 2010 transfer window. If the deal had gone through, the club probably would've avoided the Andy Carroll debacle, and saved over £30m in the process (or used that money to greater effect). Gomez is increasingly frozen out at Bayern these days, and over the weekend, his Agent warned the German giants that the striker could leave if things don't change. Liverpool need another striker this summer, so if Gomez becomes available, could he be a good option...?

In 2010, Gomez's Agent, Uli Ferber, told confirmed Liverpool's interest. He told reporters:

"When a club like Liverpool enquires, their interest cannot be pushed off the table"

Speaking to German newspaper BILD on Saturday, Ferber, revealed Gomez's dissatisfaction with things at Bayern:

"Naturally, Mario is unhappy about his situation. It's also clear that it can't stay this way. He is behaving well, is loyal and always ready. If the coach puts him on, he has earned it"

With Bayern Boss Jupp Heynckes regularly preferring Mario Mandžukić up front, Gomez - who cost Bayern €30m - has experienced a dramatic fall from grace this season:

* Last season: 60 appearances, including 33 in the Bundesliga.
* This season: Only 30 apps so far, with a paltry 7 league starts.
* More sub apps than starts this season overall.

Granted, Gomez missed the first three months of the season with an ankle injury, but since returning in November, he's spent most his time on the bench, and Mandžukić has capitalised, smashing in 24 goals for the Germans this season.

Gomez's marginalisation is hard to fathom, especially considering the fact he grabbed 40 goals in 45 games for Bayern last season (!) And with 10 goals in 9 starts this season (all competitions) it's clear the German's goalscoring ability remains undiminished.

Having said that, it's not as if Bayern have missed Gomez. After missing out on the league title last year - despite Gomez's 40 goals - the club have secured the Bundesliga with a record six games to spare, and they're in the Champions League semi-finals.

Clearly, Bayern don't need Gomez, which may mean he's surplus to requirements this summer. If he becomes available, should Liverpool go back in for him?

Yes, Gomez is a big striker, but unlike Andy Carroll, he is technically proficient, experienced at the highest level, and he is - most importantly - a supremely prolific goalscorer.

Recent record (All Competitions)

* 2008-09: 48 goals/assists in 62 apps.
* 2009-10: 24 goals/assists in 54 apps.
* 2010-11: 46 goals/assists in 55 apps.
* 2011-12: 53 goals/assists in 59 apps.
* 2013-13: 18 goals/assists in 30 apps

* TOTAL LAST 5 SEASONS: 189 goals/assists in 260 apps.
* Scores or creates a goal every 1.3 games

Gomez's goalscoring record is absolutely formidable. Could Andy Carroll ever achieve these figures?! Very few strikers in world football have creative figures as good as this, and if the striker is available in the summer, he would (IMO) be a great acquisition for Liverpool, for the following reasons:

* His goalscoring record speaks for itself: Gomez guarantees goals.
* He is totally different in style to any of LFC's current attacking players.
* He'd provide Liverpool with a legitimate and enticing 'Plan B'.
* Gomez's size/physique make him ideally suited to the Premier League.

Liverpool currently has no plan B in attack, and I'm sure most fans would rather have the Gomez over Carroll when it comes to fulfilling that role.

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  1. lol this one is one of the biggest none starters yet although i would love us to sign him its not going to happen for more reasons than one

  2. Not as good as made out ...

    Most of the time he just lurks in the box waiting for a cross or pass ... and when he finally gets the ball he misses the sitters far to often !!

    His stats are impressive because he plays for Bayern Munich ... even mediocre strikers are able to get stats as these for Bayern !!

    We don't need a plan B ... we just need to get better ... and sometimes you will lose nevertheless ... so, a plan B is not needed !!

    If we really want to use such tactics we have our own Michael Ngoo. Let's use him.

  3. Mario Gomez is my favorite player, and Bayern is my favorite team, so it pains me to see Gomez on the bench and not used, when I know he could score much better than Mandzukic or Pizarro. I would actually prefer Gomez to move to a different team and be on the starting XI.

  4. gomez is a great player. im a fan here in germany, but in bayern the focal point of the team will bang in the goals. Pizzaro is also on fire at the moment. thing is with gomez, he has always taken a lot of flak in germany. but last two seasons he became really important. i had a lot of hope that caroll could add to his game what gomez added to his game in bayern. gome started to control the ball into space and kept things going forward. but imo he had to learn this and keep the aspect of his game that terrorises opposition players which his physicality.

    he would be a good addition, but i wouldnt break the bank for him.

    as a matter of interest Jamie, how much do you think would be a reasonable fee for him? I think he would be a good addition for around €18-20 mill

  5. I like him but the one big problem is he usually needs supply,Hes not very good at creating his own chances (of what Ive seen of him) but with that said if we have Suarez next season in the team it wouldn't be that much of a problem perhaps,Id never say no to a player of his caliber,Wages could be an Issue though

  6. I don't think you spend that kind of money on a plan B, that was the mistake with Carroll. Or maybe Dalglish saw something in the big geordie that is yet to be uncovered. If we bought Gomez it would have to be as a central striker, part of a front three. You could put him with any combination of Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and Borini, although I'd feel a big signing like this would really diminish the chance of the young Italian getting regular starting roles. The only question for me is if Rodgers could work him in tactically. Our previous interest was under a different manager with different ideas. Rodgers' style of play is very specific so Gomez would really have to be able to fit into plan A, B and C to be worth the money. There is no question that as fans we can see his talent and imagine that putting him in a front line would surely add to our goal scoring, but on the other hand you have to respect the possibility that he just might not fit. He's good, but can he play the kind of football we've been trying to play?

  7. Whether or not we can afford him remains to be seen but Gomez would be an amazing signing. He would provide genuine quality upfront and would definitely score plenty of goals for us. I think he would suit out style of play also. Liverpool should try for him.

  8. He would have been a great option then, but im not sure about now. were looking for pace and movement, plus youth. Gomez needs to goto italy or spain imo.

  9. We could very well do a lot worse than him. He's also used to being in a team that challenges for the title and can deal with the pressure. I'd love it if we signed him.

  10. its easy for rodgers to sort out the team.here is how: 1.sell skertel and coates for a combined 20m and buy jackson martinez from porto who will be our striker.2.sell carroll for 14m and buy a defender like lovren or the ajax defender for 8m,leaving a balance of 6m.3.buy mohamed diame from westham for 5m using the 6m which remains. 4. sell spearing,assaidi,and pacheco for a combined 9m and buy mikytarian or tom ince.get the 20m from the owners and decide whether to buy erikson or a new goalkeper.otherwise we can do without the owners's rumoured 20m.

  11. its better to go with Bony I guess.

  12. Good player but I don`t think we will go for him

  13. --------------Gomes---------------

    id take that sort of attacking line up any given day.... Huge fan of Gomes... he is a constant threat. and fantastic finisher. im just worried that any deal for Mario would include Suarez moving to opposite direction.

  14. Hope Gomez comes to Liverpool