19 Feb 2013

Transfer priority? LFC chase €9.5m Lyon star coveted by Barcelona

After countless defensive errors so far this season, Brendan Rodgers will almost certainly look to strengthen Liverpool's defensive options this summer. Swansea City star Ashley Williams is one of the players on the club's radar, but reports in Croatia today suggest that the Reds have reignited their interest in Lyon centre-half Dejan Lovren.

According to Croatian newspaper Sporstske Novosti, Liverpool are tracking the 23-year old defender, but face competition from Everton and Barcelona.

Liverpool have been linked with Lovren several times in the past, and the club reportedly made a €16m bid for the defender in May 2012.

Lovren's Agent Nikki Vuksan has suggested that the 6'2 central defender is open to leaving Lyon. He told Sky Sports:

"I know that many European clubs have made enquiries about the player but so far none of them has made concrete steps or submitted bids. Lyon are going through a difficult time from a financial point, but I think that if we were to get a good offer, then the club would evaluate it"

A few months ago, Lovren - who cost Lyon €9.5m - responded to rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona. He told Lyon's official website:

“I am at OL. I think I’ll stay. I feel like this and it also depends on the club. Anything can happen in football. Barcelona? It’s just talk, nothing concrete. But it’s nice. I want to show even more that I already did. I can still do better. I want to win more trophies. One title with OL is not enough"

Worth a bid?

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  1. If we're gonna go for CB's in Ligue 1 Id much prefer Sahko

  2. We're going to have some squad next season!

  3. for his age he looks like a good player, and very much the type Rodgers would like, he is good playing the ball out, and would be a good edition.

    Not sure we will get him though, but if do need a new CB.

  4. we need 2 centre backs. shawcross worth a punt at the right price, gets the odd goal and doesn't sherk a challenge like our pair of fairys (excluding carra)
    dawson at spurs has proved in a flair team you don't have to be a Paulo maldini and only be able to (play the ball out of defence) !!
    but mostly we need committed centre backs every week, not just when its a top 4 team (being kind)
    big changes in defence needed this summer, were a lot better in most other positions, on our budget especially
    ps no disrespect to maldini he could just about do it all.

  5. Look's quality but if it's true Barca are also tracking him, well we aint got a chance!!! Reminds me of Javi Martinez off Bayern who is top of the pops... With Carra retiring and Coates not up to it we deffo need reinforcements in this area especially with Agger being so injury prone.. Yeah Shawcross would be a good addition, I also feel we should aim high and break the bank for Matt Hummels who would suit our game perfectly, cracking player but i'm sure their would be plenty of competition for him if he became available!!!! Matt Hummels and Javi Martinez would be some combination, well i can dream..

  6. Williams is a must, as we need a strong leader in our back 4. Anyone else we're scouting are just to cover our backs in case Skrtel or Agger leave.

    Personally, I believe all our main defensive players are top class, hence the teams sniffing around them. We just need to buy players on a level to them to challenge them week in, week out for their places, to eradicate the complacency and to be ready to take over 1st team duties when they hit a lack of form.

    Bringing in Williams will do just that to our main centre backs, and bringing in Al Habsi will see Reina sort his game out too. A top left back to challenge Enrique and we can concentrate on other areas of the squad.

    All those calling for Reina, Skrtel et al to be replaced, have spent far too long in the LFC small-minded mentality of just having a starting XI. Even if we could replace them with like-for-like players, they would have no competition for their places and end up losing form but not losing their starting place.

    There needs to be genuine competition for every starting place, then players form improves, sloppy errors are eradicated and we move up the table.

    The starting XI we have clearly has a serious amount of talent. Just look at either the quality of teams' chasing our stars or that stats, showing how 'unlucky' we've been in hitting the woodwork last season, or random defensive frailties for the last few seasons. Take those out and each time we're a top 4 team. WE NEED COMPETITION FOR PLACES, and thats when the errors disappear, or the player making them does. SImple.

    Those asking for our few remaining CL quality players to be removed and replaced (with whom, I can't even imagine) are so short-sighted its frightening. Could you imagine City or Man U just having a starting XI and thinking that's enough to compete?!? We need a starting XXII at least!! We're supposed to be a MASSIVE club, this ain't Norwich.

  7. I second Shawcross! Primarily because Shawcross is a left footer. While I'm all for giving Coates a chance, he is a righty, as are Wisdom, Kelly and Coady who are all capable of playing there.

    It would also be interesting to pair Kelly and Wisdom and have them rotate rightback/centreback throughout the game.

    I would imagine it is ideal to get a left footed defender who is equally adept both centrally and out wide or even 2.

  8. The only decent centreback Shitteh has got is Kompany, I kid you not. As for Man U, Ferdinand, Vidic, Jones, Smalling and Evans; while I truly rate Jones and Ferdinand has been imperious this season, Smalling and Evans?

    Indeed we need decent cover for our backline, but maybe, just maybe, we aren't giving our ex-Uruguayan young player of the tournament and ex-Scottish young player of the season enough chances? Coates and Wilson were very highly rated players before we snapped them up.

  9. Nastasic looks good, especially for his first season. Brilliant away against Real he was for City (though Real's Varane looks a classy young CB).. Maybe the only decent signing they have made last summer. Evans has improved and been quite good from what I've seen this season but he is one of the media scapegoats and looks awkward, so he has a reputation which is hard to shake off for a long while, regardless of how well he plays in the meanwhile. 

    Its a pity Coates doesn't get more chances to play. He may need to play his way into finding his mojo in British football, rather than fleeting appearances.

  10. Said he wants to win titles and more trophies, probably won't opt for us even if we go in for him.

  11. yes young CL experienced players, bring em on! but would prefer sakho or maybe both, sell skrtel and have carragher retiring. rotate between sakho, lovren and agger

  12. Before Liverpool go looking at Lovren who sounds unlikely at best what about Kelly and Wisdom reckon 1 of them could step up big time.
    Although i will concede Skrtel may be going leaving us needing experience i quite like Amorbieta tough experienced in a good league and reads play well and best of all cheap.

  13. At least his youtube vid is a lot more positive than Diakite's :-) Don't know anything about this guy but from that he seems decent.

  14. Dejan Lovren is more advantage skill from Dakite or Ashley William.Next season Better get him asap.

  15. Is the footage from actual league games? The stands are perpetually empty. 

  16. pleaz brendan buy howedes an outstanding defender

  17. With Lovren, fitness is the issue. Otherwise, great player. We don't want the Agger of the last 3 or 4 seasons again. We can't afford it. If we have to pay money, it has to be Howedes, Sakho or Benatia. We should start talking to Douglas (Twente) now before it is too late and for LB to (Blind-Ajax). These two on free make sense. We can go after Manuel Iturra (again on free) and then splash the cash on other areas.