5 Mar 2013

Transfer shock: LFC want 'extraordinary' €7m star to replace Suarez. Bad idea...?

If one thing is inevitable about this summer it's this: transfer speculation about Luis Suarez will plague Liverpool for the entire summer, and with Pep Guardiola taking over at Bayern Munich, a move to the Bundesliga could prove to be irresistible for the Reds' coveted Uruguayan striker. Most Liverpool fans hope Suarez will stay, but the club has to be thinking about possible replacements just in case, and the latest name to enter the fray is Inter Milan striker Antonio Cassano.

Reports in Italy and England claimed that the Reds are interested in Cassano, and are planning a summer move the controversial attacker if Suarez ends up leaving Anfield.

The Italy international is on the rack at Milan at the moment after a dressing-room bust-up with Milan coach Andrea Stramaccioni, who described the incident to reporters yesterday:

"There was no physical contact. What happened between the two of us is a regular occurrence in the dressing room and should stay in the dressing room. I'm sorry that it leaked out because somebody is trying to hurt Inter."

Stramaccioni has dropped Cassano for Inter's next game, and sporting director Piero Ausilio revealed Cassano's regret over the incident. He told Sky Italia:

"He [Cassano] understood that he was wrong and accepts the decision taken by the coach and the club."

Inter President Massimo Morrati played down the incident and hailed Cassano's ability. He told Reporters:

"Cassano's an extraordinary talent, as we know, and artists are a bit special. Basically we need to understand him. I'm not sure whether he will be fined. I've left the decision on that one up to those who know what went on."

Former Real Madrid and Roma coach Fabio Capello doesn't share Moratti's enthusiasm for Cassano, and in an interview RAI radio last night, the Italian accused the striker of wasting his talent:

"He's a very good lad, generous and with great talent, but he doesn't know the limits of respect and education. I hoped that after the birth of his son, he would calm down. It's a shame because the lad has plenty of talent and he could have done a lot more."

With 8 goals and 10 assists in 28 games this season, Cassano is obviously a very good player, but a replacement for Luis Suarez? No chance.

* Cassano is 30 years old, which doesn't fit LFC's transfer policy.

* If Suarez goes, Liverpool must buy a player of comparable quality, not someone who's best years are in the past.

* Suarez is a controversial player in many ways, but so is Cassano. It would be a case of 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'

* Historically, players from Serie A never perform well for Liverpool. Philippe Coutinho has started well, but it's way to early to say whether he's going to eb a long-term success.

I wouldn't mind seeing Cassano at Anfield as another attacking option, but not as a direct replacement for Suarez.

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  1. lol if this is true somebody tell fsg to keep well away from anfield fot there own safety ,sadley i think fsg will cash in on suarez in the summer

  2. Suarez to bayern is nonsense ... Bayern said they won't spend 40 m euros on a player again (Martinez), and guardiola hasn't ever talked to the press about targets , he just mentioned once he won't bring in many players because the team is world class, Bayern don't need Suarez, they have 2 top class strikers, and with robben ribery müller and kroos + shaquiri they have an enormous amount of offensive plaxers... They are not so big money spenders such as Chelsea manc or real, they are developing their own german prospects and their foreign starlets in one of the best academy, a close friend of mine is a big Bayern supporter, he told me there's no chance, Bayern will even try..don't always mention them Jamie pls, its just a rumor...
    Im more afraid of juve or manc taking Suarez for a huge amount of money, if they do so, I would put the money on cavani or jovetic.
    Cassano is a wonderful player, but he's old now, so he's experienced too, but I can't see us buying a 30 year old with enormous wages...
    He's not a natural striker, he's the assistant that works behind or beside of the striker, to assist him cross to him, and do the deadly pass. A wonderfull player but over 30 now and not someone that can replace a natural goalscorer..

  3. We will see, i dont think so to be honest, but if they really do so hopefully not to Chelsea or manc, as this would get the fans raging

  4. If we signed him I would run in the Anfield pitch naked as a protest.

    That is all.

