27 Oct 2012

LFC fans tell Rodgers: Do not bring this Benitez flop back to Anfield...!

Rafa Benitez made a lot of great signings during his time at Liverpool, but Dutch winger Ryan Babel was not one of them (!) Last week, the former Reds winger admitted that he 'still loves Liverpool', and hinted that he would like to return to Anfield at some point in the future. Would Liverpool fans approve of Babel's return?

When asked in a recent interview about a possible return to Liverpool, Babel eulogised the club, and praised the Premier League as the 'best league in the world', adding:

"You never know what your route is going to be.

"I am happy at Ajax, but if you have some fantasy and imagination you like to dream of things and Liverpool still has a special place in my heart."

I conducted a survey on the site to find out whether Liverpool fans would welcome Babel back to Anfield:

* 7950 people (approximately) participated in the poll.

* 59.7% of participants voted NO to a Babel return.

This is not as emphatic a result as many would've expected. The reality is that 40.3% of fans (3203 voters) would clearly like to see the Dutchman return, which suggests many fans believe that Babel wasn't given a fair shake at Anfield.

Babel had a torrid time at Hoffenheim, managing only 5 goals and 1 assist in 37 games, but he's still believes he can fulfil his potential and 'live up to what people thought I would become'.

Alas, Babel arguably doesn't have the mentality to succeed at the highest level, and despite his good start at Ajax (3 goals in 6 starts), I doubt there's any way back for him at Anfield.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I actually believe if he was managed right he could deliver; just too high maintenance in the end though.

  2. Great that you bring us the hottest debates that are so pertinent and insightful. Don't buy an ex player that hasn't been linked to us Brendan. Next week, Don't Buy John Acorah. Great vision but inconsistent.

  3. Who cares what Babel wants? Benitez gave him the opportunity of a lifetime which he threw away. Genuinely curious Jaimie, why is it necessary to say 'Benitez flop'? why not LFC flop or dutch flop?

    Why not do another poll and call it, 'would you take back Benitez masterstroke Arbeloa?'

    The poll seems pointless to me and it comes across as un unnecessary attack on Benitez.

    'Some people can't see a priest on a mound of sugar'

  4. He was ineffectual in Ajax win over City last week, but he's back where he belongs - he moved to us too soon.

    Hopefully, for his sake, he gets back into Dutch squad over time.

    Still love watching his goal v Derby in 2007, what a strike! Dummy to beat two defenders then sent the keeper the wrong way as he lashed it in....... promised so much. The money went to his head, if he had any drive he would have pushed on.

    Hopefully the let downs in England and Germany have stirred him into fulfilling his talent.

  5. The title is intentionally provocative and thus brings in the readers. This means the site is more successful (in terms of readership and in terms of earning simolians).

  6. Obsessed much? Me and you need to square off Kanwar.

  7. no no no, liverpool kop dont want him back lol
    bit unfair, great pace and feet great shot with either foot, age on his side, why not????
    ten times better than borini.........fact.
    had raffa stayed he could well be star-ing for lfc by now