9 Oct 2012

Alan Hansen blasts: England duo are a 'disgrace' to their club. Agree...?

Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has laid into Chelsea defenders John Terry and Ashley Cole, accusing them of disgracing themselves and their club.

Terry recently received a 4-game ban from the FA for 'using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Queens Park Rangers' Anton Ferdinand and which included a reference to colour and/or race', and after the decision, Cole branded the FA a 'bunch of twats' on Twitter.

In his column for The Telegraph, Hansen - who during the Patrice Evra saga argued that Luis Suarez 'let Kenny Dalglish down, the club down and himself down' - conceded that elite players 'can get away with more than those at lower levels', and went as far as to suggest that the Chelsea duo probably weren't bothered about the furore they'd created: He observed:

"What I have noted, particularly in Terry’s case, is how little it seems to impact on his performances when he is under scrutiny.

"I’m not suggesting he thrives on it, but it certainly does not have a detrimental effect.

"Cole seems to be the same. He acts in a way in which he must know will not lead to a positive outcome, and yet still he proceeds down that road".

Like most 'elite' footballers, Terry and Cole probably don't give a toss about any problems they cause. Does anyone really believe that Cole is 'sorry' over the FA tweet incident, or that Terry feels any genuine remorse over the Ferdinand situation? Of course not! They're so grossly overpaid and out of touch with reality that they probably privately believe that the world has wronged *them*.

Hansen concluded:

"Chelsea have paid a price for being accused of being too loyal to their players. Terry and Cole should now repay that loyalty by ensuring this whole saga belatedly comes to an end".

Chelsea boss Robert Di Matteo confirmed yesterday that action will be taken against Cole:

"We've got a social media policy at the club and there's going to be a disciplinary process - action - against the tweet and that's how I'll leave it"

Terrifying! I bet Cole is shaking in his boots...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Omg Al, ssshhhhhh. Not content with giving ever more ridiculous tactical analyses on MOTD, now he's saying things which can only reflect badly on us and make us and the club look naiive and silly. He knows as well as anyone that what goes on on the pitch rarely bears has any relevance to the outside world. Rightly or wrongly that's the case.

  2. Another Liverpool legend late into the tackle as usual. The FA greenlighted Ashley Cole for England last night and John Terry is not only found innocent of charges, he's handling the pressure on and off the field with more aplomb than Hansen ever has done.

  3. Honestly, what is it with Chelsea players and getting into the headlines all the time?

  4. Type your comment here. The duo are personally annoying. No sign of remorse!!!

  5. They are just idiots. They probably all think its just a bit laugh. So they get fined every now and then, what's that to them, they make it back within a week or 2.

  6. I don't like either of them. But Cole is right when he says that FA r bunch of fucking twats cos that's what they r. You have to b a twat or an idiot or hypocrite at the highest order to ban Suarez ( foreign) for 8 games and Mr Chelsea ( English ) for 4 games.Rules r different.A Young DIVES his mngr protects him. Not much media coverage cos the boy plays for MU and England. Shrek does the same countless times not much media coverage. Again he plays for MU and he is the darling of English national team. Ugly tho. Bale as well. Again he's British. NOW Suarez does it. WOW the WW III just started. If British press had their own way they would send him war crimes tribunal in hague. We all know why. Cos he ain't british of course. It's not just the FA who r fucking hypocrites. Most of British mngrs r too. A Ferguson the biggest with T Pulis the latest to join him. Stoke City should b relegated for ruining the beautiful game. YNWA.

  7. it's a FArce actually

  8. You not going to blame this one on 'Froggerson' then?

  9. Nice one. I like Froggerson to Friggerson.

  10. Yeh, I thought I would add a teeny weeny bit of originality to your posts, as its usually the same old, same old waffle.

  11. Boo-hoo, boo-bloody-hoo

    Where was this when Drogba (the BBC reporter/jouner, for MOTD post-match interview, ambushed him with a question about diving and stitched him up for a media witchhunt for days afterwards. Deserved or not, I don't see Suarez getting treated like that in a interview yet) and Ronaldo were getting scapegoated eh. Where was the scapegoating of Bolton, when they were alleged roughing up the league. Where was the holier-than-thou 'ruining of the game' ethos then eh. I tell you where it was, in the 'who gives a flying ****, as they don't suit our LFC agenda' pile.

  12. You can nearly tell the blinkered posters by how they always write YNWA at the end of a psot. They give true fans a bad name! Down with the YNWA & 5 Times supporters, they are probably the same ones calling for Rodgers head!