13 Oct 2012

'He has many qualities!' - Daniel Agger hails Nicolas Bendtner

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger believes that Arsenal striker Niklas Bendtner - currently on loan at Juventus - is a changed man after his move to Italy, and he's convinced that the Denmark International will soon show his qualities in Serie A.

In an interview at Denmark's team base, team captain Agger - who recently revealed that he has his eyes on the Liverpool captaincy - argued that Bendtner has 'changed one hundred per cent', and it working harder now at his game than ever before, adding:

"He [Bendtner] has obviously had a hard time, especially at Arsenal.

"It's always a challenge to go to new club, but he has many qualities, and he has proven that he can play at the top level.

"He scored plenty of goals for Arsenal, which proves he has the ability to succeed anywhere, and I have no doubt that when he gets the chance at Juventus, they will see that and use him more.

"He has developed immensely in recent years and become very serious about the game. I take my hat off to him; it takes a real man to get back to top after being down at the bottom"

Prior to his loan move to Juventus, £12m-rated Bendtner was (tenuously) linked with a shock move to Anfield, but whether that rumour was actually true is anyone's guess.

Bendtner has played only 11 minutes of football for Juve so far this season. Clearly, he's not going to get many chances to play, so if it's possible, perhaps he should think about moving to a different club in January. Liverpool, perhaps?

Perhaps Agger's glowing eulogy is an indirect attempt to put Bendtner's name in the mid of Brendan Rodgers?

Would Bendtner fit in at Liverpool? I think so. Yes, he's a big, tall striker, but unlike Andy Carroll, he also has good technique, game intelligence and total self-confidence, three things any good striker needs.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He is just motivating his team mate who IMO is one of the worst strikers in EPL.

  2. I was quite impressed with his all around game when Arsenal started the season off (can't remember which at the moment) with him on the right wing, RVP through the middle and Cesc behind him (but the usual happened, RVP and Cesc got injured, cue: 'Arsenal falls apart'). Definitely got a good all round game. Needs faith from the manager as well as some self-discipline from the player himself. He is a little similar to Juve's Vucinic, who has a good all round game for a big man as well as having played as a left forward for Roma. He has got a lot of competition at Juve with Vucinic as main choice. The finally trusted Giovinco being first choice for the second striker role it seems, which leaves one position for Vucinic, Bendtner, Quaggy and Matri. Rate that central midfield of Juve's, Vidal is a bargain.

  3. Many Danish star easy to get injured and taking long times to come back.

  4. He's definitely not short of confidence, I would say he is bordering on delusional! He hasn't exactly set the premiership alight has he??

  5. andy carroll any day, bendtner scores 1 in ten shots on goal.
    we must be desperate

  6. i did myself say we should have signed bendtner. he has physicality and good footwork and would spearhead a front 3 very well when needed. he also has confidence (maybe more arrogance) but either way this is needed. he needs to feel trusted and he has never had that but he could thrive under someone like rodgers. he is still young and would have been available in the summer. arsenal clearly dont mind selling to league rivals so wouldnt have bumped up the price. its not too late for him to settle at a club and become prolific. he has everything needed to do it.

  7. As an Arsenal fan, let me warn you: He's rubbish.
    For those who watch the premiership regularly, no doubt you'll all agree with me. I'll let you guys in on what you'd be getting if he signed for Liverpool:
    - minimal work rate.
    - too many touches (bad ones too) on the ball
    - Non clinical finishing
    - general all round arse.

    When he broke into the team, he was very direct and he got involved in a lot of the games. Even if he came off the bench for the remaining few minutes of a game, he'd have at least one shot on goal, albeit a rather shocking attempt but, he was getting himself into good positions and the general consensus amongst us at the Emirates was, if he carried on like that and worked on his finishing, he'd be a very good player to have in the squad. However, once he established himself in the squad, instead of working harder on his game (like old greats such as Wright; Henry; Dennis; Pires et al), he just became a gigantic knob - on and off the pitch.

    I for one don't care where he goes next - as long as he just goes away from Arsenal.
    Although, on second thoughts I'd quite like to see him at Spurs...

  8. lol, my thoughts exactly

  9. Problem is in the PL for us, Carroll's accuracy was WORSE than the 10% you mention!

  10. out of how many starts? week in week out?
    no winger play or hardly decent chances made for him?
    had carroll been in the arsenal team when bendtner was he would be heading there attack now with podolski, with alot of goals under his belt

  11. Ifs and buts lowee78
    Fact is Caroll's chance conversion is twice as bad as the number you used to insult Bendtner.
    Not saying I want him or anything just Carroll is statistically twice as bad as you think Bendtner is at converting chances, across the full season!