30 Oct 2012

'He fits the bill' - LFC's Chief Scout keeping tabs on £7m 23-goal striker. Bid?

Luis Suarez is in a rich vein of goalscoring form at the moment, and if it wasn't for the breathtaking incompetence of the Linesman during Sunday's draw with Everton, the Uruguayan would've grabbed his second hat-trick of the season. It's great that the Reds have a striker scoring regularly, but the club still need to sign another goalscorer in January, and Newcastle striker Demba Ba is once again being linked with a move to Anfield.

According to The Mirror:

"Liverpool chief scout Alan Harper has watched Ba several times and the belief at Anfield is that he fits the bill after ­scoring six times this season"

Due to a ridiculously cheap buy-out clause, Ba will be available for just £7m during the January transfer window, which is certainly within Liverpool's transfer budget. Newcastle Boss Alan Pardew recently confirmed the existence of the clause. He said:

"There is that clause in his contract and it makes us vulnerable. It's still open in the next window."

Additionally, Ba will not be taking part in the African Nations Cup, which makes the possibility of his signing all the more attractive.

In September, Alex Gontran - Ba's Agent - hinted that the 27-year old could leave St. James' Park is Alan Pardew's mismanagement of the striker continued. He warned:

"Since returning from the Africa Cup of Nations [in January], Demba doesn't understand the management. How could you put your best striker with full confidence on the left wing?

"There is a lack of recognition for Demba, and it is more difficult to play well when you don't have the confidence of your staff. If he continues to be a substitute all season, we'll look at other solutions".

Since that warning, Ba has started every game for Newcastle, but if his frustration continues, there will undoubtedly be a whole host of clubs lining up to sign him in January, and you'd hope that Liverpool would be in for him.

A Liverpool team with Ba up front is a tantalising prospect:

----------------------- Jones

Wisdom -------- Agger ------- Skrtel ------- Johnson

--------------- Allen ------- Sahin

--------------------- Gerrard

Suarez --------------------------------- Sterling/Suso

--------------------- Ba

Since arriving at Newcastle:

* Ba has grabbed 23 goals and 2 assists in 49 appearances.
* That equates to a goal/assist every 1.9 games

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Cant wait for the next transfer window to come. 2 more months to go.

  2. He definitely has a eye for goal. Proven premier league experience and pedigree, 27 which is normally strikers peak years (27-31), £7M...

    Let's go for it!!!

  3. We need a consistent goal scorer not somebody who is scoring goals for fun then hits a brick wall.Last season when CISSE was signed he couldn't score a goal to save his life.
    Now CISSE can't score and BA is hot.There are plenty of alternatives that don't go from super hot to freezing cold (goal scoring wise).
    HUNTELAAR would be my choice.
    I would warm to the idea of BA if he could put a good goal scoring season together, not half a season because that sounds like a big ponytail we bought from NEWCASTLE.

  4. Ba's complete EPL record is 30 goals and 5 assists in 55 matches. That is goal/assist every 141 minutes.

    His Bundesliga record is 25 goals and 11 assists in 67 matches ( i.e, goal/assist every 167 minutes).

    LFC must bid for Demba Ba this January.

  5. Why would Ba want to come to us?! Really. I think we have to take a look in the mirror and realise that we are just not able to compete for the top 4 at the moment. It really hurts me to say this but he has more chance of playing in the Champions League with Newcastle. The only reason he'll come to us is if we offer him more money, which, let's be honest, won't happen now under FSG.

  6. I would love this type of player at liverpool as he is strong, skillful, experienced, proven and a bargin at 7 million. Do I think he will sign, sadly not, however, that is only if one of the top 4 or equivelent come in for him.
    At the end of the day he is 27 and would no doubt move to win something or have a chance at CL football. Liverpool is no where near the CL places so for him he will be looking at liverpool as a step sideways at present. If he does go, he will go to a club that is on the cusp of good things.

    Liverpool IMO will attract either experienced players who have been their and done it and are still very good but are in their twilight of their career or young up coming world class players who are either not getting a game at their high profile clubs due to an experienced world class player taking the number 1 slot or they are at a mid table club and the superstar of their respective team.

    Liverpool are at a very dangerous sross road. the next two years will either see us get things right on all levels and re-join the top 4 or we will decline and languish around mid table until a billionaire phenomenon happends.