  5. He's a good player dude, but he's a media victim ..

  6. Bayern probably 'll win the CL this year (Should have done so last year as well) & definitely win the Bundesligua.  They have a wonderful team already & I don't think they need much changes/additions.  Actually, too many changes might disrupt the harmony of the squad.  I think, at best Bayern 'll go for 1/2 addition to that wonderful squad - Lindwanoski is almost certain to join then, may be Hummels & Rues as well.  They are as good a player as anyone at their position & much cheaper. 

    Guardiola or anybody, any German side 'll not splash the cash like the spoiled Arabs or Russians.  I also don't think Juventus has the money to buy out Suarez.  If there is any realistic threat, I believe it's from the 2 Spanish sides & PSG; more than from Bayern.

    After 2012-13 performance in EPL, if Suarez's replacement is available for 7mn, then either EPL is at the level of "Estonian Premier League" or the rest of the world is dumb & blind.  5 years back, Cassano could have been the replacement, but the he would have cost at least 3 times than the quoted price.  

  7. No more Italians please! They seem not to prove their money's worth for us no matter how good they had been in other clubs/leagues!

  8. Exactly my thoughts, but I can't see reus and hummels joining Bayern, but that's another thing, and not important for us ;)

  9. Maybe he meant in celebration?

  10. Speculations and only that, Suarez is the only person who currently knows where he stands but reading his latest interviews it seems like he wants to stay with us.
    I hope the owners are smarter than thinking of cashing in on him if a big offer comes in but I doubt that they are. Rodgers needs to tell em whats what and insist on declining any offers, even 50+m Suarez is absolutely instrumental for our future succes and I cant see any players currently that we could get who gets close to what he brings to the team. YNWA

  11. Although he has never fulfilled the initial hype, I like him as a player but not for us. Doubt he would be a good fit at this stage in his career, considering he is best as a second-striker and we don't really play with a system that has a concrete central second-striker position. If he was younger, he would be worth the risk but then again, as someone said above, he would have cost more. 

    That sort of behavior is the norm for Cassano. So I think it will blow over quite quick. Pity really, that side of him as held him back from making the most of his ability. Glad that he has overcomed the health problems of last year.

  12. If we want to see our beloved club progress further then it is a necessity Luis Suarez to remain an LFC players for many years to come.  Have
    you missed the game and the incredible hatrick of Luis Suarez? If you wish you can always watch it in full on http://www.footballwatch.net/team/37

  13. Simply can't see Suarez leaving this summer for anyone and Liverpool definitely don't want anyone to replace him.

  14. liverpool4life5651:25 pm, March 05, 2013

    Suarez is going nowhere, also cassano, no thanks, he also causes problems where ever he goes, FSG have been brilliant with us, still sorting the mess out from the other yanks.

  15. Keeping Suarez will add more money to the club as we'll be in with a decent chance of Champions League qualification next season, if a couple of quality additions can be made to the squad. Selling him and buying a replacement might not work and could set us even further back.
    I think the squad we have now is settling into how BR wants then to play and, as a result is looking more competitive and, barring injuries, i can see us hitting a rich vein of form until the end of the season and, possibly, nicking 4th above Everton, Arsenal & Chelsea. I honestly think we can beat Spurs on Sunday, it'll be hard but I can see us doing it and, the derby & Chelsea's visit, we have (on paper) an easier run in than those 3.
    It's still possible!

  16. No way, if we replaced Suarez with him, i would be gutted. I wouldn`t even want to add him to the squad tbh, let alone use him to replace such a talented player as Suarez.

  17. ChampsWinnerTraore2:10 pm, March 05, 2013

    Cassano is toilet

  18. Oh dear, hopefully this is just speculation. Torres regrets his move to Chelsea. Why? Regardless of how he left Liverpool fans welcomed him and adored him.The same with Suarez, if he does leave, I just cant see a European team singing Suarez name like the Anfield crowd does (Luis Suarez .... Just cant get enough.) Fingers crossed, the way Liverpool have protected Suarez and the ambitions will be fulfilling for him. 

  19. If a player wants to leave, there is nothing more you can do example Torres, Macherano, Michael Owen etc nothing FSG/Liverpool FC can do about that. On the other note Suarez joined for £22.7m he just signed a new contract with Liverpool if he does leave your looking at £45m+ would not be surprised if he reaches £70m mark.

