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11 Oct 2012

Daniel Agger admits: I want to be the captain of Liverpool. Replace Gerrard...?

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Over the last year, I've repeatedly argued that Reds defender Daniel Agger should succeed Steven Gerrard as the captain of Liverpool FC, and with the skipper now in the twilight of his career, the captaincy could conceivably become available sooner rather than later. Would Agger want it though? Based on his latest comments on the subject, the answer is a resounding 'Yes'.

Speaking to the Press ahead of Denmark's World Cup qualifier on Friday, Agger - who recently signed a new contract with Liverpool - praised Gerrard as a 'great leader and a great man', and insisted there was 'a lot to learn from a man like him', and when asked directly if he would like to captain the Reds, he said:

"It's not something I go and think about every day, but it doesn't get much bigger than being the captain of Liverpool"

Agger is obviously being as diplomatic as possible here but I think it's reasonable to assume that, privately, he would jump at the chance to captain Liverpool.

Indeed, I would bet that part of the reason he signed a new contract is that he believes he's in with a chance of captaining the club in the next 2-3 years, something that is definitely possible, especially considering the fact Gerrard himself recently admitted that he'll probably retire in 2014. He told LFC Magazine a few months ago:

"To have played at Liverpool for what will hopefully be 14 or 15 years by the time I finish and not win it [the league title] would be an awful shame"

Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool in November 1998, which - by his reckoning - would make his final season either 2012-13, or 2013-14 (injuries permitting).

If Agger can stay fit, he is the only choice to succeed Gerrard IMO. His leadership, fighting spirit, intelligence and commitment to the cause are second to none, and as Denmark captain, he has leadership experience.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. By the time SG is done, DA will be in twilight of his career and best idea would be a younger prospect to succeed as a captain (Shelvey). Captain should be long term and considering DA injury issue, he won't have a long career IMO.

  2. How old is Agger now? 27? If he could stay fit then he would be a great captain, he is a very passionate player and could inspire those around him pretty well I think.

  3. i'll put lucas there first before DA.

  4. I think Agger would be great, but Shelvey will be around for years to come, then theres Lucas who leads by example and also Joe Allen although i'm not sure if he is quite captain material as he seems like a shy la but he certainly plays with confidence and i dont think he will ever go missing in a game.

  5. IMO Lucas should be the next Liverpool captain.

  6. what better turn around for lucas, was vilified by fans for a few seasons and now he is our best player. 100% would give him captaincy. a true professional and a credit to his family and the liverpool family. YNWA

  7. Regrettably, as the stats show, the Dagger, much as I love him, is a bit of a sicknote. You need a skipper to be there through thick and thin and starting just 47% of his games for us over the past 5 or 6 years just wont work. That said, glad we gave him a new contract. Love his attitude and approach and, as I have previously said on this site, he is definitely one of us.

  8. jamie you now want to make DA captain? only a short while ago you wanted lfc to sell him due to his injury record

  9. Great player Agger so why not???

  10. There are several candidates for me..

    Agger would be great. If Pepe gets out of the slump he's in he could be around for another 10 years, so he's a possibility. Lucas is good too. All three of these, Pepe to a lesser extent, show fight and willingness for the club.

    Either way the change should definitely happen at the end of this season/start of next season to prepare for life post Stevie-G at LFC.

  11. I think SG will be captain until he hangs up his boots. At the moment Carragher is vice captain so maybe Agger should be moved to that position. The problem with Agger is he is not always fit. I think it would be difficult for him to be captain playing alongside motor mouth Carragher, though his game time is now being restricted to cup matches mainly.
    Lucas is injury prone also so you would have to see how he goes after he gets fit again, you dont want a captain who spends more time on the treatment table than the pitch.
    Shelvey needs to gain some maturity and is someone to be looked at in the next 2 years if he gains the maturity and respect a captain needs.


  13. I think only after StevieG hang his boots,the captain armband should be give to someone.We must respect his loyalty to club.For me Lucas either Agger shoulb be next captain.
    This is just my opnion:
    Maybe Suarez can fill the job.
    Can make him more discipline and self awareness to not commit things that can spoil him and club.He have winning spirit that can be apply to team whenever he play.That why he do such nonsense things on the pitch to win the game by any chance whether is bad way (ex.u can see his save from world cup vs ghana)..However,outside from the pitch,we never heard any bad things about him.If he become captain he will have more responsibility.How he cut his long hair after get captain armband when in Ajay,maybe in Liverpool he will cut his nonsense antisc things..

  14. our next captain should no more than 25 years old,one who can captain the team for a long time,we do have players who are over 25 that can do the job but they will to captain without the ban is the name Jonjo Shelvey rein a bell

  15. Well agger and suarez seems to have the fighting spirit more than anyone else in the team.

  16. is it me or the best teams have defenders or keepers as their captain!

  17. lucas next jaimie you are all for selling agger so why you would want him as captain is beyond me lol

  18. once gerrard is retired. no sooner than that. it would be a shame for the club to have gerrard on pitch and anyone else as a skipper. carra for the last match being the exception, of course...

  19. To be fair it all depends on how liverpol peform over the next couple of years, if BR succeeds and Agger stays fit, well he would be a perfect person to succeed SG. however if it all goes south for BR and liverpool are languishing, we may have to settle for someone like shelvey as agger will be probably playing in the white of madrid!

  20. I agree with Suarez being our next captain. When he was handed the armband at Ajax, he led form the front and scored goals for fun. We need our captain to be the best player on the park, Suarez is, arguably, our best player.
    Maybe handing him the armband will also make him take more responsibly in everything he does on the pitch.