30 Dec 2012

Reds legend insists: QPR will beat 'suffering' LFC. Traitorous, or grim reality?

Stoke City emphatically exposed Liverpool's soft-centre during their deserved 3-1 victory on Boxing Day, and according to Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson, things could be about to get much worse for beleaguered Reds boss Brendan Rodgers.

When ex-players have no faith that the team can beat the bottom club in the League (!) then you know there's a real problem, and Lawro believes that the Reds will lose this afternoon's must-win game against QPR.

Predicting a 2-1 victory for Harry Redknapp's side, he observed:

"QPR [beat] Liverpool towards the end of last season, and I have a feeling they might pull off something similar on Sunday. They think they might as well go for it, and I think Liverpool might be suffering from a bit of a hangover after the setback against Stoke".

Liverpool have failed to win 70% of Premier League games this season, so from a statistical point of view, there is clearly a depressingly high probability that the Reds will not beat QPR, and Lawro believes that the club's attacking impotence is to blame:

"Too many of their attacking players are peripheral, and I don't think Rodgers has got enough players who can change games. They have won less than a third of their games and 10th place is about right for them at the moment".

As much as I'm loathe to heap even more pressure on the players, surely it's unthinkable to countenance anything less than a win against the worst team in the league? Seriously, let's get a grip here:

* QPR have ONE WIN all season.
* 34 goals conceded in 19 games.
* Concede an average of 2 goals a game at home.
* 11 games lost in total.
* One of the worst defensive records in the league.

Redknapp or no Redknapp, this is an eminently winnable game, and anything less than a positive result will be massively disappointing.

Despite the current doom and gloom, I feel confident that Liverpool will bounce back with a victory today:

* The club has not yet lost two league games in a row.
* A positive result has followed every defeat this season.
* Only 4 defeats to QPR in the last 26 years.

Clutching at straws? Perhaps, but that's all we have at the moment (!)

I just hope that Rodgers doesn't react to the Stoke debacle by going all cautious/defensive-minded. It's likely that Joe Allen and Raheem Sterling will return, and Lucas may possibly be rested. I'd like to see the following team:

------------------- Reina

Wisdom --------- Skrtel --- Coates ------- Johnson

---------------- Allen ---- Sahin

------------------- Gerrard

Sterling --------------------------------- Enrique

------------------- Suarez

* BR can't drop both Agger and Skrtel, so the Dane should be benched IMO. His errors have increased over the last couple of months, and if he doesn't fear for his place, where's the motivation to improve.

* Shelvey had a poor game against Stoke; why not play Sahin? What is the point of having him at the club if he never plays. He's been on the bench since his nose-break so that clearly isn't an issue.

* Wisdom has been on the bench for weeks now. He's fresh, and this particular period is energy-intensive, so why not bring him back into the team?

* I would take Lucas out for this game. The myth that Liverpool would be more solid with the Brazilian back in the team has been well and truly debunked.

EDIT: Rodgers will not be at the QPR game today as a result of illness. Club doctor Zaf Iqbal confirmed:

"It was impossible for Brendan and Brad to attend the game. They are not fit to be at the match and any contact with the rest of the squad could cause the bug to spread to more of the playing staff."

Whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen, but the manager missing from the touchline for such a vital game surely can't be positive...?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Playing Allen , Gerrard and Lucas together again is suicidal

  2. I don't understand the Wisdom inclusion,  never will. Johnson is a right back - and by far out best right back. Enrique is pure quality but better for now at left back, unless we find another quaility left back to allow him to move forward. I think its as simple as that.

    I see you dropped Agger. I would interested to see him in midfield as an experiment.

  3. allen will start today nailed on rodgers will not miss a chance to prove allen was not a good buy hes made also if we dont win today will i be disappointed yes?shocked no nothing surprises me at the moment

  4. I think Skrtel is the more shaky of the defensive partnership tbh and Coates would probably do well partnered with Agger. 
    Another shake-up could be to play Wisdom as CB seen as he played there for the Reserves most of the time, swapping with Sama

  5. BR ain't gonna make the trip. Looks like he is ill or ..??

  6. just heared rodgers is not going to be there today happy days shame  he  will probabley still pick the team thou, nevermind cannot have everything

  7. With Wisdom in the team and Johnson on the left: 

    * LFC are unbeaten in the league
    * Lost only once in 12 games.* 4 clean sheets and only 1 goal per game conceded.