    FSG/Liverpool know if the club is to be successful you need to keep your star players. The club, manager etc have said numerous times they don't want to sell Suarez. If Suarez leaves its because he want's to.

  20. LFC1892-Rafas Last Game2:30 pm, March 05, 2013

    Suarez signed a extension last season until the end of 2018 in which he trebled his wages.Do you think these busineesmen who run LFC are idiots and let him leave after a few months.A more plausible explanation is if we dont get top4 at the end of 2014 then he can go for 40m but definitey not this year

  21. What do you mean not good enough? English is not his first language, that alone is pressure when dealing with British media.

  22. I would take Mario Balotelli 

  23. £70m? Yikes but you never know. Me thinks £40m. 

  24. Totally,can't go wrong with you there. Suarez is instrumental, its even more important for the club to show we can keep our star players. If we cant keep our star players Clubs will see that and target it that's why its important to address this issue. Otherwise say good buy to keeping world class player in the future.   

  25. He wont come cheap. I think the fee will scare clubs off considering UEFA FFP policy. All clubs have to balance the books. The only teams that can afford such money without breaking the bank is Barca and R Madrid because they get all the television rights in Spain. Man City, PSG, Chelsea etc can't go and buy success if this rule is truly implemented.

  26. Saurez is going now where

  27. Exactly, so the chances of getting anywhere near £70m is slim, very slim. He is a great player but his reputation isn't astronomically high (a la Ronaldo) to demand such a fee from a club. He has a long contract with us but we are not in CL, let alone a established CL side. If we were a fellow CL club, we would be in a stronger position to demand a big fee. But we aren't and money is money, especially for a club without CL income. So I don't see him going for much more than £40m. £70m for Suarez in the current financial climate and in times of FFP planning, would be very surprising.

  28. I will guarantee you Liverpool will give a high fee to scare teams off. That's the tactic the club will employ. I doubt any club will match it considering the climax. But you can never say never. He is the best player in the world after Messi and Ronaldo.

  29. I am a big Bayern fan and respect Liverpool a lot . Only thing i would say is that up till now there is no news from Bayern about Suarez , its only the media mischief . Suarez is the best Premier League striker for me and i would have exchanged Gomez with him to see him at Bayern but i don't think Bayern will or should spend 50 million again in the near future after the Martinez transfer . Bayern spend wisely and not like City or P$G or Chelsea or Real . If they buy any striker then it would be a young one and the current Bayern team is the most complete Bayern after the 70s .
    But LFC fans should be worried if they do not qualify for Champions League then Suarez might leave otherwise Suarez is a really good person and won't be attracted by big salaries from P$G or City .

  30. The club can TRY but they will probably get laughed at. You mention the current economic climate, well the current climate means that the club's attempt at doing such a scare tactic would not be that strong. £40m will get LFC thinking at least, in this current climate. The current climate is not good for clubs trying to get £70m for their player. Its a buyers market, this current climate. Not a sellers one. 3rd best player in the world? No, in my opinion but each to their own. That be Iniesta for me. Absolutely brilliant this season. Without CL football, Suarez will always be in the shadows of his CL competition and rightly so. The same goes for Bale, regardless of how much the British media bang on about him.

  31. Cassano is not nearly good enough. When he was younger he had great potential, but most of that has been wasted. He's a good player now, no more.

    To replace Suarez we need a 15m minimum player, and probably 20m+

  32. £40m plus is what Suarez would be fetching. Sometimes fees are increased in inflation by 20m. We saw the valuation of Torres skyrocket and he was not playing Champions League  back then. Iniesta is up there because he has won back to back European Cup & World Cup. His success for Barcelona in providing assists is the reason why he is considered the best at what he does. But looking further into it he has got 13 assists and 5 goals so far in the La Liga. In comparison Suarez 21 league goals and 4 assists has to be considered quite impressive. You say "without CL Football, Suarez will be in the shadow." Not true entirely, Suarez has accomplished great things for Uruguay national team. Winning the Copa America 2011 and guiding his team to 4 in the Fifa World cup. Whatever the case is, Liverpool should at all costs not sell Suarez. Why? yes you might get £40m but that does not mean whoever you buy would be of the same quality. I'm afraid that's a risks we can not take considering we don't have bucket loads of world class players in the team.

