7 Nov 2012

'We may sell' - Baldini invites offers for £15m star who 'idolises' Steven Gerrard. Bid?

Roma stalwart Daniele De Rossi was arguably one of Italy's best players at Euro 2012, and although the midfield anchorman is on a long contract at Roma, he has a soft spot for the the Premier League, and according to Roma Sporting Director Franco Baldini, De Rossi is definitely for sale.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Baldini admitted that he rejected an offer from Manchester City during the summer transfer window, but indicated that the club is now more amenable to a potential deal. He said:

"Should an offer arrive for him, we will consider it, but we could also decide to give up on it again."

In a recent interview, De Rossi - who's been linked with both Manchester United and Manchester City in the past - said:

"I have received many offers from English football. And I must say that I feel attraction for it.

"I like English football very much. I think now it's probably more interesting than Italian football, and there are lots of outstanding and talented players"

It's possible that one of the 'many offers' for De Rossi's services came from Liverpool.

If not, then perhaps the club should think about making Roma an offer? With Steven Gerrard in the twilight of his career, Liverpool need of another quality, experienced midfielder in the side, and given £15m-rated De Rossi's admiration for Gerrard, the Reds would surely have an advantage. Of the Liverpool Captain, he enthused:

"Steven Gerrard has always been my idol. He is among the best in the world. You see Gerrard defending and attacking here and there. I would like to be able to play more like that."

At the age of 28, Roma's 'Capitan Futuro' is running out of time to test himself in one of the world's top leagues, and if his comments are anything to go by, he clearly harbours a subconscious desire to play in the Premier League.

Would De Rossi fit in at Liverpool?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. we wont pay 15 mill for 28 year old. plus there are positions that need improving a lot more than midfield. striker or 2, keeper and another fast attacking wide player

  2. Someone that could be for the summer window. Don't see it happening in January. We need players in January.

  3. haha he won't go there too, don't even think about it. and it's prices at least is 30m

  4. Get the Kenyan guy from Celtic...

  5. The most overrated guy in British football today

  6. Riiight... same guy who plays constantly in the champions league for a team that recently just lost to Barcelona (at the Nou Camp I may add) in the dying minutes of stoppage time?

    9 Goals for celtic in 2 years as a defensive Mid - one of which he scored in the champions league?
    21 years of age?
    1.88m tall?
    Total of 113 professional appearances?
    Kenya's best international player?
    Calm on the ball and strong in the tackle?

    I dunno man? I'm just asking questions...

    but if you mean overrated by price tag (I checked 25 Euro Mill somewhere) then sure...

    Overrated as a player, I think not...

  7. As a player, saw him just once against Barca....!! Disgusting...again a player who can't play against tough opponents.

  8. Well "once" is hardly enough to judge a player on my friend. especially against a team of Barca's caliber...

    I'd rather we opt for a striker though. More Important!

  9. No.

    Last position that needs strengthening. Striker and left back must be the priority.

  10. De Rossi is a die hard Roma fan just like Totti i can't see him leaving he has had plenty of big teams and the likes of Mourinho and Sir Alex in the past wanting him but he refused.

    Mancini has been desperate to sign him since his Inter days and also since he joined City so far no luck if he does leave Roma then City will be top of the list.


  11. We can all speculate and often do but let's wait and see what the owners do in January. Only issue buying in January as we all know means you spend more and maybe not on the right players. I have been a life long fan and I hope that by this time next year we have sorted out the mess that has been created within the playing staff and that we have stability through our club once more that will allow us to create the dynasty we once had.

  12. What a load of crap he played well in both games against Celtic and made you luck like an idiot but i guess your use to it

  13. 28 year old at a pretty heft price tag, but if you look past that then you will know that this guy has no issues psychologically like many of the players at Liverpool have atm in terms of proving one's worth. This guy has experience, coupled with the fact that he is a quality player. A team like Liverpool relying on young guns needs a player like this. Don't get me wrong, Steven Gerrard is a great asset in that department, but De Rossi's offers something different. He is like a warrior in the way he plays, and this Liverpool team needs some grit, especially when Lucas has had troubles with injury. He plays like a winner, that is the kind of mentality that is fit for Liverpool.

  14. I didn't watch the second game against Barca last night, did you? Apparently, he did well, very well to say the least. A 'shop-window' performance some say.

  15. Me thinks is got to be City. Last big contract. Can see Mancini using De Rossi in his 3-man defence at times. We are bit too low down the food chain me thinks, at the moment.

  16. No point discussing? Than why discuss it yourself, as you have commented three times on him in this thread. Strange stance. But I agree that he may not be a priority. Although I didn't see Sahin being a priority either (Lucas was fit at the time, Hendo didn't leave, Shelvey didn't go on loan, etc) but he came. I didn't see the club not bringing in a striker after offloading Carroll but they didn't bring in a striker. Just like a striker wasn't necessarily a priority for Manure, instead a midfielder but they bought Van Persie anyway. Football isn't that simple, where you just rely on making assumptions on the basis of so-called priorities. Strange things happen, sometimes lower level priorities happen whilst high level priorities don't happen. Yep, I don't see Wanyama coming here but I don't mind discussing him, as its a mere few lines of comment, no biggie.

  17. We beat u earlier this year!

    don't you remember? :))

    Roma are far greater than Liverpool these years!

  18. In a Friendly?! how does that count?! If i rem correctly we played our second team and they played better football too...