  8. play a 4 4 1 1 set like this


    wisdom   skrtl     agger     enrquie

    johnson   gerrard   sahin   sterling



    forget allen lucas and shelvy

  9.  i would play hendo over sahin or allen ....what worries me is we have no options we really are in a bad place ....i agree with lawro i have a feeling we will get beat..lets be honest if villa can hammer us at home we are fair game to any team....i look at your team jamie and for some reason i see a team of strangers unsure of there role in the team...in fact i have thought that for some time when i see all of rogers team sheets....harry redknapp will look at out team and say stop suarez and we will beat them, because we are 100% guaranteed to make a mistake at the back  and give them chances

  10. if you don't have anything possitive to say about your former club,then shut ur mouth and what if we win which i think we will what will your comments be...just shut ur mouth.

  11. playing allen and lucas is a joke never mind suicidad they both lack forward passes they only know sidewards and backwards they need a yan m,villa or holtby

  12. I'd really like go know where aissaidi is?! why have we bought him? He never plays. He can't do any worse than those on the wings. Cole gets a go before him!!!! I guess he is now going to the African cup of nations? And sahin? He has a touch of class and composure at times. He would compliment a physical centre midfield player.
    I believe reina's form is a direct link to the overall inconsistency of the team. He is the last line of defence and no keeper would single handedly save every shot at them. Football is a confidence game and until we start scoring goals, being consistent and believing in what Brendan wants, then we will remain as we are- inconsistent!

  13. Stats are overrated all the time. 

  14. I like that team though I would give Coates a run out an drop Skrtel

  15.  i agree jamie apart from everton wisdom looked good ....but logic goes out of the window with rogers .....

  16.  playing any permiatation under rogers is suicide

  17. Just hear the bug Rodgers is suffering with is upmyownarsearitis, get well soon BR

  18.  plus one jason.......nothing this guy does or says installs any hope in me ....the thing is i want to like him and i want to back him...but i genuinely think he out of his depth at this level .

  19. johnson would be better in right middfield  enrique is ok  but is never an attacker and agger could play the holding role with ease just look at luiz at clelsea now he his running the centre  of the park for them now. and agger is a better ball pleyer than him better than lucas better than allen.

  20. would prefer Henderson over Allen. 

  21. The whole world been beating qpr this season, im telling you if we lose or even draw there im leaving this club forever, that would be scandalous, cant even think about it, in a normal day we should win this like 3,4-0 but I'll accept any win considering the momentum but lose or draw? Nothing but a bye bye from me even tho im a fan for 13 years now

  22.  No matter what you think lawro hansen aldrige and co all love liverpool..i for one am glad when ex players point out failings of the manager and players  it may make them up there game

  23. Villa beat us 3-1 in our own ground and they get beaten week in week out and don't usually score or concede less then 4 lately so QPR could well hammer us today!

  24. he is well out of his depth the club is a mess to many average players on big wages. we need someone big to come in get rid of the people who are taking this club for a ride bring in experianced players who are still hungry all these so called prospects like allen hendo and shelvy belong at bolton blackburn and stoke

  25. i think assadi is in the africa cup or something ...he wouldnt get a game anyway over cole...

  26.  hes ill and im sick ...sick of his BS

  27. I heard carra is getting a recall for this one, long as he has some pace next to him should be ok, our marking from corners is shite surely our best headers should always mark the opposition best headers too, not tight enough either letting players like kenwyne jones and benteke have a run and jump in our box its a joke needs rectifying ASAP.if Zamora is fit would not be surprised to see him he will cause us probs in the box with cusse and tarabt picking up the pieces! Would not mind seeing this.
    Wisdom. Skertyl. Carra. Agger/Robinson

    Gerard. Henderson

    Jonson. Saurez. Enrique

  28. Well I was wondering if he was about to get a boot today. lol

  29. Envious at the tempo Everton are playing with and without the ball at the moment :(

  30. The longer Brendan Rodgers, Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh are in charge of Liverpool FC then the wrose we are going to become and the harder it will be to get Liverpool back to the top! the same applies to FSG, the fans have to start making a stand NOW!.

  31. Sorry.... i pasted from here http://kopworld.net/lfc-news/rodgers-to-miss-qpr-game/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Rodgers to miss QPR game

    By EddieC, Today at 13:35

    Brendan Rodgers will miss today's clash with QPR at Loftus Road, after the Reds boss succumbed to illness.

    is one of three club employees that have been sent home from London
    ahead of the Premier League clash after picking up what is believed to
    be a virus. This has made it impossible for him to be in close proximity
    with the players for fear of spreading the illness.

    Head of performance Glen Driscoll and goalkeeper Brad Jones are the other two to be sent home by the club's medical team.

    doctor Zaf Iqbal said: "It was impossible for Brendan, Glen and Brad to
    attend the game. They are not fit to be at the match and any contact
    with the rest of the squad could cause the bug to spread to more of the
    playing staff."

    Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh are set to stand in for Rodgers in his absence.

