28 Nov 2012

'He is absolutely incredible' - AVB hails 'immense' Liverpool star. Key to victory...?

Liverpool face Tottenham at White Hart Lane tonight, and fans will be hoping the team can avenge last season's embarrassing 4-0 hammering, a defeat that saw the Reds finish the game with nine men. To do that, Luis Suarez will need to be on top form, and Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas is more than aware of the threat his team faces from the Uruguayan maestro.

Speaking to the Press ahead of tonight's game, AVB heaped praise on the Premier League's current top scorer. He said:

"He [Suarez] is an extremely good player.

"The amount of riot he creates up front on his own is absolutely incredible, and his range of movements is immense.

"He has a strong mentality and that's what makes him the great player he is."

Suarez has grabbed a lot of goals for the Reds since arriving in 2011, but he hasn't yet scored against Spurs, but hopefully that will change tonight.

Brendan Rodgers' team will come face-to-face with Clint Dempsey and Gylfi Sigurdsson tonight, two players who snubbed Liverpool over the summer. They're both undoubtedly good players but neither has really hit the ground running at Spurs:

* Dempsey: 2 goals/2 assists in 17 games
* Sigurdsson: 2 goals/1 assist in 17 games

That's a pretty poor return from two players who did fantastically well last season, and it seems like Liverpool may have dodged a bullet by losing out on the pair.

Despite the minimal creative return, AVB is pleased that Spurs beat Liverpool to Dempsey's signature. He said:

"It [the Dempsey deal] was a masterclass from our chairman to sign him. I gave the green light to do it and I think we did extremely well".

Reds defender Martin Skrtel has endured a torrid time against Spurs in recent years, and the Slovakian hopes that tonight wil bring an end to his string of bad luck against the Londoners. He told LFC TV:

"I certainly don’t want to repeat what happened season because it was horrible. I didn’t play in my own position and I ended up getting sent off. The year before I broke my jaw after banging heads with Carra but that is football"

Liverpool have not won at White Hart Lane since 2008, and Reds legend Mark Lawrenson has tipped Spurs to continue their winning streak. He told the BBC:

"Tottenham have had a decent record against Liverpool, and I fancy them to keep that going here. Liverpool still don't have enough players who look like hurting teams...and this is going to be a real examination of them defensively. I think they [Spurs] will pick up another three points here".

If Rodgers includes Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing in the team then I think Lawro's prediction will come true, so let's hope he reverts to a more familiar first XI. My team for tonight:

------------------- Reina

Wisdom ------ Skrtel ---- Agger ----- Johnson

------------- Allen ----- Shelvey

Sterling --------- Gerrard ---------- Enrique/Suso

------------------ Suarez

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I think Reina will be one of our key platers tonight(and in the future), it looks like he is regaining confidence and form.
    Martin Skrtel: "...and hopefully at the end of the season we can be in the top four." Keep the faith!

  2. Spurs do not play at Stamford Bridge.

  3. I hope you are not going to Stamford Bridge to watch this game tonight... you'll be in for a surprise

  4. Yes, I made a mistake with the ground. Changed now. Thanks.

  5. Liverpool have NO chance of beating THFC away at Stamford Bridge.
    This I know for certain

  6. Same prediction was for the visit to Stamford, I wouldn't be too sad to see the same outcome, especially with Arsenal playing Everton and us having 7-8 not too hard games ahead...

  7. No probs.. should be a good game tonight.. i hope you do play downing and henderson though.... ;)

  8. Hendo deserves to play after last performance.

  9. I'm just thankful we don't have AVB as our Manager.
    I'm also glad we didn't sign Dempsey as he hasn't exactly been pulling up trees has he.

    If I see Downing and Henderson in the starting team I'll know we've already lost before we kick a ball.
    Why Rogers played them against Swansea I have no idea.

    My Team for tonight


    Wisdom Skertel Agger Johnson

    Gerrard Allen

    Sterling Shelvey Enrique


    Subs: Jones,Coates,Sahin,Suso,Assiadi,Henderson,yesil

  10. Too defensive and can't score/create. Shelvey can do what Henderson can do, plus he's a goal threat. If LFC are happy to get a draw, Rodgers will go with Hendo. If he wants to win, he'll play Shelvey or Sahin. Additionally, if Enrique plays on the left, that will be another defender in attack; how many defensive players do we need on the field?

  11. Bale and defoe need to be taken out.

  12. I am so pleased we have AVB as our manager and that we managed to steal Dempsey and Sigourdsson from under the Dippers noses.... left them short and suffering upfront.
    They stole players from under our noses last season but they all turned out to be dogs poo.

