7 Mar 2013

Transfer Risk? - Boss admits 'LFC are interested' in Bundesliga spit-scandal star.

Eintracht Frankfurt sporting director Bruno Hubner has confirmed that Liverpool are monitoring Peruvian defender Carlos Zambrano.

Speaking to Peruvian newspaper El Bocon last night, Hubner confirmed:

"Liverpool are interested in the player [Zambrano]. They have been in contact with us but there's no formal offer yet"

Zambrano's superb form this season is one of the reasons Frankfurt - who only got promoted to to Germany's top division last season - are currently sitting in the Bundesliga's Champions League places.

Zambrano's former coach at St Pauli, Holger Stanislawsk, is a huge fan of the Peruvian, and believes his aggressive style of play is a big plus point. He told Kicker:

"Carlos is currently one of the best central defenders in the Bundesliga. He is having a superb season and is a key fixture in our team. I am also very pleased with his aggressive style of play. I would rather have a player who needs to be calmed down at times than one who needs a kick up the backside."

In September 2012, Frankfurt boss Armin Veh also praised Zambrano's passion on the field. He told Depor.pe:

"We were very aggressive and we take the ball to Hamburg. That's what I always want on my team: aggression. Zambrano was was fierce and reassured in defence, which is becoming increasingly better"

Speaking to MediaTempo in January, Veh once again highlighted the importance of Zambrano to Frankfurt:

"Carlos is the defensive leader. He has good physique and is absolutely essential to our defensive unit"

Zambrano cost Frankfurt a mere £1.2m in 2012, and with the futures of Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel and Sebastian Coates uncertain right now, the Peruvian could be a comparatively cheap option in the summer.

Having said that, Zambrano does have a dark side, and in 2012, he spat at Fortuna midfielder Sascha Roesler during a Bundesliga match:

The incident caused an uproar in Germany, and after the game, Zambrano apologised for his behaviour:

"It was grossly unsportsmanlike conduct that is not in my nature. There can be many heated situations on the pitch, and in this case there were a lot of verbals building up to the incident. One thing led to another and I lost my cool – but this can be no excuse for my behaviour."

It's good to see a footballer make a genuine public apology for 'unsportsmanlike conduct'. It doesn't happen often enough, especially when it comes to shameless, unapologetic divers and cheats. As Zambrano said though, it doesn't excuse the spitting incident, which is a terrible thing to do.

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  1. We dont need spit the dog, thats the lowest of the low, id want to deck him if he spat at me

  2. What do you think about Ferdinand, claps in the refs face and gets off with it - any player now can do it without punishment. As for this guy if he can play he can come, we need winners.

  3. replacement for Diouf? We need controversial players.

  4. We are obviously being linked to many defenders at present and some could potentially be perfect for us. Zambrano could be one of them.
    But I also believe that we should take care not to go too overboard concerning our own defence. 
    Carra will be gone, Coates seems to be on his way as does Skrtel.
    Do we really need to be talking of losing Agger as well. That scenario could hinder our prospects for next season.
    Agger has had a year under BR's system and ideas now and with another two strong, defensive challengers added in the summer, along with the youth boys, Kelly and Wisdom, Agger could very well get back to his absolute best. Barcelona aren't sounding him out because they like the sound of his name!
    We should be keeping the players with passion, Agger, Suarez, Reina. Along with Stevie who will obviously stay now til retirement and new boys Sturridge and Coutinho, we have some top players. 
    Add some more quality in the summer, along with the likes of Henderson, Downing, Johnson and Enrique all staying and we'll get stronger. 
    We have the youth players on top of that. A squad becoming of a challenger to some silverware next season imo.
    Sell Carroll, Spearing, Coates and Skrtel in the summer and that's all.

  5. I don't really get why people get so mad over spitting. It is disgusting and a poor show, but people over react massively.

    In this instance (like the Popov one) he doesn't even spit in his face. It isn't good to see, but why people get so worked up about it, considering much larger issues in football (mainly financial ones) go relatively unnoticed, is a mystery.