19 Oct 2012

'He'll be amazing!' - Suarez's old Boss hails 'exciting' new Reds star. Good enough?

Oussama Assaidi has made a promising start to his Liverpool career, and after years of mediocrity on the left, it's great to finally have a genuinely skilful winger in the team who is capable of terrorising defences and creating goals. After missing out on a full-preseason due to injury, Assaidi is still finding his feet in the Premier League, but one of his former coaches is convinced that the Moroccan will be a big hit at Anfield.

Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website this week, Standard Liege boss Ron Jans - who coached Oussama Assaidi at Heerenveen and Luis Suarez at Groningen - described the 24-year old as a 'very special player', who is 'very good in one-against-one situations when he's attacking defenders". He further enthused:

"It will take him time to get used to the Premier League. Defenders are likely to be quite physical against him but once he gets used to that he can be amazing.

"He knows there are areas that he can improve. But he is very keen to learn and is a player who always wants the ball.

"Once he gets used to the club I'm sure he will excite supporters and I think that he and Luis can be two central figures for Liverpool."

From what we've seen so far this season, I'm sure Jans will prove to be right. Assaidi's stats from his time in Holland also back up his former coach's views:

Stats: Last season

* 27 matches played | 2077 minutes played
* Goals: 10 | Assists: 7
* Goal every 207 minutes (1 every 2.3 games)
* Assist every 296 mins (1 every 3.2 games)
* Goal/assist every 122 mins ( 1 every 1.3 games)
* Shooting accuracy: 45%
* Conversion rate: 7.5%
* Averaged one shot on goal every 27 mins.
* Averaged one cross every 13 minutes.
* Fouled every 36 minutes.
* Offside once every 1.1 games

* Last two seasons combined:

* 19 goals | 17 assists
* Goal/assist every 128 mins (1 every 1.4 games)
* One shot on goal every 30 minutes.
* Averaged 5.5 crosses per game (1 every 14.8 minutes)

With Suso and Assaidi in the squad, Liverpool are - for once - well covered on the left.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i think liverpool need players which attack from right hand side.. they should build game more from right side & for that we need players who can play at right wing.

  2. Assaidi has shown so far in flashes that the talent is there its just the matter of him adjusting to the league.

  3. impressive. Good buy by Rogers. He is light years ahead of Downing in talent and should always be an automatic choice on the left hand side of midfield

  4. Assaidi's clearly got the necessary skill and pace to be a success, which is a lot more than can be said of most of our wide-men in recent times.

    Now he just needs to work on getting into the right positions to be a goal threat, and to avoid drifting out of games after a while...

  5. Very promising but he needs to take his chances.

  6. What was it, £2.7mill, a steal at that price. I like his style, very good winger, and surprisingly seems to pass the ball well when its needed. Good in tight situations, and the moment he gets the ball off he goes at the full back, a defenders nightmare, i'm impressed with him, considering the lack of training etc etc, he has had so far. Could turn out to be the bargain of the season for us, fingers crossed.

  7. If you balance his fee and ability against that of downing's transfer I know who I would rather and the speedy Moroccan has only had a handful of minutes !! He looks very quick and lively. I feel he could come good. Very promising indeed

  8. B.Rodgers....Please involve Oussama Assaidi and Samed Yesil with often. We need to provide many high level games to give they are growning up with properly.If we you never give many chance,how can they will be shining successful?

  9. we will never find out if doesn't start or make an appearance even as a sub