    Spurs have won their last 5 home games against Liverpool and i can see that winning streak continuing tonight.
    In denial Liverpool fans begining to know their places at long last.

    enjoy :-)

  13. ---------------reina
    johnson skrtel agger enrique
    hendo allen shelvey gerrard
    ------sterling suarez
    With allen and hendo being defensive and shelvey, gerrard and sterling exchanging places... wisdom and downing as defensive subs and suso and assaidi(?) as offensive.

  14. We should play Enrique on lb.

  15. What exactly is your problem with AVB?... He presents himself very well and never has anything but good things to say about opposing teams.. (see above). Every manager needs time.. I personally hope both AVB and Rogers excel as they appear to be genuine and nice managers

  16. Yeah, well done with Dempsey and Sigurdsson got yourselves a real good deal there. You'll do alright this season, probably finsih above us but you'll always remain floating around top 5 to 10 and eventually AVB will be sacked whilst we'll continue to build a really good team with a good manager bringing talented youngsters and in a 2 or 3 seasons we'll be getting champions league football again and challenging for titles.

  17. I think Johnson will play at left back to contain Bale. wisdom is suspect
    at times and may crumble under pressure with Bale. Enrique may move to his accustomed LB. that means Downing wil. play at LW. What a Downer.

  18. Quite simply a lunatic.. that is all

  19. Ha ha, say hello to Marky Mark for me Ted

  20. im sure the deluded Dippers will fall into even more denial with their deluded theories are tonights defeat.

  21. the team is -pepe, wisdom, sktel, agger, johnson, allen, steve g, henderson, sterling, luis, enrique.
    clearly safety first....sahin was unreal his last game in the withdrawn CM role imo, henderson should not play as the AM of the 3, he offers nothing there

  22. the team above is THE team by the way.

  23. If it were up to me I would play Henderson in centre midfield tonight just to add a little energy, without lucas we do not have a natural player in there with energy and a natural athlete the way Gerrard used to be.
    Agree, Shelvey is more of a goal threat but does look occassionally one paced when playing more withdrawn, Allen is great at what he does but again midfielders run off him and makes him give away fouls in dangerous areas (Happened twice vs Swansea) Gerrard no longer able to play an intense game for 90mins so Henderson can play in there, he plays a simple game, very good work rate so away at Spurs will be a good player to have in there.

  24. i like you Ted, you can come over my house for supper. Guybeckinton you're not invited.

  25. Questions: Can Anyone Tell Me The Last Time Tottenham Won a Trophy?
    Can Anyone Tell Me The Last Time Tottenham Won a Champions League Trophy?

    In fact can anyone tell me when was the last time Tottenham won the the league?
    I know we LFC have been without a league for 23 years but I can remember it.
    Most Tottenham supporters who saw them win the league would be dead or senile.

    The idea that Tottenham fans think there record in Football now or in the past is anywhere near Liverpool's is insane.
    Tottenham are not even the most successful team in London ......scrap that North London.

    Please if you gonna try and wind up Liverpool fans get some trophies and some history before attempting it.
    We don't hate Tottenham cus there's nothing to ENVY

  26. ok sorry mr wasp.
    i would have enjoyed watching the game together

  27. your empire is in decline - ours is emerging.
    Get over yourselves...

  28. You say we dodged a bullet by not signing Dempsey and Sigurdsson, well these were 2 players Rodgers identified to improve us.

    I dont think Buck would know a player if he bit him on the ass.

    Clueless manager, clueless owners. Club is just drifting like an empty vessell.

  29. Central midfield and their full backs is where we need to win this match. I wouldn't play wingbacks but a flat back four allowing Sterling and Suso to run at their full backs. They should constantly switch wings so that they cut inside as well as go outside and pull their defence apart. Our midfield is stronger than theirs so that's where we should break down their attacks. To do that, we need to push far up the pitch. Their main threats are Defoe, Lennon and Bale. If we play wingbacks we leave too much space for the latter two to run into. You don't want Enrique having to compete with anyone on speed, we saw that in the cup final.

    So I'd line up:






    Gerrard can play that defensive role very well and did so earlier in his career. It will also allow him to dictate play better whereas Shelvey and Sahin have the passing range to pick the Spurs defence apart. Allen could do with a rest so give him one. He can always be on the bench.

  30. Eric, which club do you manage?

  31. Liverpool arent even the biggest club in Liverpool at the moment and they were last season either... and their is only 3 clubs in that city...
    enough said

  32. I think you might have peaked with Harry mate, all downhill from here.

  33. not bad but if we play 442 no way should Gerrard be on the left.
    Henderson should not be a starter either.
    would go with this choice is 442
    Wisdom skertel agger Johnson
    Sterling Allen Gerrard Enrique
    Suso Suarez

  34. Guybeckington - please go back to school and improve your grammer, you are embarrassing yourself.
    they WEREN'T last season and THERE not their.

