31 Oct 2012

'He's a top player! - Defender hails £15m Liverpool star's 'great talent'...

Liverpool face Swansea in the pointless waste of time known as the Crapital One Cup tonight, and Joe Allen is expected to be be in the starting line-up to face his former team. Allen has been a revelation since arriving at Anfield, but this comes as no surprise to former team-mate Garry Monk, who believes the 23-year old has what it takes to long-term success at Liverpool.

In an interview earlier today, Monk - who has made over 200 appearances for Swansea - admitted it will be 'great to see' Allen, adding:

"He is a top player.

"Everyone knows his quality as a player. I am really glad to see he is doing so well.

"He is a great lad and a great talent and he is proving it now at a very high level.

I completely agree with Monk; Allen is a fantastic player, and he's done brilliantly for Liverpool so far. The midfielder - who cost Liverpool £15m in the summer - is looking forward to the game tonight, but concedes it will feel a little 'strange' facing his old club. He told LFC.com:

"It is going to be a strange fixture for me and I'm looking forward to coming up against some good friends at a club I was at for many years. It will be an interesting game and one I'm looking forward to."

I was disappointed that Samed Yesil didn't make the squad for last week's Europa League game with Anzhi, but hopefully the youngster will make the bench for tonight's game, or maybe even start if Luis is rested. Come on, Brendan - Give Yesil a chance!

My team for tonight:

------------------------ Jones

Wisdom --------- Coates ------ Carra ------------ Robinson

-------------- Shelvey --------- Allen

---------------------- Sahin

Suso ------------------------------------ Downing

---------------------- Yesil

* Gerrard, Agger, Skrtel, Suarez, Sterling, Enrique et al rested/on the bench.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. last week we played anzhi in the europa league
    anzhi isnt an english team

  2. What is the situation with Robinson, is he fully fit?

  3. Allen needs a rest, he has bee playing to much football. Suarez won't be playing either. Id imagine Hendo will be starting, Joe Cole aswell. Id say Downing will be playing left back. Would love to see Yesil start and I think he just might. :) Y.N.W.A.

  4. I forgot about our liability that is Enrique, he will prob feature with downing moved up. Hope we see the Assasidi lad :)

  5. im really glad, doni is back at melwood to give our goalkeepers a competition. I think he can get our no 1 goalkeeper, im not so sure about jones, and with reina injured we will hopefuly see him a few times in the next months
    Hopefully Yesil makes the striker today !!

  6. You constantly criticize Henderson for not scoring enough goals or assists yet you consider Allen to be a revelation why? He hasn't scored or assisted anything yet and hasn't even had a shot on target i think so far.

  7. dont forget jaimie, cole is going to play, which for me is very nice to see, hes still a good footballer just a little bit to slow. it seams like his feet are giving up, but technically and tactically hes strong so i would go foe the following 11:
    wisdom - coates - carrager - enrique ( needs playing time);
    henderson - sahin -
    cole ;
    Assaidi - Yesil - Downing

    Reina suarez Shelvey Gerrard Agger ... on the bench

  8. Henderson was brought for assists and goals, Allen for passing game- take the ball away and pass it to the one who will make an assist. Still think Henderson can score and assist, but he needs to get a start, like Downing...

  9. he's already mentioned why allen has been so good in another article the job that he has done stepping in for lucas at defensive midfield has been second to none as we haven't even felt the blow of lucas's injury as we did last season when we had spearing covering and everyone seemed to be going on about signing a new midfielder so to judge him on his attacking stats would be unfair as he is yet to play in the position that he was signed for and that is further up the pitch so how can you judge him on the goals/assists and when you refer to henderson although he was also played out of position in the wing where he needed to contribute with goals/assists and he failed to do so much like downing hope that answeers your question

  10. Henderson had all of last season and did buggerall.... This year Sterling, Assaidi, Suso and others are ahead of him on talent, desire, ability and heart. What a waste of £16m.....

    If we hadn't paid that rediculous fee he would not even be on the subs bench....

  11. As much as the "Crapital" One Cup is of secondary importance and hopefully always will be, I disagree that it is a pointless waste of time. Last year it gave us our berth in this year's Europa League and it might be our most realistic chance of making next year's competition given our slim chance of finishing 5th let alone in the top 4. These two competitions give us valuable games to give our youngsters who are still developing and being primed for the first team. We should be embracing these opportunities while we are still a rebuilding club rather than scoff at them.

  12. Don't know who this Jamie is but the guy is a gimp just for the opening statement of his column no cup is a pointless waste of time, so we should only play in league games and that's it cause were to arrogent to recognize other comp whatever happened to pride about winning something screw the money pride and honor comes first

  13. Its a shame...I'm getting to the point where i'm getting just as much enjoyment from this sight as i do watching the game,keep up the good work JK.