7 Mar 2013

'I loved Arsenal' - Which LFC star supported the Gunners as a child...?

Since arriving in January, Reds striker Daniel Sturridge has well and truly hit the ground running at Anfield, and with 5 goals and 1 assist in 7 appearances, the £12m outlay is looking like money well-spent. Obviously, all the club's players are Liverpool fans (or so you'd hope!), but it wasn't always the case for Sturridge, who supported two different teams as a child.

In an interview with LFC.com today, Sturridge revealed that he was a Gooner as a kid. He said:

"As a boy I loved Arsenal at the time. I supported Arsenal because of Ian Wright, and then Thierry Henry. They were characters, they scored goals, and everything about them I just loved. I also liked Newcastle because of Faustino Asprilla"

I can totally understand Sturridge's admiration of the Arsenal team of late 1990s. I'm a lifelong Reds fan but I've always admired Arsenal, especially under Arsene Wenger, who is an absolute genius of a manager.

For me, Thierry Henry is the only attacking player of the Premier League era who can be considered to be on a par with - in terms of sheer skill and guile - Liverpool legend John Barnes.

Denis Bergkamp is another Arsenal legend who comes close, but Henry was just out of this world as a player, and it would've been amazing to see either player in a Liverpool shirt.

Faustino Asprilla was a top player for Newcastle in the mid-1990s, and he tormented Liverpool on more than one occasion, most notably in LFC's classic 4-3 victory over Kevin Keegan's team at Anfield in 1996.

Always worth another watch :-)

"Barnes...Rush...Barnes...still John Barnes...Collymore closing iiiinnnn!" - Brings a tear to the eye. I've rarely been more excited as an LFC fan than when Collymore banged in the winning goal, and what made it even better was the contribution of Ian Rush and John Barnes.

Right at the death, amid amazing noise and bedlam, Barnes received the ball amid intense pressure, and surrounded by five Newcastle players, he delivered the perfect pass to Collymore. Only Barnes could've made that pass with such perfection IMO.

Sturridge also revealed the origin of his goal celebration:

"My Uncle [Ex Derby/Leicester/Wolves striker Dean Sturridge] celebrated his goals quite emphatically. He used to do stuff, and he had his own way of doing his thing, so he influenced my to keep that tradition going"

I'll admit, I wasn't too thrilled with the prospect of signing Sturridge, but he's clearly an exciting player, and if Luis Suarez leaves this summer, his arrival will definitely soften the blow.


  1. Henry in his prime was immense! He could put the ball where ever he wanted to, when ever he wanted to. Plus he seems like a nice guy lol.

    im glad Sturrdige is doing, I have been a fan of his for a long time, and thought he would do well for us.

  2. They could do with Sturridge right now...

  3. I think many people are in shock regarding the sheer skill and pace he has, he has been sensational already. I thought he was good before but never this good, he works very hard just like Luis Suarez does. BR did great business in January with Daniel and Coutinho, more of the same come summer, then anything is possible........................yes anything!!!

  4. Newcastle were a really good side to watch back then, before the mess happened (that Luque contract negotiation story still gives me a giggle). That Barca game was brilliant. Still remember that header of Asprilla's against the Catalans, as well as them battering Man United 5-0. Beardo-Cole, Asprilla, Shearer-Ferdinand. They had some good forwards in that era. One of the most entertaining sides in the 90s. 

    Early days but great start from Sturridge.

  5. I love what DS has given to the team already and long may it continue.
    I also admire his honesty regarding his admission to who he supported in his youth and didn't 'just say' he supported LFC to appease fans.
    A friend of mine supports Arsenal and I have never disliked them as a club. I have a soft spot for them and like you Jaimie, I think Arsene has been immense for them.
    (ps, Suarez going nowhere!)

  6. It takes a quality player to strike fear into LFC fans and I think Henry was the epitomy of such a player. I would honestly hold my breath and say a little prayer anytime the ball came anywhere close to him!

    But the one memory of the man that still has me in awe was when he picked up that ball at Highbury when at half-time it looked like we had the game. Dancing though our defence he hit top gear before breaking poor jamie's kneecaps (as he tumbled into biscan) before cooly finishing into the bottom right corner. I was flabergasted then and I'm flabergasted now remembering it. A true genius of the game

    The goal when he outran Cara from halfway and nutmegged Dudek also has to be noted. First time I applauded an opposing player

  7. I watched the classic match at a pub in Sunderland because I was a uni student. The most bonkers experience only 2nd to Istanbul!

  8. Thierry Henry- best player to have played in the Premiership. It's that simple.

    An unbelievable talent. Always spoke highly of Liverpool too, but that is just a nice addition to his enormous ability.

    I've got to say, I think Sturridge has been far better than the majority of people (which absolutely includes me) thought he would be. I did notice a lot of Chelsea fans (a fairly judgemental bunch) were sure that letting him go was a mistake, so hopefully he can become the player I thought he would be when I saw him at City.

    It is still early days, but it is a great start. Him and Suarez look a combustible pair though. I can't remember Liverpool ever having two players in the same side who were as DESPERATE for goals. Let's hope they just push each other to greater heights rather than end up having a barney.

  9. I love Henry, I really do. That goal he scored against United is one of my favourite ever...but Ronaldo is the best player to have played in the Premiership, I don't see how anyone can argue against that.

  10. Henry tore us apart in defense continuously. Ask Carra. 

  11. Overall CR7 is a better player than TH, but CR played only 2/3 years of his dominant best in PL.  After leaving MU, he had been even better for Real & still not finished yet.  Henrey played his best years in PL & comparing only their respective PL careers, Henrey is ahead of CR. 

    However, both are outstanding players & I am sure, both 'll start for all time PL XI.

  12. I know you don't like to admit it but Ronaldo was better than both of them, the numbers prove it

  13. You can easily make an argument for Ronaldo as the most talented player to have played in the Premiership, but as M. says, he was only at his peak in the Prem for about 2 years. Henry was the best player in the league for about 5 years.