22 Mar 2013

'He's a young Vieira' - LFC chase exciting £10m star Pirlo called 'exceptional'. Bid...?

Liverpool have reignited their interest in powerful Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama, and Reds boss Brendan Rodgers is considering a move for the 21-year during the upcoming summer transfer window.

According to the Daily Mail this week:

"Liverpool have joined the chase for Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama.

"Brendan Rodgers has had the 21-year-old watched extensively and is ready to make a move in the summer window.

"He has one year left on his contract and Celtic would want around £10million"

The Reds have been linked with Wanyama several times over the last year, and during that period, the African midfielder's future has been the source of constant speculation:

* In June 2012, Wanyama confirmed his desire to move to the Premier League. He told Sky Sports:

"The Premier League is a dream, so I'd be happy to play there. It would not be a terrible thing for me if the club agree to let me go, and they were to get a good offer. I'd be very happy to be the first Kenyan to play in the Premier League"

* The same month, Wanyama's Agent, Rob Moore, made it clear that the Kenyan had his heart set on a move to a bigger club. He told The Daily Express:

"Victor has made the club aware that if they receive an offer from one of the big leagues he would like them to consider it"

* In July, Celtic boss Neil Lennon publicly blasted Wanyama for discussing his future in public. He told the Dauly Record:

"I’m a bit annoyed with the agent and player for talking about club business. players should not be talking about that when they are away with their international teams. I am not just singling out Victor on this but he knows the club policy"

* Then, in August, Lennon broke his own rules and admitted that every player - including Wanyama - is for sale at the right price:

"Interest in Wanyama doesn’t surprise me because he’s a class player. I’m not surprised by the clubs supposedly looking at him. I think he’s got all the attributes to be anything he wants to be. Every player has his price, and every club sells players if they get the right offer".

* In October, Wanyama's agent told the Daily Record that the 21 year old wanted to play 'at the highest level'.

* When asked in January 2013 about a possible move to the Premier League, Wanyama - clearly trying to adhere to Celtic's policy on discussing 'club business' in public - said :

"I leave these things for the club and my agent but I’m really happy here and looking forward to staying for as many years as I can. Celtic is a big club so I don’t think there is anywhere better".

* Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier in March, Wanyama hinted that the current Celtic team might break up over the summer:

"I don’t know whether we will all be together next season. I hope so but no-one knows yet. We just have to wait and see.”

Given the African star's repeated 'come and get me' pleas in the past, it's unlikely he'll turn down a move to the Premier League if the chance arises. Signing a back-up/competition for Lucas Leiva is arguably an urgent priority for Liverpool, and Wanyama looks like he has the potential to be an excellent addition to the squad.

One thing's for sure, Wanyama is highly thought-of. In January, Juventus star Andrea Pirlo heaped praised on the midfielder, comparing him to Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira. He told Reporters:

"Victor Wanyama is so young, but already he has proved himself to be a big-game player. His performance in the win over Barcelona was exceptional. He has the attributes of a young Patrick Vieira"

Worth a bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Getting him and Hooper would be some interesting but good business,We need him or Diame for some steel in midfield thats a certainty

  2. Celtic have already said that they want considerably more than £10 million for Wanyama, and with Man Ure, Citeh, and the Arse among others also looking to make a bid for him, the price could reach double that.

    He's still worth buying, even at that price, judging by the reviews he's been getting for performances in the Champs League. Problem is, if Citeh want him they can afford to pay more than anyone else.

  3. Where have Celtic said they want more than 10m? Please post the quote. Thanks.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2223550/Victor-Wanyama-worth-25m-says-Celtic-boss-Neil-Lennon.html
    This is the only ccomment on victor from the club. while they have never said thery would sell for 25m - they also never said they would sell for 10m. He wont be sold for 10m - hes an exceptional player. He wont be sold for 25m, as hes not in that joke of a bloated league full of clubs living off money they dont have.

  5. It is not the only comment on VW from the club. In the article, I've highlighted several comments from Lennon about Wanyama. He's worth whatever another club will pay, and it won't be anywhere near 25m.

  6. For clarification ...

    Vic is under contract until 2015. Would someone please tell BR that makes 2 years, not 1?

    The £10m price tag has been manufactured by the media and websites like this. Celtic has never stated a price although Neil Lennon, getting fed up being asked how much it would take to get him, said £25m. IMO he'll be allowed to go for somewhere near the middle of those two I suspect.

    Will he go to Anfield? I doubt it (sorry guys). LFC and Arsenal are, if you forgive the oxymoron, becoming increacingly unlikely to win anything. He'll end up at one of the Manchester clubs.

  7. Sorry - I meant to say - its the only comment on "value/Price" i can recall the club making. i agree - as i said - it wont be anywhere near 25m - but he will be going to a club in the CL I think.
    We accept we will sell him because our scouts seem to be able to do alot with less than one million per player - Matthews, leadley, Izzy, Wanyama etc. So - its well worth selling him. My guess is it will be between 10m-15m, the guide being the inferior Ki going for 6m and Mcgeady going for 10m. EPL money is silly - so hes going to go to a CL team there I think. He'd suit Liverpool very well - personally, I'd like to see him there - but City/Arsenal seem to have alot of money this summer - and are desperately in need of a player like him.
    Hes indeed a v v good player

  8. He will go to manure.

  9. really he would have to be nuts to come and play for Rodgers in midfield ...having the welsh messi picked over you

  10. I disregard this opinion for improper recognition of an oxymoron.
    We're going to get him and then win the league.
    Thanks for the contract clarification though.

  11. We should just get Jon Park and then get the next Wanyama, rather than pay a premium.

    Also, classic work by Pirlo to do the old 'he's a black guy who is a good defensive mid, he must be new Vieira' shtick. The good thing is that Wanyama must be a strong physical presence or else he would have called him 'the new Makelele'.

    Seriously though, I think this is a deal we can all get behind.

  12. Thanks for the input.
    I'm not having an SPL fan call the Premiership a joke though. Glass houses, my friend!
    I'm not especially protective of the Prem, but c'mon...

  13. The sort of athletic, skilful bruiser we need. Box to box with a physical presence and an eye for goal! I know some say its racial profiling looking for that "big black guy" but if it gives us an added dimension who cares!

  14. wanyama has 2 and half years left on his contract, not 1... so you, your speculation and your fake quotes can shut up

  15. If victor wants to play at the highest level forget Liverpool as they are years away from the champions league !!!

  16. The one horse race spl ! Yes it sure is but common Manchester united since I was a kid almost every year and even when they didn't they lost by a point. On the last day ! It's the quality of players that make it exciting in the epl but not the English ones !

  17. yeah and you can keep winning the pub league with no competition every year. what fun.

  18. I think we need players with a solid tactical education to play Rodgers' football and Wanyama only had professional training since he was 15 or 16. For me this would be major concern. We don't need another crazy chick like Sissoko or someone so tactically inapt as Shelvey or Henderson.

  19. 10 million is a lot of money but not an overly inflated fee. If he were British playing for an English club you'd be asked to pay at least 50% more than that. Fantastic talent, strong as an ox. Could do a lot worse than him.