25 Nov 2012

'LFC tried to sign me' - €10m striker has 'no regrets' over rejecting Anfield. Big loss?

One-time Liverpool target Moussa Sow has revealed that he rejected a move to Anfield during the January 2012 transfer window.

In an interview this week, Sow - who has scored 17 goals in 34 appearances for Fenherbace - explained:

"Both Arsenal and Liverpool had tried to sign me before I ended up in Fenerbahce, but I don't have any regrets having done so.

"I wanted to play at a team which have a fantastic atmosphere and in a great city like Istanbul.

"My religious view was also effective in my decision to join Fenerbahce. I'm really happy here."

Prior to his move to Turkey, Sow revealed his admiration for Liverpool. He said:

"Liverpool, well, that is a dream club. Anyone would be happy, scoring goals in front of the Kop can be the highlight of a career".

Sow managed 34 goals and 6 assists in 60 games for Lille, which is a very good return. There was definitely a small window of opportunity for Liverpool in January 2012, but given the Senagalese international's religious preference, it seems that a deal could never have been concluded.

Even if Sow wanted to come to Anfield, the deal probably would not have gone through. The Reds desperately needed a striker in January, but Kenny Dalglish decided he's rely on Andy Carroll instead. Six months later, the King paid for that error with his job.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. yeah hes a really really good player, but if he didnt want to move to us its his thing. There are other players on the world

  2. kuyts doing better in turkey.on another subject fifa13,found a special move for joe allen on ps3 ,when hes on the ball hold r2 and press xox rapidly,the results are amazing he passes the ball forward only 5 yards but forward .its a tricky one to master a lot harder than a suarez sissor kick but its worth perservering with lol

  3. I haven't bought Fifa 12 or 13 after 11 for ps3. Fifa 13 any good ? Is it really worth spending Rs.3000/35 pounds....?

  4. no not relay my kids want it every year for new players but if you have not got it since fifa 11 probabley worth it last years[12] was a big change

  5. Fair play to him- there are worse reasons to move to a club (and city) than for religion (though I'm not a religious man myself).

  6. I have tried your joe allen special move but its not working now it just goes backwards, they must have fixed the glitch in an update lol

  7. he is amazing... we may see him this season on uefa cup final...

  8. I can fully understand any devout muslim preferring to move to Turkey than any other country, especially England, in Europe at the moment.