9 Oct 2012

£13m star who called LFC a 'dream club' admits: UK football 'fascinates' me. Bid?

Torino defender Angelo Ogbonna has revealed that he is enticed by English football, and he's made it clear that a move to the Premier League is definitely a possibility.

Speaking to Tuttosport over the weekend, Ogbonna claimed that he'd had 'many offers' over the summer, but added:

"I would go abroad willingly. I would like to experience other cultures.

"English football fascinates me, and the style is similar to Torino's one. And I speak English."

Ogbonna has been linked with Liverpool several times over the last year, and in November 2011, he confirmed the Reds' interest:

"I am flattered by the interest from clubs. Liverpool is a dream club, it is awesome that they are interested in me. I love the Premier League and one day I might play in that league".

Tutto Sport also claims that Liverpool sent scouts to watch the defender at the weekend.

Torino director Gianluca Petrachi was asked last month if the club would sell Ogbonna in January, or in the summer, and he said:

"There are observers of many foreign clubs who come just to see Ogbonna because he is a player who has great potential. Last year we refused €10m for him but it is clear he is worth more than €16m [£13m]. Angelo has the desire to do better but I believe he should continue to grow with Torino."

Given Torino's comparatively lowly status in Serie A, I doubt they have the bargaining strength to demand a bigger fee as high as €16m, and Liverpool could probably get him much cheaper than that.

24-year-old Ogbonna was included in Italy’s Euro 2012 squad after helping Torino win promotion to Serie A. He can also play at left-back, which would be useful for putting some pressure on Jose Enrique, who doesn't really have any credible challengers for his role at present.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. FSG will not sanction anything more than 5mil for a defensive player.
    Probably for any player actually.

  2. If our first team isn't strengthened, there's no point of a deal. Nothing suggests Ogbonna is better than Skrtel. Carragher's end is nigh, but someone from the academy could arguably take his place.

    Although we have a 20m player who can't even make the bench, and a 35m player out on loan, 13m isn't worth it for someone who looks to be a squad player.

  3. we have our own defenders, What about coates, Robinson ?

  4. I agree that he's not worth 13, and I doubt he'd go for anywhere near that much, but he's a regular starter for Torino, and he\'s a full Italian international, which suggests it's possible he could he a starter for LFC.

  5. Jaimie, no article about BR's open defence for Suarez? Like KD last year even he likes to support Suarez for one reason or another. What do you think about it? Defence justified?

  6. I've done an article on that, and I'll be posting it in a couple of hours.

  7. If we need solidity in defense, it has to be beefed up. We can't continually rely on the kids. The entire backline is suspect and crack under pressure on the counter. This has to be addressed immediately.
    Bring on a solid defender in january.

  8. After yet another year with no progress (in terms of results at least) and another year of calamities and being the laughing stock of the league, I doubt we're as much of a 'dream club' as we were last Nov when we were looking ok i the league, things looked to be on the up and we had a reputation of having cash to spend.

  9. we will be lucky to hold on to half of our players, even stirling and suso are being linked!

  10. I like the look of this guy. Two left footers at centre-half would be odd though. I don't know if one would feel uncomfortable. I feel like with Rodgers' system, you want defenders to be able to pass on their strongest foot.

  11. Looks to me that the defense is exposed because of only playing three midfielders, we don't really have a defensive midfielder anymore, not even with Lucas. This is the area that should be sorted along with a proven goalscorer.

  12. FSG will go for cheap options, they have already slashed the wage bill, getting rid of the older experienced players, you watch within a season Suso and Sterling will be gone too and these are the players we should be building around.

  13. you are right ,i am desparete to hear that suso has signed a new deal