  33. Inflation you say but like I said, in that list of top 10 transfer fees, 6 of them are from the late 90s and early 00s. Only one of those top ten is from after 2009. Which clearly illustrates how much harder it has gotten for clubs to sell a player for more than £40m in recent years, due to the recession, FFP planning, player quality, etc. Inflation can get seriously hampered by circumstances, which is clearly the case in recent seasons. Yes, Torres went for £50m but like I said, that is the premium Chelsea paid for buying from another PL club, so your point about us not being in CL is not that important when it comes to charging a arm and a leg to fellow PL club. Secondly, Torres is the only player since after 2009 that has gone for more then £40m. Like you said yourself, City and Chelsea are supposed to be more cautious about throwing money around now due to FFP, so the chances of a PL club buying Suarez for big bucks is very slim. The Torres example is the only one recent times that has gone for £40m+ and one swallow does not make a summer.

    I use stats too but even I realise they aren't the be all and end all. Xabi barely got any assists in his time here but he was still a quality and important of our attacking play and assists won't show how creative he was. Secondly, Iniesta has got 13 assists and 5 goals in 16 starts and 4 sub appearances, which is rather good and yes, Suarez has a better ratio but like I said, stats aren't the be all and end all, Iniesta's performances have been really good when he has played. So to reiterate, stats only show so much and having a better ratio doesn't make Suarez the better player this season than Iniesta. The latter's playmaking has been awesome to watch. No stats will fully reflect that

    In modern day football, CL is considered the premier competition. Crouch has 22 goals in 42 caps. Nice that Suarez has done well on the international stage but CL is the stage to be at. Like it or not, these days CL is the test. Messi wasn't doing great on the international stage a while back but he was still considered to be top of the tree still, as international football isn't that important and Messi was already wreaking havoc on the CL stage. Unless he takes them to WC glory, CL is the stage where Suarez needs to shine. Iniesta has done the business in the league, CL, and international level. Wonderful attacking midfielder. Like I said, in terms of form in a top league (PL, Bundesliga, Italy or Spain), it is only this season where Suarez has been consistently good. One swallow does not make a summer.

    I haven't said I want Suarez sold in this thread but £40m will get the club thinking, especially if we don't get in top 4 next season and if next season we don't qualify for CL, it will get Suarez thinking too.

  34. if suarez goes he goes but i dont want  to sign any italians

  35. if surez goes we are ruined as his goals this year have stopped us from being a low mid table club its amazing how 1 player can change a team look at rvp absolutely propelled utd. likewise loosing a star player can have the opposite effect!!!

  36. Not much I can say to that. Other than continuously repeating my self & that will be pointless   

  37. No probs, agree to disagree.

  38. btw I agree with whatyoursaying

  39. Plus Bayern have, allegedly, already agreed terms with Lewandowski.

    Jovetic is a good shout. We should only sell Suarez if we could get him in.

  40. jgardie@live.co.uk10:28 pm, March 05, 2013

    40m for Suarez are u guys having a laugh? If Torres is worth 50m then surely Suarez is worth more, Suarez is our Messi and if anyone want's him then they have to pay 70m+

  41. Can anyone name a player who can replace Suarez?

  42. You would get a lot of mileage out of him by the sounds of it Jaimie :) 

  43. Players who could replace Suarez:

    * Jovetic
    * El Sharaaway
    * Cavani
    * Falcao
    * Benteke
    * Lukaku
    * Lewandowski
    * Reus
    * Higuain

    Etc, the list goes on.

    Suarez is not irreplaceable. His first season in UK football was not the greatest in terms of end product. He's basically had 18 months to adap, and now he's doing what he's paid to do: score goals.

    Give any of the above 18 months settling in, and they would be doing the business for LFC too.

    Ultimately, it's about goals: it doesn't matter how you get them, but any prolific scorer for the club will deemed irreplaceable. Torres was thought of like that for a while, and we got Suarez.

