24 Oct 2012

'He's absolutely superb!' - LFC's Colin Pascoe hails 'maverick' Luis Suarez...

Liverpool face Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala in the Europa League tomorrow night, and if Brendan Rodgers' previous European team selection is anything to go by, star striker Luis Suarez will probably be handed a much-needed rest on the bench. The Uruguayan continues to receive criticism over his diving antics, but Liverpool Assistant manager Colin Pascoe only sees the positives about Suarez.

In a Liverpool press conference today, Pascoe highlighted Anzhi's domination of the Russian Premier League, and waxed lyrical about working with Suarez. He raved:

"Luis is a fantastic player. Absolutely superb. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

"He’s a maverick around the box; he creates chances for other players, and he’s got a good goalscoring record, I think it's 1 in 2"

Suarez is undoubtedly vital to Liverpool's forward progress, but is Pascoe's claim the Uruguayan's goal record correct? Let's look at the facts:

* Overall: Appearances: 63
* Goals: 28
* Assists: 11
* Goal every 2.2 apps
* Goal/assist every 1.6 games
* This season: 7 goals/2 assists in 12 apps
* Goal every 1.7 games
* Goal/assist every 1.3 games
* Last season: 17 goals/8 assists in 39 apps
* Goal every 2.2 games
* Goal/assist every 1.5 games.

The positive thing is that Suarez is improving on last season's goals/assist ratio. He's gone from scoring every 2.2 games to hitting the back of the net every 1.7 games.

The same applies to goals/assists combined: Last season, Suarez made a creative contribution every 1.5 games, but this season, he's making an impact every 1.3 games.

Just imagine what Suarez's figures would be like if his finishing wasn't so erratic (!)

At various times in the past, Liverpool were dangerously reliant on one player (Gerrard, and sometimes Torres), but that doesn't seem to be the case here; the club's midfielders are also chipping in with goals, and this season, Gerrard, Shelvey, Sahin and Sterling already have 10 goals between them, which bodes well for the future.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. This is why Alex and enemy cannot sleep very well.They always planned some thing to disturb LS7 destroyer minded.LFC and management must protect LS7 with very carefully.

  2. Yes, with Suarez we are title challengers....(!)

  3. so someone says something posotive about suarez and you bring your stat book out to disclaim it well done jaimie you keep up your 100% campaign against suarez its no more than i expected

  4. I agree jason always seems to turn positive liverpool news into a negative last year constantly on king kennys back and carroll. And now its Suarez. Just imagine if he wrote good things about liverpool he might even sound like he was a fan at heart

  5. Couldnt agree more. He always turns a positive into a negative with kenny last season and carroll now suarez. Just makin me opinion no need for ban

  6. Ja you have to remember that the Norwich game has happend early this season so that distorts the figure slightly(guaranteed hatrick at Carrow Road) But seriously put him together with a goal scorer and we could be flying. The difference is the goals there are always tight games and if we start breaking teams down at home or Louis starts putting the chances away as well as the other players we would be far better off now.

    The other issue is the style of play. I think the ethos is great but the team are dealing with the different approach while trying to put to bed some of the memories of struggles at home against less ambitious teams when they "park the bus". If they could find a way to open the game up they would give themselves a chance. I suppose you look at great defeats or draws when the quality and lack of venom has led us to losing in more open games or even draws.

    Other teams are able to open up teams, but look at the masters of the passing game and their loss in last years Euro cup semi loss to chelsea.

    We are capable of more and it is evident that some consistant form and bellief would bring that.

  7. Gervinho blatantly dived tonight, as did Afellay. It won't even get a mention.

    The hounding of Suarez is bullying, plain and simple.

  8. No, it's not bullying. Suarez is a diver; anyone who dives deserves to be hounded for it. If more cheats were hounded for diving then perhaps things would change.

  9. I am not happy with the iterpretation of what is going on with our no7. even charlie nick was saying thta there should be a balance between the treatment of Suarez. We need to look at what happens with different cultures and diving as well as impossing our views on other people. I know Evra set Suarez up because he mmoved the languge that was used out of its cultural contexts.

    I know that people from my background will condem my views but there is more to the debate.

