6 Nov 2012

'I don't play for Liverpool!' - Irritated €8m attacker responds to LFC rumours...

Last week, Schalke star (and Everton fan) Lewis Holtby specifically made it clear that he would not 'exclude Liverpool' from his options when he decides which team to join when he eventually move away from Germany. Holtby has made quite a few public statements about his future over the last few months, and speculation is now at fever pitch, which has now prompted the midfielder to backtrack a little on the subject of his future plans.

Schalke face Arsenal tonight in the Champions League, and in a pre-match press conference, Holtby was asked about rumours linking him with a move to Liverpool or Arsenal. The 22-year old testily responded:

"I think people talk about it too much in the media. I am blue and white, I am with Schalke and agents are there to deal with that.

"I play for Schalke, I don't play for Liverpool, Arsenal or anyone else. Other people can talk about it. Everything else I just put to the side"

It's kind of ironic to hear Holtby moaning about the media when he himself has provided so much ammunition over the last few months.

Last week, Holtby's Agent confirmed that an unnamed English club had put in a 'very interesting offer' for the 22-year old, who recently admitted that he 'dreamed' of playing the Premier League.

Holtby's current contract ends soon, and in July, he admitted that a move away could definitely be on the cards:

"I have a great affinity for English football, and I've always said: If I am good enough for the Premier League, I want to play there too"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. "It's kind of ironic...."

    this statement of yours sums it up everything...nice one.

  2. I for one hope you never play for Liverpool, your not good enough sorry!

  3. It sums us up unfortunately that a player like this been linked with us gets so much attention, i remember the days when this kind of player wouldnt even be mentioned in the same breath as us due to us having genuine quality already in the squad and waiting in the wings, it gets more depressing by the day

  4. It will get worse even more. A genuine manager like SAF, AW, et al can save us or big spending owners, nothing else looking at the quality of our squad.

  5. He fits the mould and he is a good player BUT i can't see him joining us over other Champs league team regulars.

  6. He is a very good player - technically gifted, looks for the first time pass and has the ability to unlock defences. He is a Champions League standard players and for a team which can't offer CL football, we would be foolish not to go for him.

    Holtby, Hunterlaar and Walcott - 3 players who play bigs clubs so they are used to high expectations and pressure, all have Champions League experience and all are in the last year of their contracts so they are affordable.

    We would be very silly to discount any of these players in January.

  7. and i feel its going to get a lot worse before things improve the days of lfc being a major football power are fast disappearing its all about money now we need to invest while we still hold our magical past or we will end up like villa leeds everton etc

  8. I wish i could say you was talking nonsense but unfortunately i cant, we need to act now or we lose the option to in the future.

  9. Wow cant believe the detritus coming from so called fans, this was always stipulated as being a project to get back to where we belong things were never going to happen overnight, Vyas if youre so enamoured with rednose or whinger go support them you,ll be no loss to the LFC family. As for this article blatant attempt at headline grabbing ; cut Holtbys comment in half and add an exclamation mark, claim irritation and hey presto