15 Oct 2012

Angry Lawro blasts: Failed boss should've been 'sacked in the summer'. Agree?

After losing all three games at Euro 2012, the Republic of Ireland suffered another stinging competitive defeat against Germany on Friday night, shipping goals left right and centre as the Germans ran out of 6-1 winners. Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson - who made 39 appearances for the RoI - is particularly angry with the result, and he's called for Ireland boss Giovanni Trappatoni to step down.

In his column for The Mirror, Lawro argued for Mick McCarthy to be given another chances as Republic of Ireland manager, and he delivered the following assessment of Trapattoni's future:

"Giovanni Trapattoni should have been sacked in the summer.

"It's been obvious since the European Championships that he'd reached his sell-by date.

"One of the problems within the squad is that if you cross him for any reason he is like a woman scorned.

"The time for him to go was after the Euros, and as far as his position now is concerned, he just looks a dead man walking".

Trapattoni seems to be massively unpopular these days, with players and managers lining up to stick the knife in. Ray Houghton - another ex-Red - agreed with Lawro, and earlier today, he argued that 'dissenting voices' had made Trapattoni's position 'untenable'.

To complete the hat-trick of LFC dissent, Ronnie Whelan criticised Trappatoni's 'baffling' decision to leave McClean on the bench against Croatia during Euro 2012: He observed:

"McClean took the Premier League by storm and did not get a game, which was baffling. I still can not get any logic out of it. If it were me, I would be so fed up. He [McClean] is more psychologically hurt, now, that he did not get on the pitch"

The Italian is likely to remain in his post for the remainder of his contract though; he currently earns £1.5million a year, and it would be too costly to sack him.

Looks like RoI fans are stuck with Trapattoni for the foreseeable future. Well, at least it will give Lawro plenty of content for columns for the next year or so.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Communciation is huge in football management and his is limited and he's in the job a fair while. The quality of player isn't at his disposal but it doesn't excuse caveman tactics and a deep line. No real ambition to win a game. He's also alienated plaer of good ability and tends to play talentless workers with little quality on the football. FAI won't fire him. Contract is too much to pay up.

  2. Board meeting at the end of the week,will be sacked then.Good riddance.

  3. Just why Lawro doesn't apply for the job himself. Cos shit at that job i guess It don't matter who the mngr is ROI have shit players and no mngr will do any better. England with massively overrated players tried it with Capello, one of the best mngrs in the world. The same goes for NI and Scotland. They have shit players and no matter who u appoint as mngr they'll never win anything.

  4. I dont remember lawreson doing anythink but below average when he was a manager ,anybody can make crass statements from behind a desk ,when he had the chance he failed badly

  5. your really scraping the bottom of the barrell for stories jk

  6. We've always had a small pool of players to choose from, but have never fared anywhere near as badly as Wales, Scotland and NI.

    The problem now is that Trap doesn't do any personal scouting so hasn't really expanded the squad from the one he inherited.

    He is in semi retirement on €1.4 million.

    Also, the only reason we even hired him was because Denis O' Brien pays a large proportion of his wages.

    Trapatoni, or Crapatoni as my dad calls him, will be gone on Friday. Otherwise there will be poor turnout at remaining home games so it will cost FAI even more in the long run.

    Mick McCarthy will hopefully come back

  7. Why do you insist on finishing every headline you right with a question?