    Leave thi sbehind for now I am talking about the diving now. If you look at the way defenders manipulate the tackles they through in to obstruct players(it happened against Reading where Johnson never made the ball after jumping over a challenege) what is the answer. Let the defender kick you all over the park or put a leg arm shoulder across you without smashing you.

    I would drive through any player who go in my way and do when I play, but I don't get paid to play and the cuture of teh game has changed.

    Terry Mc 1981 LCF did what Suarez did is that something you disagree with.

    There are couter measures from defence and attack to rule changes

  10. Thats the point though Jaimie, more cheats ARENT hounded for it. So it IS like harrassment. Everyone should be measured by the same barometer. Luis goes down and overexaggerates. The stoke dive was a dive though. But what about Valencias penalty, your tellin me that was enough to send him down? What about youngs 2/3 dives last season which won penalties? What about Ronaldo's weekly dives? Bales? If you believe the press then its only Suarez that dives because nobody gets a mention. Watch every game this weekend and write down all the players that dive. Unless one is suarez they wont get a mention. Its very annoying.

  11. Litsen can you givem a contact details so we can have a proper discussion not a public chat

  12. Great story! Hard to read with all those ads though!

  13. Great story! Hard to read with all those adv€rtisments though!

  14. Hahahahaha. Why don't ya go cinema and nando's????

  15. Diving will never be eradicated from football, it's one of the easiest ways of gaining a advantage.Why do media outlets and some fans view diving on the same level as murder?
    It's a good thing supporters aren't allowed to be involved in punishments given to divers because SUAREZ,YOUNG,BALE and a few others would be doing life sentences.
    DROGBA'S the sniper in the crowd dive is a classic.Once the bullet makes impact he goes down on both knees touching his arched back and head sprawling on the pitch because the agony is too much to bare, maintaining a grimace at all times.That had me laughing not pondering electric chair or lethal injection.
    A player gets stamped on, then dives in the same game and all people want to talk about is a comical belly flop.Some people in sport are willing to do whatever it takes to get a win, even if it means bending the rules.
    It's frustrating to watch at times but there isn't a way to stop diving.
    Targeting SUAREZ won't stop him, it'll just hasten his departure to SPAIN or ITALY.His indiscretions in those countries will be viewed as intelligent if penalty decisions and dangerous free kick chances are given.

  16. Good morning all. well said beast, it will hasten Suarez departure, that is what every EPL Manager and most players wish for, because as we have seen, he makes a fool of players, and teams. His nutmegs are predictable but unstoppable. At this particular time in our history imo, he is the difference between a possible relegation place and a possible ECL place. Had Man u signed him, he would be the new George Best, Ronaldo, etc etc. We must do all we can to retain Suarez, F**K the begrudgers. I am 100% behind Brendan Rogers, and he is 100% behind Luis Suarez, so I just let the Hippocrites here ramble on, they pretend they support the Manager who has declared numerous times his full 100% support of Luis Suarez. Dont worry Brendan, there are many many true reds 100% on our side.

    YNWA Luis and LFC.

  17. once he has better players around him, he'll come alive.

  18. the only real critisism of suarezs diving is from you jaimie others have mentioned it and moved on but you cannot move on

  19. Looks like you're being asked out on a date JK...

  20. Even if i wasnt a liverpool fan it is plainly obvious that the man is without a doubt the best player in the league. Were he playing for chelsea or city he could easily have doubled his goal tally and assists. Rodgers needs to build the team around him and i for one wouldnt mind see huntelaar at anfield.

    He is being hounded but luckily it doesnt seem to bother him. Even today against anzhi when he was finally awarded a free kick his signalled to the ref sarcastically to say dont book him i dived!

    With regards to the Evra case it was a set up and it was something that could have easily been solved between the 2 men on the pitch. Evra is an average player and that day suarez made an utter fool of him. fergie used it to the max to pile pressure on KK thats why he said that KK lost his job because of the Suarez affair. Rather than squandering 100 million!

  21. I don't quite understand the point about being reliant and one player, Gerrard and Torres did well because of the support they had around them, xabi, Masch, it was the same with Rush, Fowler, Owen e.t.c. These players don't pick the ball up at one end of the pitch and walk it into the goal at the other end, they do well because of the team around them