4 Nov 2012

Gutierrez reveals the real reason why Jose Enrique left Newcastle...

Glen Johnson has usurped Jose Enrique as Liverpool's first-choice left-back this season, and with Andre Wisdom cementing his place at right back over the last month, it looks increasingly likely that Enrique's days as an automatic first choice are all but over. His transfer from Newcastle came as quite a surprise last year, and ahead of Liverpool's Premier League game with Newcastle on Sunday, one of Enrique's former team-mates has explained exactly why the Spaniard decided to leave St. James' Park in the first place.

In an interview with The Independent yesterday, Jonas Gutierrez revealed that he'd 'been speaking' to Enrique recently', adding:

"He doesn't know if he is going to play but he is beginning to find his form again. It was a bit harder for him at the start of the season, but he feels fit and comfortable.

"His leaving Newcastle was about his contract. The club didn't want to let him go for free. It was a choice of a one-year contract or a four or five-year contract.

"You feel you never know what can happen in football so you have to think about the future, about your family, so a four-year contract seemed better for him."

Liverpool fans like to romanticise players' motivations, and we all love to believe that players join the Reds for love of the club, but in most cases, that's just not true.

Enrique appears to be no exception, and if Newcastle had offered him a longer contract, it's probable that he would've stayed in the North-East.

Enrique has made only two Premier League starts this season, and to be fair, he looked pretty good against Everton last Sunday. Having said that, if Glen Johnson was fit and available, it seems probable that Enrique would've been on the bench again.

To be honest, I wouldn't be too unhappy if the club moved him on in January; it seems clear that Enrique is not in Brendan Rodgers' long-term plans, but due to the paucity of the Liverpool squad, he'll probably stay until the summer.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Enrique has had injuries since last season and is only really recovering now so it is fair to say that this is the reason why he has only played such few games this season.

    "He hasn't been [available for selection] in the last couple of weeks," Rodgers told Liverpoolfc.com. "It's unfortunate -- he's got a pain in his knee that he was struggling with. We've been trying to treat it

    "Hopefully within the next week to 10 days he'll be back out on the training field and hopefully there will be no reaction.

    "He's a terrific player, Jose, and has got great qualities. We hope we can get him back sooner rather than later."


    Who says that Enrique is not in BR's long term plans?

  2. I agree, now it is up to him weather he will be in the long term plans- and I think his timing is great for us. Rodgers would not sign off Spaniard with good technique and pace- he is exactly Brendan's type of player.

  3. Enrique has always shown he likes to play with the ball on the ground, which makes him apply fine with the Rodgers' style of play. That makes me think he will be a significant member of the first team.

    P.S. Thanks for removing ads from the article space.

  4. he had a great start, then turned back into the player he was at newcastle. a player who forgot how to defend. i didn't really rate him there and he has done nothing to change my mind now.

  5. He is a brilliant tackler, we saw that last season. He also has the pace to deal with the oppositions attack but needs to work on his attacking game. Hoping he can stay fit and find his form from last season just before he got injured. No need to go out and sign another LB. We have already promoted Robinson who is adequate backup for Enrique.

  6. I think we can make a perfect left side if Enrique gives us good 2 years- in that time Robinson will develop and still will be very young. if Enrique fails we can use Johnson and Downing{and Robinson}- we've got Wisdom and Kelly on the right. Either way, don't think we should be buying lb.

  7. What a player Johnson is, both our best LB and RB.

  8. Of all the players KD brought in Jose Enrique has been a better performer (after Suarez),I don't see how he can be off loaded when there are others like Henderson and Downing ahead of him with a bigger price tag and failed to perform .I think out defence is alright we should first get in two or three good strikers/attacking mids .

  9. can't believe that newcastle would only offer him a one-year deal. seems highly unlikely.

  10. I think this raises two issues:

    (a) Why are we playing Johnson out of position just to accommodate a young, inexperienced player - be it with promise?

    (b) Enrique is streaks ahead of Wisdom at this point. Enrique should be brought back in at left back and Johnson reinstated where he should be at right back.

    Anything else is ludicrous at this point.

  11. Just finished watching the Newcastle match. Jose looked impressive today. I think if he's healthy and motivated, JE is a much better player than Glen Johnson will ever be. Wisdom is a little early to tell, but I think when he has a season or two of experience behind him, Wisdom will be on level with Carra in his prime. But Wisdom won't gain any...well, Wisdom for the position, unless he gets some starts. We're not going to be top 4, or even top 7 this season, so you might as well start him.

  12. Wisdom offers much more for the future of the club, consistent with the rebuilding theme at the moment.
    Enrique can be extremely inconsistent, especially going forward - his balls into the box are poor and he makes these darting runs down the left but when he gets the ball he looks so lost with it.

    Good defender though - would take him over Konchesky or Insua.

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