  32. no its a severe case of the s"its its medical term is the b"llshits some people are more prone to it than others ,doctors say it can last up to 3 days ,but some people are more affected by it they reckon rodgers could suffer for up t0 50 years

  33. Liverpool have made a bid of 9.5mn for Sneijder.


  34. Liverpool have made a bid for Wesley Sneijder. 9.5mn - Daily Mail (lol)

  35. would prefer anyone over allen  infact i would rather play with ten men all he does his slow the attack up and let players get back into position

  36. As this season in the league is another total write off is it best that we lose to speed up the fools sacking? the alternative is that this sh t drags on to next season etc etc.

  37. The day has now  come when we all worry if we are going to beat the worst team in the League , This is a very sad day for our great club and shows exactly how far we have fallen

  38. I guess it's safe to assume he won't be full of his usual crap by the end of this game

  39. all FSG have done since they came here is lower the fans expectations. if the fans dont make a stand nobody will... and these stupid yanks will ruin liverpool just like the last ones.

  40. your front three hits the nail square on the head.  Our major problem is our full backs are more technically gifted than almost every one in our first team with the exception of Gerrard.  Sterling and Downing are not good enough and when they are replaced we'll do better.

  41. Agreed.

    FSG Asset strippers


  42. would be fantastic ,alas i dont think he will want to come and play for rodger the dodger

  43. Well new system takes time to adapt. We will just have to wait. The downside of we will be unstable and won't be able to attract great player/star player. I believe we can really make it 2 season but we must retain the quality of the player if we really want to succeed.

  44. Look. If that is what you want I suggest you shut up for now. Do you have no substance? I was no fan of the Rodgers appointment but we are not Chelsea. Whoever is appointed will receive my support and backing until otherwise and that is how it should be for all supporters.

  45. Take time? we have got WORSE over the 6 months that the fool and his championship level 'assistants' have been here! we are WORSE than last season by far!.

    Rodgers OUT!!!
    FSG OUT!!!

  46. Some 'fans' on here are shocking. Wanting us to lose to speed up a managers sacking? Awful. I've remember why i'm rarely on these forums anymore.

  47. Moyes has bought very well, great mix of skill, pace & power! The toffees are tough!

  48. How about the money spent?

  49. Or will he......? Would like to see us win, but if we lose, is BR's absence an excuse?

  50. Lucas is still getting back to his best.

    Rogers needs to get the best out of the players rather than keep going on about this philosophy.

  51. 27 minutes played, 3-0.

  52. Up yours lawro, get a haircut, lookin more like the beggar that hangs round our high street everytime i see him!

  53. One in the eye for that know-it-all Lawrenson and the rest of you gloom and doom merchants. QPR may be bottom of the league but that was still a decent performance by us. At the start of the season I wanted to be in 6 - 8th place and, but for the two disasters against Villa and Stoke, we would have been there.  Brendan Rogers needs two or three signings in the next week and we will add a bit of strength to our reserves and allow some of the first team a rest. We may not finish first or second but there are still prizes to be won ! And as for the list of top contributors on this website, some of them now seem intent on writing stupid and inane comments just to 'improve' their league position.

  54. Jaimie, this has been brought up on a few occasions, but you cant really use statistic like that to say that one player should play in a position, or that the side is better with someone in the team.  It doesn't take into account the quality of the opposition, and there are too many factors in play.  

    Just for example, what if the manager doesn't trust Wisdom as much as the other defenders, therefore every game that Wisdom was in the team and Johnson on the left were against inferior teams.  That wouldn't mean that the side is better with Wisdom in the team. 

    As Chirag said, stats are overrated.

  55. Stats are only overrated when you don't agree with them.

    I didn't say the stats I used are absolute, but they are an objective, persuasive indicator. Over-complicating things with the usual 'but what about X, Y and Z' is pointless. It's simple: with Van Persie in the team, Man United win more games. With Suarez in the team, Liverpool score more goals. Similarly, with Wisdom in the team, and Johnson on the left, Liverpool are defensively superior. These are broad statements, but that doesn't make them inaccurate.

  56. I think stats used in the right context can be useful for showing some things, but others can be deceiving, or just a co-incidence. (Van Percy has played every game this season, so you cant say that Man U win more when he is in the side)  

    It is a lot easier to say that a striker has an impact on a game, because goals win games. Saying that we win more games when X defender is on the pitch is a lot harder to back up.  Did we win because X was on the pitch, or because the teams we played were off form?  Or because we had a good day?  

    I know what you are saying re Wisdom and Johnson, and to be honest you are probably right, however all I am saying is the stats that you have quoted could be down to numerous other factors.  As they say correlation doesn't equal causation, i.e. seeing people with umbrellas when it rains doesn't mean that umbrellas make it rain.