24 Nov 2012

'We'll consider offers' - German giants confirm €8m attacker can leave. LFC bid?

In early November, Schalke star (and Everton fan) Lewis Holtby angrily hit out at media speculation linking him with a move to Liverpool and Arsenal. Ironically, this came only a few days after the 22-year old specifically made it clear that he would not 'exclude Liverpool' from his options, which suggests that he is thinking of a move away. Schalke General Manager Horst Heldt has different ideas though - he is determined to keep the midfielder at the club, although he concedes that the German giants are willing to consider offers.

In an interview with Deutsche Presseagentur, Heldt claimed that contract talks with €8m-rated Holtby are going well, and insisted that Schalke had not yet received any 'concrete offers' for the coveted midfielder. He added:

"We will consider offers, but only after having received a concrete enquiry. Our main goal is to sign new deals with both players. We want both of them [Holtby and Huntelaar] to stay on at Schalke. I am not expecting to get to know any interest from any other club before the newspapers."

In a pre-match press conference two weeks ago, Holtby was asked about rumours linking him with a move to Liverpool or Arsenal. The 22-year old testily responded:

"I think people talk about it too much in the media. I am blue and white, I am with Schalke and agents are there to deal with that. I play for Schalke, I don't play for Liverpool, Arsenal or anyone else. Other people can talk about it. Everything else I just put to the side"

It's kind of ironic to hear Holtby moaning about the media when he himself has provided so much ammunition over the last few months.

At the end of October, Holtby's Agent confirmed that an unnamed English club had put in a 'very interesting offer' for the 22-year old, who recently admitted that he 'dreamed' of playing the Premier League.

Holtby's current contract ends soon, and in July, he admitted that a move away could definitely be on the cards:

"I have a great affinity for English football, and I've always said: If I am good enough for the Premier League, I want to play there too"

Holtby has 3 goals and 6 assists in 19 games this season. His stats from last season:

* 6 goals and 1 assist in 27 league games.
* 1 goal every 322 minutes (1 every 3.5 games)
* 1 shot on goal every 175 minutes (1 every 1.9 games)
* 28% Shooting accuracy
* Successful cross every 74 minutes.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. a decent squad player who has more potential than fab b imo.

  2. Everyone enjoying X Factor tonight????

    I like a bit of Abba.

  3. Id love us to get Tom Iince, Demba Ba and Shane Long. All three are affordable and imo achievable. Not a lot of people will agree with Shane Long but i think hes a very under rated player.

  4. Any chance of reporting hamanns comments about rafas management style jk? Or doesnt it fit with your agenda? ))))

  5. yes SHANE LONG FTW!!!! HE is savage and IRISH!!

  6. Shane Long could be an excellant buy at the right price. Scored a poacher's goal again today.

  7. let Arsenal have him if they want him, which they probably dont

  8. Still pissed off about Ella getting voted off and Tulisa moaning about it after she kept Rylan in 3 or 4 weeks ago

  9. I would love if we signed Shane Long, but he owes West Brom a lot, given that they were the only ones to take a chance on him.

    They would be crazy to let him go and he would be mad to leave.

    His work rate and strength is second to none. He was a top class hurler in Ireland, a real warrior's game played at a million miles an hour.

  10. Yep.
    She had a face on her like a smacked arse tonight....

    We got a game this weekend????!!!!

  11. Kenny wanted Long. But I don't think the Board wanted to risk a punt on him.

    Ho hum.

  12. But apparently, according to The Mail (yeah, I know....! ), they do want DOWNING !!!!! ........ For Walcott????!!!

    Honestly, that would be like one of those ridiculous kids on Noel Edmonds' "Swap Shop" who used to phone in on a Saturday morning convinced someone would let them have a brand new Scalextric in a swap for a Rupert Annual and some old felt tips.

    Or am I just showing my age?
    And a new-found penchant for Jim Beam......

  13. They wanted Downing when we signed him apparently, Hopefully there is a miracle insight and it happens lol

  14. We need backup for a defensive midfielder. For 8mil it is a waste as we have ample attacking midfielders. No thanks.

  15. Downing, Henderson and Adam were signed based on their stats/proven league ability and it turned out to mean diddly squat. Long would have been an excellent signing.

  16. jamie "kanwar" is a anagram for wankar

  17. Now that media has given us Cavani to think about, every other target seems unattractive. I hate media and I hate myself for hoping something quite ridiculous as this.

  18. Liverpool need to sack that manger and get kenny back brenden is not a good manger and for people in Liverpool we need to tell them yanks we want cups not frist division get rid now before brenden kills the club

  19. Jim you a a div do you want to be a actor

  20. ???? Div? Perhaps.

    But not sure about the actor comment.....

  21. If it did happen, I would truly start believing in Christmas again.

  22. Assuming you are not from Liverpool then....Kenny tarnished his legendary status with his second spell in charge, and Brendan is starting to build something - if anyone was killing the club it was KK with his ridiculous purchases and spending. The only major outlay for Brendan Rodgers has been Joe Allen, who, despite his young age, looks collected and assured on the ball showing more composure than most others his age.
    Learn punctuation first, then think before you post......