11 Oct 2012

£18m Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil star rules out Anfield move...

Liverpool and Manchester United target Mesut Ozil has reacted angrily to suggestions that he might be on the verge of leaving Real Madrid.

Liverpool have been linked with the German playmaker several times over the last year, and when asked about interest from Liverpool and Manchester United, the 23-year old barked:

"I know nothing [about any transfers] and I have no reason to leave.

"I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

"I do not play football to prove something to someone, but because I enjoy football.

"When you play for Real Madrid you can not think of anything else".

The arrival of Luka Modric at the Bernabeu has cast doubt on the future of the £18m-rated midfielder, who has scored an impressive 12 goals in 41 games for the German national team.

It would be amazing to sign someone of Ozil's undoubted class, but it's only a pipe dream at the moment. In any event, the squad is overflowing with central midfielders at the moment, but if Nuri Sahin decides to go elsewhere at the end of the season then a vacancy will arise, and Ozil would fit the bill nicely.

In reality, the only way Liverpool will attract a player like Ozil is if the club qualifies for the Champions League this season, and being brutally honest, I doubt that is going to happen.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. This is as good as David Villa story.

  2. Zinedine Zidane. Make it happen.

  3. We play keep ball with no cutting edge, a worthless concept,Brendon wont succeed until we get a very strong strike force not buying one we need several now.

  4. I'm sorry but if you think Mesut Ozil would have joined Liverpool anyway you're an idiot. No big player wants to join Liverpool anymore. You have a bottom half team atm and you'll be lucky to break into the top 10...

  5. How much money is BR going to get from FSG.
    They are very conspicous by their absence this season and lack of any communication.
    They just sacked the manager of the Red Sox for finishing bottom and the favourite for the job is the Toronto Blue Jays manager who finished next to bottom.
    Here is what todays Boston Globe says about Henry the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel.
    John Henry was a laissez-faire, hands-off owner. He liked the idea of being the benevolent patron of the Red Sox and the fans, but his personal inclinations ran to avoiding feelings and emotions, because they were unpredictable, messy, illogical, and could result in his nightmare: chaos.

    Team owner John Henry, for the second consecutive year, did not make himself available to answer questions about firing a manager. He did not respond to an email seeking comment.

  6. Only his first comment belongs to this article. The other tree comments have nothing to do with the rumors of a possible move to liverpool. He answered those lines to the spanish press, describing the methods of the rude "journalists" in spain.

  7. All just ifs and buts... If Sahin decides not to stay? Ozil even says he doesn't wanna leave Real, why even bother writing these storys, never gonna happen scenarios, just doesn't make sense to me...

  8. Not in my lifetime hahahahahaha Too good for us. We wont finish in the top ten this season. The chickens are coming home to roost for our owners. The waiting in the wings nightmare has happened. Borini has broken bones in his foot. The first critiscism of BR for me is the way he left the cupboard so bare up front. The owners for it happening under watch is amateurish.

  9. Its well known that ozil actually calls mourinho "daddy", much like essien. So rumours of a rift was hard to believe but what do i know (i think he'll stay btw) FSG has been fantastic by all accounts gideon, but what has happenned to them recently? its not just liverpool but the red sox are in the "tempest in a teapot" situation too.

  10. You fsg were fantastic in leaving BR with out another striker?????

  11. no, i meant their reputation before acquiring liverpool. :)