4 Oct 2012

Forced out? LFC star admits he was 'upset' to leave former club...

Fabio Borini is settling in well at Liverpool after his summer move to Anfield, but his Agent recently admitted that the striker didn't want to leave AS Roma', and in a press conference yesterday, the Italian admitted that he was 'upset' to leave Italy.

Speaking to Reporters at Melwood, Borini - who has scored one goal since becoming Brendan Rodgers' first signing - emphatically confirmed that he left Roma against his will.

"The fact is they let me go. It was their decision, so they must've been pretty convinced they were doing they right thing.

"I was upset to leave Italy in the sense it was my home. Then again, England is like a second home though, I've played here before, and I'm happy to be here".

Borini has come in for some criticism due to his lack of Premier League goals, but the 21-year old is confident the goals will come. He said:

"I'm not finding things difficult; last year I only scored one goal in October. I think it's just a matter of time; I've played here before, and I'm sure my first league goal will come soon".

Defending Borini's paucity in front of goal, Brendan Rodgers added:

"Fabio was brought in for the present, but also for the future, and over time he will get better and better, and I'm sure he'll go on to become a great player for the club".

With the emergence of Suso, Raheem Sterling and Oussama Assaidi as excellent options for the front attacking three, Borini has a real battle on his hands to regain his place.

He's clearly not going to dislodge Suarez from the central striker's role, and all three of the aforementioned players are more effective than Borini in wide areas, so it's difficult to see where he fits in at the moment.

Sterling and Suso in particular are in the team on merit, and they don't deserve to be dropped at this stage.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. That does not justify his lack of goals.

  2. That does not justify his lack of goals.

  3. But in my mind his overall play has been good. His lack of goals you could put to almost every one of our players. Sterling has had about the same amount of game time and he hasn't scored (not that i am knocking him). Borini will get goals, I don't think he will be our main striker, but i like the way he plays. Give the fella a bit of time

  4. Like Kuyt, I'm not sure what Borini excels at. I truly believe to be a success in the prem you need to have physical and technical assets that really stand out. Borini is pretty run of the mill physically in terms of pace and power, so maybe there is a technical side of him that will come to the fore as he gains confidence.....here's hoping.....

    Every time I watch Borini play I think ...Alan Smith at Leeds. I shouldn't be thinking that..........

  5. Sterling sure hasn't scored but he has assisted quite a few remarkable goals..U shouldn't neglect the assists imo..

  6. this is a nightmare the lad says we were second choice thanks brendan a masterstroke signing there 12 million for imo someone who will not make it at anfield and didnt really want to come aquaman part 2 me thinks

  7. FABIO BORINI will come good.His movement is excellent and he can finish despite what we have seen so far.He's only 21 so people should bare that in mind before they try to make definitive statements on what a waste of money he is.
    I think it was one of the most bizarre signings we've made.The press was saying he was LIVERPOOL bound but at the same time he just signed a contract with ROMA. To anyone who has doubts about BORINI like i did. The next time he plays watch his movement on and off the ball. Intelligent runs will be rewarded with goals be patient.

  8. I think Borini's been impressive. His runs and movement are excellent and I can see where he fits in Rodgers' system. Lately the team is cutting balls through as opposed to passing around the opposition at the start of the season. I can see Borini picking it up towards the middle of the season

  9. Wish he stayed he's garbage 10 million waste of cash he works hard but will not score enough goals working hard gets you so far but quality gets you titles

  10. Adam Johnson for same money enough said