15 Oct 2012

Liverpool FC make £5m offer for 'excellent' Serie A star. Overpriced...?

Genoa star Andreas Granqvist continues to be linked with a January move to Anfield, and according to new reports in Italy, Liverpool have already put in an offer for the 27-year old defender.

Italian journalist Gianluca DiMarzio (who works for Sky Sports News) claimed last week that Liverpool had 'sent scouts' to watch the Swede play in Genoa's match against Palermo, and reports in Italy now claim that the Reds have put in a €6.2m (£5m) offer for the defender.

Speaking to the Press over the weekend, Granqvist directly acknowledged the Reds' interest. He said:

"Liverpool is still a great club, and I'm delighted to be approached by a club like this, but I'm fine in Genoa"

Granqvist has played in the Premier League before. In January 2007, he joined Wigan Athletic, where he made 14 appearances for the club. After a year at the JJB stadium, the Swede move to FC Groningen - Luis Suarez's old club - before moving to Genoa €2m in 2011.

The 27-year old endured a tough time at Wigan:

* 21 goals conceded in the 14 games he played
* 9 of the 14 games he started ended in defeat.

Granqvist - who has made 24 appearances for the Sweden national team - has a knack for scoring goals, and at Groningen, he grabbed 21 goals in 96 appearances (a great return for a defender), including this amazing solo goal against Utrecht in September 2008:

If Liverpool are interested then a deal could probably be struck pretty cheaply but it would surely only be as extra defensive cover; there's surely no way he would actually replace Skrtel or Agger in the team...?

AC Milan director Ariedo Braida recently confirmed that the Serie A giants are also interested in signing Granqvist. He told a Swedish newspaper:

"It is true, I have followed him on several occasions. He is an excellent player, he looks to be a great guy and he has great qualities"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. cant we wait til the summer to strenghten at the back..
    blow the january budget on a striker..

  2. If he cant play left back, I say 4get it. I presume he is a central defender, but is he any better than Coates, ? who knows. We need a left full, not a central defender unless he is better than what we have, which is unlikely for that price.

  3. We have loads of good defenders, forget this fella!!!

  4. guy who works for sky sports claims .... is the key here, the Murdoch empire isn't really the most credible source is it?

  5. How do you know? Just because you have some kind of bias towards Sky doesn't mean the guy isn't credible. That's a fallacious argument. Do you have any proof that Di Marzio is not credible? Jamie Redknapp works for Sky Sports; several other ex-Liverpool plays regularly co-commentate on matches screened by Sky; does that now mean they have less credibility?

  6. Your a twat Jamie leave Dan alone he's made a very valid point and there you go getting all hot and bothered, your putting out at least 3 maybe 4 stories / opinions daily which overtime have become repeatative and boring please take a wee break to yourself and recharge the batteries mucks

  7. The last thing we want to do is Spend 5 mill + around 45 k
    per week on an over the hill defender . We want to get rid
    of the most over the hill , overpaid , c/b . Then give our
    young defenders a chance . 2 strikers & a big DM is the
    priority .

  8. Skrtl and Agger partnership has been suspect of late. We still need cover at the back if injury arises. for 5mil is a bargain. he has minimum 5 years on his legs to play. why not?

  9. Jamie, read the post before making a comment. I didn't say I knew I said the Murdouch empire is not credible, so I would take it with a pinch of salt. But the best test is wto see what will happen, maybe then we can both re-visit this conversation and see who was correct

  10. What happen with David Teixera proposal now?This january i hear that LFC will be give only uk24milion.Theo Wallcott,Daniel Sturrigde and other british players maybe impossible to sign in.They are too expensive.Only Demba Ba and David Teixera very cheap we can get in.