  44. ChampsWinnerTraore10:53 am, March 06, 2013

    I only see realistically 1 of those players being benteke in joining the club the rest would either have many other interested parties who would be a step up from us im afraid

  45. Unbelievable comment. Firstly Suarez's game is about far more than just scoring goals and some of those replacement suggestions are either not in the same league as Suarez or someone who we have no chance of signing.
    Yes Suarez is scoring more now but his performances were fantastic from his first season onwards. Did you watch his performance against Manchester United when Kuyt scored three? Outstanding. Others will always score more goals but in terms of his all round game he is unique.The cream of Europe are hardly going to be fighting over the signature of Benteke are they. 
    Take note of Arsenal and their attempts to replace Van Persie. Perhaps Arsene should consult with you Jamie?

  46. I'm aware that Suarez's game is more than just scoring goals, but with respect, that doesn't matter. All that's required of a striker is that he scores lots of goals. If striker X replaces Suarez and scores 30 goals, do you really think anyone will give a toss whether he's as creative outside the box as Suarez?

    Prime example: John Aldridge. He didn't do much for LFC outside the box, or in the way of assists, but he banged in the goals, and that's all that matters.

    Whether the players I've mentioned are in the same league as Suarez is a matter of opinion. You'll say they aren't because it supports your argument. The point is, when Suarez arrived at LFC, he was an exciting player, but it took him 18 months to properly settle down into his current form. The same would happen with other players too.

    As for fighting over Benteke's signature; what does that matter? The 'cream of Europe' were not fighting over Suarez either at the time he signed for LFC.

    Suarez's all round game is 'unique'. Jeez, that is just gross exaggeration. You make it sound like he's the greatest player that ever lived! (He's not)

    Messi is unique in modern football. Suarez is not.

    And your argument about Arsenal is hardly credible. I'm sure Thierry Henry - a superior player to Suarez and one of the all time Premier League greats - would be described as 'irreplaceable' by Gunners fans, but they did replace him. Robin Van Persie came to the fore and banged in the goals for Arsenal.

    He doesn't have Henry's genius skill, but he scores goals, and that's what you want from a striker.

    Wenger not replacing RVO properly is just one example - there are plenty of examples of clubs losing seemingly irreplaceable players and then finding someone just as effective. For Liverpool, the prime example is Ian Rush and John Aldridge, and also Torres and Suarez.

    If Liverpool lose Suarez, someone else will come to the fore, that is a guarantee. He may not be as skillful as the Uruguayan, but as long as this striker is banging in the goals, that's all that matters.

    In fact, LFC already have a player who can replace Suarez, and that's Sturridge. He will score shedloads of goals for the club.

  47. Of course it matters that Suarez's game is about more than just scoring because that is his role in the team. He was never bought as an out and out striker. He was bought with the hope of partnering Torres which unfortunately resulted in him having to settle for Carroll instead. That's why with respect the Aldridge comparison doesn't make sense. The better comparison would have been with Beardsley i.e a player who creates goals for himself and others. Can you honestly say Beardsley was only judged on the goals he scored? It's the same with Dalglish.
    It is to Suarez's credit that he is able to adapt his role so well scoring so many goals whilst doing so. That is one of his qualities that makes him unique. To call him unique doesn't mean he is the greatest that has lived  it just means he is unique.

    I don't understand your'e thoughts about replacing Suarez with someone (inferior) who will have settled in 18 months time. That's really going to help with our ambitions to break into the top four next season isn't it!! Benteke to replace Suarez. I'm sorry but I have bigger hopes than that.

    Arsenal have never replaced Henry, as he was also unique, hence backing up my point of view. They have won nothing since he left as a result. Incidentally Van Persie was brought in as a long term replacement for Bergkamp.

    Yes I agree Sturridge will score goals and I am excited by his potential. But again I have problems with how you quote "replace Suarez". It is the combination of the pair of them working together that excites me more.

    Stephen Gerrard considers him the best he has played with and one of the worlds best. I think he is in a better position to judge than most don't you. So based on that alone to me that makes Suarez unique and irreplaceable.

  48. Not one of the players u named would fill multiple roles like Suarez can do.
    It gives the team options and that is so important today Aldridge played in a successful side in a different era so who does give a toss when ya kickin ass anyway

  49. Why is it certain suarez is leaving ?