  7. money talks. he isnt being given the pay hike he wants at newcastle

  8. he wont come that cheap

  9. Yes he will as it's legally binding, open your eyes!!!!!

  10. Open YOUR eyes. If you had a clue, you would realise his clause is at £15m. It was £7m in the first year and as no-one took it up it has gone up to £15m.

    You couldn't afford Clint Dempsey, but think you can afford Ba?

  11. I don't like players and their agents presenting ultimatums to their managers, but their behavour could definitely change at Liverpool, and a player like Ba is exactly what we need now.

  12. alan harper doesn't have a great history with scoring goals

  13. Just beciuase a clud make an offer it does not have to be accepted immediately- The player must agree also. BA isnt going anywhwere. Its lazy journalism, he's playing in Euorpe, is happy scoring goals and is contracted. Unless its big money and Newcastle decide to accept he will be sold. Liverppol are the heavy hitters they were a 5 years ago. Cisse has been linked with you's as well as Spurs because he was dropped for one game (in which he came on to score) - its all paper talk. you's dont realise how close knit NUFC are at the moment and to constantly link players away doesnt help your cause, you should conentrate on soomone who is looking for a move - BA isnt.

  14. No, you are wrong. Ba's buyout clause is 7m.

  15. He failed a medical at westham, dodgy legs, can't get insurance, that's why pardew mentioned the clause again, one game in a red shirt and we all know what will happen. There are loads of alternatives, go get one

  16. Agree that Ba's buyout clause is £7m - or so it appears. However, do we really believe that at £7m we will be the only club looking to buy.

    I am not so sure he would be a LFC player at this price!

  17. Loving reading you Scallies lloking over Newcastle's team AGAIN... lol. Sooner or later you's lot are just gonna have to admit that you're Toon wanabees :o) Who next - Pardew?

  18. Only reason Ba had that cold spell was because he was being played out wide. But i am convinced he is a consistent goalscorer but my concern is that he looks like someone motivated by money.

  19. When a striker is played out of position i expect a drop in production but not to completely fall off a cliff.Our record in the transfer market in recent years has left me looking at potential signings with a air of caution.
    BA should be on our list of targets, but imo shouldn't be first choice.However 7m makes it very tempting.
    Football with the introduction of the worlds wealthiest, has turned into a money machine.Some players will hunt down the best possible deal they can get.
    ETO'o making the move to ANZHI when he was still capable of playing top level football in a big league being the prime example.

  20. Liverpool ...ha ha ha ha

  21. Its good it doesnt happen, we have so many debts, i think we all know that. Theres just ManU on top and were 2nd on the worlds highest debt-clubs in football. If Financial Fairplay starts in 2 years, even if we come into the top 4, we would have no chance to get CL football because our income isnt higher then what we have to play. Lets be realistic, Brendan is poor, because he cant sign players we need, but if he would the club is the same as rangers in about 3 years!!!

  22. Was Suarez credited with the first goal against Everton? I thought it went down as a Baines own goal?

  23. How about Huntelaar? I know he's a bit older and wages would be higher maybe, but he scored a hatfull of goals with Suarez at Ajax (from what I've heard) and they would probably gel together quickly. The last thing we need is a striker who takes a month or two to settle into the squad.

  24. Could anybody pls tell me, why should huntelaar come to us?
    Why should he want to leave Schalke? hes 2 hours away from his hometown, the fans love him, he plays CL, and hasn´t any problems with teammates, his payment is good... SO WHY ? please give me a reason..

  25. Maybe he has an irrational fear of Bockwurst!!! Who knows.

    It would be criminal though if we didn't at least inquire, especially if he did move.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he coming up to the end of contract next summer?

  26. Wouldn't mind seeing him here at all at that price, with Suarez coming in from the wing and Sterling on the other side.

  27. FSG sanctioned 70K wage to Henderson, 80K a week to Downing and similair to Carroll and 2-3 Million signing bonus to Allen.
    Why won't they be able to offer Demba Ba more money ?!

  28. While he is a bargain, there's the well known knee issue and the fact that his age doesn't fit with FSG policy.
    Theo is likely to be signed, as a striker, along with an other, who may be unknown to us as yet. Its believed that the club have offered holtby a contract also. he would compete with suso/sterling/borini for the other striking positions.
    we are looking for bargains, bosmans and future heros, not old, over paid, high maintenance players. Ba is definitely good, but perhaps not top target.

  29. Which club are you talking about? Surely not Liverpool FC as that club surely isn't the second highest when it comes to debt.

  30. Well, so far no other club wanted him for 7m.