12 Oct 2012

LFC make 'official offer' for exciting Zagreb playmaker. Worth the hype?

Liverpool are reportedly on the trail of Croatian midfielder Marcelo Brozović, who currently plays for Dinamo Zagreb.

Liverpool sent scouts to watch the Croatia Under-21 starlet in Zagreb's recent Champions League defeat to Porto, and according to reports in Italy, the Reds are very serious about the transfer. TMW reports:

"Liverpool have already made ​​an official offer for Brozović.

"Representatives from the club have also watched him in the Champions League against Porto".

Zagreb clearly know that they have a top player on their hands; why else would they sign Brozović to a seven year deal, which is due to expire in 2019?

Looks to me like they prepared for the inevitable, and tied him down to a long contract to ensure that whoever buys him will have to pay through the nose.

The 19-year old has struggled to impose himself for Zagreb this season; he's played only two games - both in the Champions League - and been on the losing side both times.

Taking into account first-teamers and young players close to making a breakthrough, Liverpool are clearly oversubscribed in the midfield department, so I can't see how it makes much sense to bring in yet another young midfielder.

That area of the pitch is not a priority right now, and I'm sure most Reds fans would agree that any transfer funds that become available must be spent on strikers.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. 1 word 7 letters STRIKER !!!!!!!!!

  2. not another stinking midfielder. Liverpool needs this player just as much Bill Gates needs more money.

  3. He can be better than Suso or Sahin after couple of years who knows? I don't mind LFC buying them unless they are doing so at the expense of a striker.

  4. Dear Santa,

    Please bring us a striker, we've been good and patient this year!!!

    From LFC

  5. They can give him contract as long as they want, they don't pay salary's regularly, and they always owe un-payed wages for the players they sell, only way player can leave if he forgo's what is owed. The man running the show in Dinamo, Zdravko Mamić, is most corrupt person you can find in football.

    Don't believe me? Google Eduardo da Silva situation .

  6. cannot stop laughing its you jaimie who links us with all these midfielders on a lighter note thoght this is liverpool was funny last episode thought glen rodgers was going to turn into ted rodgers with those 3 envolopes was waiting to see dustybin but he did not appear unless i missed ian ayre