    Jeepers, you only wrote a couple of words. Can you do joined up writing - lol

  35. Really? even though your not even the most successful team in north london?...do me a favour.
    An Empire with no trophies? keep up the comedy

  36. However AVB is a genius ......lol

  37. You forgot the '?' after 'can you do joined up writing'.......... :D

  38. jaimie you slate dempsey and sigurd 2goals each 2 assists for one ,1 for the other well m8 there both more impressive than allens and before you come up with the tired excuse about him playing out of possison ,when he has got forward hes looked worse than downing and thats saying something

  39. EFC are better than Dippers now and were last season... you guys are the 'Bitters' in their shadow

  40. Of course not gerrard on the left,he is in front of allen and hendo(who'd I play because we need to stop so many good players of theirs. in that situation shelvey is false 9 with suarez and sterling on flanks. variation is hendo allen and shelvey in triangle with gerrard on the right helping defend bale(most of their attacks will go through him), allowing to make that killer pass when we stop him. So it is probably 433 after all.
    yours is very good but we need enrique on the back. need.

  41. Correction we are the most successful team in Liverpool.
    18 leagues 5 champions leagues
    Everton 9 leagues 0 Champions Leagues.(incidentally is more successful that THFC as well)


  42. RFC Roermond :-)

    Not right now though :-)

  43. Allen is not an attacking midfielder like them, so the comparison is totally irrelevant.

  44. How about this orme

    Wisdom skertel agger Enrique
    Johnson Allen Gerrard Assaidi
    ------Sterling Suarez


    Johnson skertel agger Enrique

    Shelvey Gerrard Allen

    Sterling Suarez Assaidi

  45. I like Rodgers too. Both him and AVB bring a breath of fresh air to the PL with their footballing styles.

    Will he do better than Arry this season - its a tall order.
    Probably better next season when he has bought his own players and we have strengthened our squad.

  46. both great, just don't see Assaidi in starting 11. Johnson on rw in 433 with sterling coming in on the hour mark for wisdom or johnson(whoever is worse, sorry- less good). Fresh and hungry Sterling on tired oposition is a wining combination, it is a shame we can't afford to bench him...

  47. Sometimes I wonder if he is midfielder at all.. He operates in between dm and am so that means he is good in both directions, and yet played slightly off his position- he offers neither.. I know he will improve with return of Lukas,but surely had to do better so far.

  48. so what is he because hes not a holding midfielder ,oh just realised hes a striker no need to bother with anyone in jan now lol

  49. Wisdom V Bale. I'm not sure young Andre is ready for that test just yet. He's a little shaky when isolated in my opinion.

    Allen is a modern day midfielder. Just as Gerrard was the modern day midfielder of his time. Is that a good thing? who knows, but it is the way football is going.

    Football is slowly evolving into a keep ball session and Allen fits that mould well. Players like Carzola, Suso (when playing u19's for spain), Jack wilshere, josh mceachran, Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso all play on the half turn and look to dominate an area of the pitch through possession rather than physical prowess and long range passing. Like it or not the days of bombing into the box and abandoning team patterns are dead. Earning the right to play use to be about who put their foot in first and won the 1st 50-50 challenge. NOW it's about who keeps it the best. Credit to Allen he does do this well and let's not forget Leon Brittan played the holding role for Swansea for almost the entirety of last season which meant Allen was more of a 'controller' as BR would put it. The boy is versatile and in playing the holding role for us this season has demonstrated a tactical understanding and discipline that has taken other well known central midfielders years to master.

  50. Cant see wisdom starting on the right against bale. Unless he trys johnson on the wing (which iv been crying out for, for years).

    -------------- Reina


    ------------ Gerrard--allen



  51. Allens doing the donkey work at the minute which has impacted on his form. Hes covered the most ground out of an any premier league player in the las 2 games.

  52. Enrique is one of our most in form players an probly one of our quickest. Not many players beat him for pace including walcott!!!

  53. why am I blocked on the Strootman article?

  54. It said -the site has blocked you from posting- or something like that, it's gone now. probably some kind of mistake...

  55. AVB pointing out the obvious. He has been great though, Suarez this season so far.

    I'd still take Dempsey now and would have taken him back in the summer. Was available at a reasonable fee, considering his experience and form. A few months of mediocre form in a new team, new system and under a new manager doesn't eradicate seasons of proven PL experience or prove that it was good that we missed out on him. I would have preferred Dembele more (though different kind of player) but still would have taken Dempsey.

  56. Word filter. You weren't blocked.

  57. Except for Ramires who isn't the fastest himself either...

  58. wasn't even commenting- only had like option. never mind, it is all right now.
    and my shift is over so see you tomorrow to celebrate magnificent win...

  59. so he can run so could shergar dose not mean he can play football lol

  60. who is Shergar Dose?

  61. its a racehorse who got kidnapped in the mid 80s sorry for being so cryptic should have said mo farrow lol

  62. i think you will find Downing is playing left back!